green, blue, & white Christmas table

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart.  All words and opinions are, as always, my own.

Do you remember my green & white tablescape for summer?  Well, I think it’s important for pieces I buy to be versatile, so I wanted to show how many of these same pieces bought from Walmart Home can transition and work just as well for a Christmas tablescape!  So, don’t just shop the Christmas section online or in the store.  Look all through home, crafts, kitchenware, etc.  Roam around and see what inspires you and make those low prices stretch even further.

holiday decor | green blue and white Christmas |

First of all, I added some BHG green & white pillows that remind me of a Christmas sweater.  I ordered these pillows from the holiday section of and was so pleased with the size and quality for the $12 price (and it comes in a variety of colors!)  With a zipper closure and feather-filled insert, these are pillows that can transition from winter into spring with different covers.  Again, versatility!

holiday decor entryway | green blue and white Christmas |

I put a pillow in each corner chair and I was surprised how “Christmasy” it made the space with that one simple change.

sweater pillow | green blue and white Christmas |

I also picked up some wrapping supplies, like these cute wreath-topped gift boxes (in-store only), some craft wrapping paper, reversible Hallmark wrapping paper, and a roll of roving wool.  I’ll have to share some simple wrapping ideas in another post.

wrapping paper and yarn | green blue and white Christmas |

holiday decor | green blue and white Christmas |

The star of this space though, is the table.  I used the Pioneer Woman Timeless Beauty Cake Pedestal as the centerpiece and created an advent candle wreath on it with an antique ironstone ring mold.

cake pedestal | advent wreath |green blue and white Christmas |

To give it more visual impact and create the effect of a table runner, I surrounded it with some artificial greens…

holiday tablescape | green blue and white Christmas |

…and nestled in a few things to add texture and shine.  Nuts and pinecones are my go-to holiday fillers, but I also added in some sleigh bell ornaments and an unexpected element – wool dryer balls!  I was wandering through the aisles at Walmart, looking for ideas and I spotted these on an endcap display.  I like using wool pom-pom garlands, so why not wool “snowballs”?  And, when I’m done using them for decor, I can use them in the dryer!  (Or just save them for next year.)

tablescape wool dryer balls and silver bells | green blue and white Christmas |

While I prefer using live greens, I learned our first year in this house that they turn dry and crispy in a matter of hours.  It’s just not worth the investment, so I use a mix of artificial greens.  I pull them apart, clip off bits, mix and match…whatever it takes to create a realistic-looking arrangement.

holiday tablescape silver bells | green blue and white Christmas |

For the place settings, I used glass water goblets, Pioneer Woman Jade dinner plates, and some vintage Christmas plates and family silver.  I like mixing new and old, splurges and bargains, inherited and purchased.

vintage Christmas plates | green blue and white Christmas |

The minty green of the plates isn’t a traditional Christmas color, but it’s an accent in the vintage plates, so it works!

mix and match holiday plate setting | green blue and white Christmas |

holiday table setting | green blue and white Christmas |

For place cards, I purchased wooden deer ornaments from Walmart (in-store only), wrote each name on it with a fine-tipped brown marker, and laced them onto the butter knife.  These can be take-home gifts or you can put them on the tree as a record of your holiday guests.  Maybe even write the date on the back to mark the occasion.

wooden deer holiday place cards | green blue and white Christmas |

wintery tablescape | green blue and white Christmas |

I had such a good time putting this table together.  For so many years, I forced myself into a red and green color palette every December, but now that I’m free of that, there is no going back.  The lesson I learned was to buy and use what I love, even if it’s not the norm.  If I want to use minty green plates and wool dryer balls to decorate for Christmas…well, that’s okay!  I can do it and make it look good!

So, you do you.  Mix and match, break free of any “should-do’s”, and play.  I assure you that you’ll enjoy the process more and that will be noticeable to your guests.


  1. Karen

    Everything looks amazing! I absolutely love everything about this!
    Sending lots of Love!

    • Zianez

      I absolutely love everything about this!

