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Thanks for the great response on my first giveaway. You can still enter until midnight EST tonight, so don’t miss out! It’s the post just below this one. I’ll pick and announce a winner on Monday.

My mom and I thought it would be fun to hit some thrift stores while we were together for my Grandfather’s funeral. Why not make a sad trip somewhat enjoyable? We knew where a few were, but we found some unexpected ones as well. We found some great stuff… Here is the first Goodwill in all it’s glory. Those white letters against the blue background get my heart going…

I spotted this mirrored lamp for $7.25 and grabbed it immediately. I’m always paranoid in places like this that people are going to come over my shoulder and snatch something I’m admiring. You would not believe the ridiculous lengths I have gone to in order to prevent that!

This blue & white linen tea towel was $1.50. It still has the original vintage sticker on it!

This is not a repeat picture. I actually found a second convex mirror that was almost exactly like the one I found 2 weeks ago. This one was a little bit smaller, but for $1.99 I couldn’t pass it up.

And who would put this lovely thing in a thrift store? This cloche was $4.25…it was another purchase I grabbed right away.

Aren’t these ceramic birds sweet? They were $3.25 each, which I thought was a little high, but I really liked them. I think they’ll look so pretty painted white with a antiqued finish. This alarm clock with a nickel finish was $2.00. I’m thinking I’ll put a new face on it like Jacey from Ones Man’s Trash is My Treasure.

This little sugar bowl is pretty tarnished, but I love the shape. It reminds me of a little trophy and it was only $.99. The wire chicken and wooden eggs were $4.95. I’m planning to spray the chicken a funky color to
de-country it and then hand paint the eggs. The tissue box is metal and actually still has the Home Goods sticker on it. I’m not a fan of the current design, so I’m going to spray it. I think it was $5.00.

This is a hand painted document ring that was $1.50. Not sure what I’ll do with it, yet, but it’s a cool little piece.

This jewelry box is made out of a heavy resin and was about $7.00. I’m planning to paint it either white or oil rubbed bronze. We’ll see what I feel like the day I work on it.

These candles (new in the wrapper) were $.68 each. Great deal, so I bought six. In addition, I bought a wood tray for $6.00 (you can see it on top of the dresser below), brand new navy blue drum shade, and a nice wooden silver chest for $5.00. Hmmm…why isn’t it in this picture? I wonder where I put it. I also got a free bag of wine corks. I have a plan for those up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

And here is the find of the day – this antique dresser was only $15.25! It has dovetailed drawers and is in great condition. It needs new knobs and a paint job, but this dresser is going to be gorgeous when it’s done.
What are some great treasures you’ve found lately? Don’t make me too jealous…if you found Bakelite in the trash you’d better not mention it to me. (see “These are a few of my favorite things” post and you’ll understand my violent tendencies about Bakelite.


  1. Stephanie

    Wow! You got some good stuff. Goodwill is so hit or miss. You never know what your going to find. But it looks like you did very well.

  2. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    You got that dresser for $15.00??!! You did amazing on that trip! Love the lamp ~ I can just see you looking all around as you clasped it tightly to your chest! : )

  3. Jane

    Wow….you found some great stuff at that Goodwill. Can't wait to see the transformation of the chest of drawers.

  4. L.Duncan

    You always find the best stuff! I love Goodwill!!!

  5. Beth@The Stories of A to Z

    Oh my goodness girlfriend, you seriously scored on this trip! I had to laugh about your comment of feeling like someone is looking over your shoulder ready to pounce on your prize. I too feel like that at Goodwill :).

    Have a great weekend,

  6. The McCrays

    Get out!! That dresser was $15 bucks?!! I'm sooo jealous!! What a fabulous find!!!

  7. Room to Inspire

    You TOTALLY scored! Fabulous finds.


  8. Molly @ A Bit O' Shine

    Wow I'm going to go shopping at your Goodwill! I'd be lucky to find that much good stuff in a month of shopping at mine.

  9. stefanie

    jackpot, goodness you did good, i love that feeling you get when you get great finds, congrats

  10. Kim

    My jaw is still on the floor – excuse me for a minute while I go pick it up…..YOU DID NOT find these at Goodwill. I guess they don't call it Goodwill for nothin! So happy for you! Now let me go read the rest of this awesome blog!!!!! Kim

  11. Kim

    Holy Cow – now I just found out that you live in PA and I live in NJ and that's not that far and I can actually have you paint some furniture for me!!! I'm doing my happy dance now!!! I will SO be in touch! Did I mention how glad I am to have found your blog! Kim

  12. Nice and Easy Antiques

    Where to start????…have no idea how to put in words but you: SCORED!!!! That's one lucky trip to the Goodwill…how come it never happens to me???? We are hosting Junkin' Mondays every week (we post on Sunday nights) and we'd love for you to stop by, link and make everyone jealous!!! LOL!!! Thank you for your lovely visit!
    Clara & Marcela

  13. Halle@HouseCapated

    You found that at Goodwill?!?! Wow, I need to go there more often.

