I wanted to make crocheted snowflakes this year, but I knew I didn’t want to make little lacy, dainty ones.  I didn’t want to get into fine, tedious work with little hooks, but wanted something quick and simple to do while I was watching TV.  So, I worked on making a simple, chunky snowflake that will complement the chunky knit elements in my Christmas decor and would also make nice gifts, present-toppers, and components of a garland, etc.  Here is the tutorial for the chunky crochet snowflake I ended up making!

easy chunky crochet snowflake tutorial | miss mustard seed

It is so sweet and only takes about 10-15 minutes to make each one.  You’ll get quicker as you learn the pattern and this is a simple project that’s great for beginners.

easy chunky crochet snowflake tutorial | miss mustard seed

Before I share the tutorial and pattern, I wanted to share some yarn options.  My snowflake is chunky because of the yarn I used, but you can make a smaller, finer snowflake with a thinner yarn.  Here is how different the same snowflake pattern looks in three different yarns…

easy chunky crochet snowflake tutorial | yarn sources | miss mustard seed

From top to bottom – Lovikka Yarn in Ivory, Fisherman’s Wool (worsted weight) or HERE is a three-pack, Mojave Cotton/Linen Yarn in Natural.

And this is the difference between the Icelandic Lovvika Yarn (top) and Lion Brand Wool Ease (bottom)…

easy chunky crochet snowflake tutorial | yarn comparison | miss mustard seed

I really loved the size of the snowflake made by the Lovikka yarn, but that yarn is very loose and tore easily when I was trying to cinch the magic circle.  That was getting frustrating, so I bought some of the Wool Ease, and that works much better.  It makes a snowflake about as big as my hand, which is a nice size to be an ornament on a large tree.

easy chunky crochet snowflake tutorial | miss mustard seed

Chunky Crochet Snowflake Tutorial for Beginners

What you’ll need: 

Because it’s easier to show you how to make one than to tell you, here is a video tutorial for the chunky crochet snowflake…


And here is the printable Chunky Crochet Snowflake pattern in case you need that to work from…

easy chunky crochet snowflake pattern | miss mustard seed


These snowflakes would make great homemade gifts, present-toppers, ornaments, stocking embellishments, and I think they’d even look great strung together to make a garland to hang over a window.

I hope you enjoy making them!

easy chunky crochet snowflake tutorial | miss mustard seed

crochet hook | woven tray | white gift box | kraft paper tag

You can find more crochet tutorials, patterns, and sources in these posts…

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So, you want to learn to crochet?


  1. Kris Cannon

    Thank you for the easy-to-follow tutorial! I sat down, and after a struggle with the magic loop and first go the the double crochets, perseverance won and I made two! Doing more tonight! I can’t thank you enough! Happy holidays!

  2. FIL

    I thought snowflakes were 6 pointed.

    • Diane

      For sure, snowflakes have six points. I think she should call it a star. It is a beautiful star.

    • Sharon Rexroad

      I’m laughing as I’m a purist too. I can fall in love with a wrapping paper, but if it has snowflakes with anything other than six points, I can’t bring myself to buy it. Of course, maybe one of the kitties (or Sebastian) caught the snowflake and bit off a point. Yep, that’s what happened!

      • Bab

        If the number of points are that bothersome, on step two just add another repeat.

  3. Lottie

    FIL-yes, snowflakes have 6 points, but who cares? This is just a tree ornament or gift tag… It is So cute, Marian!!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Alissa

    To use the Lovikka yarn (or any other contrary, unaccommodating fiber that you fall in love with) to make these snowflakes – get some of those small white plastic rings from the sewing or upholstery section and crochet into the center of the ring as if it were your magic circle. I’d guess you’ve got some around, Marian.

  5. Jo

    I love your website!!! Thank you so much for sharing all you do!!! You have given me the courage to put paint on a blank canvas!!! Warmly, Jo

  6. Hazel

    Been following you for a few years and have found your site refreshing in that your willing to share even the hiccups of your life!
    I thank you for illustrating the crochet stars in the variety of yarns so choices are available according to our needs and abilities.
    May God continue to bless you. This is your ministry

  7. Bev

    I just started crocheting again after 20+ years and would love some smaller projects to work on. Will try the snowflakes for a start.

  8. Melva

    Love this tutorial. I’m just beginning to crochet again. Also, teaching my granddaughters.

  9. Toni

    I love it when you show us how to do things. I’m a novice at crochet, but I made some of the dishcloths awhile back and I want to try these, as well, be they snowflakes or stars…who cares?
    I love your site.

  10. Patricia Kasparian

    These are super cute! I’m going to give making these a try. I wouldn’t even be crocheting without your tutorials, Marian, so I’m grateful. I also made Nuts & Bolts tonight – another gift from you was that yummy recipe. Enjoy the season 🙂

  11. PJ

    Marian, thank you for sharing this. After using your directions to make several dishcloths, I am ready to move on to a different project. I saw these as stars, not snowflakes, so the number of points does not matter to me. You have inspire me to once again pick up my crochet hooks. Wishing you joy in this season.

  12. Anita Sams

    Marian, Thank you for sharing. This is the kind of thing that keeps your blog from feeling like everyone else’s blog. You generously share your discoveries and interests, keeping your readers interested and learning along with you, By the way, I used to make stars using macrame. As you know so well, there is a whole world out there to be exploring. You have my admiration.- Anita.

  13. Suzette

    These are beautiful! Can’t wait to try making them!
    We appreciate all you do! Super-Lady!
    Merry Christmas to you and Yours!🎄

  14. Julie Huddleson

    Thank you for the crocheted snowflake tutorial Marian!! Just the thing I needed on our trek from Tx to IA for Christmas. I’m on my 4th one!!

  15. Evelyn Laws

    Just crocheted a couple snowflake’s! They are so fun & easy instructions to follow. You are the only person that makes it so easy to to learn to crochet. I learned as a kid with my Grandma, but only learn the simple stuff. I never learned to read the directions, so thank you so very much for your instruction.
    Happy Holiday’s! Evelyn

  16. Suzie

    Lovely! I am allergic to wool is there a good quality brand/alternative yarn that you would recommend?

    • Marian Parsons

      Hmm…I am sure there is an acrylic alternative or maybe something that is cotton. I would just look for a chunky yarn that requires a size 9mm crochet hook and you’ll end up with a very similar look. Hobby Lobby has a yarn by Yarn Bee that is called Effortless Super Bulky Yarn and it’s most acrylic with some alpaca. Not sure if that causes the same problem as wool, though…


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