White & Wood Winter Table | $100 HomeGoods Giveaway

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The Farmhouse Holiday Decor Series is back and today I’m sharing a winter tablescape.  I’m not quite ready to break out the Christmas decorations, especially since I use a lot of fresh greenery, but I like the idea of a festive winter table to fill in that decorating gap.

Farmhouse Holiday Decor Series

This week’s “theme”, a holiday/Christmas tablescape, was sponsored by HomeGoods, so I drove out to the nearest one with my mom last week to stroll the aisles and pick up some goodies.  Now, when I go to HomeGoods, I need to carve out at least a couple of hours.  There is no “popping into HomeGoods real quick.”  That just isn’t possible for me.  It may be because I don’t live very close to one, but, more likely, it’s because it’s a place I need to really comb through to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I had a few things unrelated to this post that I was hoping to find, like the rug I shared yesterday, but I also needed to find things to incorporate in a holiday tablescape.


My other blue-and-white loving friends will relate to the fact that it’s hard to find decor that isn’t red and green.  I don’t oppose red at all.  I actually love it, but for my home, I love blue and white.  Even at Christmas.  And if you add red into the mix, it looks like the 4th of July.

I didn’t want red, which immediately nixed well over half of the Christmas decor.  I also like decor that is flexible.  Yes, it could be used for a holiday table, but it could also be used in other ways or other times of the year.

I walked through the aisles, waiting for inspiration to strike.  Right away, I gravitated towards some round wooden cheese boards covered with handblown glass cloches.  I grabbed two that matched.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, yet, but I’ve learned to claim things I like and then edit once I see everything together after the first pass through the store.


I also found a petite hobnail milk glass cake stand.  I like using cake stands to add height to a table and the vintage styling of this one caught my eye, so it went in the cart as well.


I found a lovely set of French steak knives with cream handles.  I don’t have any steak knives and having steak with our Christmas brunch is a tradition of ours, so they seemed perfect.


And then I spotted these “wood slice” coasters…


…and I had a clear direction for my table – white & wood.


It was at that point that I recalled seeing a bunt pan, with the forms of six little houses, in the baking aisle.  Wouldn’t that be a fun little addition?  Every guest can have their own little cake house!  And that could be the place card holder, too. 


I actually dropped the first six houses on the floor in a spectacular display of my clumsiness.  Sebastian was the only one who was around to appreciate it and help me clean up.

The houses were about 90% successful, but powdered sugar for these houses is like caulk to wainscoting.  It can hide a multitude of mistakes!


I made little tags out of brown paper and wooden coffee stirrers.  HomeGoods had ironstone-ish white plates and pretty white napkins, but I already have enough to host an army, so it seemed silly to buy more.  You could certainly replicate this look, though!

On top of the milk glass pedestal, I put three ironstone cups and filled them with small taper candles.   One of my favorite “tricks” is to group smaller things together for a greater impact.


On a whim, I filled the cups with raw quinoa from the pantry to keep the candles stable.  The color and texture worked perfectly with everything else happening on the table.



In the holiday section, I found this beautiful garland made of dried leaves, small pinecones, and bundles of sticks.  I wish I could’ve found one more, but I snagged the one I did find.  I thought it would be perfect to weave around the pedestal and cheese cloches to add texture.  It did have some faux red berries on it as well, but I plucked them off!


I filled it out with some of my own pinecones and some shelled nuts.

In that same aisle, I found a garland made of whitewashed wooden snowflakes.  I cut the garland apart, restrung the snowflakes, and hung them from the chandelier.


I love how hanging something from a chandelier draws the eye up.


I’ll share the other things I found at HomeGoods in another post, but those were the things I found on that shopping trip for the table.  As I was working out the table in my head, I knew I would want a few more things, so I went to my local TJMaxx.  There, I found the faux white mini-trees…


They really do look like snowy branches and even the burlap-wrapped bases fit in with my loose theme.

I also picked up the little birdhouse ornaments…



…and the porcupines…


They were both perfect to tuck around the centerpiece and will be equally perfect as ornaments when we put up our tree.  I fleshed everything out with a few fresh trimmed branches from a tree in our yard (that gets mauled every time I need fresh evergreens), and some warm LED string lights.  (I hid the battery packs under the cheese boards.)

I also picked up some “sweater” pillows with faux fur poms at the corners.  They just made me smile.  Again, they look festive and wintry, but don’t scream, “I’m a Christmas pillow!”  They also have feather inserts, which always win me over, and they were on clearance at my TJMaxx.


So, there it is!  My white & wood wintry table…


When my son’s came home from school, Calvin declared, “Oh, isn’t this cute!”  I don’t expect much of a reaction from my boys when it comes to decorating, so it’s always nice when I overhear a little word of appreciation.  And they immediately found and claimed the cakes with their names on the flags.

And, because you may be feeling inspired to hit your local HomeGoods or TJMaxx, I am offering a $100 gift card to one lucky reader!

If you’d like to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment telling me what you would hope to find and spend that $100 on.

Valid entries will be accepted through Friday, November 11, 2016, at midnight PST.  Readers must be 18 years or older in order be eligible to win.

Good luck!


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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by HomeGoods.  All words and opinions are my own.

White & Wood Winter Table | $100 HomeGoods Giveaway

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943 Comments on “White & Wood Winter Table | $100 HomeGoods Giveaway”

  1. I love what you did! But I always do! I like the woodscape scene and it’s very tempting!
    If I won the gift card, I would probably refresh my holiday decorations, as they’re quite old and dated.
    I am leaning more towards white…

  2. I just love those sweater pillows and with feather inserts, its a bonus…..I also need a winter throw for those cold nights…Just love your blog and Homegoods….

  3. I would love to find some organic home decor also. Thanks to you and Homegoods for hosting this giveaway. –

  4. I would find treasure, as I do every time I enter Homegoods. That money would be gone in a flash!

  5. i always linger over photos of your chandelier. this time it grabbed my heart and shook it like a snow globe!

    your table is so lovely!

  6. I would like to find an etagere that could be used in a tablescape and when it wasn’t needed for that I could use on my bedside to keep my earrings, reading glasses safe and tidy as I tend to leave them about the house and have to hunt for them daily so would aid me in being more tidy. I like things to have more than one purpose, I could “borrow it for a tablescape” then instead of storing it between uses it would look good and be functional on my bedside for the rest of the time. Recently I saw a stack of plate stands one on top of the other with artificial fruit Whih had small beads all over. They were subtley beautiful displayed like this and made me think of the etagere. I have made a pact with myself to have less stuff ( I’m sure you did a post about this ) and that is why I like things to be multifunctional. Good luck everyone x

  7. I just cannot get over the pinecone hedgehog. So adorable! My husband and I are almost finished renovating our living room so I’m in need of new artwork and throw pillows and storage and so many other things! Obviously this giveaway would help with that. 😉

  8. I love your table and the way it makes nature through primary focus. if I went to Home Goods, I would step out of my red and green decorrect after 59 years of it and do the white, green, and brown vibe. Love all your ideas.

  9. I love this natural look, and that you could use it way beyond Christmas time! I loved your rug from the family room that is something I could definitely use!

  10. Gasp! Home Goods is my love language 😉 I could browse for hours too, but alas I have wee ones and they limit my time. If I won I’d look for baby friendly ornaments, along with new bedding, maybe some of those sweet pillows, I could go on because you never know what you’re going to find! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  11. That is lovely. I’m leaning towards a woodland theme this year for my table. I’d use this gift card on some mini trees, maybe a wooden cake pedestal and those little hedgehogs are so cute! Always enjoy what you come up with Marian.,

  12. I would look for some things I could give as gifts. I like their housewares and Christmas decorations. Also, I love the flowers.

  13. I had already started gathering things for a woodland theme Christmas this year and most of what you found would fit in perfectly. I love the snowflake garland. I always hang something over my table. Home Goods and T.J. Max are two of my favorite places to shop. You can always find great buys there.

  14. I need a comforter or quilt for my bed. I’m just using sheets and blankets currently. That’s what I would spend the hundred on. Thank you.

  15. We’re hosting our Christmas dinner this year and am doing a rustic winter wonderland theme and those wood coasters, snowflake garland and steak knives would work perfectly!

  16. I would love to update my Christmas decor as I have two little ones so thinking of soft, fluffy decor to replace my mercury glass 🙂

  17. Those little houses….that hedgehog..I was resisting the urge to stop at HomeGoods as I spend way too much time there…I need some of those though…thanks so much for the inspiration once again!
    Marion has talent!

  18. I would definitely look for some winter/Christmas decor to create a tablescape similar to yours. Beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. I love that your tablescape is wintry vs. Christmasy! Thank you for the inspiration and the chance to win-I would definitely look for some items for my winter table and maybe some sweater pillows.

  20. I’m not picky especially at Home Goods. Could have lots of fun with $100. By the way, I love your blog.

  21. I hear HomeGoods will be coming to my town, but I’m not sure when. Either way, I would be on the look out for a nice plate set – we still have hand-me-downs from my parents, and they’re chipped (not to mention the several I’ve broken…).

  22. I’m dealing with a BROWN living room with a BROWN ceiling (previous administration, painting will happen, just not quite yet) so I try to inject as much light and white into Christmas as possible. I’d love more mercury glass, the amazing little LED lights, and thanks to your sweater pillows, those too.

