five recliners I’d have in my house

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As many of you know, I’ve been having issues with my right shoulder for a couple of weeks.  At first, it just slowed me down a bit, but then it stopped me in my tracks as the pain intensified and started involving my bicep.  My days and nights have been focused on pain management and doctor’s appointments to find some resolution.  Yesterday, I had a procedure to remove the calcium deposits embedded in the tendons in my shoulder and had a cortisone shot to relieve the inflammation.  I’m now resting and allowing my tendons to heal.  I know it’ll be several weeks, maybe even months, before my shoulder is completely back to normal, but I hope to be feeling much better in the next few days.

The good news is that a calcific tendonitis flare-up, while painful and debilitating, is treatable and temporary.  Even at my lows, I tried to keep that in perspective.

Unfortunately, while this has been going on, even basic things are difficult and painful to do, which is why I’ve been so quiet around here.  Typing and using a trackpad is surprisingly taxing, so I can only do a little before I need to take a break.  I’m hoping that will become easier over the next day or two as my arm is healing because I miss writing!  I miss painting as well and it will be a happy day when I can have a brush in hand again.

Anyway, today, let’s chat about recliners.  And you might be smiling a bit about that if you saw my Instagram stories earlier this week.

Sooooo… I sort of stepped in it when I shared what I said to the ER doctor who asked me if I had a recliner to sleep in to make my shoulder more comfortable.  I laughed and said, “Um no.  A recliner is too ugly for my house!”  Now, most people got that I was completely joking and I was poking fun at myself more than recliners or recliner owners.  If I had a recliner, I’d certainly be resting more comfortably!  Instead, I’m building up back and armrests in my bed with pillows, which isn’t anywhere near as supportive as a recliner.

And, just for the record, I’m not really anti-recliner.  When we go to my in-law’s house and my parent’s house, I love sitting in their recliners and think how nice it would be to have one.  I also know there are a lot of very stylish recliners available on the market now.  We’ve just never had the perfect spot for a recliner or a great need for one.

The whole conversation has given me something to laugh about, though.  Several readers have shared stories about $25 craigslist recliners named Elvis and big, puffy recliners that have been banished to the basement and a husband’s beloved chair that is a tolerable compromise.  Several people suggested that I share recliners I would put in my house, so that’s what I’m doing today!

Of course, I haven’t tried any of these in person, so I’m not sharing them as an endorsement, but as an if I was going to buy a recliner, these are ones I would consider.  I picked recliners that hit a few different price points and that are different sizes and comfort levels.

Alcott Wingback Recliner/Glider – $459.99

I liked this one because of the small scale and that it swivels.  I don’t think it’s the kind of recliner you’d sleep in, but would probably be nice for TV watching, reading, or to have in a nursery.


Sonja Manual Recliner – $739.99

This one is a bit larger and seems to have more cush.  I like that it’s big without being too bulky visually.

McManus Leather Recliner – $799.99

This one is similar in style to the one above but I liked the blue leather and this looks like a potentially good sleeping recliner.

These last two are both from Pottery Barn and I liked them for their traditional styling, but also for the fact that they don’t look like recliners.  Both of these would be nice in a living room or bedroom for TV watching, reading, etc.

James Upholstered Recliner – $1099 (20% off with coupon code FRIENDS)

PB Comfort Rolled Arm Recliner – $1099  (20% off with coupon code FRIENDS)

It seems to be that the bigger and puffier the recliner, the more comfortable it is.  So, if we ever have a need for one of those, I’ll buy one and put it in my home without apology!  I believe that most of the time form and function can coexist equally, but there are times when one just has to rule out over the other!

So, what are your thoughts about recliners?  Any great recliner nicknames or stories that will give us a laugh?  Any stylish recliner recommendations?


five recliners I’d have in my house

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97 Comments on “five recliners I’d have in my house”

  1. Our first pair of recliners were wing-back ones in a blue upholstery. I loved them because you would have never known they were recliners. However, my husband wasn’t a fan. I had purchased them as a surprise for him and I had not realized that they would “squish” his broad shoulders between the “wings”. When one of them broke quite a few years later, I let him pick out another pair. He chose a more traditional style, but not as big as some. However, I did not like mine and eventually gave mine up for a glider walker. However, if I cannot sleep well I do go to my husband’s recliner to sleep. Good luck with your shoulder. Give yourself time to heal and if a recliner would help you heal, buy one and put it in the basement or some “out of the way” place. Sometimes function should trump esthetics.

  2. We have a Lazy Boy recliner sofa (the two end seats each recline. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to sleep on mine due to sickness, hubby wants to sleep earlier than I do, etc. We have beds that aren’t being used since the kids are grown, but my favorite spot is in my corner of the recliner – even to sleep. We haven’t named it but now I’ll have to give that some thought!

  3. Lazy Boy has a line called Duo. I believe That’s the spelling. Anyway it’s electric tipping and has a plug in to charge things. It can be all but against the wall and best of all it doesn’t look like a recliner. We’ve been looking at the sofa-too big and the love seat-too small. I’m looking for the elusive Goldilock’s just right! Good luck and I generally agree with your initial statement-MOST recliners are too ugly for your home!

  4. This firestorm is cracking me up!!! But in the end, great information. My son really wants me to buy recliners and I’ve been looking. So thank you for helping me research!

  5. You don’t need to buy one. Check your local medical supply company – they rent them. Or even a regular furniture rental company. And insurance may pay if your doctor prescribes it.

