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It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take a day to mill around an antique store.  There has just been too much to do at the studio and, of course, things have been off-kilter with the summer schedule, my recent trip to Atlanta, etc.  School starts in a couple of weeks and then it’ll be back into the routine.


While I haven’t been able to make it out shopping, a few things have made their way to me and we’ll be listing them in the online shop this Thursday (the sale will go live at 8:00 pm EST, which is becoming our usual sale night.)

I love these blue and white napkins with fringe detail…


As with all things blue and white, I’m tempted to keep them, but a drawer full of linen napkins in my dining room tells me I need to let these go on to another home.


This blue & white pitcher isn’t old, but it feels old. I love the shape and striping.


I was also tempted by this ironstone casserole.  I haven’t seen one with flowers like this before.  It’s very unique.

mms-9886 mms-9885

I have other ironstone pieces, too, more casseroles, bowls, a teapot, pitchers, etc.

And a slew of sweet baby dresses.  These two delicate blue ones made me smile.


And I finally got in the shipment of German brushes I ordered back in June!  I will be restocking the dish brushes, fruit brushes, pot brushes, scrub brushes and will also be adding a few new styles, like this scrubber…

mms-9893 mms-9896

And the prettiest flyswatter ever…


Yes, I called a flyswatter pretty.

The wires kill and trap the fly at the same time, so form and function meet.


I also got this awesome canning set, but I’m keeping it for the moment.  You know me, though, it’ll end up for sale eventually.



If you’re local and are interested in the mirror from my guest room, just send me an e-mail.  It’s for sale, too, but I’m not willing to ship it.  That’s just not going to end well.


Next week, we’ll start working on a project I’ve been wanting to do since I first moved into the studio…


Yep, that’s flooring.  The floors in the studio are old wood, but they are very orange and, when the light is right, they even cast an orange glow in my photos.  I’m not going to lay new flooring in the entire studio, but I’m going to float it over the existing floor in one corner, so I can set up a “room” for photo shoots.


I’ll share more details on the flooring, the installation process and, of course, show you how it turns out.  We’ll work on installing it next week…


  1. Susan

    I am always amazed at how much you accomplish in a day.

  2. Susan

    This may sound dumb, but flies at my house congregate on my window screens, so I just pop open the bottom edge of the screen to let them out and they fly away. No chasing them down and killing them. I love that fly swatter though! It IS pretty!

  3. Kristine

    Love those floors! have them in my mudroom if you want to see how they look. I’m on instagram @farmhousegreen

  4. Blanca Martinez.

    Hi Marian, I love your style and your great Finds. I’ve been following your blog for a while.
    We just bought a house and replacing the carpet for hardwood floors I love the one you are using and I would like to ask you the name of your new floors and where can we find them if is possible.
    Thank you and God bless you, Blanca M. ?

  5. Betsy

    I noticed you have vintage baby dresses in your post. I have beautiful 58 year old dresses my oldest sister wore. Any suggestions how to display them or work them into my decorating?

  6. Gilda Stigliano

    the blue and white pitcher is Cornish Ware.

  7. Lorelie

    HI Marian, I have been following you for quite awhile and you have a great deal of knowledge so I’m going to ask you a question that surely you have run into! How do you get a nasty old smell out of an antique? A friend of mine gave me an old armour and does it ever stink inside, I’ve tried baking soda, vinegar and a cleaner but just doesn’t seem to disappear, wondering if spraying a clear coat on the inside would seal it or paint it? Thanks in advance, Lorelie

    • Sheila

      I’ve read a few things to try. The one I read most is to use fresh coffee grounds. I don’t know if you sprinkle it inside the drawers or put in dishes inside the drawers but people say it works. Another one is to haul the pice outside on sunny days, taking out the drawers to expose them to sunshine. I would think both of these would take a long time to work. The last one is to seal the piece. I’ve found that old furniture smells go away when I paint old pieces .

      • Theresa

        Hard to believe that something that really works is filling the interior and any drawers chock full with wadded up old newspapers. Shut the armoire up for a couple of weeks and by then the old newspapers will have absorbed the unpleasant aromas. This method also removes the awful smell in a refrigerator that has held spoiled food.