  23. Thank you for the chance! I would try and update my Christmas decorations as they are really dated and and need a refresh. Love your table decor – beautiful!

  24. Those snowflakes dangling from the chandelier charm me. We have a new *tall* tree that will need lots of large pieces to avoid looking forlorn.

    Thanks for sharing your home and encouraging readers (me) to strive for beauty.

  25. I have never been to a Home Goods store before. So I would have no idea what it is like. But the items you found are wonderful. Since I love to bake I would say the pan for the houses would be tops on my list!

  26. Thank you Marian for all of the wonderful things you show us. We are retired and live close to the beach, so, your blue and white makes my heart sing. Home Goods is a real treat to visit. I would love to have some lovely pillows for my living room, so, I hope I win. Thank you, again. Peggy

  27. I love your use of natural elements like the pinecones mixed with white and wood! So lovely. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway, Homegoods is my favorite store!

  28. What a beautiful table! Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas! I would love to find some of those whitewashed snowflakes as well as a couple of sweater pillows. 🙂 I’m also looking for a rug. (Your post about finding a rug at Home goods reminded me to check for one there too. :-)) Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  29. Your table is lovely and so fun, too! There would be no problem finding beautiful holiday gifts at Homegoods. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  30. Love your tablescape and especially your creativity to pull it all together. I’m having guests this holiday season and would love to use the Home Goods gift to upgrade my table decorations. You’re so inspirational!

  31. So adorable! I love those pillows you were able to find. I tend to hit up Home Goods without a game plan and usually end up with a wide variety of goodies!

  32. I LOVE the Winter White & wood & would definitely be looking for that garland & cloches! BTW, the rug is perfect & inspires me to look for one at Home Goods! I always love all that you do!!

  33. LOVE your winter table!!!…especially love the pinecone garland!..that’s what I’d look for @ Homegoods!!..

  34. We just moved into our house and we have very little “stuff.” So we have plenty of room for a Christmas tree! That’s what I’d hope to buy.

  35. Thanks for the inspiration! I hope I can find some goodies like you did. I could really use some Christmas pillows this year!

  36. This year I want to bring a bit more sparkle to my holiday table by way of mercury glass and greens using garlands…steering way from red too…
    Great table once again Marian…… Happy holidays all….

  37. I’d love to find something to decorate my mantle/fireplace for Christmas!


  38. I would love to find a rug to go under my dining room table. It has to be neutral, 7ish by 9ish and virtually indestructible with two boys and a cat! I love the natural look and texture of jute or sisal but need durability.

    Would you mind sharing info on your dining room rug? Thanks for all you do:)

  39. I would likely be in search for a rug for my sunroom. Of course at Homegoods it is easy to get sidetracked. They have so many cute items.

  40. I would love to find a garland and deconstruct it like you did with the one you used for your chandelier. Looks fabulous and festive and not too holiday-specific so I could leave it up for the whole season of winter and Christmas. Great idea!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  41. I really need to find the right table for my foyer! I just moved to a new hours and we now have a foyer, and that table would be the finishing touch!

  42. Honestly, I have never been to a Home Goods, but I have been told by friends and observed from blogs that I would have no problem spending my money there when I am out of state. ? I would hope to find lots of things that speak to me that would be “unique” Alaskan speaking and would fit in my suitcase, or I guess I could always ship something home.

    It’s a super cute table you set, and as a fellow blue and white lover — your rug is perfectly perfect!!

  43. I would love to be able to find a rug for my living room to keep our older pups from slipping and sliding all over the tile.

  44. Just lovely! I’m hoping to find table linens. I’m going out this weekend to find a pan for those little cakes!

  45. Delightful! I’m especially in love with the hobnail cake plate and the snowflakes. I would grab them with or without gift card. xo

  46. I love the wooden snowflakes! Also, I thought the quinoa was bird seed at first. That would be cute too!

  47. Your table is fabulous! You have such an artist’s eye. I’d love to find all the things you found!!!

  48. I love HomeGoods! I bought my bedroom rug there and am hoping to find another one for the living room. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway.

  49. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for rugs, lamps, and seasonal décor. HomeGoods has a fabulous selection of ALL of these!!!!

  50. Oh, there are so many things I’d love to find there, but most of all would be a coffee table, some art and some winter decor for my living room. Maybe some pillows for my couch. I’d also like to find some christmas tree ornaments. Basically, I’m hoping to update my living room this winter. I love your table Marian, and especially those wooden snowflakes! Thanks for sharing!

  51. I would love to find some lamps that would go with my new furniture. Thank you for the give away. Love, love your blog…. so many inspirations!!!

  52. Love how you take items and make them your own–like the snowflake garland and the use of the quinoa to stabilize the bunch of candles. Very clever! I would look for natural or white items to decorate with from Home Goods.

  53. You sure know how to make any space look so homey and inviting, Marian. And I love how the simplest of items you found at HomeGoods transformed your space…. I sure hope I find some white wooden garland too….but if not, you have given me the inspiration to think outside the box, so thank you for that.

  54. I really love the cake pedestals. I am like you in that I have to go slowly through the store, then go back again! Our closest one is pretty far away so I don’t go as much as I like.

  55. Beautiful as always. I love your unique use of the candle bundles in the ironstone. I recently moved an antique armoire up to my dining room and gathered all my ironstone and entertaining pieces into one cabinet. The entertainment center, some call it. I’m hoping to update my holiday decor with more neutral pieces and maybe find some frosted looking greenery. I too do wood and white and last weekend we cut away some old wood pieces from my dad’s old barn. I’ll use it as a simple table runner for the holidays. Hoping to find some low profile items to place on top as my husband likes guests to not have to peek around tall items.

  56. I’m just swooning over those whitewashed snowflakes – so glad my HomeGoods is not far away! I’d love to add some winter knit pillows – those are gorgeous – or perhaps a new rolling chair for my sewing room.

  57. I’d spend it on table decor and for a Christmas dinner party I’m throwing. There will be 16 guests, so it will take a lot to fill the tables 🙂

  58. I would love to find the garlands that you used. Your tablescape is beautiful – my favorite!

  59. Hi Marian,
    I absolutely love your Christmas decor! It’s so beautiful. I love the more natural look for Christmas. I would love to find some Christmas decorations with the $100. I think I would love to find some of the cloches, and I love the snowflakes you hung from the chandelier. I also love the little bird houses! They are adorable. I can’t wait to have my own house one day to decorate it for Christmas.

  60. I love the snowflake ornaments. I have been looking for just the right container to plant some succulents in.

  61. I love everything about your table! The pompom pillows are adorable! They remind me of little girls in pigtails!

  62. I’d love to find some new ornaments – that little hedgehog on your table is adorable and he’d be so cute tucked onto a branch! I’d also love that cheeseboard and cloche – it would make a great year round centerpiece for every holiday!

  63. I love that snowflake garland you took apart, it has the perfect rustic feel! I would definitely look for that!

  64. I am trying to move to more simple, Scandinavian/woodsy Christmas decorations (I love red!). My husband is a pastor and we’ve just moved into an older parsonage that lends itself to simple. With every move, I find I need to change things a bit to reflect the particular character of the house we’ve moved into so it would be very helpful to have some money to spend. I also really, really need a rug for this little living room instead of the maybe one that was here. Thank you!

    I love your style!

  65. I’m always on the lookout for rugs, but usually come up empty handed. I would most likely buy Christmas decor. Love the snowflakes on your chandelier!

  66. I really need to find some holiday decor for our new house…that rustic garland sounds perfect!

  67. What a lovely table you have set, Marian! I usually find stores like this overwhelming so it was helpful to hear how you went through the process slowly and step by step. I would love to find some of those cute sweater pillows for myself. And a new rug for my entry way would be nice. ?

  68. I love your table. I think I would hope to find things similar to what you picked. You always do a beautiful job.

  69. you are right, cannot just have a quick trip at home goods! will love to find some rugs for my master bathroom. thank you for the cool giveaway!

  70. You are so creative and the table looks great! I would love to find a rug that fits into my house as well as yours does into your home. Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  71. I’m loving the hobnail pedestal and the comfy pillows.
    I look forward to your daily blog. It’s so inspiring and cozy.

  72. I would get started on my Christmas shopping; my sister wants a set of nice towels and I bet I could find them!

  73. I swear, if I won, I’d have to look for some similar perfect touches to brighten the eyes of my own two little girls for Christmas!

  74. what would I get? well I have a long running list, but since you asked i would get a nice dinnerware set. Large enough, or even buy two, so that all the plates match when we have guests. No more pink, oranges, green, and blue colors re-enacting the weird disney movies with the garish foods they make and dont seem to know that neon is not in fact found in nature and just should not be consumed hahha im sure my guests don’t think that at all, but when they come over its always in my head

  75. I would love to find that snowflake garland. I have a chandelier just like yours, and what you did with the snowflakes looks so sweet! I’m also on the hunt for some sweater pillows to brighten up our dark couch. I love the look you created and I can’t wait to see all of your Christmas decor this year!

  76. I would love to find some Christmas salad plates and tableware to “fancy up” my dining table for the holidays! Love your dining room!

  77. I would hope to find new decorations for my kitchen and dining room for the holidays and I know I will. I need things like bowls and gravy dishes and some general things like napkins and new table clothe!