  6. We have had recliners for years in our mix of furniture. The first, I begrudgingly said yes to, but was the most comfy, soft, pillowy, but truly ugly recliner! I could not bear to live with it in our home for very long. Out that went and we bought a navy Lazy Boy, wing back that no one would guess reclined. Sturdy, beautiful fabric, comfy, we loved it and used for years. We moved, gave chair to a friend, and now have two wing backs upholstered in a pretty paisley in our TV room. They are so comfy and just lovely pieces to look at. My husband has a brown leather Lazy Boy in our Living room he adores. It is his place to sit. It’s manly, yet not too so, more casual like an overstuffed chair, but so comfy and mixed well with our sofa and love seat. You truly can have a recliner that will fit with any style in your home now days. And for certain, when injured, after surgeries or sick, when you can’t sleep, they are the answer to all these. Many times “my chair” has helped me through the night…

  7. No, nothing that would make you laugh. But I will share that I didn’t “understand recliners” until I slept in one a year ago. A year ago, while visiting my mother, she fell. After, 911, ER, Hospital, Rehab, Discharge, and calling my brother to come to my mothers apt, there was only one place left for me to sleep. My dad’s recliner. My dad passed away a few yrs ago and mother couldn’t part with his recliner. Until then, I had never even sat in a recliner. Never thought about them one way or another. But I have to say, it was the most comfortable sleeping position ever! As in Ever to end all Evers! Fast forward a few months, my husband and I needed a new bed and we bought an adjustable bed. There are several positions on the remote to choose from. We learned the reclining position is also called the anti gravity position. It’s our favorite. The salesperson said no one joint bears more gravity than another. I think I would have to agree with that. I believe that is why the dr recommended for your shoulder. I think I would buy that recliner sooner rather than later. You won’t have any regrets. And I would recommend buying one for upstairs and downstairs.

  8. I too said no ugly recliners in my house…. 40 yrs ago! We bought a lazy boy and it went in the tv room/ playroom and my husband sat in it until it was disgusting. I used it too.. best chair for nursing and rocking babies. I replaced it with another lazyboy. It was uglier but once again I had to sleep in it in comfort when I broke my arm. So comfort won in the tv room
    Word To the wise…. never buy a white recliner!

  9. Ha! I, too, felt that way about recliners until a few years ago when I bought one that stood on legs and just looked like a very comfy chair. And it was comfy… far too comfy. I have quite a bit of discretionary free time and found I was spending more and more of it in that darn chair!

    I gave it away!

    There are times when I truly miss it, but don’t regret sending it off to a new home.

  10. We’ve had wingback recliners for years. I love my recliners! We had to some new ones last and you can’t imagine how sticker shocked I was. The ones I liked were heart attack inducing expensive! I finally found some that were more budget friendly, as well as being comfortable for my shorter status.

    1. I’m 5’3 and have a hard time finding recliners that fit me, and too am having sticker shock. Can you tell me what brand and style you found that was affordable and comfortable for we short people?

  11. I never had one nor did my family when I was growing up though my 6’4 father had a smaller version of what was to become the recliner style chair. We also had a long ! couch to accommodate his occasional lying down on it. But when a friend had knee surgery about 6 months before I was due to have my surgery we visited him to get suggestions on what I might need/want pre and post operation. They had a small sitting room off the kitchen with 4 recliners, one in each corner …and they were smallish, attractive and did not hit the wall when reclined. He said it was a godsend for sleeping post surgery. They were from Macys and about $699. each. We ordered two immediately and I couldn’t have managed without it. I still use mine to watch tv at night and my husband reads in his. I recline, he doesn’t but the chair fits his body really well. When my son and dil visit she often chooses to sleep in the one recliner rather than in bed!

  12. We have a wingback recliner you would never know is a recliner unless we told you. You push back to recline, no hand lever on the side. I was very thankful for it when I had abdominal surgery a few years ago. As long as they don’t look like recliners I think they are wonderful. 😊

  13. There are recliners that don’t look like recliners and certainly a large selection out there now. So you don’t have to go with the big, puffy looking ones that scream RECLINER. We have one that looks much like the first PB one you shared except ours is leather. My husband likes a recliner and it’s his house too. But, you don’t have to have a recliner. Many chairs with ottomans work well too and are good for sleeping :). We have a “stressless” chair, also leather which has a matching ottoman. The back does recline. My husband actually uses this chair more than his recliner.

  14. I vowed I would never have a recliner in my house, until 5 years ago, I needed to get one after a hospitalization. I shopped and tested many non-recliner looking ones out. A recliner has to fit your body to be comfortable and I finally settled on a leather one similar to the one you posted. Mine has an electric push button mechanism for reclining so it has to be near a wall or a floor plug. It is my favorite chair.

  15. Love the new styles of recliners…..thank goodness someone thought to make them stylish! We have a Lazy Boy, denim covered recliner…..but no one would know! It is my husbands chair -Archie Bunker ‘owned’….but he used it thru 7 surgeries… it!

  16. Several years ago during a home renovation, I got rid of my two Lazy Boy recliners and opted for two plush chairs with ottomans. The new chairs also recline and are quite comfortable but I cannot tell you how many times I have regretted giving away my recliners! I miss the rocking feature and liked the fact that no ottomans (taking up valuable floor space) were required. I hope to give my chairs to my son and buy a couple of recliners again!

  17. Haters gonna hate…. don’t listen to the negative nellies. Be you and don’t apologize for it.

  18. Try the brand “Stressless” recliner/rocker and ottoman. I have NEVER liked modern furniture or recliners but tried this after a friend had me sit in hers. It was truly divine; better than being in bed. If I ever design my house to be perfectly comfortable, these are what I will get. They are available at Schneiderman’s furniture, if you have that in Rochester.

  19. What does Jeff think about recliners? It might be nice to get one you like, use it for healing your shoulder, (I think you would be surorised at how much faster you would heal and could get back to your projects) and then give it to him as a nice gift. Also, life happens and it might be nice to have a recliner for those times, you just never know what’s going to happen next! I never had a chair for “me” so a few years ago I bought an attractive recliner that I put in the bedroom and that is my go to quiet time place.

  20. When we married 15 years ago, one piece of advice given to us was to avoid buying a recliner the first year! The reasoning was that we would sit together instead of retreating to our separate chairs every evening. We only bought one this past year when we moved into a 1300 sq ft house and didn’t have room for a love seat. (It’s probably the favorite seat in the house, but now there are 6 of us vying for it!)

