grain sack wash stand

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Lucketts 2017 is definitely “the year of the hutch”.  I have more hutches and large pieces in general than I have in previous years, but I am trying to round that out with smaller pieces that will be easier on-the-spot purchases.

This is one of those small pieces that I picked up a few weeks ago…

It really wasn’t bad as it was.  It could’ve used a coat of Hemp Oil to freshen it up, but I’ve learned that wood pieces don’t sell all that well for me, so I painted it out in Grain Sack from the MMSMP line…a grayish white that would work nicely with the marble top.  The painting was a tag-team effort between Debbie and I.  Debbie, by the way, has been amazing.  She is filling in, since Kriste is on maternity leave, and I don’t know what I would do without her!

She hasn’t done much painting before, but she is a natural and a very tidy painter.

Anyway, once the paint was dry, I distressed it and sealed it with Tough Coat.  If you’d like to see the distressing technique I use, you can find a tutorial HERE.

I added some glass knobs from Hobby Lobby that tie in perfectly with the warm veins in the marble.  The coolest feature of this piece, though, is the pull-out towel bar…

I didn’t even notice it until I carried it into the studio.  What a clever little thing, isn’t it?

And it pushes back in when it’s not in use…

I love how the finish on this one turned out.  It just the right amount of chipping.

It’s coming to Lucketts along with everything else!

My mom and I went shopping for smalls today and among the smalls I bought, I bought a hutch.

I just can’t help myself.

grain sack wash stand

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56 Comments on “grain sack wash stand”

  1. I really think this is cute. I was going to ask what the ‘ring’ was on the side. Neat that it’s a towel bar. (Hobby Lobby makes me, too, cringe.)

  2. I have a VERY similar piece in my barn that I bought almost 2 years ago…I was thinking Grain Sack. Thanks for the inspiration, that thing is coming out on this rainy Friday in May and getting some MMSMP LOVE <3

    1. Gorgeous piece! Never have seen one with pullout bar. I am sure it will sell fast! Love Hobby Lobby and their values!

      1. That washstand looks great and I love the little pull-out towel bar. I personally love Hobby Lobby and I appreciate their Bible based values and also the fact that they are closed on Sundays. Their prices are so reasonable.

  3. That’s beautiful – I love Victorian furniture, especially with a marble top! I had a gorgeous wash stand (that I sold in my antique booth) which was walnut (no marble top though), fruit pulls and also a pull out towel holder. It was charming! Love the chippiness on this one!

  4. I am not sure what all the issues are about Hobby Lobby but I am from Canada and I love it. I don’t write this to open up a huge discussion about, I guess I should look it up. Love that dresser Marion and that towel bar is so cool.

  5. I love this! I’ve never seen a pull out towel bar before. Somebody at Lucketts is going to be thrilled with that washstand. Hobby Lobby always has great choices for cabinet knobs.

  6. I wish I could be there, but I’ll be checking online for the leftovers”. Hobby Lobby is such a great store and I love it.

  7. Marion, seems you are really going to town getting all the makeovers you can out of the way before you and hubby move and change your life to the unknown. LOL. It’s like a dieter eating all the chocolate she can before before starting a new diet.

  8. Beautiful! I would love a smaller version of this for my powder room….I will add it to my (growing) list of projects :).

  9. What a sweet little dresser! Love your style! I love Hobby Lobby and their values and their prices! 🙂

  10. This is favorite piece so far!! Love the color and the towel bar. And yes I love hobby lobby and that they stand up for their values!!

  11. Well done…nice piece! Re: Hobby Lobby, their controversy is quite interesting (and quite discriminatory!) however, I don’t come to this site for that…just wanna see the painted furniture ideas. Reminds me of Marion’s first display of her nose piercing.. remember those comments? W.O.W. Live and let life – life is way too short folks!

  12. I love the towel rack! I have never seen a washstand with this feature! Grain sack has been my go to color on several pieces in my home.

  13. Lol, another hutch!! I noticed that towel bar right off and was going to ask, haha. Love how this turned out and am sure it will sell quickly like the rest of your awesome stuff! Enjoy your time at Lucketts!