  78. I love everything, but those snowy trees! Those are gorgeous without being over the top. I’d put them in my shopping cart along with those pillows. Then, I’d sneak in your new carpet!! ( just kidding)

  79. I”d love some mine trees with burlap around the pots like you found! I need those and some rustic glam ornaments for the tree. LOVE your tablescape Marian!

  80. I am loving your restrung whitewashed snowflakes hanging from your chandelier – I currently have some ornate mercury glass ornaments, which I just couldn’t bring myself to put away after LAST Christmas! SO, I should probably replace them with something else, & those snowflakes are perfect!! I would also “need” to add a few of those adorable pine cone hedgehogs to my menagerie of twig & pinecone animal ornaments to create a nice woodland scene! I, too am a blue-and-white-er, but do add lots of green at Christmas (and not so much red), so your look is something that would “fit” me to a “T”! Thanks for the inspiration!

  81. I’m looking for some small Christmas trees and glass or mercury glass candleholders. I love the cake stand!

  82. What a delightful display of loveliness!

    I am on the hunt for green velvet pillows. Something inviting to curl up with in front of the fireplace.

  83. Beautiful! I loved the look, minus the obvious Christmas red. I would buy the garland, mini lights, wood slice coasters & sweater pillows.

  84. How lovely the table looks. The pedestal cake stand would be on my hit list for sure. Love the snowflakes on the chandelier. I am with you. While I love the traditional Christmas colors my
    preference is white and gray. And definitely items that can be used for decorating other than
    just atChristmas.

  85. I would be looking for some new table linens, candlesticks and something gorgeous to hold a flower arrangement. I love how you decorated your table. Homegoods is not close to me either but always worth the drive!

  86. Love to pick up a round wooden cheese boards covered with glass for my table as well, along with some similar Christmas décor….I have never decorated my table for the holidays but looking at your pictures you have inspired me. The hunt for such items would be so much fun!

  87. I’m hoping to find the rug that you showed yesterday.
    I too do not like red in my Christmas decorations, but I’ve found that I love burgundy and it goes with both my red and blue transferware

  88. I love that you didn’t go traditional red and green. I just get so tired of those colors. Your table looks so fresh and inviting. I would love to have those cheese board glass cloches!

  89. Oh my stars! Faux fur throw, lamp, dishes, bruger backhoe toys for grandkids!! How many things can I list?!!

  90. I would love some glittered deer and some sparkly glittered jingle bells to put under a glass cloche. Love your table!

  91. I’m going big and searching for an accent chair for my living room, but I love the cute decorations you found, so I might need to do little digging too…

  92. I think I’ll be looking for a rug like yours… or something with the soft muted colors that works well for this blue & white girl.

    Thanks for the chance, O.

  93. I would love to find some wintery pillows to cozy up my sofa! That would add a nice touch! I like those trees you found. They are so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway.

  94. Your tables cape is so fresh and organic and beautifully planned. If I could go to HomeGoods I would be looking for the little bark birdhouses, and the possum. But I love that store, and would be persuaded to take it all in!

  95. I am always surprised that someone in a totally different age group (I am old) likes the same things I do….it is all just perfect. all of it!

  96. For me , I want the hobnail cake pedestal and wouldn’t mind the garland you found. I’m also in need of some more white dishes, and the wood coasters, I have a couple but really need to fill in.

  97. My 32-yo daughter bought a new house in June so I’d like to buy her some Christmas decorations to glam up her new place. She never even bought a Christmas tree for her apartment but the pride of homeownership has made her focus on the holidays and how she’d like to dress up her home. She really deserves some nice new things.

  98. Beautiful post Marian! Get’s me in the Christmas spirit for sure!! From Homegoods…so many, many things!!! We are about to start building a house and I’d stock up on white/marble/barnwood/industrial type home decor!!!

  99. I want some “realistic” looking faux greenery. Possibly some topiary style trees or small wreaths. I also want some mercury glass. I love it with white candles.

  100. Love what you did here. So natural and inviting! I would look for some etched Mercury glass, a patchwork throw, and I love the pinecone animal.

  101. I am looking for some “holiday” pillows that will last throughout the winter, so I love the sweater pillows that you chose! I also have very large open windows in my kitchen that need some attention and dressing!

  102. Love the pompom pillow and the wooden snowflakes deconstructed from a garland! Time for a Home Goods/TJ Maxx road trip! Just beautiful and tasteful, as always.

  103. Just found some wonderful fall (wonderfall?) items at Home Goods. Would like an excuse to go back for winter goodies — maybe the white LeCreuset pans I saw!

  104. Beautiful tablescape. I am looking for off white accents to lighten up my family room. I have two sofas in the room and I have off white slipcovers (Pottery Barn-ish) that I use in the spring and summer. The upholstery is cranberry velvet on one and burnt orange chenille with flowers that include the cranberry on the other. I love my slipcovers but am usually happy when I make the switch. Not this year! Maybe an off-white area rug?

  105. I would go into HomeGoods and find the perfect mirror to help furnish our new home… (#21stcenturybutterfly) Or…maybe a rug…mmmm….maybe a new lamp? No….wait!!! I need some new Christmas stuff! Geez! There are so many amazing things at homegoods!

  106. Such a lovely table…love it’s natural esthetic! I would like to create a similar look for my Christmas table with that gift 🙂

  107. Love the wintery effect! I too like to use objects that can transition from the holidays to winter and like to use a lot of white and silver in my decorating. I am hoping to find a couple of faux fir pillows for my living room couch, fun dessert plates and sliver candlesticks for my dining table. Can’t wait to start decorating for the holidays/winter!

  108. I love reading your blog!
    I’d buy a duvet cover and some sweater pillows !
    Thank you, Stephanie

  109. I would love the sweater pillow you found! I also am looking for a black and gold pillow for our redecorated guest bedroom. Silver candlesticks in varying heights would be on my list too.

  110. LOVE the bunt pan idea for place card holders!! I love the idea you brought to life! Every year we do something special/homemade, and this could be it! Although he won’t admit to it, my 16 year old son loves to bake with me and this could be a fun team project. Say yes to the bunt! or several – to give as gifts 🙂

  111. I would love to pick up some holiday pillows, throws, candles and rugs to make my little 105 year old bungalow especially cozy and inviting for my 3 little grandsons. HomeGoods always has so many wonderful options to choose from. I love what you have done in your home!

  112. I would love to find some “woodland” Christmas-y decor! Lots of wood and natural looking decorations, like pinecone garland and wooden coasters, with bits of white mixed in with the dishes, candles and napkins.

  113. I just adore all your precious finds from Home Goods! I would love to win this drawing so that I can get started on my decorations for Christmas too!!! Thanks in advance..

  114. You had me at those adorable Bundt houses! Fortunately If I drop any when I bake mine I have a Sheltie helper in my kitchen whenever I cook so they won’t hit the floor!
    Thanks for all the lovely ideas!

  115. I usually do a white and silver theme to keep it going through the winter but I love how the wood elements really warms it up. I would definitely look for some of the cheese boards and coasters for my winter tablespe!

  116. Beautiful table setting the trimmings are wonderful would love to go to home goods and find some special items!

  117. I would love to get the wooden snowflake ornaments and those little cake house pans!
    Beautiful winter tablescape.

  118. This year my daughter and I want to have a “silver and white” Christmas. So…I am hoping to find silver items for our mantel and some white accents to go along with the theme. I always seem to find something great at HomeGoods!

  119. I love your tablescape! My wishlist includes a few of the items that you purchased like the trees, porcupines & wood slice coasters. I also want to incorporate some texture in my Christmas decor with linens, throws & pillows.

  120. I always find fun things at Homegoods, but I would prolly work on my gift giving. I love making custom gift baskets and Homegoods always has unique ideas to add to a basket to make it fun!

  121. I’ve just reclaimed our formal living room (which used to house the bar cabinet and was rarely used by us) as my office/library. I’ve moved things out, re-organized the room, and brought in new pieces (a writing desk and a wall cabinet/bookcase unit). I would love to decorate this room in new holiday finery after Thanksgiving; the Home Goods gift card will go a long way to helping me make this possible! (Oh – and my 10 year old son is a HUGE fan of hedgehogs – I am now on the lookout for the ones you found at Home Goods!)

  122. Such a beautifully simple and rustic theme! I love the wood snowflakes and the cute porcupine. Such little details can go a long way. Nice job as always!

  123. Love the tablescape! I would like to find the bundt pan for the little house cakes along with some pillows and throws.

  124. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Home Goods store in our area. If I were to shop at TJ Maxx though, I would probably get a free-standing pet gate because we are trying to teach our little Irish Setter to sleep on a dog bed in our bedroom instead of her crate.

  125. I just bought that cheeseboard at my Homegoods! It’s sitting on my entry hall with a colourful Autumn gourd inside right now. I need to make another visit to HG and track down those wooden snowflakes for our great room chandelier this holiday season!

  126. I love HomeGoods- and yes, I understand being able to spend 2 hours in there! With the GC I would get a new rug for our dining area. We are hosting Thnakgiving and that would be a perfect item to add some color for guests!
    Thank you for all your inspiration!

  127. Oh what a lovely table!! I love Homegoods, as well. The nearest one is about 40 minutes away so not too far. I love most of what they have and will go soon to try to find those cheeseboards…love those! I will also look for gifts for others for Christmas….always so many great choices there….thanks to you for all your wonderful ideas and to Homegoods for the generouse giveaway!!

