furniture scooting in the studio

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Yesterday, Jeff made the ultimate show of love by moving furniture for me!  Since I have only one fully functioning arm, Jeff enrolled the help of a friend to move six pieces of furniture around our house.  Most of the pieces were moved from the studio to the office or the office to the studio, but some of it ended up in the garage, too.

That latest round of furniture rearranging and adding new, more functional pieces to the office, has me more excited about my workspaces than ever.

The move that felt like the biggest gamble was putting the shelf from the office on top of the hardware cabinet in the studio…

And I love it!  I can’t wait to get it filled and styled.

I was nervous that the two pieces would work together in my head and then look stupid in reality and, the only way to satisfy that curiosity was to move two, very heavy oak pieces.  The gamble paid off, though, and this unified piece will make much better use of the space.

Since I’m getting a new desk for my office (one with more surface space and file drawers), my old oak teacher’s desk has been displaced.  I was initially planning on selling it, but I had this nagging idea of trying it in the studio.  When I made a wish list for things I wanted in the studio to make it more functional, one of them was a flat work surface.  Since I already have the desk and was planning on just sticking it in the garage until it sold on craigslist, I decided to try it in the studio to see if that would work as the flat work surface.  I figured it would be too big or there would simply be too much furniture in the studio, but once we slid it into place, I felt like it would work!

Now I need to get all of the stuff sorted out and start using the room, so I can really see if it works.

We also moved the hutch, so we can build the closet on the wall next to the door.  Jeff is going to work on that over the next couple of weeks.  It will be so nice to have a place for my bulky photography gear, large canvases, etc.

All in all, things are really shaping up and I can’t wait to see how both spaces look when they are finished.

furniture scooting in the studio

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48 Comments on “furniture scooting in the studio”

  1. The two units together look very cohesive and will look wonderful when you finish putting your supplies away and your touch on them. I hope you secured the top to the wall. You don’t want tipping!!!

  2. HI, a doll talented one you are. I would consider white wood shutters on the bottom half of all windows. I see fabulous light your blocking out. Sunlight cures dead cells in a room adds Fit D to you. Just a thought.

  3. i watched the story’s that you did and have to say the 2 pieces of furniture that you do not like in your home i think they look so good. it might be you just want a change. i would wait on selling them.

  4. Please secure the top to the bottom of the two pieces. The glass door unit is very tall and that could potentially be very harmful. Love the two pieces.

  5. I would have never known that those two pieces did not originally go together. It works perfectly well.

  6. Looks like MSM has already addressed securing the piece. Isn’t that a fastener at the upper right corner? I look forward to seeing the finished product. Always love your way of staging your beautiful pieces.

  7. The room looks great. Furniture looks very nice! Can’t wait to see it all put together. Hope your shoulder is getting better. Did you paint the painting on the wall?

    1. If you’re talking about the cow painting, no. That is by Cindy Austen, the same artist who painted the cow in my living room. She is so talented!

  8. They make a commanding presence and send the message “the owner of this office is productive”. My workrooms are always changing depending on the projects I am working on. I think I have as much fun organizing and arranging them as I do actually working in them.

    1. I feel like the changes to these spaces will make me more productive! I got everything I wrote down on my “wish list”, so now I’m ready to conquer the world! Not really, but I’m at least ready to get some major things done!

  9. P.S. I anchor all of my heavy antique cupboards and shelve with L brackets made of wood that attach only to the wall and into studs and then rest firmly on the top surface of the piece without creating holes. Works perfectly in work rooms and display areas where the pieces are for sale.

    1. Yes, the first thing we did when we put this piece on top was anchor it to the wall with L brackets at the top, so it can’t fall over.

    2. Great idea! We used metal L brackets at the top of this piece and screwed them into the piece and the wall. Since the room has wood paneling, we didn’t need to find the studs.

  10. Bravo, it looks fabulous paired together. Can’t wait to see the rooms once you have them styled. Awesome valentine gift from Jeff moving all that furniture for you. Definitely better than a box of chocolates in my book any day…. Last year for my birthday my hubby planted 2 avocado trees, 3 strawberry trees (arbutus) and a little gem magnolia tree. We had 1 avocado last year, hoping for many more in the years ahead… that is the way to my heart.

    1. Aw, what a sweet thing for your husband to do for you and it’ll be fun to watch them grow over the years.

  11. Looking awesome! But I’d seriously consider mounting that glass cabinet to the wall over the hardware cabinet–maybe 6-12 inches from the ceiling. That way, you get the same decor and functional effect, but you can reclaim use of the top of the hardware cabinet as a surface.

    Just a thought…

    1. I am loading it with books, so hanging it would be too much, I think. Plus, it has feet that might look a little strange suspended… I agree that having flat surface area is always a good thing, though!