  21. I’m 100 percent with you on the recliner and decorating belief ( I said i will NEVER have a recliner), But guess what happened when my husband had neck and carpal tunnel surgery……….yep, we bought him a recliner, and now we already have two of the ones you suggested in this article. They are the compromise of style and comfort and keeping hubby happy. It was one of the best things for his complete recovery. Thanks for sharing!

  22. My in laws bought my husband an ugly recliner for his birthday the first year we were married. I hated it, but it was just so comfortable. When our son was born, in a true act of selfless love, my husband put his recliner in the nursery and I spent hours (days, weeks, months) sitting in that chair nursing. It’s ugly pillow arms were the perfect height for an elbow.

    1. Yep — we have a smaller wingback recliner in our bedroom and until this fall, a larger recliner in our living room. Both of those were lifesavers after our son was born. It was so much easier to sleep in those chairs after a c-section and especially in those early bleary-eyed days (that turn into weeks and months) of seemingly non-stop nursing, I thought I was going to meld to the chair in the living room.

  23. As I read your description of your ailment I immediately thought she has calcified tendinitis. I too have had it and can attest to the pain and months of sleepless nights trying to find a position that supported my shoulder (none)..
    I finally got in to see a surgeon who gave me a cortisone shot. I initially thought it didn’t work. It took 3 months and then I woke up one day and realized the pain was gone. So hang in there.. it will get better.
    In the meantime if you are going to get a recliner (which while ugly are soooo comfortable) please sit in it before you buy. They come in all shapes and sizes and most likely whatever you find that fits you will not be suitable for Jeff.

  24. We used to have a large blue recliner that I would usually sit in early in the morning.If our youngest,(twin sons),would be awake early with me,they would dearly love to climb up on each side and snuggle!So precious..anyway,one morning;they’re older sisters decided to play a trick on em,n quickly sat on either side of me before the twins could. One of the twins came over to me,(groggy-eyed as usual),and saw what happened;looked completely baffled,n wailed ”Mmooooommm!!” They still talk about that n laugh!😄💚

  25. The trick to buying a recliner is to try it on. My parents each have their recliners that my brother initially bought for them. But neither one was comfortable for them so they had to be returned. My mom’s recliner ended up being a small one for her small frame, and my dad’s is larger and swivels.

    Of the examples you’ve shown, I like the last one the best. It’s kinda got a shabby chic look to it.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  26. This is my recliner & shoulder story…
    My mother broke her shoulder. From then on she could sleep only in the recliner. It was very difficult to lie down in the bed. She was never very good at doing her exercises for it.

    My husband wants a recliner. Always has.

    I am in physical therapy for a shoulder problem that has been going on since December ’17. After a second injection in the shoulder, the doctor sent me to PT since it was beginning to become frozen. 🙁 I am very happy to report that it is soooooo much better! Not completely healed yet, but much improved.

  27. I was ill at Christmas and really wanted to get myself a recliner. Went to every furniture store locally in Twin cities. I’m a small person – couldn’t find one with a low profile that fit me. And the ugly fabric choices – yikes! So I was thrilled to see your post! Appreciate the info! Barbara

  28. I made fun of them until i discovered i had parkinsons and melanoma. Recliners come in all forms. Make sure yiu buy one that has a handle ..otherwise you have to push like heck to make it go back. Also, look at medical equipment store. I got mine there and its great looking and made well. Test for comfort sleeping….i have had my best nights sleeping gin mine.

  29. When I had torn shoulder rotator cuff – only way I could sleep thru the pain was Lidocaine patches and a recliner to prevent shoulder pressure. I was pessimistic about those Lidocaine patches in the beginning but they oh boy really saved me. FYI – they were prescription strength from my Dr.

    A note on recliners – When my Dr suggested I needed one to relieve pressure – I said ick. But I went and bought one. A very good looking recliner. Couldn’t sleep in it at all. Was attractive but just not sleep comfortable. I was desperate for sleep.

    Soooooo – I spent an entire day going to do furniture stores trying to fall asleep in different recliners. Ahhhhh – Bought the most comfortable one. Not that pretty but it’s like a dream to sleep in. Heavenly comfort.

    I learned a lesson. Recliners are like flat shoes. Meant to comfortable. If they aren’t comfortable then what’s the point.

    Good Luck and God speed! 🙏

  30. We went without a recliner for years, using ottomans and coffee tables to prop our feet. When my mom started cleaning house, she gave us the choice of a couple my parents bought for the playroom/movie room in the late 80s. They’re vinyl, not even leather but the scale is so much more manageable than those that came out in the 2000s and later. It’s button tufted, and it sat in our home office for a couple years, until I seriously injured my back. I slept in that puppy atleast every other night for about two months until I had my surgery. It was a God-send. We built a new house, it moved with us, and sits in the family room, in a space we designed for it. It’s my hubby’s every day chair & he loves it. I turned Mom down on the offer for the matching set because I was like, we cannot be those people!!!!! (Queue the TV trays!) I love sitting in a recliner but it’s my husband’s spot. Don’t you know I’d love a chair that comfortable but I’m not gonna do it!

  31. You wrote “I believe that most of the time form and function can coexist equally, but there are times when one just has to rule out over the other!” and that is so true! I remember posts that discussed the idea of ceiling fans and I think it goes the same way. Here in CA, even though those chandeliers are so beautiful, we have to choose a fan because in our dry heat, it works so well and otherwise AC costs are astronomical! Life’s questions with answers that are dependent on so many factors. (P.S. I’m with you on the recliners).

  32. I am in the same camp as you when it comes to recliners. That said, Mr. P. got his wish for one back in 2011 when we refinished our wood floors. His is a Hancock & Moore monstrosity, but it looks good in cream leather (choice leg wood finish and nailheads), and cushions are guaranteed for life (just ordered his 2nd set, and he sits in this thing, many.hours). Worth the $$$$.
    I just last week tried out the Scandinavian Stressless brand’s Sunrise with ottoman in the small (they come S, M, L). Oh my word it is the most comfortable thing ever. I do believe I am going to get one. Worth the $$$$.
    I sure hope your procedure is effective. I saw your story on FB showing you were back in the ER with fever. I’m hoping this is the same thing, and not something else. Scary, I’m sure, but I’m so glad you guys have found your village there in Rochester to help you all get through. It certainly takes a village.