    I gave you an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up (if you want it, that is :))

  14. Jacey Autumn Photography

    wow I love all the stuff you found! lucky girl…I ♥ Goodwill, It's my second home 🙂

  15. Let it Shine

    LOVE the lamp and tea towel!
    I have one of the same birds and an identical bell clock I am painting now! 🙂


  16. Linda@Coastal Charm

    I'm soooo happy to see that you made it to #119…way to go girl!! Your work is outstanding and I'm sure that you are on your way to the top in the near future. I will be waiting Monday for my e-mail…LOL! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


    P.S. What a steal with that dresser…it looks really good now, but I'm sure it will look much better after you get your hands on it.

  17. Annette

    Those are some great finds! I especially love the dresser!

  18. Jennifer Rizzo

    Great finds! My GW has had nothing lately!

  19. duchess

    I never find great things like that at our GW. Love that dresser.
    Sorry about your grandfather.

  20. Kim @ Starshine Chic

    Wow, wow, wow!!! You found some fabulous stuff!!! Did you find it all at the same Goodwill? On the same day? If so, you scored!!! I love the dresser the best. I am so jealous.

  21. Proper Prim

    Oh wow… you sure did get some nice pickins there… don't you just love Goodwill… Not too many of them around anymore… they outpriced themselves right out of business here…that is still my fav thrift store though and when I see one the brakes are squealing..

  22. Dresser Girl

    Ok, I'm just jealous of your Goodwill!! I visited another one in my area today and their prices were high and their selection not so good. But I did have an AMAZING yard sale day – so it's all good! (LOVE THE DRESSER!!)

  23. Uncanny Festoon

    I can't decide which is my favorite..I think it is that lamp. Great finds.

  24. Lori

    your goodwill looks like a great place to find treasures…that dresser is fabulous!!! what a great buy!!!

  25. Nice and Easy Antiques

    Thank you so much for sharing your finds today…we are so glad you came out to play!

  26. tara

    oh my goodness, you hit the jackpot at Goodwill, I love all of your finds, and that dresser is fabulous!

  27. Amber

    I am so jealous of your $15 dresser. I love it! You lucky gal!

  28. Cami @ Creating Myself

    I had to laugh about Goodwuill getting your heart going…it always makes mine skip a beat! LOL

    Great finds…& what a deal on that dresser!

  29. Leanne

    Wow, your Goodwill had some amazing things. Great buys! I'm having a giveaway tomorrow. Stop by if you get a chance and enter to win.

  30. Sandy Michelle

    That is one shabby chic goodwill! I love the mirrored lamp and dresser!

    Sandy xox

  31. Cindy

    WOW! Your Goodwill has really great prices!!! That dresser would have at least been $75 at my Goodwill! What a deal you got! I LOVE that dresser! It's very similar to one I have in my living room!

  32. Jacey Autumn Photography

    Hey there girlie! Thanks for linking up with me today 🙂 I'm bummed out I didnt win your giveaway…hopefully next time 🙂 I think I already commented on all of your Goodwill finds but just in case I didn't… they're all FABULOUS 🙂

  33. Marla

    You sound just like me, my heartbeat speeds up when I see the blue and white sign. It is a sickness I cannot avoid. I think you found some fabulous stuff, wow, I'm not sure I've had a haul that good. Thanks for sharing. Marla @

  34. Brittany

    love the birds!! stop by and link it up to my goodwill party!

  35. Vanessa

    Now those are some treasures!! I love the mirrored lamp and the birdies, but my fave has to be that dresser. I can't believe the price! I just moved a few months ago and I haven't been too impressed with my GW. They are pretty high priced on some things. You found some great deals, though!

  36. BB

    Goodwill IS very iffy… I've done the best on my lunch hour.. it seems like they start putting out new stuff about then… I(depending on how I drive home from work) can hit a different Goodwill everyday and a St Vincent DePaul. I always think No No…just drive on by..not today!!!.. but then my truck just turns in and before you know it ..I'm loading something up.. My garage is starting to look like a thrift store and my husband is pitching a fit. lol..

  37. MRawls

    I just discovered this wonderful world of decorating blogs! I just created my own blog because you inspired me so! 😉 I just bought a wire bird exactly like yours this past weekend, mainly for the eggs inside of it but I'd like to do something with the bird. What did you end up doing with yours?


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