  12. I’m definitely in the minority, but don’t care for the ‘franken-furniture’. I think the top is too small for the bottom. Don’t kill me! Other than that, Good On Jeff! What a nice man!

    1. Ha, that’s okay! Everyone has different tastes and that’s what makes the world go round. I would prefer the piece be a little larger, so they are a perfect match, but these were the two pieces I have and they work well together. Styling will make a big difference, too.

      1. Where is the LOVE button?! That is indeed what makes the world go round!! Thanks for reiterating that to people.

        1. I’d like a “love” button too~ sometimes that’s all we need 🙂
          I can’t wait to see the finished room as Marian never leaves a thing out!

  13. Everything you do always looks perfect, you are amazing!
    Here’s a little suggestion from one artist to another concerning your shoulder: I have had a torn rotator cuff repaired in the past and usually stand at my easel however I have noticed that sitting while painting causes it to hurt again. If you stand you can position the easel so that there less wear and tear on the shoulder.

    1. Great tip! I have been playing around with the height of the easel to make it more comfortable for my shoulder. I used to stand, but I’ve been sitting lately, since I paint more. I probably should stand, though! It’s better for taking steps back, anyway!

  14. Hope your PT and all the rest is helping your shoulder?! And I adore your furniture…no matter where you put it! Oh, I was going to tell you that I had a “frozen shoulder” for almost a year and did PT (once I finally said something to my doc) and it worked so well…the cold pack things that one wore over the shoulder down to mid-chest made me look forward to PT. Cheers from Southern Oregon. P.S. We finally got snow last weekend!

  15. Instead of a built in closet, I could see a lovely knockdown wardrobe for storage of bulky items. I recently acquired a beautiful one that my Husband retrofitted with shelving which makes it so much more functional.

  16. Such a perfect space coming together! Please share lots more, I really love all the details and close-ups. Do you have a sketch of the new closet yet? I would love to see that!

  17. Happy Valentines to Marian and Jeff! Great progress while protecting your shoulder recovery! Take it slow and we will celebrate each progress and improve of body and home!

  18. Yes! I knew this was going to look fabulous together when you shared your plans a while ago! Is it possible to use the Oak Hutch as is and simply put the printer below inside the cabinet doors?

  19. Hi Marian! Didn’t expect to hear again from you so soon. I thought you’d be resting your shoulder! Oh well, can’t keep a good woman down! I love your two pieces of furniture together. Yes, the top is a bit smaller but it’s like you said, once you style it, it will make a huge difference filled in with a couple of large items on the sides or something to distract the eye. I’m especially loving that drafting table, is that oak? Mine is oak but it’s a huge desk and all, and I much prefer yours! Just lovely! I love all your pieces! Why don’t I run across pieces like that?? LOL! I guess in searching for furniture pieces to paint you must be constantly on the lookout for good stuff. Can’t wait to see how you get everything put together, but don’t forget not to overdo it with your shoulder. Oh and why build a closet, why not find you a big old armoire to put all your gear in? It seems more fitting to your style? But I guess another closet is a good thing to have. Wish I had a few more! LOL! We’re building a garage instead, to put all my Stuff in! IT-shirt getting on my nerves! Hope y’all had a nice Valentines Day! 😊. Take it easy!

    1. A wardrobe really won’t provide enough storage for the gear I need to store (video lighting, etc.) We’re going to build a closet that fits with the style of the room and should look great!

  20. Word of caution Marian~ I injured the bundle of nerves in my right shoulder and over 4 years had multiple surgeries on that poor right hand, elbow, etc and me being me, I overcompensated by using my left had way to much which resulted in 2 thumb joint replacements… and working on a third. Take care now to heal and not to re~injure your shoulder…girls will be girls!! Ask for help 🙂

  21. Where did the bottom of the glass door top go? What about in the livingroom where you had that little dresser at Christmas. Work? I know you thought about a piece to go there. Just a thought. All looking good and you are correct. Styling will pull it all together.

  22. Marian,
    I love the two large pieces of furniture together!
    What an undertaking. . .and with a healing shoulder, also!
    I’ll be watching the progress on both. . .your shoulder and your Studio!

  23. I love your studio and everything about it! Love that your painting smock is housed on a mannequin! Are your easel and drafting desk antiques? I have been looking forever for beautiful ones like those ❤️

    1. They are actually both new. The drafting table is from Arhaus and the easel is the Sienna Studio Counterweight Easel (you can find it on Blick, Amazon, etc.)

  24. I can see the L bracket in the first picture. Good…. I have my husband do the same thing. He calls me a worry wart but I live in Los Angeles where the earthquakes are. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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