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The kitchen has come a long way since we moved in and, while it looks like a big overhaul, it’s really just involved paint, changing out the lights over the island, and hanging the pot rack.  The one big change we made was converting the electric stove to gas and replacing it with a beefy commercial-style range, which has been on my kitchen wishlist for over 15 years!

One thing that’s a pretty easy fix, but we hadn’t changed, was the faucet.  I have seen worse, but this one was pretty sad.  It’s not that it looked terrible, but it was not functional!  Well, water ran out of it, I can say that.  The pull-out sprayer, though, was loose and it flopped around most of the time.  On top of that, the faucet was difficult to swivel.  So, you’d grab the neck to move the faucet from one sink to the other and the sprayer would just fall out.  You had to know just how to move it, so it knew who was boss.

I shared the faucet on my Instagram Stories and one follower said it looks like it was hanging its head in shame.

And it really does!!

That’s right faucet, you hang your head.  Keep staring down at my dirty dishes.

It seemed like a no-brainer to replace it the first week we were in the house, but I decided to wait.  I know that I want to change out the counters to something lighter and install and backsplash, so I figured I would just wait and pick out a new faucet and sink at that time.  (For the counter and backsplash, I’m thinking something along these lines…)

But, after using this sink for a while, it’s my favorite kitchen sink I’ve ever had.  It’s deep and I really like the larger “storage” sink and the smaller “wash” sink with the disposal.  Even though I like a traditional rectangular sink aesthetically, I love the functionality of this sink.  So, when the countertops make it to the top of the home-improvement list, I will most likely select a sink with the same shape.  And that means I’m going to stick with the single faucet.

I have a kitchen photo shoot this week, so it was good motivation to stop overthinking things and pick out a faucet.  As a bonus, we’ll have one that isn’t broken.

After searching around a bit, I selected the Delta Cassidy single-Handle Pull-out Faucet in a stainless steel finish (to match the appliances)…


I like that it has a traditional look, but also has the pull-put sprayer.  It’s also higher than the old faucet, which was a little low for larger pots (and tall piles of dishes.)

Jeff installed it for me this afternoon and it makes such a difference!

Working on an entire house as a whole, even a room as a whole, can be daunting.  I have felt that a lot over the past few months. There are so many big and little decisions that have to be made and considerations for changes that will be happening down the road.   But finishing small projects, like painting the kitchen shelves and installing a faucet, can keep things headed in the right direction.

PS – I haven’t been able to nurture all of my habits this week, because I’ve been nurturing an 11 year old with a virus and an ear infection and then everyone was home yesterday thanks to a snow storm!  I just haven’t been able to get a groove.

I have made my bed daily, though, have spent some time with my art supplies, and I took a pretty picture today…

hang your head in shame, faucet

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62 Comments on “hang your head in shame, faucet”

  1. Good morning, Marian! The link you provided for the faucet goes to a MMSMP page. I’m in the market for a new faucet too, so I’d love to see where you got yours!

  2. Love the faucet and I agree about the sink. When we remodeled our kitchen last year, I chose that same style sink and I do love it.

    1. Yes! I wasn’t crazy about it when we moved it, because I felt like the shape looked a little modern, but it really is a great design. Very functional!

  3. I have this style sink in a cast iron Kohler that I’ve had 20 years. It has a farmhouse look because of the white porcelain but also because there is a pretty wide edge that goes around it. Because of the wide edge it is a top mount. I was going to replace it with a Kohler apron front, but why fix what isn’t broken!

    1. I am thinking about replacing this with a white cast iron sink in the same shape, so it’s nice to hear how much you like yours!

    1. Thank you! He was doing better today and went to school for a bit, but poor guy is still pretty sapped and came home early.

  4. What kind of range do you have and is it vented outside or do you have a recirculating vent? Thanks. I have no way to vent outside and i would like to know how this works for you.

    1. The range is a Kitchen Aid commercial style range and it is fantastic! I love it. The vent hood does go to the outside.

  5. It’s good to know that your poor old faucet doesn’t have to hang its head in shame anymore.
    We did a kitchen reno 2 years ago. Everyone (and I mean everyone) tried to convince me to go with a single bowl sink. I used my double bowls everyday and so I dug my feet in and refused to bend. We got the Kohler Strive sink in stainless. It is fabulous! The large side can fit a half cookie sheet tray in it!! It’s that big. So when you do get to put in new counters and backsplash, check it out.

  6. I can hardly focus on the faucet because the pristine blossoms and blackberries draw my heart. However, I love the way dreams for your sink and counters influenced your faucet choice to enjoy now and in the future.