  33. Years ago I gave in and we purchased what we thought was a “small” recliner. Compared to the other monsters in the store it looked petite but when we got it home it looked twice as big. But what I didn’t like was that my husband and I were no longer sitting together. It’s size caused it to have an odd placement in the room. We ended up reverting to a couch and loveseat and put the recliner in the corner. My son begged me for it for years. It was all leather and because it had been so expensive I hung on to it until we downsized to a smaller home. The recliner is now at my son’s house and everyone fights to sit in it because it really is very comfortable. After all these years I would like to have the newer reclining couches shown by lazy boy that really do have a sleek profile and no high backs. But that will need to wait till my current couches wear out.
    In the meantime I would urge you to rest and stop using the keyboard. Though we might miss your posts, it’s not worth doing damage that will haunt you for years to come. Better to take care of yourself now.

  34. My parents had a pretty-ish recilner, forest green leather. It didn’t look too bad, and felt very comfortable when you first lie down on it and reclined, but I fell asleep in it once and woke up with the worst lower back pain ever! I have a history of lower back pain (I am a nurse and have assisted too many patients).
    I tried it again and the same thing happened! My parents passed away years ago, in fact my Father passed away in that recliner! I gave it away after that and have never sat in one since. I really could have used one, as I had a rotator cuff issue that started last February that I just got under control in December!
    It was very difficult to sleep in the bed as it pulled on my neck and shoulder when lying down flat!
    Hopefully your have a speedy recovery, it is hard to be happy when you are in pain!
    Sending healing prayers your way!

  35. I am also on the no recliner side of the fence. 5 years ago when we were getting our house ready to sell my MIL showed up to our house with a $20 Lazy Boy she got at a garage sale and declared “I know you’re getting rid of stuff, but I know Chris wants a recliner and this was a deal too good to pass up”. And that was how the “ugly chair” came to stay with us for over a year. Which is how long it took us to find a house. AS soon as our house went on the market that lazy Boy was sold on the local swap site for $25 and yes I kept that $$ for pain and suffering. LOL If someday I find the perfect tufted wing back recliner for the right price I may reconsider but for now recliners belong in the basement and maybe not even there! My husband still wines about losing the most comfortable chair we have ever owned. Recliners are like shoes they always have to look good!

  36. I have enjoyed reading every comment regarding recliners; what a wealth of information! My husband has a “back chair” in our living room and I am not fond of it. But our living room just doesn’t lend itself to another chair, until now. Of all those pictured, I liked the blue leather chair and I like the idea of designs that don’t require a lot of space behind the chairs when they are reclined. And I detest cords, so I am not impressed with gadgets. This conversation was so helpful, I am now ready to shop!

  37. Do not rent one from a medical supply company!

  38. I have a ‘ladies recliner” … I named it because of it’s small scale…that I purchased in 1993 and it is on it’s
    5th round of upholstery… I love it… and have slept many a comfortable and peaceful night and nap in it… I hope you find a good one like I was so lucky to do.

  39. I had to read this one to my husband for a good laugh because we have NEVER had a recliner in our house either. He laughed heartily at your response to the ER doctor because that is something I would have said. Our current home is way to small for a recliner, in fact, we only have room for a love seat, but recliners have come a long way and maybe one day, if we ever have a larger home again, I think we will be getting at least one.
    I was very shocked and sad to see your Instagram post today that you are at the Mayo Clinic with a fever. We are sending you so much love and so many prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery and lasting good health.
    Much love to you and your family,

  40. Well we do not have a recliner. What we do have is a leather couch and chair and a half in leather. My husband sits in his spot and I sit sideways with my feet over one arm. My answer to a recliner and I love it. My husband would love it if I sat on the couch but I love my nest. Funny thing we do have an off white easy chair in the living room made by Lazy Boy but it does nothing but sit there stationary. Very comfortable. I have heard that the cheap ones break and you are stuck. We have a furniture store that occasionally has sales that say buy one and get one free.

  41. My mom passed away this past July. She had heart problems and cancer. She spent the last seven years sleeping in a recliner. She couldn’t breathe well laying in a bed. Yes, recliners can be a godsend for many reasons.
    My husband has one that I got for him about two years ago. He loves it and it looks nothing like a recliner from the old days. Yes, I’m thinking about getting myself one too!

  42. Flexsteel offers dual-motor couches and recliners. I have a beautiful leather Flexsteel couch, and both ends recline to sitting and full reclining positions. I live in mine, in the sitting position, with my feet up, keyboard on my lap. I do a great deal of work from here and am extremely comfortable. I, too, have shoulder, joint, and foot arthritis and pain. Occasionally, I use a moist heating pad and am not afraid it will damage or affect the upholstery. The most important thing to look for in any recliner, in my opinion, is the dual motor so that you can sit, not necessarily have to recline, with your feet up so that your back is relaxed.

  43. We inherited a recliner from my husband’s grandmother who was a petite gal. It was assigned to the basement and somehow a hot lightbulb burned a hole in it. Yeah, lovely. Then I broke my arm in 5 places and that recliner–temporarily in the living room–saved the day. It was so good that I bought one for my office. $200 from Costco and suits me to a T. Granny’s version is back in the basement. No recliners allowed in the living room! Unless necessary.

  44. Last year both my husband and I had the occasion to “need” a recliner, me for a broken ankle followed by foot surgery and my husband for meniscus repair. We looked at recliners but didn’t buy one, or two. You have made me a happy woman giving me permission to buy a recliner and suggestions on which ones you like.