    • Karen from

      I use baking soda. Just open a box, put it in and close the doors. May take a couple if it is really bad. If it is really bad you may have to paint the interior with a sealing primer then paint. That has always worked for me. I haven’t ever tried it, but I have read that putting things opened up in the sun works too.

    • sandi

      newspapers – take a pile and set on shelves and in the drawers – takes a while but the paper will absorb the odors; it works on wooden cigar boxes and those can smell pretty rank; can also get a jar of FRESH WAVE and try that

  8. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    It looks like you have lots of pretties! I love the blue and white linen napkins-so pretty! I hope that you have a wonderful afternoon!!!

  9. SueSchneid22

    Hi Marian- do you have just one flyswatter or will you have some to sell? It’s pretty darned cool for such a usually drab utensil- and one I always have use for, unfortunately!

  10. JeanFB

    Love the ironstone casserole! The flowers almost look like Edelweiss. And was wondering… are the studio floors too worn to refinish? I can’t remember if you own that building or not, so perhaps it’s not for you to decide. Looking forward to all you have in store!

    • Iris

      I have to second the idea that the flowers look like Edelweiss. I can picture the dish holding a hearty soup with big chunks of some meat and vegetables. Then people wearing ‘Kniebundhosen’ and sweaters knitted in thick red wool come in from a day of skiing, put their old wooden skis against the wall and hungrily dig in. I have a whole 1950s picture in my head.

  11. Naomi S.

    Oh, that canning set is to die for, Marian! Those blue jars, and the zinc lids–gorgeous. Can you tell I’m kind of stuck on old blue canning jars? I hope when you are ready to let it go you post it and I have enough money to buy it! But, then, I’ve been wanting an ironstone casserole, too. Oh, dear, which do I go for? Eeny, meeny, miney, …..

    And to Lorelie: At first I thought you could take the armoire outside and lay it on its back and let the sun work on the smell. Well, then I tho’t that might work, but it might not be practical if you lived in an apartment. Then I thought you could paint it inside with a paint called KILZ which is meant to get rid of mold smells. I’m wondering if that isn’t what you’re smelling. I would try the KILZ paint. Unless, of course, Marian has a better idea! Good luck!

  12. Stephanie

    I LOVE wooden stools and wondered if the wooden splay-legged stool pictured in front of your guest room mirror is for sale. Can you tell me anything about it?
    You are my daily dose of inspiration and excitement. I am grateful for who you are and all you do!
    You are a gift to us all, Marian!

  13. Deborah Plapp

    I love everything! Especially the fly swatter! Is it one of a kind, or do you have several? I’ll have to check everything out tomorrow night.

  14. Deb

    Marian, oh my that fly swatter, too cool to kill flies. You make everything looks so good! Would love to go along antique shopping, if you ever need a partner!

  15. Marsha

    Well, I wished for you today. There was a perfect (but dusty) winged back chair at the thrift store this morning for 15 dollars. I have no truck and no recovering skills! I’m sure your would have had that guy paid for and loaded on a truck in a matter of minutes. I would have provided my military ID which would have netted you an extra 1.5 off the price…with no tax. 13.50 Oh My.
    The blue and white pitcher is so pretty. It looks like my MIL first dishes they got in England many years ago-Cornish. I love seeing all her pretty pieces!
    Now for the floors…I could just send my brother over with his beloved drum sander. He’d have your floors looking better (but you would still want that awesome barnwood-looking flooring–it’s so pretty).
    Happy Wednesday!

  16. Jerry Stocks

    I have many pieces of Cornish ware that I need to sell because we are down sizing. Are you interested in buying more?

  17. Jo @ Simple Pleasures Vintage

    Hi Marian, I was just wondering, as I was looking at the picture of the corner of your studio, what do you do to protect the floors when you paint furniture? Thanks!

  18. Kat Sims

    Hi Marian! I love your ironstone casserole. I have a small pitcher that matches it, and I bought it because of the precious little flowers on the sides by the handle, and I’ve had it well over a year. Just this past weekend, my sister pointed out to me that the handle has an elephant head and trunk, just as the handles on your casserole. Yours and mine are the only two pieces like this I’ve ever seen! Beautiful and so unique! Thanks for sharing.


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