  2. Chris

    Love your colors! I am not a fan of red at all so I stopped using it a number of years ago. I may have to visit Walmart for some jadeite to add to my whites and greens.

    • Margery Heyl

      Thank you! I have been to many stores looking for a green pillow to use on my entrance bench this year. There isn’t a Walmart near us so I hadn’t been there. Most of my Christmas decor is very similar to this pillow and is red so it felt kind of funny to buy it in green but I think it will be perfect!

      • Miss Mustard Seed

        I bought my pillows online and I was a little nervous that the green might be the wrong kind of green (too bright/primary), but it’s a very pretty green.

  3. Leiza

    I just love those colors together and have for many years. I think they even look lovely with a pop of red too. The sliding buying guide at the bottom of the page was perfect I saw eucalyptus garland and I was thrilled. I already decided that eucalyptus would be a big part of my decor this year! This one is going in my bedroom over the padded headboard. I appreciate all your work and have been an admirer for a while can’t thank you enough.

  4. Kate

    Always lovely work from you!

  5. Mary

    I love this! Who wouldn’t one to enjoy conversation and memories around this table!

  6. Vallie

    It all looks so peaceful and inviting. You have done an amazing job and you’re an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  7. Brenda

    Who knew, wool dryer balls! Lol! Very nice on the table! I love the sleigh bells on the table. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Christina

    Use the dryer balls throughout the year and bring them into your design during the holidays. They will get a soft, fuzzy patina that I know you will love.

  9. Dianne

    Beautiful as always! Just the thing to get us started on decorating our homes. I usually go for the softer colors, but I also like chamge, so I may try more touches of red this year. Excited to get started after Thanksgiving. I loved everything. The pillow, and tablescape and especially the vintage dishes. Always inspiring. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Pat

    I LOVE that you are embracing green in addition to your blue and cream. Green has always been my favorite color. I am embracing some blue now, too! But I have to have red berries at Christmastime!!! Saw the dryer balls right off because I use them everyday. Can’t unsee them as dryer balls, tho😉!

  11. Sally

    I spotted your vintage Christmas plates and realized they are identical to the ones my mother collected. Do you have all 12? I never thought to use them as actual plates! My mother would always display them in a hutch over the holidays. After she died, I displayed them as well in the same hutch.
    We moved to a new home a few years later and the hutch was sold. They never fit in my new home because I decided to decorate with red instead of blue.
    I just gave them to my sister last month after I was going through items in my basement.
    Your creative idea of stacking them on the green plates from Walmart was great. Your table is absolutely gorgeous! I am emailing your blog post to my sister. She will be tickled to know she can use them in a new way.
    You inspire me each and every time I listen to you or read your blog.
    What an amazing lady you are! ❤️

  12. Diane Ruebel

    Your use of the eucalyptus with the weathered juniper creates such a gorgeous palette for your natural table runner. Lovely beyond words.

    THANKFUL for you,
    Diney on Camano

  13. Amy

    This post is full of so much inspiration. The blue, white and green scheme reflects nature as it’s finest. And it’s cool that the same color combo can be used year round. Plus you don’t need to pack away all the Christmas stuff afterwards. I’ve always loved traditional Christmas colors but I’m itching to try something new and you have motivated me to look at my everyday china and glassware in a new, and more efficient, light. I’d like to take a moment to thank you for all your wonderful posts throughout the year and wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you!

  14. Anne Aulbert

    I never use red at Christmas because I have a fall color palette in my home – orange/rust, golds and greens – so I always use green, sometimes leaning towards lime, and golds. There are many beautiful things out there, especially in nature, that are not red. I especially love Magnolia, being a Southern girl, as well as holly and other evergreens.

  15. Jean

    I ordered the pillows. After the winter storm that moved through I’m ready to decorate.

  16. Lisa P

    Just lovely! Those Pioneer Woman plates and platter look great!

  17. Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn

    GREAT MINDS…yours moreso than mine, I’m sure! I put some inexpensive dryer balls in a dough bowl with faux greens just last week! And since I’m easily amused, we actually got snow overnight here in Southern Oregon! I think it was the dryer snowballs that did it!

