farmhouse table reveal & sealing chippy paint tutorial

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The farmhouse table is finished and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

If you remember, it was painted brown.  I could see some original green paint showing through and I was hoping to reveal that through some chippy Farmhouse White MMS Milk Paint and that is exactly what happened.

If you missed the other posts about this table transformation, you can check them out here…

  1. Prepping the table for paint
  2. Hemp Oiling the top & applying the second coat of milk paint
  3. Distressing & getting the “chippy look”

Now, the table was distressed and ready for a finish.  I chose Tough Coat, since that is our best finish for sealing in chippiness, so the paint doesn’t continue to flake.

Here is a tutorial showing how I sealed the table base…

This table was a great piece and I’m glad I was able to give it a fresh look while retaining the aged charm.

I was planning on replacing the drawer pull, but I sort of liked the homemade wire one and decided to keep it.  I did turn it over, though, because it always looked upside-down to me!  It’s nothing fancy, but it really is a pretty smart hack.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I have a few more furniture pieces to work on and I’ll share those transformations as well…

farmhouse table reveal & sealing chippy paint tutorial

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34 Comments on “farmhouse table reveal & sealing chippy paint tutorial”

  1. Hi Marian! I have a question: what’s the difference between using hemp oil vs tung oil? Does hemp oil change the color of the wood over time? Is it more durable? Thanks in advance of your response. Love your blog!

    1. Hi Jane! Hemp Oil soaks into the surface while Tung Oil dries hard overtop. Tung Oil is meant to be used outdoors and dries hard. It often needs to be thinned with mineral spirits and has more of a scent than Hemp Oil does. Does that help? I know I’m not Marian 😉

      1. Thank you for that explanation. My son built me a small bench to use as a coffee table. He put one coat of stain on it, per my request. I thought I might paint it, but decided not to. My husband d suggested Tung oil, but it sounds like Hemp oil is the way to go.

  2. Oh, wow! It turned out so charmingly, Marian – lovely work! You heard your readers’ call and answered with gusto: video furniture makeover tutorials; darling transformations; milk paint wonders. Thank you for your delightful posts!

  3. Love it! Feels like the old days when you were getting ready for Lucketts. I’ve been missing sweet furniture transformations. Hoping you do another landscape dresser some day. The table turned out so cute!

  4. Love, love, love it. If I ever come across a piece with similar chipping paint I’m definitely going to try using milk paint in this way. It worked perfectly to get rid of the ugly brown, but keep the pretty green. And I’m with Ellie (above), I love that you kept that wire drawer pull.

  5. Love the makeover! Glad you kept the drawer pull and turned it around – much better!

    And yes, I always wonder why some people feel a need to be so obnoxious!

  6. I just finished a chippy bookcase with MMS Milk Paint. I am glad I stumbled across this tutorial! Do I need to wax it at all? Before or after the tough coat? Thank you!

  7. Love love the table. And love the rolling stool you are using!!!!! Is it a flea market: antique fine???? I really need one!!!
    Thanks for everything you share. I love it all

  8. I love this old table and the old hardware you kept, so simple but really neat. Thanks Marian.

  9. i really love the green showing through on the table…. and am so glad that you didn’t put a new handle on it…. the wire one is precious!…..

  10. Marian,
    Can you use Toughcoat or Hemp oil over antiquing wax or will the antiquing wax resist the oil or Toughcoat?

  11. I like the table! I’m looking to try to get rid of some heat marks on my kitchen table (sanding) and wondered if this finish was good with heat and water. I’m not planning to soak it with water or anything, but it’s the kitchen table so glasses and splashes happen.

  12. Marian, just love what you have done with that table! It’s so nice — and that handle is absolutely amazing! I have never seen one like it! Blessings!

  13. I see you did not remove the offensive comments about Jews. I have unsubscribed and I’ll never buy one of your products. Shame on you for allowing something so hate filled to stand. Mustard Seed indeed; as a Christian you should be concerned about social justice and preserving the dignity of all. I’m disappointed in you.

    1. Donna, I deleted that comment the moment I saw it and I blocked the IP address of the person who posted it. I’ve received a few of those horrible and offensive comments before and it’s SPAM that snuck through my filters. I apologize that you had to see that here on my blog, but that comment did not reflect my views in any way, shape, or form. I was just as offended as you were and couldn’t get it deleted fast enough!

    1. There was a very offensive SPAM comment that was posted here and I wasn’t aware of it immediately. I deleted it as soon as I saw it was there.

  14. Hi Marian,

    Over two years ago, I painted a piece with MMSMP and finished with hemp oil. The result was very chippy, but the paint has continued to flake. I thought I’d just have to live with it until I learned about your tough coat! Is it an option to apply tough coat now even though it was originally finished with hemp oil? If so, do I need to sand first? I’m concerned that if I sand more paint will chip away. Can you offer some advice?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, the hemp oil is cured, so you should be able to apply the Tough Coat right over it without a problem. That will do a much better job sealing it

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