Remember this antique footstool I purchased a few weeks ago when my mom was visiting?  Well, I finally gave it a makeover!  I was planning on making a slipcover, but this footstool makeover turned out to be much easier…

antique footstool makeover before | miss mustard seed

I decided to try to pull off a couple of the tacks to see how easy the footstool would be to strip.  I’ve stripped several pieces finished with nailhead trim before and they can be so tedious to remove.  These just popped right off, so I proceeded with the footstool makeover right on the spot.  I was able to strip it in about 15 minutes and discovered that contemporary leaf design was hiding delightful antique blue and white ticking!

antique footstool makeover | blue and white ticking | miss mustard seed

This layer is obviously the equivalent of the footstool’s undergarments, but I still love it.  It was a little dusty, so I cleaned it thoroughly with a vacuum.

antique footstool makeover | blue and white ticking | miss mustard seed

I still might reupholster it or make a slipcover, but it was good enough to call this footstool makeover complete for now!

antique footstool makeover | blue and white ticking | miss mustard seed

What do you think?  Would you call this footstool makeover done or make a cover for it?

If I did want to make a slipcover for it, I would make something similar to THESE dining chair slipcovers with a mini box pleat trim and little ties around the legs.  I would most likely use a simple antique hemp linen.

Just for fun, I decided to do a little shopping on Etsy to see if I could find some footstools in a similar style.  I actually found a couple that are almost identical to mine, but they are a lot more expensive.  I only paid about $60 for mine. There are some reasonably-priced cute footstools, though.  I always keep an eye out for them when I’m out shopping second-hand.  They are just so useful to tuck under tables and in front of chairs.  We use them all over our house.

Any other footstool hoarders out there?



  1. RAinNC

    Done! It’s gorgeous as is.

  2. Mary Anne Saunders

    How about almost done? Maybe adding trim along the area that held nail heads. Love ❤️ ticking.

    • Laura B

      This way my thought, too!

      • Kathy k

        I’d put on a slip cover. The ticking is cute but prob fragile. Protect it!

      • Patricia W Mirza

        my thought, too. The nail holes are a little distracting. Love the ticking, though!

    • CarlaS

      Me too. Maybe even use the trim and nails that were there. Might look sweet with the gold?

      • Rhonda

        Love it exactly the way it is, nail heads showing and all, simply charming

  3. JOAN

    Done, done, and done! It is perfect as is!

  4. sandi m

    My my suggestion is to make the cover. Down the road you’ll always have that pleasant surprise of seeing the original ticking from when you removed those tacks and cover. But…if you leave it, just add the trim to cover the nail heads as earlier mentioned. Love the 6 legs.. I have a 4 legger that has a needlepoint cover – now I’m tempted to see what is hiding underneath.
    An unrelated comment – I received my Where WC subscription copy. What a beautiful spread!, and to have both the front and back covers!!! Loved the article and smiled at every picture. As a loooong time MMS reader I already knew the ‘back’ story of the evolution of that room. 🙂 Congratulations!! (Now you need to be in their What WC…)

  5. Lisa

    I vote for a slip cover.

  6. Deborah Raney

    Perfect as is! As if it was MADE for your house and that room!

  7. Judith Yingling

    How crazy to find your kind of fabric hiding underneath. I love the woodwork, so I would finish it by just putting a band and your thumbtacks back in. Show off the woodwork design and the fabric find. This stool really does tell a story.

  8. Cynthia Johnson

    I love the little surprises hidden everywhere!
    I think a trim piece would complete your stool.. I’d love to keep as much of the beautiful wood exposed as possible!

  9. beverlee b lyons

    Just some gimp or something to cover the uglies on the wood. A great surprise!

  10. Deb Henry

    I ADORE footstools and have….. let’s say, several. But two of them were made from scrap wood by my grandfather who was a builder and while they are not fancy, because he made them I ADORE them! I had custom slipcovers made for my 70’s sofa bed and they are done in blue/white ticking. I have a bunch of the fabric left over so now I am thinking I will make padded covers with it for the stools….. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE IDEA! Note: One of the stools was made simply to be able to “reach” higher up areas while building a house and I doubt it was ever intended to be a “keeper” but in my eyes it is PERFECT! 🙂

  11. Mary

    In my opinion, it’s a little too rough to go well with your other pieces – – please, please make a cover for this darling oblong footstool. It is a great find. ♡

    • CarlaS

      But wouldn’t the slipcover hide all the beautiful carving?

    • Margo

      I agree. The blue ticking is a great choice but I would replace it with new although I know everyone usually prefers the old timeworn look.

  12. debi

    I would call it DONE! It’s so beautiful as is, I love it!

  13. mary m

    Love the foot stool. Something is missing in the details as I see it. the side drop needs some finishing touches. How about making the top oval cover.. Apply self pipping. Then run a band around the drop and finish off wither with more self piping or gimp. You might have to run a band of filling to smooth it out to make it more tailored. Just an observation!