  18. Zianez

    I love everything about this!

  19. Jeanine

    So fun and festive! These are similar colors I am using this year too! Wow!! The dryer balls are a perfect addition. Thanks for the idea!

  20. Sandy

    Marian, I love all the ideas you shared, I like to decorate in a winter theme so I leave most of it until February with a few touches of Christmas decor. I love the idea of the minty plates. I have some vintage Fireking that are in the jadeite color. I’ve always love experimenting with non Christmas colors but this year I’m adding touches of red.

  21. MEM

    Excellent job as always, Marian. I used a similar color scheme this year – green, silver and white along with glass icicles (on the tree). My mantle has a faux pine garland, my collection of white houses along with mercury glass and real silver candle holders and white marble “trees”. I want to be able to leave the decor up through January, at least. I found large cable-knit, dark green pillows at Target for the couch. My three little dogs especially love the pillows!

  22. Julia

    I love your original and unique ideas! Such a breath of fresh air, thank you!

  23. Pamela

    The soft green with blue color scheme is one of my all time favorites. However, I’m too color crazy to stick to any one scheme but truly in awe of those of you who can show such restraint & discipline
    . This is a beautiful holiday dining space. I LOVE the wool dryer balls idea, brilliant! I use them exclusively in our dryer & am in need of some new ones. So thanks for the two-fer idea. Gifted our daughter with Pioneer Woman dishes 2 years ago and she was over the moon.

  24. ML

    I watch Garden Answer on YouTube, and she recommends spraying Wilt-Pruf on evergreen cuttings, wreaths, etc, to keep them fresh for the season.

  25. Maria

    I love how you use old, new, real & fake to make a look come together. My favorite takeaway from this post is using the wooden ornaments for place holders!!

  26. Kathy M

    So good! I love it all!

  27. Kate

    Ugh. Please, no Christmas stuff for at least another week! There’s too much of it already in the stores. This is the time of year when I take a break from decorating and DIY blogs. I love Christmas, but it’s easy to get Christmas-overload, which can ruin it.

  28. Denise

    I loved your 12 days of Christmas plates in your table setting and went thrift store shopping today for fun due to the sales. Found 8 of the same exact series and paired them with red willow plates underneath them. So pretty and a lucky find for me at 50% off so I paid $1.25 a plate for plates that loved to begin with!

  29. Mary in VA

    I love the vintage plates, so pretty. I am putting together a smaller version of your advent wreath, yours is (again) so pretty. Thanks for sharing all the ideas for decorating our home for Christmas.

  30. Cora

    Beautiful! Lots of great finds and reasonably priced.

  31. Mildred

    Marion, you can make anything look good! The faux greens look so authentic. Can you share more about them:
    where your purchased them, the different varieties?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  32. Traci

    Very delightful to the eye, Marion! Im not a fan of red and green either – My colors are tangerine and white ! Thanks for sharing I was out clipping magnolia leaves in my pajamas early Thanksgiving morning to add to my tablescape. Love the natural look and it’s free to boot!

  33. Crystal

    Mixing and matching everyday things with holiday specifics is the best way! I used the wool dryer balls last year for snowballs and they were so fun. I’m trying to figure out how to use them in a wreath this year but I’m not really crafty so we’ll see how that goes. Ditto for giving up using real greens, except for maybe a vase with water. With the air conditioning running almost non-stop, real greens dry up quickly here.. I also love that you kicked the traditional christmas colors to the curb in favor of something “you.” It all looks beautiful! and congrats on the new additions to the family. Adopting is such a wonderful thing to do. The joy adopted and rescued animals give is amazing. They seem to know and are so very affectionate and grateful for the warmth and safety of a home. Hugs and blessing to you.

  34. Lynnett Ratchford

    I know what you mean about fresh greens drying out. I used yaupon branches with red berries on the chandelier over the kitchen table last year and placed skinny red ribbon hanging down from the arms. It was beautiful, but I chased those little red berries for months. It’s faux for sure this time!


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