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The Farmhouse Holiday Decor Series is back and today I’m sharing a winter tablescape.  I’m not quite ready to break out the Christmas decorations, especially since I use a lot of fresh greenery, but I like the idea of a festive winter table to fill in that decorating gap.

Farmhouse Holiday Decor Series

This week’s “theme”, a holiday/Christmas tablescape, was sponsored by HomeGoods, so I drove out to the nearest one with my mom last week to stroll the aisles and pick up some goodies.  Now, when I go to HomeGoods, I need to carve out at least a couple of hours.  There is no “popping into HomeGoods real quick.”  That just isn’t possible for me.  It may be because I don’t live very close to one, but, more likely, it’s because it’s a place I need to really comb through to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I had a few things unrelated to this post that I was hoping to find, like the rug I shared yesterday, but I also needed to find things to incorporate in a holiday tablescape.



My other blue-and-white loving friends will relate to the fact that it’s hard to find decor that isn’t red and green.  I don’t oppose red at all.  I actually love it, but for my home, I love blue and white.  Even at Christmas.  And if you add red into the mix, it looks like the 4th of July.

I didn’t want red, which immediately nixed well over half of the Christmas decor.  I also like decor that is flexible.  Yes, it could be used for a holiday table, but it could also be used in other ways or other times of the year.

I walked through the aisles, waiting for inspiration to strike.  Right away, I gravitated towards some round wooden cheese boards covered with handblown glass cloches.  I grabbed two that matched.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, yet, but I’ve learned to claim things I like and then edit once I see everything together after the first pass through the store.


I also found a petite hobnail milk glass cake stand.  I like using cake stands to add height to a table and the vintage styling of this one caught my eye, so it went in the cart as well.


I found a lovely set of French steak knives with cream handles.  I don’t have any steak knives and having steak with our Christmas brunch is a tradition of ours, so they seemed perfect.


And then I spotted these “wood slice” coasters…


…and I had a clear direction for my table – white & wood.


It was at that point that I recalled seeing a bunt pan, with the forms of six little houses, in the baking aisle.  Wouldn’t that be a fun little addition?  Every guest can have their own little cake house!  And that could be the place card holder, too. 


I actually dropped the first six houses on the floor in a spectacular display of my clumsiness.  Sebastian was the only one who was around to appreciate it and help me clean up.

The houses were about 90% successful, but powdered sugar for these houses is like caulk to wainscoting.  It can hide a multitude of mistakes!


I made little tags out of brown paper and wooden coffee stirrers.  HomeGoods had ironstone-ish white plates and pretty white napkins, but I already have enough to host an army, so it seemed silly to buy more.  You could certainly replicate this look, though!

On top of the milk glass pedestal, I put three ironstone cups and filled them with small taper candles.   One of my favorite “tricks” is to group smaller things together for a greater impact.


On a whim, I filled the cups with raw quinoa from the pantry to keep the candles stable.  The color and texture worked perfectly with everything else happening on the table.



In the holiday section, I found this beautiful garland made of dried leaves, small pinecones, and bundles of sticks.  I wish I could’ve found one more, but I snagged the one I did find.  I thought it would be perfect to weave around the pedestal and cheese cloches to add texture.  It did have some faux red berries on it as well, but I plucked them off!


I filled it out with some of my own pinecones and some shelled nuts.

In that same aisle, I found a garland made of whitewashed wooden snowflakes.  I cut the garland apart, restrung the snowflakes, and hung them from the chandelier.


I love how hanging something from a chandelier draws the eye up.


I’ll share the other things I found at HomeGoods in another post, but those were the things I found on that shopping trip for the table.  As I was working out the table in my head, I knew I would want a few more things, so I went to my local TJMaxx.  There, I found the faux white mini-trees…


They really do look like snowy branches and even the burlap-wrapped bases fit in with my loose theme.

I also picked up the little birdhouse ornaments…



…and the porcupines…


They were both perfect to tuck around the centerpiece and will be equally perfect as ornaments when we put up our tree.  I fleshed everything out with a few fresh trimmed branches from a tree in our yard (that gets mauled every time I need fresh evergreens), and some warm LED string lights.  (I hid the battery packs under the cheese boards.)

