hanging plates & swapping chairs

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Today, I was supposed to be taking out the toilet in the upstairs bathroom with my dad in order to get things ready for the floor to be tiled.  Well, if you’re in the northeast, you know that it’s been brutally cold and there was some snow to boot, so the tiling had to be delayed until the temperature at least flirting with going above freezing.

So, the toilet stayed put and I needed to shift gears.  I decided to do some picking up and cleaning, which always gets the creative juices flowing.  It usually ends up with me shuffling furniture around, deep cleaning nooks and crannies and getting things done that have been neglected.

…and that’s just what happened today.

I’ve been wanting to hang something over Jeff’s dresser in our room for months, but I’ve been so undecided about it.  I’ve had things propped up there only to take them down.  I finally had enough of the angst today.  In my good friend Shaunna’s words, “Spackle dries in three minutes.”  When did I become scared of putting a hole in the wall?  I might replace it down the road with a framed family photo or a piece of original art, but today, I hung an arrangement of ironstone and transferware.


 I also arranged the corbels differently and added an ironstone casserole for Jeff to empty his pockets in.


Can you believe that I haven’t painted that dresser, either?!  I’ve had it for several years, but it has managed to escape my brush.  I think I’m just not sure what color I want to paint it and I’m at a place where I’ve made peace with it, so it might stay as is for a while longer.


Some people don’t “get” the plates on the wall thing, but I obviously love them.


If you ever go shopping with me, you’ll see a clear leaning towards old dishes, especially white ironstone and blue & white patterns.

Miss Mustard Seed-1991

I have stacks in my house and it’s still what I always go to.  I love displaying the collection in hutches, cabinets and, yes, even on the walls and in rooms where plates don’t usually belong.  I just don’t subscribe to the idea that dishes should only decorate dining rooms.  


Once the master sweet was clean and fluffed, I turned my attention to the family room.  Do you remember the pair of French chairs I upholstered for my house a year or so ago?  They’ve lived in several rooms in our house…


…and they were most recently in the family room.

A couple of weeks ago, I was soaking in the bath and I hear a scuffle, followed by a crack.  I then heard fragments of a conversation…Jeff saying, “No more of this game.” ..one of the boys saying, “Mom’s going to be so mad.”  I started to go through the things in my head that they could’ve broken that I would be so mad about.  Believe it or not, I’m pretty relaxed about spills, chips, dings, scratches, etc.  We don’t tolerate destruction, but accidents are going to happen and I’m quick to remind my boys that stuff is just stuff.

Before I went into the family room, Jeff prepped me.

“The boys were rough-housing and they broke one of the chairs.”

“Which one?”

“One of the ones with the white fabric and the blue stripe…”

“One of the FRENCH CHAIRS?!  How did it break it?!  How is it broken?!

My heart sank when I saw the back of the frame on one of the French chairs I upholstered in antique grain sacks was cracked in two.  God timed that chair breaking perfectly, because He knows seeing it happen live would’ve caused me to be way too harsh.  As I struggled to see if the frame could be repaired, I was disappointed, but not angry.  I was able to speak to the boys with perspective.

I moved the chair that wasn’t broken back to the home office and brought the pair of green velvet French chairs from the studio.  I had four of these for sale at the Lucketts Spring Market last year.  Two of them sold and I’ve held onto the other two to strip and reupholster, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.


They actually look really nice in the family room exactly as they are.  I love how they pull out the green from the cow painting (Gwendolyn).


I need to make some pillows that pop a bit more, but I like how the green breaks up the blue and white.


The frames are a bit on the orange side, but that’s not all that noticeable in the overall space.


Today didn’t go as planned, but I can say I had more fun doing what I did than removing a toilet!

hanging plates & swapping chairs

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