  128. I really enjoy your posts. This one exspecially due to the winter vs Christmas theme. If I would be so fortunate to win the $100, I would hope to find the wood/glass cheese platters. I love The blown glass dome and use them year around.

  129. I’ve been eyeballing some pillows & a quilt for my master bedroom(put it in my cart & walk around then put it back up!)but feel guilty spending money on my room when my little guys’ rooms aren’t quite done yet…but if I won the gift card then it would be like a gift from Marian & not technically a purchase!

  130. Ohhh my i really love that wite washed wood snowflake garland! I also like the white handled steak knives and the other pine cones and bundled sticks garland. Your whole wintery setup is so lovely and cozy looking as well.

  131. I absolutely love your color schemes and the festive look that can be used for anything during the winter season! I am not a red and green girl for Christmas either! I love whites and metallics with a touch of pastel. I tend to lean pale pink or pale green, but some years I just make it ALL white and metallics, and I mix my metallics. I am excited to see what is available this year. I really like your whitewashed wooden snowflakes hanging from your chandelier! You always have such creative ideas using items in non-traditional ways!! You have me excited for the holidays now!! Some years it takes seeing something beautiful that catches my eye to get me motivated, and your tablescape did just that!! I am ready to shop now, and I am hoping there will be some pastels and metallics available to go with my winter white decor!! Thanks for sharing, as always!!!

  132. Oh I would have no problem spending the $100 there!! I would probably get new ornaments for my tree this year! And a new tree skirt!!

  133. I am on the hunt for some great throw pillows for my new couch and love seat. I would love the $100 to go towards that purchase!

  134. I would use new linens for my dining room table for the holidays and Home Goods is just the place to get them!

  135. I really need a centerpiece for our dining table, for the holidays and beyond. I have had my eye on different pedestals for some time, but haven’t quite found the right one/ones. I really love the woodland creatures too. So, it would be easy for me to spend $100.00.

  136. I would love to find some unique dessert plates for a tablescape for a fundraiser I will be part of in March. HomeGoods and TJMaxx always have such great items you can always use. Thanks for always giving your readers lots ideas we can use.

  137. Honestly Marian, not sure what I would get but would love the opportunity to be surprised myself. Home Goods has so many great things. A gift card would be icing on the cake or maybe powdered sugar?

  138. I would probably buy some of those cute pom pom pillows and maybe one of the cheese board/cloche combinations. But that hobnail cake stand might have to come home with me as well. Thanks for doing the giveaway. And your table looks beautiful. I loved reading your son’s comment.


  139. I love the woodsy, wintry, white look of your table. My home also gets the addition of red, which I love.
    I also fill my cart with things I love and then “edit” before I cash out. My husband often goes for coffee or lunch killing time while I’m in there.
    In Canada it’s called “HomeSense” so I guess we don’t qualify to win but I love that store anyway.
    I just missed out on a white Christmas tree, but I’ll be going back to see if they get another one.

  140. I would really like to find some natural elements for a woodland themed baby shower/tea party I’m hosting for my daughter. I really love the wood slice coasters you found; they would be perfect. 🙂

  141. I need some new bedding. It’s amazing how much you can find for $100 at HomeGoods!!
    Thanks MMS! Love your ideas 🙂
    Happy Holidays,

  142. Love a trip to Home Goods. I need to find a rug for our upstairs hall where we just pulled up the carpet!

  143. Your tablescape is beautiful. I was just at Homegoods yesterday (love that place) and even if I saw all those wonderful things you picked up I don’t think I would have the creativity to put it together like you did. Thank you for sharing such a lovely inspiration. Hope to maybe be lucky enough to find some of those cute thinks you featured.

  144. I would love to find some little mini trees. Similar to what you got, but now with burlap. Something a bit more…umm… French I guess? A cute little bucket or olive pail or something. And something checkered! I love checkered things for winter. All in a cream color scheme.

  145. If I were to win the $100 Homegoods gift card I would probably look first at the lamps. We’ve been needing a reading lamp for beside a chair in the living room and nothing I’ve tried fits both style and function. They usually have a wonderful selection there. If not a lamp, I will be setting up a new home office in the new year and need just about everything!

  146. I live sometimes in Europe but just bought a house in the US so I am looking for everything—-anything in white that is French looking but not wall art. I think Christmas deco is sort of at the top of the list as everything I own is still in Europe & will miss the season altogether. I like deer and natural stuff—a trip to HomeGoods is on my list too! I love those steak knives.

  147. I would love a couple of those cheeseboard cloches and the wooden snow flakes, too. I go to Home Goods every week – it’s always the store that I ask for gift cards for special occasions (ie birthday, etc). I’ve been wanting a new living room rug – so the $100 would certainly help with that purchase – I’ll just keep looking until the right one pops up. Your table just looks lovely!

  148. I found “Royal Stafford” transfer ware in a beautiful Christmas pattern the past few years at my local TJ Maxx at an amazing price! love Home Goods!!, but your right, it’s really a day trip to see everything! your table is so pretty! Thanks MMS!

  149. Your table is beautiful! I’d love and a appreciate the $100 gift card to buy my daughter a rug for her new nursery that’s for my 1st grandson, due around Thanksgiving!

  150. I just bought a new dining room table & chairs & now need a tablescape for both Thanksgiving & Christmas. HomeGoods would be a perfect place to shop for holiday ideas. ?

  151. I love all things milk glass and especially love the cake stand you found. Hopefully I’ll find this stand and so much more!

  152. I would like to find the porcupines like you purchased at T.J. Maxx. A friend knitted me one for my birthday and they could be friends on my table.

  153. I just stopped in my local Homegoods for the first time a few weeks ago. I agree that it’s a place to spend some time perusing the aisles. I saw several things I’d love to spend the gift card on…such as a wood/metal mix tray, a rug for our family room or one for my daughter’s room.

  154. I don’t have a HomeGoods close (darn!) but I often visit TJ Maxx. I usually just go in with an open mind to see what calls to me. I love so much of what you highlighted in your post – the cake stand, the pine cone hedgehog, the snowflake garland. Your table looks beautiful

  155. I too want to go a little rustic this year for the holidays. I always host for the family so I like to make my home look a little different each year. I really need some woodsy looking accessories. I love the wood coasters, birdhouse and porcupine ornaments and the milk glass. I need some new garland too! Your table is gorgeous and gives me many ideas for my holiday decorating. Thank you and I look forward to your next post. Have a wonderful day!

  156. We just moved into a new home. Trying to get our guest room together before kids come home for Christmas. Would love to get some new bedding and rug. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  157. Love your winter table Marian!! Thanks for the inspiration! ❄️ Can’t wait to hit up my Home Goods for decorating fun!

  158. I’m obsessed with my Home Goods store.. if I won I would look for turquoise red and silver items.. this years theme!
    Fingers crossed..

  159. I would love to find some natural elements to add to my Christmas decor. I also need some new sheets and towels desperately

  160. I would use the gift card to purchase that hobnail cake stand and get some Christmas shopping done! Thank you for sharing your beautiful tablescape and for offering such a fantastic giveaway!

  161. I’m always looking to find natural, white, wood, or greens that can be used or transitioned for other seasons as well, just dressed up with lights, ribbons, and other elements. Also like old fashioned glass ornaments.

  162. I would like to find a rug for my dining room. I have HG rugs in my daughter’s room and the master bedroom, but haven’t found the right one for the dining room yet (at the right price anyway!)

  163. I think your question “what would you hope to find” should be “what would you NOT find”. I love shopping HomeGoods, I never really go in with anything particular in mind, but always come out with something special that has caught my eye! $100 would help in finding that special something!

  164. Love your beautiful table! I would have no problem finding beautiful things at Home Goods! I would look for a pretty, natural garland like yours and maybe some faux greenery. Oh, yes, did I mention pillows?!

  165. I have had the same Christmas tree decorations for about 12 years. They are very elegant decorations and I love them but I have changed my home decor to coastal farmhouse. Of course my current decorations won’t do so I am completely changing my tree decor to coastal farmhouse. My tree is 7 1/2 ft. tall. That’s a lot of decorations! I am making some ornaments but I could use a lot more. I would spend every penny of it on my tree decorations.

  166. I would love to find some rustic/farmhouse looking placemats that could also be used for “everyday use” as well. I just redid my kitchen table and am on the hunt for placemats.

  167. Oh, I just love Homegoods. I’d love to find some blankets and pillows for the upcoming winter season.

  168. I love Home Goods & can only imagine the myriad of things that I might find with the treat of a Gift Card! I’m in the mood to feather my nest for the Winter Season so anything that would help bring in the light would be ideal.

  169. I would hope to find wood snowflakes like or similar to yours, they are beautiful. I don’t live near a home goods, but could order online from T.J. Max. ?

  170. Oh my….two of my favorite places to shop! Since we just moved into our farmhouse in April, I would love to find some unique holiday items that would fit in with that relaxed feel. I am making some of my tree ornaments right now, but would love to find some perfectly suited ones already made, too! We have a screened back porch overlooking a stream, so a few cuddly blankets would fit the mood nicely! I am sure I will not have a problem finding a good many items at either of these retailers. Thanks for the opportunity!

  171. I would love to find something rustic that fits in with my regular day decorations but adds Christmas to the table. I have had a tough time finding stuff at the local Home Goods by me but I am very hopeful this year. This will be my first time hosting dinner at my new house so I want to make it look good!