    Happy day,
    Diney on Camano

  7. I have a similar sink put in when we built this house 32 years ago. I do have a stainless steel “apron'” on the
    one side. (the deep side) I have a William Sonoma rectangular strainer that fits perfectly into the smaller side. I can stack dishes,
    drain stuff, or just pick it up and move it if I want to use the garbage disposal. My sink faucet was leaking too and
    I was gunning for a new fancier one but my husband fixed it. Too bad this time around.

    Take time to smell the flowers! Mary

    1. Ha! Isn’t it funny when we hope something will break, so we have an excuse to replace it! 🙂

  8. Don’t be so hard on yourself. A sick child has to come first!
    You did get your bed made. Congrats on sticking to that new challenge.
    Like you, I have decided I need more self discipline in my life. Need to think about my actions before taking action.
    Gotta move, get it done!
    SMILE! It is the week end and your Mom is coming to visit!

  9. Pretty choices….I was squinting to picture the new counters and backsplash in my mind….will be so pretty….but then again it is pretty already….and just that pop of green with the plant just makes it!

    Thank you for sharing….

    1. Yes, thank you!! I dislike those as well. We are going to replace the counters and do a proper tile backsplash.

  10. I replaced my kitchen faucet with the same one that “hangs it’s head in shame”. Not cheap and I really hate it. It doesn’t work like any other faucet, ever. Also, looking for a new one.

    1. Oh man. Yeah, it really is a bum faucet. I heard from a couple of other people who have the same one and theirs is broken in the same way.

    1. It seemed to be a problem with it locking into place where it connected, but I’m not sure.

    2. Right a lot of people have no idea about it and it is an easy fix! I house clean and fix these all the time for people. I worked in construction for awhile in my 40’s and have put in many faucets!

  11. I love the new stove and faucet! The backsplash sample is divine, too! I’m loving all the thoughts you are sharing as you transform. It gives me hope that my pondering produces beauty in layers and small moves. But it always gives me joy. And following your journey is wonderful!

  12. Hi – Love your posts. A suggestion – when you change out your countertops, keep the old granite for use on dresser tops or have it fitted over laundry room cupboards/around bathroom sink etc.

  13. You took more than one pretty picture. Love the faucet! I feel that any progress is something to get excited about. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  14. I have never had anything but a divided sink. I don’t know how people do dishes in a single rectangle.

  15. Hey! We moved to our new house in November! I am so encourage by the reports of your process and progress. I like your idea of lighter counters. Have you considered going with one of the Formica products? Ther are new products out both residential and commercial which might fit the bill. A good technician could also handle that unusual sink and the shape of the countertop. There are Carrera looks and flecked looks just released recently.

    1. I am still wrestling with what to do for the counters. I really want marble, but I realize they have their drawbacks. I am considering a quartz alternative, but they just don’t have the same “soul”.

      1. Marian
        I understand the counter top dilemma. I completely fell in love with Marble..but while my heart wanted it so bad, my brain kept saying “no no no”. Still have a teenager at home and knew I didn’t want to be standing over his every slice of pizza, waiting for that piece of sauce to drip on the marble. While Quartz is beautiful, I too felt the same lack of “soul” every time I tried to talk myself into the more practical Quartz solution. I must have searched for over a year and wandered into every slab yard in the Tri-State area (DE,NJ,PA). I finally came across a white and grey granite stone called “Super White” and couldn’t be happier with the results. I have had it for several months and just installed the hand made light grey crackle subway tile a week ago and am in love with no regrets.. Good luck on your kitchen journey…love your style and everything you do. PA misses you !

  16. This story struck home with me! I had the exact faucet as your old one & it did the same thing. My new one is similar to yours & I love it. Your house is looking good.

  17. Loved and agreed with all the comments. Marian, I’m in love with the white and blue towel. Can you share where you got it?

  18. I love it all. May I ask, what camera did you use to take that lovely blackberry photo. And was it in auto mode? It’s such a great shot.

  19. Great minds think alike😌! I remodeled our kitchen this past year and installed the same faucet! I love it!

  20. What can one say when everyone has said it all… The one comment that rely stuck in my head was about reusing your old granite, I am a firm believer in in repurposing and I think its just a great ideal. Love all your post and hope you have a wonderful visit with your mother… I miss mine to this day and she has been gone 15 years…

    1. Yes, we will definitely find a good home for the granite. I actually have a friend who might be able to have them adjusted to fit her kitchen, which has a similar layout to mine. If that doesn’t work, I’ll offer them up on craigslist, ask Restore, etc. They are too nice to just go in the trash!

  21. Could you please tell me what type of stick pot you have sitting on your stove? Do you like it? I am in the market for a nice one.

  22. Marian, we selected the Cassidy series when we remodeled our bath, and love them! My husband particularly likes that higher faucet – it allows him to easily wash his hair in the sink. 🙂

    I like the options you’re looking at for your updates. When we updated our kitchen, I selected the 60/40 basin in a granite composite (Blanco Siligranit). I was dismayed when, upon arrival, the divide came in low, not high (as ordered). It was a blessing in disguise! The low divide allows large pans with handles to sit in the water and extend over without clumsy handling, and there’s still plenty of depth in the water for cleaning. Love it!