  14. Sandra Haymart

    I would make a cover just the same size as what it has on it. I would never cover those beautiful legs.

  15. Janet in Kansas City

    If it were mine I think I would give it a little wash of paint to highlight the amazing detail in the woodwork. It’s very cute!

  16. Eileen

    I love it and especially those sexy legs.

  17. Evea

    I like the shape, wood and style…but the ticking is a little too “country” for that piece. Your style is more refined now.

  18. Judy

    I agree with several others: new blue ticking fabric for a cover but let those beautiful legs show. If a quick change is preferred, use the same fabric but new (or the old/former) tape around the edge with the old nail heads as what’s there now is a bit rough and ragged looking. Thanks for letting us share our ideas

  19. Carolyn Dietrich

    Some trim around the bottom is my suggestion.

  20. Michele M.

    What a neat find.

    I love the ticking – but it doesn’t go well with the fancy woodwork. I would remove, wash and make something with the special ticking – you always find the perfect thing to repurpose your finds.

    I love the wood but I so see it white. with maybe a half and half clear/dark wax gently used to showcase the beauty of the cuttings.

    If you keep as is – and it is pretty neat, I agree – it seems to be missing trim to hide the bottom part of ticking where it meets the legs – looks a little too undone, in my humble opinion.

  21. Charlotte

    It’s beautiful as is. It’s utilitarian in its beauty and back then, utilitarian was blue and white ticking. I am a footstool/step stool hoarder. My most recent find is a lovely wood piece that’s upholstered and I think it’s been padded with down! I will be upholstering it with a grain sack I found and I’m super excited about it! Enjoy your find!!!!

  22. Gina

    Done. Beautiful the way she is.

  23. Carol

    I vote for a new cover of the same size with the nailheads reinstalled.

  24. Jane

    It was meant to be! Enjoy that antique ticking fabric, it’s perfect.

  25. Terri

    What an exciting surprise! Ticking works perfectly with your style!

  26. Deborah D

    I would definitely call it done for now.

  27. Penny

    Done. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  28. Jami

    Please make a slipcover! I have an oval ottoman that desperately needs covered and I could use a tutorial ! 😊I only see ones for round or square ottomans.
    Thanks !

  29. Dianne

    I love the ottoman and the ticking. I am also a collector of ottomans. One of my favorite goes with a bergere chair, and I covered them with blue and white ticking with self-piping. I decorate with mostly blue and white, and I love the way you have mixed in the soft greens.

  30. Jane

    It is gorgeous the way it is perfectly imperfect. I would definitely not change it.

  31. Cyndi

    Love it as is! I love footstools but have only purchased one for about $40. Would love to find another or two

  32. Carole Prisk

    I would leave the ticking, but I would use some gimp around the tacked edge. I probably would add tacks to the gimp. I love foot stools and have more than my share. I carried one home from England in my carry on and another in my suitcase. My heart beats for needlepoint covers. The one that flew in my carry on has a beaded cover and thrills me every time I look at it. My husband calls them trip hazards.

  33. Mildred

    No slip cover. Leave the ticking and cover rough edges with gimp or cording.

  34. carswell

    I like the ticking – it is very appropriately utilitarian for a foot stool’s purpose. Also, I have a soft spot for ticking.

    I would just do as a couple of others have suggested and add some gimp/braid to cover the nailheads. I think a ruffled cover would hide the lovely detail of the wood and the scale of the legs.

  35. Rebecca M

    Nope! Cover that sucker!🤣. Or at least put some gimp/trim around all those nasty holes. It’s just too dirty looking to me. BUT! You do you!🤣

  36. Sheri

    I vote for a new slipcover.

  37. Rinda

    I covered a footstool in blue stripped ticking a few years ago. It quickly got a spot on it and I have not been able to figure out how to get the spot out without leaving a wet stain all over the fabric. Any suggestions? And I would NOT cover that ticking. I’d leave it as is. I LOVE it.

  38. MaryLisa

    A hidden gem underneath

  39. Monique Denoncin

    Yes, how fun to find a type of fabric you like and in your colors. Keep it this way for now, but it looks unfinished with old nails that are not supposed to show. I am quite sure that soon or later you’ll get tired of the looks and will show us your next great redo. Enjoy. Happy weekend!

  40. Frances

    So that the beautiful wood pattern won’t be hidden and the ticking fabric is in such good condition, all I would do is put a pretty trim on it to hide the rough edge of the fabric. The braded hemp you’ve used in the past would look amazing!

  41. Kitty

    Just don’t cover this beautiful legs!

  42. Lynnett Ratchford

    I would leave the ticking for now-it’s such a find-but do add gimp or trim to finish it out. Someday you may want to change the fabric, but don’t paint the legs! I love the shape and style. By the way, I have a collection of footstools, too.

  43. marian handley

    Use ticking with a pleated trim.



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