fall touches in the living room

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart.  As always, all words and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

I have resigned to the fact that decorating for fall isn’t going to be a priority this year.  Each year, I think I’ll just put out a couple of pumpkins or something, but each year, I’m wooed by the cool temperatures, the crunching of the leaves, and the piles of heirloom pumpkins at the market.  But this year, I have bigger fish to fry.  I have to recover and heal from shoulder surgery.

Not wanting to ignore fall altogether, I decided to add a few simple touches to our main living area before I’ll be in a sling for a few weeks…

The mantle is the obvious focal point of the room, so I dressed it up with a mix of faux and fresh foliage and produce.

I started with a base of a fall leaf garland with berries and mini pumpkins from Walmart Home.  When I was browsing for my summer green & white tablescape, I was surprised at the broad selection of artificial greens and foliage available at our local Walmart and there was an even greater selection online.  I don’t typically use orange in my decorating, but I decided to give it a try and I really love the pop it adds to my blues.  (They are complementary colors, after all!)

I then added fresh mini pumpkins, seeded eucalyptus, gourds, pears, pine cones, and hydrangeas from my garden.  I tucked some sweet autumn clematis in there, too, but those will have to be removed because they will wilt pretty quickly.   Some little faux white flowers would be cute, though!

I like how it came together.  It feels very fall-ish without being too predictable.  I also like that is has a wild, collected feel.

And, I have to admit, I’m loving the orange.

I added some branches trimmed from one of our trees and more eucalyptus to an antique crock.  I filled a large glass jar with water and tucked it inside the crock to help prolong the life of the cut greenery.

I put a faux pumpkin on top of the antique scale.

On the sofa, I added a couple of knit pillows.  They mix nicely with my antique grain sack pillows and add some cozy texture.

Here’s a close-up of the faux pumpkin.  Other than the fact that it’s perfectly-shaped, it really looks pretty convincing!

I also added a knit throw to one of the chairs.  It has that chunky knit blanket vibe, but it’s chenille.  That means it’s softer and it also doesn’t attract every piece of fuzz or dog hair like velcro.

So, the whole house won’t be decked out for fall, but we have a pumpkin by the front door and this little sprinkle of fall where we can all enjoy it.

Now, we just need the temperatures to plummet a little bit more, so we can turn on the fireplaces.

All in good time…

fall touches in the living room

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21 Comments on “fall touches in the living room”

  1. Your mantle is lovely! Thanks for getting me inspired. It’s supposed to go from the 90’s to 70’s this weekend. I can’t wait!!!

  2. Beautiful touches to your mantle. I do really love that pop of orange as well! Nice to get this done before you surgery, now you can hoping just rest and enjoy it. Hope your surgery is feeling better soon!

  3. Marian, how did you make out on your trip with your shoulder? I envisioned you pulling luggage in discomfort. Your mantel is so you! Thanks

  4. The touches you’ve added to the living room are lovely, and carefully NOT overdone, but I think I know you by now well enough to guess that soon there will be a gourd or two, and several colorful leaves in the kitchen–grin 😉

  5. Beautiful, as always, Marion. I send you healing thoughts and prayers as you embark on your shoulder surgery. Please take good care of yourself and try not to overdo. Not sure how I missed it previously; I had no idea until this post that you were having surgery. Be well sweet gal@

  6. How do you get in the Fall deco mood when the temp. yesterday and today are 96 & 97 deg??!!
    Maybe cooler by Christmas! 😓

  7. Looks lovely, and cooler temps for next week after the rain. Good luck with your surgery and obey the physicians’s orders!!!

  8. Marian, it is beautiful as always! I pray for quick healing for your shoulder! Shoulder pain is so awful, I know from experience. Take time to let it heal properly, I know it’s hard to do, but it is SOOOO important!
    Hugs and prayers from Oregon!

  9. Very nice. You have inspired me and I just couldn’t pass up some fake flowers from Michaels. They really add a nice touch to the room.

  10. Marian, I love what you have done with your Fall décor on your mantel, in your old crock and antique scale! It’s lovely!

    Praying that your surgery will go well. Take care! Blessings!

  11. Marian, your fall mantel is such a refreshing change from the extra-full autumn foliage garlands, wreaths and pumpkin arrangements I have been seeing everywhere on the internet. Although those are beautiful as well, I so enjoy the “light touch” you used this year…and as you say, it has a more natural, collected look. Lovely!

  12. I hope you’ll recover from the shoulder surgery soon, sending you all the blessings! Love your Fall living room, especially the decoration above the fireplace. All the layers and textures are stunning, but that chunky knit blanket stole my heart completely. It looks so cozy and snuggly!

  13. It”ll be a very pretty room to sit in when your surgery is over!
    Many prayers for a speedy recovery…well not to speedy 🙂
    Take it slow!

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