  45. My husband bought the biggest LazBoy recliner they make! Wore the fabric out and when we went out to find a replacement I was so hoping he’d find a smaller one that was comfortable but no … he chose an exact replacement but in leather this time! That recliner was delivered in January 2017. Fast forward to January 2018 and he needed surgery on his right shoulder which meant he wouldn’t be able to to operate the lever on the right side of the chair. So we purchased a recliner that lifts. Not as big but just as ugly. Now we have TWO. When the delivery men came with the 2nd chair I told them “Last January you delivered this BIG UGLY and this January you’re delivering a 2nd one — next time you better deliver something cute!” My theory is that something as ugly as a recliner has to be comfortable to be allowed to exist. Also, it seems to me that the invention of recliners (and laptops) have halted constructive endeavors around the home!!

  46. I must admit, I don’t care for the big, overstuffed monsters that one often sees! My husband has a recliner in the family room to watch television (and nap). This was a marriage compromise…he could have HIS chair and I could decorate around it. Fortunately he wanted a classic looking chair and you would not know it was a recliner just looking at it. We also recently bought one for the bedroom. With surgeries, allergies, etc…this has been a life saver for us. I picked out a Lazy Boy that was smaller with slim arm profiles. I also picked out an off white fabric. It has been awesome! This is definitely MY chair where I read, do Bible studies, and rock grand babies to sleep!

  47. When my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer 12 years ago I read everything I could about the surgery and recovery. Buried in the instructions was a recommendation for a recliner. I took him to Lazy Boy and let him pick out the one he wanted. Yes it was pretty much the biggest, ugliest one in the store but I didn’t care. We never regretted it. He practically lived in that chair for months after the surgery. I never sat in it until I broke my wrist and it was the only place that was comfortable. Then I had a compression fracture in my T12 vertebrae and that recliner came in handy again! It is on its last leg. As much as I love the aesthetics of the ones you have chosen here, I don’t think any of them would do the job. Sad but true. I hope you feel better soon. Saw that you were in the ER last night so also hope that was unrelated and not making things worse.

  48. We churned thru various used and less expensive recliners and final settled with
    The IMG Norway Relaxer. It is the most expensive individual furniture item we have and one of the few purchases of new from the store items. It may be our forever recliner. Check to make sure that the leather cover is full hide and not laminate or split. This co. Has been bought and then spun off again since we bought our chair
    5 years ago. I am not affiliated with Smart Furniture nor did I buy our chair there.
    But they have a good picture to get you started in consideration.

  49. This is interesting. It amazes me how some people are so concerned about what looks ‘right’ and ‘what other people might think’ about a recliner in their house. I say ‘Who cares.” I live in my house for me and my family’s comfort. I love my recliner and will be sleeping in it for a couple of weeks following shoulder surgery later this month. I just bought a new Flexsteel leather, power recliner with lumbar support and love it. I’m 76 years old and set in it every day. Makes my life better and I really don’t care what anyone else thinks about it. Life’s too short to worry about the small stuff!!

  50. I do have a story about a chair…but it wasn’t a recliner. When my husband and I married he had a red nylon chair that was vintage even when he bought it…remember the style…low nap…nylon upholstery fabric that would NEVER wear out? Envision that in red. We called it the throne! It went into a basement family room for a while…and eventually we got rid of it. My husband still talks sentimentally about missing the ‘red throne.’ LOL

  51. So many recliner stories! Ours is much the same; I wasn’t going to put up with any hideous recliners in our home. Ever. Then someone has wisdom teeth pulled, or hurts their back, and you’re rethinking, albeit reluctantly, maybe we should get one. Once you get one recliner, everyone fights over it. Later, when just two of you are left in the house as the kids grow and leave, two recliners will seem only fair. I found two decent looking rocker recliners – rocking is the best part – that are unbelievably comfortable and fit in with our room without sticking out like two large sore thumbs. Smith Brothers of Berne. They take only one month to receive with custom fabric. If you can, take a look online. Lots of fabric choices. We love ours. Good luck with the shoulder!

  52. Several years ago I picked out non-recliner looking recliners. I took my husband along to help choose leather color. He hated my choice and walked off to the ugly recliner section while I looked at choice number 2. By and by husband returned and beckoned me to the ugly recliner side, to have me just sit in his choice to try it out. I sat and it changed my life. I felt like Goldilocks and never wanted to leave that chair. We bought 2 that day and within a week, I got rid of my beautiful antique loveseat and bought 2 more. They are electric and can be positioned in any position. Love them so much. But then my husband had open heart surgery and couldn’t sleep in our bed. Recliner was a godsend. Then I broke my kneecap and couldn’t get into our bed. Recliner was a godsend again. I don’t know if my recliners are ugly. They sure look beautiful to me now. I’ve reached the age of comfort over beauty, something like the day I decided I’d never wear high heels again, just comfy shoes.

  53. My husband’s coworker raved for months about his leather LaZBoy Maverick rocking recliner. So we bought one, too, after trying every recliner within 50 miles. He sat in it a few times and then claimed one of our sofas as his spot. All that money wasted – about a thousand dollars as I recall. And then one day I sat in it sideways, flinging my legs over the arm and rocked myself to sleep. I’ve only reclined in it a couple of times and can honestly say I’m not a fan of recliners or even this recliner because of its size and the fact that my husband obviously prefers the sofa. But the rocker option is everything. Every. Thing.

  54. Mine is delicious. I bought it at Lazy Boy. I believe it is a ‘Jennifer’ custom order in Raspberry performance velvet. I found the gliders hard to get in and out of. It’s a wing back similar to #2.

  55. La Z Boy are what I have owned and do own 2 of now (‘Collage’ and ‘Charlotte’ styles). You can pick your price range and any color or fabric you want including leather. They are lifesavers when I’m ill or can’t sleep. There will always be at least one recliner in my home.

  56. You are almost all commercials. I have to be careful when I open your blog to see what you are selling.

  57. We have a leather Lazy Boy recliner (similar to the navy leather you featured). It’s one of the best purchases we have made furniture-wise. Though, my husband immediately laid claim to it, it the first place everyone heads for when he’s not home! Holding up extremely well for a ten year old chair. I’ve had a few problems with tendinitis. I can truly feel your pain. Good luck.