I also picked up some “sweater” pillows with faux fur poms at the corners.  They just made me smile.  Again, they look festive and wintry, but don’t scream, “I’m a Christmas pillow!”  They also have feather inserts, which always win me over, and they were on clearance at my TJMaxx.


So, there it is!  My white & wood wintry table…


When my son’s came home from school, Calvin declared, “Oh, isn’t this cute!”  I don’t expect much of a reaction from my boys when it comes to decorating, so it’s always nice when I overhear a little word of appreciation.  And they immediately found and claimed the cakes with their names on the flags.

And, because you may be feeling inspired to hit your local HomeGoods or TJMaxx, I am offering a $100 gift card to one lucky reader!

If you’d like to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment telling me what you would hope to find and spend that $100 on.

Valid entries will be accepted through Friday, November 11, 2016, at midnight PST.  Readers must be 18 years or older in order be eligible to win.

Good luck!


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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by HomeGoods.  All words and opinions are my own.

White & Wood Winter Table | $100 HomeGoods Giveaway

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945 Comments on “White & Wood Winter Table | $100 HomeGoods Giveaway”

    1. Home Goods is generally my mind sweeper…that is when I need to mentally detach from the responsibilities of motherhood I love to browse the store and look at things that are pretty. Truly, my favorite section is where the dishes are. I look and look and have something picked out for every one of my friends and family. I could never purchase them all, but I really enjoy matching friend with piece and picturing that piece on their Christmas table, whether I am invited or not!

  1. I love your table…very serene and beautiful. I was at Home Goods on Tuesday and T.J. Maxx yesterday and both trips were torture because I wanted everything in their Christmas sections! I came out with some teeny treasures, but not the pieces I really wanted. It would be so fun to go back with a gift card and really do it right. Thanks for another fun post!

  2. Hi Marian,
    I would love a $100 gift certificate to Home Goods because we have never decorated our house at Christmas time because we always seem to run short of funds. I save the money we do have to buy presents. It would sure be wonderful to be able to decorate the house this year. I have the same taste as you and love things that are natural and rustic!!!! And steak knives are definitely an item on my wish list!!!!! Thank you for providing us with such beautiful ideas that are candy to the eye everytime!!!!

  3. Lovely! I haven’t been in Homegoods for awhile and would love the chance to get set for Christmas decorating.

  4. Hi Marian,
    I love Home Goods, and I’m with you – I can never “pop in” and make a quick trip to any Home Goods. I would love to use the $100 to pick up some cozy winter throws, pillows and freshen up my winter decor. So enjoying your posts!

    You’ve laid a beautiful table!
    this is the first Christmas after my divorce and I need a few new Christmas things and some new silverware so that’s what I would be on the hunt for!
    Thanks for the chance!

  6. I would love to find some faux pine garland to wrap down my staircase, with lights. My mom always decorated this way for the holidays when I was a girl, and I loved it, and still do. And now I want to do it for my children. I would also love to find some things for my Christmas tablescape–I love the white and wood look and always have. Last year, my tablescape was for my children–lots of red, snowmen, & santa. This year I’d like to do something a little more serene and calming, so I’d need to find a lot of new items! I also need a new wreath for my door! And the list could go on… 🙂

  7. I would love to find the domed cheese boards and little house cake pans, but mostly, I love Home Goods because I never know what I will find and I always leave with a big smile on my face and excited to get home and add my newly found treasure to my home. Thank you for your blog, it also makes me smile!

  8. I would love to find the wood snowflake garland, the white dishes and the cheese board/cloches. The whole table is absolutely beautiful – I have some great ideas for my table now. Thank you! 🙂

  9. Luckily we do have Homegoods close by so my Mom and I can “pop in”. I would love a Homegoods gift card because I am on the hunt for the perfect bedside table lamps for our master bedroom. I have several beautiful lamps from Homegoods and I just know they right ones will find me – soon I hope. And thank you so much for explaining how you shop and arrange as this is NOT a talent of mine. I can appreciate the finished beauty but am usually overwhelmed at most stores and find it difficult to narrow the choices down. Your explanation is very helpful and makes me feel that , with practice, I just might get it one day.

  10. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration! Thank you for helping me think through all the beautiful things they have at Home Goods and TJ Maxx!

