recent finds – quilts, ironstone & more…

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When I was out shopping on Saturday, the main purpose was getting out of the house and away from the studio, but I was also hoping to find things to list in the online shop.

I usually find a quilt every now and then.  Maybe a few each year.  This shopping trip, though, I found three quilts!  It was just my day when it came to finding pretty quilts at decent prices.

I have always loved “penny” quilts and I found a lovely red-work one along with this sweet, colorful patchwork quilt.



Both are in nice, useable condition.  The third one is in the washing machine as I type this.  It was a little dirty, so I wanted to wash it before selling it.  It’s a very pale, almost imperceptible, blue on cream pattern and it’s a gorgeous piece.

Of course, I picked up some ironstone as well.  This pitcher is a stunner…


I actually had it in my keep pile, but I had a little talk with myself that involved me pointing out to myself that I already have enough ironstone.  If there is such a thing.


A few readers have asked me about the large blue & white bowl I keep mixed nuts in and I found one that is very similar!  It’s the same unusual size, but the pattern is simpler and in a teal color.


I’m also selling off some of my copper pots and pans.  These are ones I had mainly as decor for my pot rack, but I bought three French copper pots on clearance when I was at HomeGoods, so I decided to thin out the collection.


I also bought a beautiful petticoat that I may or may not have bought to actually wear.


You can see all of the “coming soon” items listed in the online shop HERE.   All of those products will go live Thursday, November 3, 2016, at 8:00 pm EST.

recent finds – quilts, ironstone & more…

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22 Comments on “recent finds – quilts, ironstone & more…”

  1. Is that a Lily of the Valley pattern on the Ironstone pitcher? It really is gorgeous. Sorry no matter how much Ironstone I already had that piece would be a keeper.

  2. The patina on that amazing unpainted art cabinet is a stunning and beautifully natural backdrop for your gorgeous white ironstone and quilts…I’m just sayin’…

  3. Hi – this is killing me! You seem to find ironstone all the time. Out here in CA, it’s a rare find… 🙁

  4. Oh oh oh I love that pitcher with the fuschia. I have several pieces of ironstone with fuschia, and I really need this. I must go set a timer so I don’t forget to look because of the time difference!

  5. I have been trying to purchase a quilt from you but seem not to be fast enough…lol. I love all the beautiful items you find for your shop and for yourself. You have such a great eye and the prices seem so much better than what I find here around Nashville. I will check tonight to see if my luck has changed!!

  6. Marian,

    Contact Jim at East Coast Tinning about your copper pots and pans. He pays a nice price if it’s something he’s interested in!
    East Coast Tinning
    Duparquet Copper Cookware

    1. I might add that he does re-tinning on old copper pots and does a beautiful job, will also put your initials in a beloved pan…..for those that may be interested in buying Marian’s pans and having them redone. Hope that helps someone!

  7. Marion, you are a stronger woman than I. I would not give anyone else the chance to own that beautiful Ironstone pitcher..haha! Well, that’s why you are a business woman.

  8. Marian,

    I’m interested in the “very pale, almost imperceptible, blue on cream pattern” quilt that was in your washing machine! I’ve been looking for an antique quilt with those two colors for a very long time!
    It’s not posted in your online Shop with the other quilts.
    Are you still selling it?
    Please post pictures.



  9. Hi! I’ve only been following your blog for a couple of months, and only recently did I check out your online store, when I saw your copper pans. I have a question as to your labeling of items for sale. In the listing, you said “vintage” copper pan, yet in your blog you mentioned you bought them at HomeGoods. I’m curious as to how you determine/define certain terms: vintage, antique, etc…

    1. Me again! Maybe I misunderstood your wording. I just went back and read it again. So, you bought new pans at HomeGoods, and sold the “vintage” pans? That makes more sense. But I’m still curious as to terms you use in the descriptions. Thank you! (And sorry!)

      1. Yes! I bought some new pans and I’m keeping those and selling the vintage ones I am replacing them with. The news ones are a bit heavier and sized better for me.

  10. I wish i could pay for international shipping you have a great eye for bargains and I bet your great fun to go shopping with!

  11. I am so sad I missed the multi colored quilt!! I’m reading this post now and it already sold! I’m looking for 2 quilts just like that that coordinate for my daughters’ shared room.

  12. Marian, I also love to look at old quilts while thrifting or antiquing. I know what a patchwork or crazy quilt is, but what is a penny quilt?

    1. The patches of white fabric with a design printed on them could be purchased for a penny, so the were called “penny squares”. Often times, they were given to children to learn to embroider and then they were pieced together in a quilt – a “penny quilt”. Pretty cool, right? 🙂

    1. If I’m buying retail, I look for quilts around the $100-150 range. Usually these quilts are in useable condition with some wear, fraying, maybe some light stains, etc, but are still nice overall. If I’m buying to resell, I look in the $40-80 range, so those are the rare bargains! 🙂

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