  58. After five decades of not being allowed to get a recliner, my husband knows that a recliner will never be part of his future; I do tell him that if I go before he does, he can stop on the way home from the funeral and get one 🙂 Of course, nobody here needs one for health reasons..
    Happily, he doesn’t really care either, but it does make for good natured bantering!
    We just cleaned out our dad’s house, and he had two very expensive, medium sized , fabric recliners, in very good condition and we couldn’t even give them away!!
    So sorry to hear that you are in pain and suffering- all the best to you!

  59. I have a long love/hate relationship with recliners. I will say that every recliner that I purchased that “didn’t look like a recliner” also did do not sit like a recliner including top of the line Lazy Boys. As to traditional recliners, my husband was ill for many years before I lost him. He simply could not lay flat in a bed, so he slept in a recliner. I bemoaned losing my snuggle partner. So, with checkbook in hand, I bought TWO of the most comfortable full leather chaise recliners at Lazy Boy. They were huge! We shoved them side by side, and that’s where we both slept until he passed away. I never slept better. 💚

    1. Lyzz,
      I am so sorry you lost your husband but I love your story! My step-father passed away last year and loved his big, comfortable recliner so much. Nobody in the family will sit in it but me for some reason. Sitting in his chair always brings me joy of how much he enjoyed it watching all his favorite Westerns on TV.

  60. I have also had calcium deposits in my shoulder… fact, the technician doing the ultra sound commented it was the worst he had seen. I couldn’t even move my arm, “frozen shoulder.” I was prescribed prescription naproxen, 500 mg, twice a day for two weeks to get all that inflammation down and it worked. That happened years ago. It has flared up only a couple of times since, but I just double regular dosage to 400 mg. and it does the job.

  61. The joke around our house is that the recliner (only have one and we fight over it) is the giant sleeping pill. Neither my husband or I can get in it and not fall asleep. Not pretty by any means but oh so comfy!! I’ve had 2 surgeries in the past few years and it really was an easier place for me to rest and sleep when I couldn’t get in and out of the bed.

  62. There are recliners here. I do not find them beautiful, but mine was purchased before my second knee replacement. It is a lift chair, although I don’t need it to do that currently. Both knees and both hips have been replaced now, and there are days when I am delighted to see my unlovely friend , and take a load off.

    The other recliner is my husband’s, and we call it Barney after the big, purple, dinosaur cartoon character. We call it that because it is big and purple! He bought the big-man size although he is an average sized fellow. He thought the color was a kind of maroon he said. When I met Barney he was already installed in our living room , I nearly fainted. My hubby insists it didn’t look that big in the store. He looks like a little kid sitting in that giant chair. Does anyone remember the Lily Tomelin “Edith Ann” comedy routine? She was dressed as a child and sat in an outsized chair to create the illusion of being a little girl. Our Barney makes my 6 foot tall, 200 pound husband look dainty. Barney looms over a large share of the living room clashing with the antiques and dominating the space. I wanted to return it, but once I realized how much he loves that monster chair, I decided to cave in and live with it. And that is how a big, ugly, purple recliner ended up in my house.

  63. Having had 2 oral surgeries where 2 different oral surgeons said it would be best to spend the weekend sleeping in a recliner for healing purposes– I’m glad the ends of our sofa did that. Also it was great to recoup in a recliner when I had to have mohs surgery on my face. Keeping upright in all 3 cases really helped with healing and kept the inflammation minimal in the face. Just sharing in case any readers have high school teens needing wisdom teeth removed or any aged person needs Mohs surgery on the face.

  64. For as long as I can remember my mom and dad had recliners. My husband won’t sit in anything else. He’s had a La-Z-Boy for over 20 years and it just started giving him some problems so I was forced to go to furniture stores with him. It’s worse than grocery- or car-shopping with him! Those monsters are EXPENSIVE! But I must say that the old one saved me when I had pneumonia, and it helps his bad back, so I can’t complain too much.

  65. when I met my husband he had a recliner in the living room of his apartment; the fabric was okay, but it was a big, old monster – he paid a ton of money for it back then at a nice local furniture store (he was single and had nothing but a pricey car to spend his money on LOL); you guessed it, we got married, and the beast came to our house; we saved and saved to buy a sofa with chair and ottoman so we could bury the beast; it was the fall and my husband was going on a golf trip with his college friends, and feeling a little bad about spending the $ as we had just bought our first house – the time was right, I mentioned that the new furniture was coming soon, and if I could find a home for the beast, would it be okay to let it go – he said yes, I could tell he was sad, but, wow, needed to jump on that wagon; he left, I called my girlfriend and she was going to help me take it to the dump —-scene two; that thing was heaaaavy as lead; we laughed and squirmed with it and finally got it out to the deck – suddenly I realized why are we being careful with this thing, and we rolled it off the deck and got it to the street; it was fall, and the county was picking up leaves at the curb; the leaf men saw us struggling with the chair —-and asked if they could help; we said we were taking it to the dump…you know where this is going….and one of the guys asked if he could have it, “it looked really comfortable” —! All I could think was I can’t do this to another woman, so I asked him if he was married – he said no, so my friend and I looked at each other and said sure! One man’s junk….every time we talk about new furniture, the recliner is mentioned like an old friend and “how comfortable” that chair was —-there will never be another beast 🙂 I’m sure the recliners of today are better, but I wonder if the beast is still alive and hanging on with duct tape somewhere…………………..

  66. I broke the head of my humerus bone this summer and spent weeks in my recliner. I was never a fan of recliners but years ago I saw this beautiful and comfortable chair when shopping for furniture and it turned out to be a recliner. It is made by Flexsteel. It has a taller back which is tufted and nail head trim going down the arms. I was able to pick the fabric of my choice. I am very happy with my choice and recommend it. I hope you feel better soon!