  14. I haven’t been a fan of some of the other dirty reclaimed pieces, but this one is a beauty. Nice job!

  15. Lovely piece! But I agree, please don’t support lobby hobby. All of us are entitled to our own opinions but not to force them on others who may have different opinions. Some of your readers need to check out the history of hobby lobby
    Their human rights record is appalling

    1. How is mentioning where items are purchased forcing opinions on others? Please enumerate the human rights violations of Hobby Lobby. Seems you need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk and stop trying to force your opinions on others. You, in fact, did exactly what you accused Marian of doing. It is her blog and she may write about what ever pleases her.
      BTW, I am very aware of the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of the Green family.
      Personally, I love Hobby Lobby. If you don’t, then don’t shop there. Maybe I’ll stop by Chik f la on my way to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.

  16. Hahahaha, Sylvia! I will meet you and C-F-A and shop with you at Hobby Lobby! Good grief, people. Live and let live!! Do your own thing and don’t judge others on where they want to shop. Most of us know the history and either A. Don’t care or B. Have our own convictions.

    I adore this piece. I think it would make a fantastic kitchen island! It would go beautifully with my grey cabinets….just put some wheels on it and away I would go! 🙂

  17. Please people this is a designer blog, not a political blog. If you don’t want to purchase anything from a certain company Miss Mustard Seed uses, then don’t. But for the rest of us that will follow her tutorials and want to know where to buy certain products we appreciate all the references. Whether we buy from them or not it is our choice.

  18. Yes! I really like that dresser painted in white. SO much better than the wood, especially with the marble top. I could live with that in my home with no trouble! You made a great call deciding to paint it and my prediction is that it will be snapped up at Lucketts on the first day!

  19. Marion, for some reason this piece is one of your best. Don’t know why, as you’ve done many chests that look quite similar … maybe Debbie has her “special” touch! But the distressing came out perfectly, as did the paint color, and the marble top and it’s tone. Winner-winner with the pull-out towel rack; it looks like it belongs in the attic servants’ quarters of Downton Abbey.
    Best of luck in your big new space at LUCKETTS!!

  20. I refreshed my memory by watching the distressing tutorial. I’ve decided I like creating with your milk paints more so over Annie Sloan chalk paint, which I’ve just recently been exploring. I’m convinced your milkpaints are easier, more easily workable to achieve what I’m going for in a finish and I love love love how it does its own thing at times and looks great! Don’t get me wrong😐, chalk paint has its values. But I’m finding it takes more work to achieve my goal for a piece. Does that make any sense to you? Or perhaps I’m just a chippy girl😊 Thanks for all the instruction you offer❤️.

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  22. Do you think that perhaps the towel bar might have been an after thought? Some thinking housewife might
    have suggested that a towel rod might be useful. It does not look like rocket science but maybe a broom handle
    looking for a place to happen. I have read about food garbage disposables were the inspiration of a woman in
    1919 who suggested to her husband that there must be a better way to dispose of garbage. Thus WasteKing
    was invented………….

  23. Love the chest, and the finish and the knobs- thank you for sharing your sources!
    And I’m thinking…. can i drill a hole and add a vintage-looking towel bar to one of my chests?…. probably not, but I can dream……

  24. I guess I’m the only one who would have liked to see you polish up the burl wood drawer fronts and leave them unpainted. . But that’s my preference.

  25. Gorgeous Marion, as usual. Just a question though. Did the marble top come with it? If not, how did you source it? Thanks very much.

  26. Oooh, how your last sentence made me laugh ! It’s sooooo me : ‘Last week, I went for shopping with my sons, because they needed new clothes. I bought them jeans, shirts… And a new pair of boots for me. Just can’t help myself”.

  27. Marion- how much is this piece? I have a VIP ticket for Lucketts and am looking for a smaller piece like this 🙂 thanks!

  28. Grain sack is one of my most favorite colors! Now you’ve got me itching to paint. Using your milk paint is a bit addicting because you never know the outcome and I have never painted a piece I didn’t fall in love with after it’s finished!

  29. My grandmother had this exact washstand in the foyer of her home in Sacramento. It has a black marble top with dangling ebony and brass knobs and the same pull out towel rod. I loved hers in wood and I love yours in grain sack. It had the family Bible on it for many years. I guess you can tell from that statement that I wish we had a Hobby Lobby nearby.

  30. Marion,
    This is lovely. I have a similar piece I am currently getting ready to paint. I am wondering if you used anything on the marble top? I have been searching for advice on cleaning marble and buffing it up a bit. An antique refinisher suggested I use Briwax and buff it? I think I will use Grain Sack on my piece as well!!

  31. Wow! Never heard of Hobby Lobby but now I am pissed and don’t want to shop Miss Mustard Seed either.

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