distressing the farmhouse table | all about the “chippy look”

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I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Jeff was on a backpacking trip, so I busied myself with the boys and doing some work around the house.  The combination of warmer weather and creative inspiration from Junk Bonanza has me excited and motivated to cross things off the to-do list and start to add some more layers to rooms that have the “bones” in place.

I’ll share more about what I’ve been working on in future posts, but today, I wanted to share the next step in the Farmhouse White table makeover.

After the second coat of MMS Milk Paint in Farmhouse White (you can read about that HERE), I let it dry and waited to see if it would chip as I thought it would.  It did!

And the chipping was perfect, because it was pulling up the not-s0-pretty brown paint to reveal that yummy green, which looks to be the original paint color.  (Or at least the first if not original.)

I made a video showing the process of distressing the chipping paint and to also share some information about chipping in general – what pieces will wear the chippy look well, how to get the chippy look, and how to avoid it.

I got a little chatty in this video, but there was a lot of information to cover!  And, as I said in the video, when done right, this look is so authentic.  I mean, would you believe this was a fresh coat of paint?!

Those who “get it”, get it.  Those who don’t will think it still looks like it needs to be painted!

Also, I was asked about the stool I use for painting.  I found a wheely stool at an antique store a few years ago and my mom convinced me to buy it.  It quickly became “the most popular seat in the house” in the studio and I bought two more when I came across them.  The one I’m using in the video was the favorite of the bunch, since it rolls well and has a wider base.

If you ever come across one of these, pick it up!  It’s very useful when working on any home project that’s low to the ground.

In the next installment about this table, I’ll share the finishing and final reveal…

distressing the farmhouse table | all about the “chippy look”

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9 Comments on “distressing the farmhouse table | all about the “chippy look””

  1. Thanks for info on the wheelie stool, I’ll be on the look out. The green showing through on the table is awesome! And I’m so excited what else you’re coming up with around the house. Have a great week!

  2. There are currently 2 of these wheely stools in my neighborhood antique store, and I was considering them 2 days ago, I think I’ll go back and give them the test!

  3. I bought a similar stool on wheels from Home Depot (this is a standard stock item). It’s made by Husky tools and can be found in the Husky tool section of Home Depot. It’s in a box and is usually stocked on the bottom shelf. I like it because the bottom area between the wheels has a tray.

  4. Remember your list of 3? That got me thinking and inspired me. I wouldn’t say that I am a hoarder but a collector and over 32 years in an expanded cape it was time to pay the piper. I started off doing just 3 things a day and it has expanded. Fortunately between a very needy and worth while thrift shop, the save the world yellow bins, white bins for books and our very frequented swap shop at our recycling center they are all fat and happy.
    A year ago my husband read me an article in the Wall Street Journal about Marie Kondo the tidy up queen. I blew him off……….. So what have I done is look up on line how to make things neat and proper. Yes I just got her book but haven’t opened it. Probably won’t with uTube in my face!

    Again thank you Marian for your list of three. I hope it has inspired other people to do the same.
    PS: Your table is wonderful and you can never go wrong with green and a little crackle.

  5. Marian, First, I love your hair…beautiful!!! Second, thank you for more videos!!! I know it takes a lot of time and effort. In your video, you answered all of my questions about how you were pretty sure the brown would come off to reveal the green; deciding which pieces look most authentic with chipping and which do not, etc. Great information. Thorough. Excellence! Thank you so much!

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