  23. Hi Marian, Happy Saturday! Could you please tell me about the lights you replaced off to the side of your pot rack. I need to replace my fixture and I like what you have.

    1. Do you mean the lights above the pot rack? We got them from Home Depot. I don’t have the boxes or brand info, but we bought them in the store, off the shelf. We wanted to do recessed lights, but were limited, because of the ceiling joists. These ended up working perfectly.

  24. I love the way you are living with things for a while and discovering that you enjoy how some things function. We moved last June into a 90’s era home that has some unusual – for me- features. One was the sink. It’s porcelain, which I like, but it has the small side, large side configuration. The large side is very deep. I love it. The small side with the disposal is really to small to be a wash side, so I guess it was intended for prep. At any rate, I am learning to enjoy something different and at my age – l am old enough to be your mother plus some- that’s a good thing.

  25. Thanks Marian i am looking for a faucet and this one looks really promising. Hope your little one is better.

  26. Hello Marion, I love your posts and enjoyed meeting you when you did a workshop here near Madison WI. We just finishes a remodel and chose a Blanco Diamond low divide under mount sink. I had always loved the farmhouse look but did not want to give up a double bowl. The double bowl farmhouse sinks were quite expensive in order to gain the size I wanted. Then I learned about the Blanco low divide sinks and ended up choosing one the shape of your existing stainless sink, picking one of the many colors…a gray that looks awesome with the marble look quartz! I love how we have the use of the 2 sinks but with the low divide, pot handles etc. are so easy to negotiate. Wayfair has our sink for around $328. It always looks nice and I could not be happier! Thank you for your continual inspiration! I could send a pic to you if you’d like…

  27. Very nice choice. When remodeled our 112 year old cottage kitchen 2 years ago I did a lot on line. Faucets.com had great customer service for our plumbing and farmhouse sink. I love the large area and the depth of it. The company that makes it is in Ireland and been around over a century. I also saved on tax and shipping by shopping on line. Makes a difference with big ticket items.

  28. Sorry, but I can find no link in this post to tell me where you bought your new faucet. Was it online or at a Lowes or Home Depot kind of store?? Marie

  29. Hi Marian,
    Check out Kitchen Redo: Small Changes with Big Impact on The Handmade Home Blog. They kept the existing counter tops and did an amazing transformation!

  30. I have what is probably a stupid question: you frequently refer to your “beefy” range. Is “beefy” part of the official model name or just a descriptive adjective? I plan on installing a new gas range and love the one you selected.

    1. Ha, no. That’s just what I call it. I have been telling Jeff for years that I want a “beefy range”, which just meant one that’s a commercial style with higher BTUs. 🙂 The range we have is a Kitchen Aid Commercial-Style 30″ range.

  31. That picture of the faucet with your towel and berry basket looks like it belongs in the manufacturer’s catalog. It stopped me cold-beautifully staged and executed. I love the detail on the new faucet and how high it sits. Much more in keeping with the whole look and feel of your gorgeous kitchen. So very much enjoying this journey you are sharing with us.

  32. Oh my goodness, I know exactly what you mean about the sink and faucet! Our cheap faucet was broken beyond repair, and I was lucky enough to buy a brand new one still in the box for a fantastic price from a friend who didn’t use it in her kitchen remodel. I went to the ReStore to look for an affordable sink and found a white cast iron one similar to yours for $20, although I almost didn’t buy it because I wasn’t sure about the asymmetrical shape. I told myself for $20 it was worth trying it (my ReStore has a 30 day return policy). To my absolute surprise I LOVE it!!! Isn’t it funny how life works sometimes? So glad you like your sink too! Who knows, maybe you’ll find a cast iron one at your ReStore! 😊

  33. The quartz they have now looks incredible. The fact that it is maintenance free is a game changer. Once the marble is stained or pitted, regret sets in. I had quartz in my last house and have high hopes of getting it in my new house when we build. We currently have granite and I miss my maintenance free quartz, I cannot even imagine how paranoid I would be with a light marble. Get the quartz!!! You will not EVER regret it.

  34. Marian, you helped me solve a couple problems with this post. Thank you! We are doing some work on our kitchen, also, and I also love my existing sink, which has the larger and smaller sides. (It looks just like yours.) However, for some reason, previous owners put the garbage disposal in the large sink…your post helped me realize I would prefer the disposal in the small sink, which I’ll do when we replace it. I also love your faucet choice. It has been fun to watch the progress on your new home.

  35. I had that sink in a house we lived in. When we remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago I tried to find one like it but couldn’t. 🙁

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