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I have been in good old hot and humid Atlanta, GA for the Haven Home Blogger’s Conference over the past few days.  I have a full schedule, but I find these conferences are always a good opportunity to learn and to allow others to build into me.  Sometimes we get too busy to do that, don’t we?  We just go, go, go and forget that we need to stop, sit in the student chair, and be the recipient.

There were so many great classes that were offered, but the one I was most excited about taking was a watercolor class from Lucy of Craftberry Bush.  As you know, I’ve been more into painting lately, but I’ve always worked with acrylics.  I haven’t worked with watercolors since I was a kid.  I’ve been wanting to branch out to other art mediums, though, and this was a great opportunity for me to learn from someone who is so naturally gifted.

And honestly, a brush and some paint are like therapy.  Forget chicken soup.  My soul needs paint.

Once I started, I was lost in it.


I’m sure I looked very intense to other workshop participants at my table, but I was into it!

As Lucy was introducing watercolors she said, “If you’re a perfectionist who wants the paint to stay right where you put it and you’re not flexible, watercolor isn’t for you.”

That immediately endeared the paint to me, because it sounds a little bit like another paint that is near and dear to my heart.  I never thought of watercolors and milk paint as kindred spirits, but they really are.


I have a lot of playing and experimenting to do, but I am already totally in love with watercolor and am excited, almost giddy, at all of the creative possibilities.


When I was at lunch one of the days at the conference, a girl across the table from me said, “Oh, I bet you don’t go to any of the classes, because you already know it all!”

“No, not at all!”


  There will always be ways I can grow and improve.  There is always, always, always something new to learn.


So, never stop.

What have you learned lately?


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