farmhouse-style dog bed cover

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Earlier this week, I took some time to design and make a dog bed cover for a freelance project.  I’ve been doing a lot of desk work lately and not a lot of making, so it was nice to get on the floor, cut & stitch, and see flat fabric take some shape.

I used an old tablecloth and some mattress ticking, both from my stash, to make the cover that fit over a standard size inexpensive dog bed.  I come up with some of my favorite projects when I’m just winging it as I go and that was definitely the case with this one!


This one was simple, but I think it looks a bit fancier because of the two different fabrics and the addition of the ties.  It really is just an oversize pillowcase, though!


Sebastian plopped on it right away, but he kept facing the wrong direction, walking over to nuzzle me, sauntering over to Kriste to check out what she was up to, playing with his bone.


We finally gave up and worked on other things.

I looked over a few minutes later and lo and behold…


The man makes up his own mind.

The tutorial for the dog bed cover will be available on at some point.  I’m not sure when, but I’ll share the link when it’s live.


Today, I worked on a couple of other freelance tutorials and a fun winter tablescape I’ll be sharing on the blog next week…


farmhouse-style dog bed cover

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