  172. Thanks for the giveaway and your inspiration. I would probably buy some new decorations. I haven’t for several years.

  173. Hi Marian. Like you, I am a hunter and gatherer and like to pull things together and weed it out as I go. I also like to use things that could be used year round. I would love a cake stand that resembles the dome covered cheese dishes. I would also love to find some pillows for my living room. I am on the hunt for a small side table to set next to a chair in my new living room rearrangement and I would like to replace my nightstands in my bedroom. Wait, you said $100 right? That’s a tall order. haha I’m sure I could find something…or, I might just split it with my mom and we’ll buy $100 worth of yummy smelling candles! Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for getting me into the Christmas spirit!

  174. I hope to find some felted ball garland and vute woodsy creatures for decorating. I could use some festive pillows as well!

  175. Oh my goodness, I always find something I ‘need’ at HomeGoods, but I don’t have your vision to put it together in such a beautiful display. Thanks for the inspiration!

  176. Betty Mitschke in West Texas says:

    First, I love your style and I also have blue and white in my home. I have never been to a Home-
    goods store. I love the natural elements, clear glass, white dishware.and those sweet little trees.How fun it would be to shop in a new store and have an extra $100. to spend.

    I’m dreaming!!!!!!

  177. I cannot walk out into HomeGoods without buying far too much stuff. I love that place. I guess I would look for some things for my mantle. That’s where I’m currently having trouble.

    On a separate note, we have the same chandelier in our dining room. I think it’s original to the house or at least the first electric one since we used to have gas lights apparently. I’ve never seen one like that before. It’s the pineapple!

  178. I’m looking for houses, to spray white if needed, to use in a woodland setting on the dining table.
    Love your style and you are so kind to share so much with your readers. So miss finding ironstone, never see any now that we retired to Florida!

    1. There were some cute white ceramic houses (I think to paint) in the dollar section of Target. I think they were $3.00 each. You should check that out!

  179. I agree “Oh how cute!” What is so funny I picked up some of those same items at my store. I just didn’t have your vision, but now I do. I feel about hobnail the way you feel about ironstone. I didn’t see the steak knives, but now I will be looking for them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  180. First, I have to say that I chuckled at Calvin’s comment, “oh, isn’t that cute?” Sounds like he has some decorating talent from his momma! If I were to receive a gift certificate for Home Depot, I would buy some pillows for my home. I have taken the last couple years to pull things together and pillows would be icing on the cake.

  181. I am looking for a 120 inch tablecloth… and anything else that happens to finds itself in my cart ?

  182. Although I do a red and green Christmas, I have come to appreciate the soft neutral style. Wish I could just get all new stuff. lol

  183. I am sure I will have no trouble at all finding something I love at Home Goods.
    Thank you for sharing with us !

  184. I love your table. I’m planning on doing a woodland theme for my mantle so I’m looking for some sort of deer to use in the center and some white trees for each side. I would also like to maybe fill in with a few woodland animals like your hedgehog.
    Sue In Florida

  185. I would love a bunch of “winter” throw pillows for Christmas festivity and to snuggle into until winter is gone.

  186. I need new dining room table settings for the Christmas Holiday. We recently renovated a 1920’s craftsman/ bungalow, four square (there is such a combination) and the current style of dinner wear I have just doesn’t work in the new dining room.
    Thank you

  187. Hello, HOMEGOODS: Honestly I would use the $100.00 for a local SPCA Hillside in Pottsville, PA so I could purchase dog and cat items like warm blankets, food and water bowls, leases, collars, shampoo, tasty treats, and comfortable dog and cat beds. That would make their Christmas so much merrier! Thank you, Linda Miller.

  188. I would love to find more wooden spools of ribbon. I can’t seem to get enough of those..

    Your woodland theme is so pretty.

  189. I would hope to find some natural elements at Homegoods to use in my winter decorating. Specifically I would like to find a pedestal that looks like a tree ring and some white platters. I also decorate with blue and white year a round. I love Homegoods and I love the inspiration I get from your site.

  190. I love the dishes at HG! And the pet items…and the stationary…and the bakewear…and the ornaments….

  191. Oh, my. I would probably just walk into the store and surprise myself…If I didn’t find anything, then I’d buy some candles. Love candles this time of year.

  192. I’ve always wanted to decorate my boys rooms a little for Christmas. Like Pottery Barn does in their kids catalogs, but without the PB prices, which is why HomeGoods is so great!

  193. I would love the wooden snowflakes and cake stand for a cookie swap party I’m already planning for December!

  194. Ah! Beautiful tablescape! I would hope to find a cake pan like the one you got and the whitewashed snowflakes. Those are both just delightful!

  195. We will be moving to a new home at the end of the month, so I will be looking to score some seasonal items to make the new house warm and festive for the holidays. I absolutely love to shop at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods no matter what time of the year it is! My decorating theme is usually rustic & elegant, so all of your finds would be great choices for me as well. That $100 gift card would go a long way toward decking my halls! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  196. I decorate with blue and white also. This year, I am using white, silver and burgundy in my holiday decorating. So, on my next visit to Home Goods, I will be looking for garlands, ornaments, table runners and pretty accents in those colors. I am excited for the hunt!

  197. I love it all at Home Goods.. soooo I am trying to think … I would really really love some new Christmas plates and glasses… but then I get sidetracked by the greenery and garlands …. WOW .. see what I mean !!!! Hopefully… I can spend that $100.00 wisely at that amazing store !!!!!!!

  198. Rugs are my nemesis also, so I’d put it towards a rug. We only recently got a HomeGoods in our area and they do have a nice rug selection I noticed.

  199. Hi,
    I would spend the $100 gift card buying as many of the cute little items you bought as I could find. LOL.

  200. I would like to add to the Christmas decor that I already have for my dining table & living room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. I love HomeGoods and so does my daughter. She and her husband who is a Captain in the Army moved back to NC with their 10 month baby girl and have purchased their first home. It closes next week. This would be a nice surprise for the new homeowners

  202. I love the wooden snowflakes! and I’m also decorating a guest room and need bedding as well as pictures. Thanks for sharing your vision with us!

  203. I’ve found myself gravitating towards a more muted holiday color scheme and would love to find decor that is more “wintery” and less holiday, so some cream and white and gray pieces would be a welcome addition to my seasonal decorating.

  204. Love the chandelier and the natural look to the diningroom decor.

    Maybe, a comfy throw for my couch would be lovely but I might change my mind if something else catches my eye : ) Thanks for the inspiration and giveaway.

  205. I’d love to find a nice enameled cast iron skillet and small dutch oven. Last year I bought a large dutch oven, love it, but as empty nesters it’s usually too large so need a small, maybe 3qt. size.

    Love the tablescape…….wood and white, a little glimpse of winter in this warm autumn weather.

  206. Hi Marian, What a lovely tablescape you created, you truly have a nice eye for detail. I would love to find a table runner and maybe some white china dinnerware. For some reason my husband absolutely hates our current china and only wants white! Cheers

  207. I would use the gift card to buy, among other things, one or two cute wood-slice garlands to hang over my fireplace mantle.

  208. What a beautiful table! I would love to find an advent calendar and table runner at Home Goods to decorate my buffet.

  209. My husband and I just purchased a retirement home in the mountains of North Carolina. I have always used a traditional red and green Christmas theme with many natural elements, but want to use a more neutral palette in this home. I will be starting from scratch but am excited to do so. Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls…love them all.

  210. In the spirit of downsizing, I am replacing 3 sets of dishes with a simpler white set. So I would shop for serving pieces and fresh linens.

  211. Like many others, I don’t live near a Home Goods but when I do get the chance to visit one I take my time and enjoy. I am downsizing- 3000 Sq ft to 985 Sq ft so I have purged quite a bit. Most of my old Christmas decorations didn’t make the cut. So Xmas decorations would absolutely be on my list!

  212. Marian,
    I love what you come up with. You are one of my favorite stylists…it’s always such a pleasure visiting your site and coming away with inspiration.
    I have been looking for some small faux trees for a few spots around the house. That is what I’d look for if I win.

  213. Bless you for the cool winter look! Always looking for an affordable German nutcracker to expand my son’s collection.

  214. I love your wintry look! If I was so fortunate to win the $100 Home Goods card, I would look for the steak knives and the silver trees. I love them. Home Goods and T.J. Maxx are always my “go to” stores. Thank you for all of your beautiful ideas!

  215. I love your tablescape with all the natural elements. I would love to win the gift card to go to TJ Max and get those same white pom pom pillows you got plus a few more.
    Thanks for a great give away!
    Dawn R.

  216. So pretty and it will carry through Christmas into January! I would use a gift card for organizational supplies! I’ve got tons of that coming up!

  217. I need a rug … i love yours. I would put the 100.00 toward that purchase. Tuank you and Thanks Home Hoods for the chance at something lovely for free!!!

  218. I totally understand how you can spend an entire afternoon at Home Goods. I think I would definitely start with pillows-my holiday pillows need a lot of help. I could use a few things for my kitchen, but honestly who knows when I get there, I have a tendency to go off in a complete different direction…it’s so hard not to love it all.?

  219. your table is so beautiful, so “wintry” and inviting! and I thought the one from last year was perfect, well this one is even better. I am trying to go your way with more neutral, without any red this year…not sure I can pull it off.
    thanks for the great inspiration!