  11. My dream would be to walk into my local TJ Maxx Homegoods and be able to spend $100 on a whim and not worry that it is taking away from something I SHOULD be buying for my 5 kids or my husband. I would gloriously spend it on some non-necessity and savor every moment! I’ve been wanting to buy new matching Christmas stockings for years so that would be my first stop 🙂

  12. I too enjoy shopping around TJ MAXX. Unfortunately we do not have a Home Goods anywhere close to us. I have a mantel that takes up an entire wall in my living room, therefore it holds a lot of décor! I am not ever able to buy everything I want at once so a nice little gift card would help out wonderfully in filling up my mantel for Christmas!

    Your Christmas table is gorgeous and makes me excited to decorate mine for Christmas!

  13. Gorgeous inspiration! I would love to find vintage inspired ornaments to decorate my grandparents tree. They are mid 90s now so I bring them a fresh cut tree and decorate it for them each year. 🙂

  14. Your table is just lovely. I love Homegoods and all the goodies they have to offer. If I were to win, I would shop for placemats, steak knives and wine glasses. I have been married for 25 years and would you believe I have none of those things. We just don’t use them but it would be nice to have them for the holidays and to use through out the year.
    Thank you for the inspiration and the chance to shop for some much wanted items.

  15. I love Homegoods and TJ Maxx! I would love to find the cute hedgehogs, birdhouse ornaments and new pillows. There is always something fun and new for any occasion at these stores!

  16. A faux fur tree skirt is on my HomeGoods wish list, and I love, love, love that hobnail milkglass cake plate!

  17. I really like your winter décor. I don’t care for the “Christmas” looking stuff, but rather decorating for a winter look. Where I live here in Canada, the TJ Maxx is actually Winner’s, Home Sense, or Marshall’s. I work for Winner’s and love it there!! There is great decorating stuff!!

  18. Just squeaking this in. Love your winter table! So pretty! I would get a new throw and some pillows and maybe a small doorstep rug too, so excited to decorate for Christmas but fall is still happening at my home until after Thanksgiving.

  19. TJ Maxx and Homegoods have been favorite stores of mine for years. I always seem to find something wonderful there. I would hope to find some touches for my guestroom which I am currently working on, specifically some heavier curtains for the cold winter days.

    I, too, am a fan of blue and white and love how you created your winter decor incorporating those colors.

  20. I finally had an opportunity to go to a Home Goods yesterday. So many great things! It would be fun to go back with a $100 gift certificate!

  21. I would love to get some holiday pillows and cozy throws. I also love the holiday mercury glass elements at Homegoods right now!

  22. I was at HomeGoods last week and bought a lot of ornaments but I saw some Mercury glass candle sticks I would love to buy!!

  23. I love the white and the wood!! I saw those coasters at Home Goods and wasn’t sure what to do with them. Now I have the idea from you. Thanks

  24. What an inspiration you have been to me to decorate this year with the beautiful natural colors of the season. I would love to be able to go and
    buy snowy white decorations in so many shades and fresh greens that make you almost smell the pine,and warm browns of
    the forest. Mostly I would buy gifts for my daughter,whos house I will be decorating since she is recuperating from a bad accident.

  25. I would love to find some mercury glass candle sticks to add height to my newly diy rustic shelves above our television.

  26. I’ve never been to a HomeGoods, but at TJMaxx I would definitely be looking for wood and bamboo items 🙂

  27. Well. I also love homegoods and can spend many hours there. Something for my front porch that would make you want to linger there. Maybe red checked or plaid pillows and a throw or two. I have 3 white rockers and a swing. Also maybe some lanterns and greenery. I like to add rustic touches to my decor and I collect the bottle brush trees.
    Love your tablescape and I also love the knives

  28. If I would win the 100.00 dollars I would add more pieces to a simple white collection I have now. I love cake plates too and have a rather small collection of them too. I would also like to see a new tablecloth or placemats for the breakfast area. Live your collection of ironstone!!

  29. I would love to decorate for the holidays this year. Add a cozy pillow and throw here and there, hang stockings accordingly, and smuffle up near a beautiful Christmas tree. That would be amazing.

  30. Love the white and wood – so classic. I’d like to get the wood slices! Tried my own from a tree we cut down but they got moldy – ick, not good for a table setting.

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