  67. Recliners have come a long way and the fact that Pottery Barn is carrying them tells you they have a place. I view them like high heels. Your clothes look better with them on your feet but they are miserably uncomfortable. Recliners may not look the style of your home but they are so comfortable. I would go with PB as they are well made, look stylish and will be very comfortable. ( I have the PB comfort sofa)

  68. Bought a Lazy Boy 20 years ago that we just last week replaced with 2 matching dark grey LazyBoys. NO OTHER BRAND beats LazyBoy for comfort and functionality! We didn’t replace our former chair due to being worn out as you would think after 20 years… it was just that the mauve color was outdated. Still in perfect shape after 20 years… rocked 2 babies to sleep many nights!! By the way, those 2 babies are now 19 and 16 😊 The 19 year actually put the mauve LazyBoy in his room and loves it!!

  69. Restoration Hardware has a beautiful recliner. Beautiful tufted wide back. Looks like something you’d see in an English cottage. We have a leather one that is basically the same style, but we’ve had it for almost 20 years and the leather has been through many cats chasing through the house and using the recliner for a spring board. Still , it has held up well. Not bad for one we bought at Sams Club. I would love to get the one from RH someday. My husband has used this chair for sleeping in after both hip replacements and one knee replacement.

  70. I purchased a recliner with custom upholstery. I don’t always use the reclining position but it’s nice to have. As I am now 66 , I love my adjustable bed … perfect for reading and beneficial for those times when I need more support .

  71. As a very small child, my father had a brown vinyl recliner in the den. He was a thin man and my favorite spot to watch tv was right next to him in that recliner (and hiding behind the recliner when the monkeys came on while watching The Wizard of Oz–I did not like those monkeys!).

  72. I bought a small recliner when i was having shoulder trouble and then surgery, had it for about three years and gave it to one of my sons, i truly do not like them but know sometimes there is a need for one.

  73. Having trouble sleeping because of aching hips with the sciatic nerve led to the wing back recliner. Six years and counting with a lumbar pillow and buckwheat pillow at my head. Now husband having sinus trouble and he’s doing better in his leather wingback recliner. Our flex steel chairs Blend well in our country style home. In our seventies and sleep gets to be more challenging so you catch your zzzzs where you can.

  74. Dear Marian, I have had shoulder surgery recently. Still recovering. Still trying to fix the frozen shoulder!!! Women are cursed with having this. Anyway, back the issue of recliners!!! All these recliners are not going to help with the shoulder issue!!!!! You have to listen to the doctors and I will tell you they are absolutely correct. But you need a comfortable, supportive and one that says you can sleep in it, as it will stretch out and support you. It also has to be the correct size for you!!! You have to try them on, just like shoes!!!! Seriously!!!!! And I will tell you recliners work when you need the support to sleep when recovering from shoulder surgery. Sincerely, Bonnie Carol from Port Orchard

  75. We have matching recliners in our den and they are wonderful. I have some edema issues in my ankles, so sitting with my feet up is a necessity some days. Plus I work from home, so I can work from my laptop while keeping my ankles happy. Ours are the big cushy kind so when my Sweet Husband gets up early with Lucy, our newest four-legged family member, they can go back to sleep. Good luck with your shoulder!

  76. Wow…you really started a firestorm with this topic! I know there are so many recliner snobs out there because the thought of a big, ugly, oversized manly looking chair is just a turnoff. However, I feel like I am almost a recliner expert because I researched and looked at recliners for almost a year before just recently purchasing a pair.

    Like most women, I didn’t want some man-cave looking piece of furniture in our family room. I wanted a recliner that looked like it belonged in this century and with modern, clean lines. Believe me, recliners have come a long way and most offer electric power foot and head rests which are so much more easier to operate.

    There are a number of furniture companies that offer lines that I found to be more contemporary and modern in design which are Palliser, La-Z-Boy (Duo line), Ekornes Stressless (very modern), Flex-Steel and Southern Motion. I would suggest if you live in the South, taking a trip to High Point or Hickory, NC to go to some of the furniture showrooms there. Places like Furnitureland South (HUGE) offer showrooms from all different manufacturers. That way you don’t have to go from store to store to try different lines.

    I will tell you once you get a recliner or reclining furniture you will probably never go without one. Vintage furniture is beautiful and I especially love French bergere chairs but I really like them in more formal areas or as a accent piece but not to sit and watch TV or lounge in. Maybe its a age thing but as a baby-boomer I will tell you I wouldn’t take any amount of money for mine. BTW… I went with Palliser recliners with power foot/headrests, track arms with a very modern clean look. I picked a turquoise performance fabric which coordinates beautifully with my grey sofa. Hope your shoulder heals well and you are feeling better soon.

  77. In our mid seventies we had tossed the couch/sofa? We decided to try recliners-yuck! I was looking at Macys on line one day and took a shot at the furniture dept, spied a burgundy/brownish leather recliner with nailhead trim marked down from 1400 dollars to 350. Huh? Bought two immediately thinking they are a good looking chair for folks of our age and even if not comfortable as a recliner they’ll do as a club chair. Loved them but discovered that the foot rest for me was impossible to close. Macys sent a tech out and both he and my Husband could snap the chair shut. Kept them both and finally was able to operate the foot rest. I imagine the footrest was the reason for the enormous reduction in price-consider myself very lucky,closed they are a handsome club chair and open they are heaven on old joints.

  78. Marian, I love your home & read every word of your blog. We’ve had several recliners over the years too including one similar to the navy leather you showed. I love this chair. It looks regal! But my cat liked it too & there’s one spot in front (of course) that I’d love to repair, but don’t know how. Little tiny holes – unsightly! Do you have any ideas? Thanks, Pat

  79. My husband had a big brown corduroy Lazy Boy recliner! It was so comfortable and pretty ugly. I went into labor with our third child sitting in that recliner! Years of use left it worn out! I decided to drag it to the curb for garbage pickup. I kept peeking outside at it until I finally went outside and sat in the recliner for the last time! It had become part of our family! I just recently bought another ugly recliner at a well known store. It looked like it had puff balls all over it. Just after a few weeks it squeaked. I returned it for a refund and went back to Lazy Boy! I bought a comfortable, not bad looking, recliner with a lifetime guarantee! By the way I vote for your last recliner, the Pottery Barn one! Hope you heal fast and can get back to your life soon!