  220. What a beautiful table! I love that everything can be repurposed in other areas of the home. It has a timeless appeal. If selected I would purchase items to decorate our foster care agency for the holidays.

  221. I have always been a lover of natural elements for Christmas. Wood and old metals. I love greens and whites, so I would love a beautiful large antiqued white stag/ reindeer for a display, surrounded by green trees made from wood or cedar like boughs. Haven’t found him yet but I keep looking, one of these years Home Goods might surprise me with one!

  222. I need an excuse to visit my closest HomeGoods store. The one that opened a year or two ago that I still haven’t been to. LOL. I know I’ll find something!

  223. We just purchased a second home in the mountains and it needs everything! I’ve got a good base with furniture, but the previous owners decor is not my taste at all. I would love to peruse the aisles to find just the items that speak to me and make our new place, home. Oh, and finding bargains is what I live for!

  224. Home Goods is like a toy store is to a kid for me! I want everything I see. However, my favorites are table linens, tableware in blue/white or plain white (hard to find ironstone here in Southern California), pictures, and furniture. Would use the GC for my son and family expecting new baby this Christmas. Happy Holidays Marion, to you and your family.

  225. Like you, I need a couple of hours in my Home Goods store, and it’s not far from my house. I view it as my “me time” on a Saturday morning, and can always find things I love. $100 would be well spent on adding some extra interest anywhere in my house. Thank you for your blog and for the opportunity to have another good excuse to go to Home Goods!!

  226. There isn’t enough space to list the things I would like to find!! Homegoods is my favorite store! ?

  227. New towels! It’s been 7 years since I purchased new towels and between my husband and 6 boys I’m long overdue!

  228. My husband was born in Germany so most of my Christmas decorations are from there. I really love the “old world” look…lots of burgundy, loden green, cream and gold. I always keep my eyes open for things to add to my collection. We are also lovers of feather beds and pillows so no polyfil for us. Your home is lovely and I could move right in and live there! LOL

    Your table scape is something I would do….in my colors of course. LOL

    PS Any chance of Savon de Marseilles being availabe before Christmas?

  229. Turning my guest bedroom into an office/bedroom. Need some new items that can be worked into both situations. I am positive HomeGoods has some great options.

    Love the wintery woodys wonderland tablescape. It can be used for many different holidays coming in the next few months. Awesome inspiration! You’ve got me planning already!!

  230. What a great giveaway! I am searching for a rug for the living room so the gift card would probably go toward that…unless I see something else I love. The chances of that are pretty good. I always find something I love at Homegoods!

  231. Marian,

    Thank you for showing us such a beautiful table! It is always inspirational to see how you transform items into something that works better for you! I have just moved ‘again’ and it would be such fun to spend some time at HomeGoods, I always find too many things that I would love to bring home! Please continue to amaze us with your beautiful rooms, you are always an inspiration!

    I look forward to each and every email that you send!

  232. I love red and green and shop at Homegoods frequently. I would love to find some unique decorations. You found some unique items that can be used all winter long.

  233. I find so many wonderful things when I wonder through Homegoods! I would probably but new towels or bedding or throw pillows!! Or tartan throw! Or candles!!

  234. Just love your winter woodland table! Also love Home Goods. I’m on the hunt for the perfect rug for my bedroom!

  235. Oh how I love HomeGoods. My closest one is a 100 round trip, but it’s always worth it. My home is also blue and white with brass accents and red and green Christmas décor just doesn’t work. I’ve had a white and wood Scandinavian tree for several years that I love and has the same feel as your table. HomeGoods is always a surprise, affordable and unique when searching for something special.

  236. The pillows and snowflake garland are perfect. I would love to try the cake pan in the shape of a little house. So clever to use as placecards.

  237. Oh, My! It would take nothing for me to drop $100 on Christmas decor at Home Goods! I am looking for a new tree skirt and would also like to have a few more “non-Christmas” Christmas pillows!

  238. I, too, am looking for items that are not red and green. Items I can use other than at Christmas. Love your table!

  239. I don’t have anything specific, it’s always the thrill of the hunt at either HomeGoods or TJMaxx!

  240. I love Home Goods in fact I think I’m going there tomorrow they have the best price on coffee k cups. I think I would like some new holiday decorations this year maybe just an upgrade on the same old stuff I have been using the last 10 years and the gift card would go a long way at home goods.

  241. Hi Marian, awesome wintry look! I would purchase new Christmas decor for my new home if I won the gift card. Thanks!

  242. I have enough pillows and dishes so I would have to say new towels would be a nice Homegoods splurge!

  243. hmmmmm…I love to browse Home Goods ! It would be even better to have $100.00 to spend ! I have equestrian decor in my house and sortof a lodge-type feel so I love to decorate with wood and white at Christmas as well. It would be so wonderful to find some equestrian type decorations as well. It is not a rarity to find something horsey to decorate with at Home Goods. It is so worth the trip to go there. They have up to date items that make your house sparkle with whatever your personality desires!

  244. I would love to purchase more woodland themed ornaments for my dining room. I just started this look in that room and hope to add to it.

  245. Hi Marian…such a fun tablescape…love,love, love it ! I am actually going to Homegoods tomorrow..planned excursion with my gal-pals.. I won’t be able to sleep tonight after viewing all your wonderful inspiration ! THANKS ! Anne

  246. Hmmm… New pillows, quilt/coverlet or window dressing for my master bedroom! Thanks for the opportunity!

  247. looking for somei ndividual faux Winterberry stems that look realistic but don’t cost a fortune. So far, any finds are either very fake looking or are more than my budget will bear–

  248. I love Home Goods and spend a couple hours there when I go as well :)) Those pillows and wood ornaments are my favorite of your finds. I would spend that $100 in one trip for sure, I usually do! Happy Holidays Marian

  249. I love your wood and white winter table! HomeGoods is also a favorite of mine. I’d love to find some rustic winter décor items – this will be my first Christmas with my own tree and I don’t have any of my own ornaments so winning this gift card would be super!

  250. Well……all of the things in your photos would suit me just fine! Especially those wooden cheese boards with handblown glass cloches. I have gone over each of the pics several times and wondered why I was getting “hung up” on the chandelier over the table with the snowflakes. (Besides the fact that it’s gorgeous). Mesmerized! Something about that chandelier?!? Duh! It’s the exact same one I have hanging over my dining room table!!! Ha ha ha! No wonder I love it!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome display with us, and the chance to win a gift card to Home Goods. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the Farmhouse Holiday Decor Series.

  251. LOVE your table. Gave me some great ideas! I have not bought new ornaments in almost 30 years – it’s high time, so that is what I would purchase from Home Goods or TJ Maxx if I won. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  252. I would love to stubble upon a sea grass area rug and more white service pieces…not that I need any more, but who ever needs more.

  253. Would love to find a pretty bar cart to use during the holidays and on the patio next summer!
    Thanks for the opportunity

  254. I love Christmas , so I would be tempted to add some fresh items to my collection. I like Belsnickles and Santa’s, so I would hope to find one or two new ones. My daughter likes to receive a new snowman every year, so a snowman for her would be perfect. Both of my granddaughters like pretty jewelry, so something seasonal like snowflake themed necklaces would work. By then my shopping spree would probably be over, but I would have made a big dent in my Christmas list!

  255. Marion,
    We just got a HOME GOODS store in our area, only one hour from home. I went there two times the first week and I can’t wait to go back again! I had no idea what I was missing. I treated myself (I ALWAYS buy myself a Christmas gift) to two stuffed deer, one standing, the other lying down. Their fabric was a black and white herringbone. I HAD to have them. If I win your drawing, I would like to get something to go along for my mantle…the deer will be there on the floor by the fireplace as well.

  256. Lovely, absolutely lovely. You are so creative to repurpose the snowflake garland. they’re perfect for the chandelier.

    The sweater-pillows are such an unexpected pleasure. Very inspired.

    Thanks for offering the gift card. If I’m lucky enough to win it, I’d like to buy a cake stand that’s even half as cute as the little one you found.

  257. I would purchase any of the items that you have, although I wouldn’t clip the berries off the garland. I think the tiny bits of red would be a nice touch, but I get where you were going with it. I love all of your ideas and it is fun to see how your shopping trip morphed into this terrific decorating feast for the eyes!

  258. I love your blog! I enjoy many colors and patterns in my home but then I look at your blog and want to clear the slate and start over!! I would, of course, use a Home Goods gift card to re-create, as much as possible, your lovely wood & white tablescape! I think it would look great in my chocolate-wall dining room!

  259. Everything! I love how you can walk in and come out with this tablescape! Lovely and calming! Those little cakes just got me! So cute! The birdhouses are charming too. My goal at our much smaller new/old home this year is to simplify and go more natural and cozy. So thank you for helping to jumpstart my creative process.

  260. Homegoods is my favorite store. I find great buys there all year long. Would LOVE having a gift card for them.

  261. Love the blue and white! I used it in a guest room and my guests always compliment me when they leave!

  262. I love Home Goods! Sometimes I visit 3 different ones in a weekend. I am wishing for some Swedish folk art dolls that I saw there last weekend. I absolutely love your table! The small natural looking animal ornaments are similar to the ones at the Branywine River Museum in Chadds Ford. ??

  263. Your room looks beautiful & certainly reflects your taste as I’ve come to notice through your blog. I would look for some items for my family room or dining room if I were to win the money. Home Goods is my favorite home decor store & its’ sister store, TJMaxx is right up there with it when it comes to household & clothing.

  264. Your table looks amazingly beautiful! I love Homegoods, TJ Maxx, & Marshalls for home decor and more!! I would use the gift card for new decorations for my large marble fireplace mantle.

  265. I agree with trying to buy things that aren’t really a one season only thing. We are on the same wavelength because I just bought a fall wreath that was all white and woody. Now I want to go to HOME GOODS to find a perfect wooden bowl to put in the middle and transform it into a table centerpiece.

  266. I’d love to find some unique decorating pieces for my side tables and mantle. Something different yet something I could leave out into the new year…once I get my holiday packed and schlepted back to the attic!

  267. I love the snowflakes and pillows…perfect for bridging that seasonal gap! I love finding beautiful throws, pillows and décor items at HomeGoods. It’s one of my favorite places!

  268. LOVE your groupings…I have lots of little things, but by themselves they just get lost. You certainly have vision and such an artful way of display! I would start with those darling wood coasters…who knows where it would lead!? Thanks for the chance!

  269. Where to start…I love the pillows you found and usually gravitate towards their pillows and throws. I also love their seasonal decor. Thank you!

  270. A nice cozy throw and pillows would be my choice for using the gift card if I was to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  271. I would like to be able to find and purchase the milk glass pedestal, hobnail milk glass cake stand; anything to help elevate décor items on my dining table, buffet, and island with the $100. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  272. Love the garland and the wintry birdhouses. My kind of Christmas decorating…with a liberal dose of fresh greens.

  273. Two tall lamps to put on the table behind the sofa!! Just redecorated and
    these are the last pieces.

  274. I”m always drawn to pillows and I love your white sweater pillow! I like to decorate specifically for Christmas but it’s such a short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am putting those decorations away. I have been looking for things that can be used after the holiday as there is plenty of winter decorating to do!

  275. I always enjoy your blog and seeing the way you decorate. I love your style! HomeGoods is one of my favorite stores to shop for stylish decor at an affordable price. I would love to have $100 to spend guilt free on some new Christmas decorations this year.

  276. Your table is gorgeous – it makes me miss the snow! I adore those steak knives – they would definitely be on my list. And I love how you cut apart the snowflake garland and did your own thing – it looks great! In addition to the knives, I’d use the $100 to get a set of tulip-shaped drinking glasses if I can find them ( I used to own a set and they’ve gradually broken over the years – can’t find any like them anywhere!). If I can’t find them, I need to start on a new set of white dinner dishes. I have matte cream ones now that mark up if they even spy a utensil anywhere near them on the table. Enough is enough! Awesome post!

  277. There is not too much I wouldn’t like to buy with that $100.00 I am a sucker for Christmas decorations and dishes so I guess that is what I would use it for.

  278. I love your white and wood theme! The porcupines and little bird house ornaments are adorable. Like you, my holiday theme does not include red. I decorate in a Victorian style using lots of pink, cream and mauve. And what’s not to love about Home Goods. I always find inspiration there. If I was lucky enough to win the gift card I would be searching for decor items to fit my holiday theme (I have a thing for little trees and glass domes) and also unusual little items to give as gifts to my quests. Thanks for the giveaway and the inspiration!

  279. Being inspired by your post I would be in search for a milk glass pedestal as well as wood slice coaster. Actually the mix of wood and white is really catching my eye. Fingers Crossed!!

  280. Hey Miss Mustardseed…..I love everything you have for your White & Wood Winter Table. What really stands out is that Hobnail milk glass cake stand, love it. When my daughter sees it she’ll love just as much and I’ll probably give it to her for her Xmas gift. So maybe I’ll just have to buy two 😉

  281. Beautiful dining room as always! I love how you put all the details together! I would definitely look for an area rug for my living room. Home Goods is the place for all the details.

  282. I would have to have the cake plate! Very cute! And flexible to use for many things.

  283. I’d love to be able to find some natural looking things like pine, fir or even berries to finish out the Christmas mantel. I fully know what you mean to ” carve out” a couple hours for HomeGoods.. It’s quite a store and content changes almost daily. Love it.

  284. Oh I love it! Such a pretty table. Right up my alley with the white and wood color way too. I don’t typically care for the traditional red and green palette either.

    If I had $100 to Home Goods I would definitely be hitting the rug aisle to find a 8×10 or larger rug for our family room! Though I’d definitely be tempted to pick up some holiday goodies as well. 😉

  285. What a generous offer….I absolutely love TJMaxx and shop there regularly, but Salem, Oregon could use a Home Goods. I would look for new holiday decor for certain and to give as gifts.

  286. I use a lot of cake stands with vintage items ……I would use the gift card from home Goods ( my favorite store ) for frosted pine and snow flake decor to add to my displays .

  287. I love those pillows and the little birdhouses. I purchased a bunch of little critters like your porcupine’s last year and can’t wait to put them on my tree this year!!!

  288. The table is beautiful! I like everything you purchased!! I like green rather than blue as an addition to my white, though, so I would shop for green and white accessories. Thanks for the opportunity!

  289. I absolutely love your tablescape. I too love the whites, ( aqua & Iime greens too) for Christmas. The red is jus too much in my home. I would love some small boxwood wreaths for my windoows if I could find them at Home Goods.

  290. I would love to find some nice pillows and throws! Love the table and all the details, Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  291. I’d love to pick up some winter wonderland touches to get me not only thru December but January too. It’s the little things that make a house a home and home goods makes it simple.

  292. I love the wooden snowflakes, too. I need a few pillows and a throw, always good ones at Homegoods!

  293. Anything white and Christmas would be my choices. I am a sucker for pillows, throws, dishes, candles, tablecloths, placemats, and everything Homegoods has in stock ?

  294. I’ve never been to a Home Goods before! My decorating style is minimalist, but throws and pillows are always welcome additions to the family room.

  295. Home Goods is amazing! i think i would look for some basic things like white plates, silverware. all of the pretty holiday pieces would be very tempting, too.

  296. I would love some cozy pillows and throws to “winterize” my living area and if I had a little cash left a yummy candle. I’m all about experiencing cozy with all my senses!

  297. I too have to make a special trip when going to HomeGoods, which is across the bay. I love what you chose for your table! The winter theme works before and after Christmas. Enjoy!

  298. I’m looking for bar cart supplies such as a wine rack and ice bucket. I’ve seen these things at Home Goods in prior years and I’m hoping that they’ll carry them again this year.

    Thanks for this chance!

  299. I too live more than an hour from the nearest Homegoods store, and I have to really spend some time in there when I finally get a chance to go.
    If I won I would make the trip and look for new Christmas decor and maybe new throw pillows with a cozier winter feel.

  300. I would love to find some rustic holiday plates and platters…we are thinking of having Christmas at our camp on the lake this year. So something festive, but rustic would be perfect for there!

  301. Love how the table turned out! I can’t wait to look for some fun Christmas decor to update our home this holiday season – love the wooden snowflakes, mini Christmas trees, and we need a new tree skirt!

  302. What a great giveaway! I would use the $100 to get cooking equipment for a friend whom I’m about to begin teaching how to cook. He has gone vegan and needs some help to eat properly.

  303. I’d live to find some soft green accessories! Maybe sage green pillows, or napkins, or…something surprising!!

  304. So generous of you! I’d love to decorate with lots of white and wood tones as you have done. Really calm and peaceful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  305. Hi Marian, It warms my heart to read about your shopping trips with you mother. My late mother was my best shopping companion and I miss her! Every year around this time, we would scour TJ Maxx and Home Goods for European glass blown tree ornaments to add to our collections. Even though our trees were already full, we always made room for one or two special ornaments a year. In the past few years, I have started my teenage daughters collections.They love to go shopping with me to find special ornaments for the small trees they have in their bedrooms. The tradition continuous! This is what I would look for at Home Goods.(among other things, of course).

  306. I would love to find a new holiday theme for our new home in the Mountains. Rustic, woodsy and cozy!

  307. We just finished our addition and remodeling of our downstairs today! 18 weeks living in chaos and I would love to buy some things for our new surroundings. I don’t have a Home Goods nearby but love TJ Maxx! Your decorations are beautiful. Happy Holidays.

  308. Oh gosh, I LOVE Home Goods! Recently at our local store they had a beautiful gray Lennox dining room tablecloth. I would purchase it, napkins, placemats and other gorgeouse items for Christmas dinner…it’s my turn to host!

  309. I’m looking for two rugs – one for each of my boys’ rooms. But, now I’m thinking I need new Christmas decorations! 🙂 Home Goods is the best!

  310. With the $100 I would create my own Winter table.Would be nice to take a road trip to my closest Home Goods.

  311. I would love some new pillows to refresh my sofa for the Holidays!! Maybe a cake plate or two also!!

  312. I. Love. This.
    Alas, I am not a blue/white person, but am definitely not a red/green person. Softer greens and bronze are more my flair.
    And I am loving the cake plate.

  313. I don’t know exactly what I would spend it on, as I’ve never been to a Homegoods store! But; great news,we now have a new store approx an hour away!! I imagine I would go through the store oohhing and aahhing as I went and then have to choose carefully, because alas, I couldn’t buy everything that caught my eye..