  80. When I moved out on my own after college and had little money for furniture, my mother gave me a recliner that she had won in a raffle at church. It was a hideous blue and brown plaid and not really very comfortable. It did blend with the brown Naugahyde love seat that a friend of hers gave me and beat sitting on the floor. I was so happy when I could get real furniture! Currently we don’t have a recliner in our home but I would certainly consider one one of the ones you featured, they really look nice.

  81. Aaah… calcific tendonitis… The worst pain I’ve ever experienced… The good news is that it DOES get better. The bad news is that it does take a while. Mine was a year ago. I didn’t have surgery, just a cortisone shot, which I don’t think helped all that much, but it was a good two months before it was completely healed. Unfortunately for me, as soon as that one healed, the other one went! That one wasn’t nearly as bad, but actually took longer to heal because the ‘capsule’ didn’t rupture as completely, and therefore ‘leaked’ slower – I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I’m glad to say that they are both normal now, so just rest easy and be patient, it will get better. You should, however, get a complete thyroid and parathyroid panel done, as my doctor told me it could be a sign of an endocrine problem. I didn’t have a recliner to use, just a lot of pillows, but nights were the absolute worst. Good luck, and again, be patient…

  82. I have many recliner stories but won’t share today. We currently have two red leather flexsteel power recliners. Very pretty chairs and very comfortable and not real big. The only thing I don’t like is the have to set about 18” from the wall. They were pricey but so worth it. Bishop is the style if anyone is interested.

  83. I had shoulder pain for six months. In that time we bought a Lazy Boy. I sat in many of their recliners before finding one that wasn’t too awful looking. I finally went to Airrosti. It’s deep tissue manipulation, taping, and excersise. I did get adjusted three times too but it made a world of difference. I’m so sorry you are going through this. It does sound like you might have some issues with the muscles in your hand and arm maybe? What I found was that when one area hurts, I tense up in other spots. I hope you feel better soon. It was terrible.

  84. Never in a million did I think I’d own one. I’ve always been form over function. That was until I got in my late 50’s, I’ll be 60 this spring. Done and doner with the looks great but uncomfortable things I’ve bought throughout the years. I now own a recliner. It’s in a room I don’t use much BUT your post today is going to make me bring it to another room and enjoy it. I think they’re wildly comfortable, TONS of great looking ones to choose from now and I’m 100% function over form from here on. Thankful for online selling platforms that I’ve been purging my gorgeous less comfortable furniture on! I def think you deserve a recliner for this healing process and from here on. They’ve been popular forever for a reason! I had a friend years ago, and I mean decades ago, that bought 2 big chunky ones (all there used to be) and had her upholsterer just cover them in great fabric. So people have been trying to make them fit in for a long time! Get well fast! My left shoulder is a meskateer, I dread what it may mean. I just stabilize it and pray a lot for now!

  85. Early in my marriage a friend advised me not to buy a recliner. She said if your husband gets a recliner, he will never get out of it!
    Of course, it wasn’t very long before hubby got his first recliner and in 37 years since, he has rarely sat in another chair or sofa. He’s had several recliners through the years and the whole family knows not to sit in Dad’s chair. The recliner was a lifesaver after he broke an arm and couldn’t get comfortable in the bed. We’ve had Lazy Boy and Flexsteel and both have been good brands.
    This is one thing I think you should sit it and try out before purchasing. Online shopping for a recliner is not a good idea since the chair should fit the individual size of the person who will use it.Let us know what recliner you choose!

  86. Interesting that you wrote this post because I just purchased 2 chairs to REPLACE the recliners in my family room. Not a fan of moving parts as they tend to break over time, and that is exactly what happened. Second time the footrest broke and caused a nail to move (not sure why/how) and make a 4″ tear in the leather where the back and arm meet every time it was reclined. Not to mention that watching TV while reclined caused my neck to be at an odd angle and have had pain for the last 5-1/2 years. Sitting up straight causes no pain! So, I guess I’m on the no-recliner in my house team!

  87. My dad wouldn’t give up his old recliner. The fabric was brown plaid Herculon. Do you remember that? The arms were wood. It preceded those big puffy things, so the only good thing I could say was that it wasn’t a completely monstrosity.

    Quite a few years after my mom died, he agreed that he needed to move into a senior apartment—taking the chair with him, of course. I began to talk to him about getting a new chair, one that would would look good in his new apartment. To my surprise, he agreed. “Hallelujah!” I wasted no time. “So, what do you like?” I asked him after we looked at everything. He looked at me incredibly, and said, ” I didn’t say I’d buy one. He probably laughed about having a fast one on me.

    Ultimately, when Dad needed more care, we made arrangements to move him to a facility that would provide what he needed. Unfortunately; that meant he wouldn’t be able to take his personal furnishings with him. After we left, I asked my brother what he did with the chair. He said, “the only good thing I can think of is that I got to leave that butt-hole chair on the loading dock.”

  88. I used to sell recliners and suggest if the people using it are large, men or rough, such as men and boys, go for quality. Always buy a recliner that fits the body of the primary person using it. There are big men models and there are petite little lady options. Unless you just have to have a chair immediately, opt for the best furniture you can afford, not the cheapest price. Look for plywood or solid wood construction never particle board for motion furniture.

    I like Lazy Boy’s removable back feature for moving and deep cleaning. A flip of a concealed bracket on each side at the back releases the whole top half of the recliner from the base so they can be separated.

  89. We bought two Lazy Boy leather recliners at a second hand shop Hunter green with tufting and nail head trim. They are very comfortable chairs. I slept in one after shoulder and back surgery and suddenly understood why people have them in their homes. I occasionally see our model in shelter magazines and in movies, so they are pretty stylish for recliners. We love them for their comfort.

  90. We have matching recliners in our den and they are wonderful. I have some edema issues in my ankles, so sitting with my feet up is a necessity some days. Plus I work from home, so I can work from my laptop while keeping my ankles happy. Ours are the big cushy kind so when my Sweet Husband gets up early with Lucy, our newest four-legged family member, they can go back to sleep. Good luck with your shoulder!

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