  314. I passed up 2 beautiful wool ChristmasStockings at a nearby TJ Maxx. Got home and wished I had bought them. Went back 2 days later and of course they were gone! So I’m on the hunt for them stopping by every TJ Maxx I go by ( even some that are a few miles out of the way) . TJ Maxx and Homegoods are my happy place! Just ask my husband! We have driven miles out of the way to go there to shop! My dream trip is to plan a route just hitting Homeggods and TJ Maxx stores. I love it that much!

  315. Ooo Homegoods is my weakness! I would like to add some sparkle to our xmas and buy some mercury glass candle sticks and some flocked trees

  316. While doing some good ole “therapy” shopping would do; I need a new den rug and of course whatever I can find for my precious grands! Thx!

  317. I usually don’t know what I “need” until I go through Home Goods row by row, but I’m always looking for pillows. My mom also bought a rug at Home Goods, so I’m helping her find pillows to match as well.

  318. throw pillows for Christmas, candles-can never have too many candles, Spode serving dishes or glasses to add to what I already have:))

  319. HomeGoods is a great resource store! I’d like to update my white & silver china with some silver chargers & new glassware.

  320. Wish I saw this post earlier in the day. I would have hit Home Goods this afternoon!!
    I want everything. Going to make a list and head to the store near me this week.
    Love the little cakes, the snowflakes and the hobnail cake stand. Beautiful!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  321. I have always loved Home Goods and I would go for anything that is silvery-sparkly. I use items like that through January after I take down my “traditional” Christmas decorations.

  322. $100…..well, I have not dressed my table in many years, your post has me itching to now do the same. I’m with you, I’m not fond of the red / green look. I will be using the gift card to find “antique looking” hobnail pieces, silver baubles, and items with a blush of sea foam/teal. I’m excited for this adventure!! Pick me!!

  323. I would love to add to a new holiday theme, but, it’s going to be a very tight holiday financially. Therefore, it would be used to by gifts for my family. Happy Holidays!

  324. I would love to buy some Christmas mercury glass and garlands even traveling quite a ways to do it would be necessary. Your table is beautiful

  325. I’m not sure exactly what I would buy because they have so many cool things. Maybe something Christmas, or lamps, or who knows. It sure would be fun choosing.

  326. My son and his family are getting ready to move into a new (to them) house so I’d get something for them.

  327. ….would love to pick up some more Christmas decor that has a “natural” look, tired of the glitzy look I’ve had for so many years. Love Homegoods!

  328. I would love to find a chunky cable knit throw – but $100 goes a long way at Home Goods! I’m sure I could find lots of goodies.

  329. We have a new home in an entirely new environment, think Pacific Northwest to Arizona, I would love to find some lovely decor to ‘Bliss’ our new home.

  330. I love Home Goods and we just got a new store here! I would look for some new pillows and I always end up in the kitchen department. Thanks for the giveaway!

  331. I would look for some more blue and white Spode plates for my collection. But a new rug for the dining room would be great. Or, a reading lamp for the chair by the bookcases. Oh, the possibilities!

  332. I love Home Goods! I shop there almost every week. I would purchase some wooded bowls to add a more natural, textural element to my home.

  333. I would just love to stroll the aisles and see what’s out there! Maybe Thanksgiving themed, rather than Christmas right now…

  334. I’m in need of a new rug also and would love to update my Christmas decorations! Thanks so much!

  335. Not sure what I would spend the $100 gift card on. But I LOVE Homegoods. Saw some some blue dishes there I fell in love with. There’s lots of things there I love.

  336. LOVE it ALL!!!! mmm….I could go for the steak knives, the hobnail cake plate, the wooden ornaments, the cheese cloches or even the birdhouse ornaments….I am sure I could do some damage at any of these stores!!!!!
    It all looks great!!!!

  337. Love so much in Home Goods! I am not sure what I would buy, but something for our newly created study/home office would be nice. Perhaps a nice beachy lamp?!?

  338. Your table settings always look like a magazine. You are so very talented. I would spend the gift card on my angel tree angels this year. Money is tight this year more so than any other year but there is always ways to find a way to be able to give to those less fortunate.

  339. I’d like to find a couple of cozy throws for our new sectional and I love those snowflakes you hung from your chandelier!

  340. Finding one or two of those wooden whitewashed snowflake garlands would be a treat! They’re perfect for rustic, wintery themes.

  341. I would love some new pillows for my family room from Home Goods. I might also try to find some of the things you mentioned in this post!

  342. I would love to find a pretty Christmas tree skirt! I love your winter table! It is so elegant and pretty

  343. The sweater pillows are lovely – love the snowflakes too…they can stay before, during and even after Christmas…like the rustic sparkle. 🙂

  344. Since our white German Shepherd puppy took a bite out of my kitchen rug, I would love to replace it with a Home goods gift certificate. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. The white and wood tablescape is lovely, especially live the hobnail cakestand

  345. I have never been in a Home Goods store nor is there one near us!! I love everything that you did for this year’s table, so would love to visit a Home Goods store to see what I can find. My decor is more natural, country/farmhouse with smattering of certain types of antiques, so am very excited and interested in visiting and hopefully winning a Home Goods store gift certificate!

  346. I’d love to find silver accents to blend in with the white Christmas items I have collected so far. A nice table runner too. Maybe some glass jars to put little Christmas vignettes in. Oh, I’m off to Home Goods I can’t wait! 🙂

  347. The way you think out of the box to achieve your holiday look is amazing to me! I’d love to find some pillows and throws for the holiday season.

  348. What great finds! I’d love to find a pillow, wooden garland, and some beautiful ornaments to add to the tree??

  349. Love everything about your tablescape…….the cake houses are adorable. I would shop for some new Christmas dishes. Love that store.

  350. I would like to have the $100 to spend on a rug, mirror or lamp. But I would have no problem finding other items if none of the above are suitable. As always, I love to see what you come up with on your foraging trips.

  351. This is SO pretty and elegant! I love it. But how do people actually eat a meal on a table so filled with pretty stuff? It wouldn’t work at my house. But I love how it looks!
    I’d use a HomeGoods gift card to buy some of the wood accents (I saw that wood dish/glass cloche today and passed it by, thinking it was too much money!).

  352. I don’t get to Home Goods very often as we don’t have one close by but I’m like you – I need at least an hour – if not two so take in everything. I’m looking for a new throw and some pillows and haven’t had luck anywhere else in the color I need. I’m hoping to make a trip to Home Goods soon. Love the tablescape – it’s my kind of décor.

  353. I’d look for preserved boxwood topiaries. Your tablescape pictures were so fun and pretty!
    Loyal follower,

  354. We have a limited budget so I think I would use the Homegoods gift card to splurge on nice holiday pillows for our living room. The pillows would be festive while adding an element of comfort for friends & family (as well as myself) to enjoy while visiting during the holiday season.

  355. Love your tablescape.I like this because they can be used all winter,not just Christmas.I would love to be able to buy flatware that I have wanted for years.I see it but need service for 8 so the 100.00 would be perfect.I have no problem with anything Home Goods has.My favorite store!

  356. Though I would love to use the gift card for myself. I would use it to buy blankets and pillows for our local Homeless Shelter. Christmas is our families favorite holiday, but it’s about sharing and giving. As long as we have good health we are blessed. Thank you Marian for all your inspiration, you’re amazing!

  357. I like you do not choose to decorate in red and green. For two reason though, one because of my taste and the second because we host many friends of other faiths over the holidays. We try to be festive but not “Christmasy”. I would just love to spend 100.00 at Home Goods especially, now that you have given some great ideas. Thanks so much Marian.

  358. I would spend it on Rae Dunn anything and new throws. Love all the inspiration, but the Chandelier is my favorite!!!!

  359. I’ve used a woodsy theme for my holiday decorating for years now. All my ornaments for my tree are blown glass pine cones and nuts – walnuts, acorns, chestnuts – and antique chandelier crystals that stand in for icecicles. I would love to add some Homegoods cloches to my table and place some pretty pomegranates under them!

  360. Marian, You are always so creative with your decorating! I haven’t been to a Home Goods in quite a while. I would love to go there and find some new décor items to freshen the look of my living room. A decorative wall shelf would be nice or several! Thanks for a chance to win the gift card!

  361. I’d love to get some beautiful decorations for my little baby girl. She’s just three months old, and I’m trying to make her nursery sweet and beautiful, just like her!

  362. I would really love to add some seasonal pillows! And I LOVE your snowflakes. Those would be pretty all winter. I’m really a white-decor-lover. This is really beautiful!

  363. I always find great stuff for my baby at Home Goods, although we really need a rug for the rec room now that the baby is rolling around on the floor!

  364. When I think Christmas I think mercury glass! Candle sticks, ornaments, ANYTHING in mercury glass! I like your idea of looking for things that can be used year round and for me, that is mercury glass! Thanks for the giveaway!

  365. I would like to find some winter white decor. I really like the garland and trees. Some cozy pillows would be a fun addition.

  366. I have not visited my local stores yet to see what the holiday selection is this year, but I feel the urge to make a trip to check it out. I like to add a Christmas item that is dated with the current year. You have inspired me to look for some copper pots too. Your table looks lovely!!

  367. I never win anything but this time I will have faith>
    I would buy a little horse like the one you found last year!
    Love your style 🙂

  368. I’d love to find some more neutral Christmas decor. I”ve already started buying a few things this year!

  369. I would love to find some Christmas Pillows at Home Goods/T J Maxx for my living room. Your snowy winter tablescape is beautiful. I love the little birdhouse ornaments.