ruffled-edge farmhouse crochet dishcloth tutorial (for beginners)

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I’m so excited to share another crochet tutorial!  I know a lot of you are learning crochet or dusting off that skill to keep your hands and minds busy during this time at home.  I, for one, thought I would have so much extra time, but it just hasn’t turned out that way!  What I need to do for my business day-to-day hasn’t slowed and Jeff and the boys are home, which requires more help on schoolwork, cooking, feeding, and tidying-up.  We’ve also been more intentional about spending quality time together – playing games, going on walks, and just paying attention to one another.  Teen and pre-teen boys aren’t the best at expressing themselves, so them asking you to come watch them do pull-ups might be their way of asking for reassurance.  In a way, this time has been so sweet.  We haven’t been running from one thing to the next and we’ve had the time and the desire to draw close and do more together.

There has, of course, been the squabbling and cabin fever!  I don’t want you to think we have a picturesque quarantine happening here 24/7.  There are times we’re annoyed with each other and we’re all struggling to discover the temporary new normal.  But, even with those lower points, we’re making good memories.  I hope you are finding that as well.

beginner dishcloth crochet tutorial miss mustard seed farmhouse style

In today’s post, I’m sharing how to make a simple, farmhouse-style dishcloth with a scalloped/ruffled edge.  I have made a few of them and they turned out so cute!  They are simple to make, just using two stitches, so this is a good project for beginners.

beginner dishcloth crochet tutorial miss mustard seed farmhouse style

Here are the supplies you will need for this crochet tutorial…

  • 5mm crochet hook –  is the pretty wood one I’m using
  • Sugar n’ Cream 4ply cotton yarn in Ecru (NOT Soft Ecru) – HERE
  • Scissors – HERE
  • Tapestry needle – HERE is a set
  • Safety pins or stitch markers – HERE

beginner dishcloth crochet tutorial miss mustard seed farmhouse style

In this crochet tutorial video, I show how to…

    • make a slip knot around the hook to start
    • make a foundation chain
    • half-double crochet
    • double crochet
    • turn your work to make rows
    • mark your rows to keep your work straight
    • make a scalloped edge, working in unconventional spaces
    • weave in your ends and finish


If you’d like a PDF pattern, you can print or download it HERE.

beginner dishcloth crochet tutorial pattern miss mustard seed farmhouse style

Of course, you can make these in any color!  And they work well for cleaning dishes, cleaning counters and surfaces, and using as washcloths.

Since we have a Type 1 Diabetic in the house, I am always pretty mindful of keeping high touch points, surfaces, and linens clean.  For years, I opted to use paper towels for cleaning for that reason.  I liked that they were disposable.  But, I was just going through so many!  It’s expensive and wasteful.  While I still use paper towels for certain jobs, I use these dishcloths for all sorts of cleaning and, because I have so many and can always make more, I use them once (or for a day) and then throw them in the laundry basket to get washed with our next load of whites.

beginner dishcloth crochet tutorial miss mustard seed farmhouse style

I loved the scalloped border!  I might even go back and add it to a few of my other finished dishcloths.

beginner dishcloth crochet tutorial miss mustard seed farmhouse style

If you’re interested, you can find more crochet tutorials below…

Farmhouse Dishcloth Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

Crochet Potholder Tutorial for Beginners

So, you want to learn to crochet?

Vintage-Style Farmhouse Glass Cozy

A few of my followers on Instagram have asked if we can “crochet together”, so we’re going to do just that, but open it up to anyone who wants to virtually get together.

This Friday, March 27, 2020, at 12:30 CST, Shaunna and I are going to host an Instagram Live that will be a modern take on an old-fashioned sewing circle.  I’m going to work on one of these dishcloths and Shaunna is going to do a palette knife painting.  You can bring whatever craft or task you want and join us.  Really, you can just pay your bills with us if you just want some adult company!  Both of us will do a little instruction and we plan to chat about hope, things we’re thankful for, what we’re learning, and the bright spots we’re seeing during this unprecedented time.

I think it will be a fun, encouraging diversion.

I hope to “see” you there!


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    1. Dodie

      Tapestry needles you suggested are out of stock, please advise what would be second best option. This is all new to me. Thank you.

      • Marian Parsons

        I added a new link. Here’s a comparable set…

    2. Kim

      Yeah. Something on my calendar besides work ?

    3. Amber

      Thank you for the crochet tutorials you take such beautiful pictures it is encouraging my daughter to want to learn to crochet. And thank you for your uplifting posts and blog entries. It is always nice to read positive things and see beautiful pictures. But especially so in the current climate.

    4. sandi

      Marian, Not sure if it is just me, but the 3 amazon links you have for the supplies all point to a YouTube with nothing.
      PS – your cloths are all so cute. I know how to crochet and will definitely try making these. Thank you for your generous sharing.

    5. sandi

      ok scratch my comment above…link goes to a YouTube screen where you can click another tab for the site
      still strange not a direct link…

      • Marian Parsons

        No, something wasn’t right! I had copied them from my last dishcloth post and something went awry. I fixed the links, so they are direct. Thanks for letting me know!

    6. monique

      Invaluable in these times..and many should learn because it lasts a lifetime..I have been so grateful over the years to have home hobbies even during my career.Wonderful.

    7. Patricia Kasparian

      I started crocheting because of your beginner’s series and I thought the dishcloths were so pretty and so practical. For a few weeks, I’ve been adding little borders and edges to them, as well. This hobby has been a lot of fun to explore and I’m so grateful for you introducing me to it, Marian. Thank you 🙂

    8. Addie

      Good lesson!!! I can see your hands look nice and moisturized….mine are raw red from all this washing!!!!
      One little helper tip…..on your left hand….you should wrap the yarn around your pinkie finger once. This helps with tension control and lets the yarn flow off the skein and to your wrapping finger (to feed to the hook) while keeping great tension. Not so much a big deal for dishcloths but in other projects tension is important for final look.
      You are doing GREAT!!!

    9. Elaine Randall

      One of your original posts on the dishcloths inspired me. While I have never crocheted, I do knit simple items. I found a simple pattern and bought some cotton yarn in shades other than the lovely white you use so as to hide stains. I have made a dozen or so. I love using them. Thanks for the inspiration.

    10. Celia

      Thank you so much for this! Love the live idea. Trying to get supplies in time to learn along with you. (Just might be paying bills!! Haha!!)

    11. Cheri

      I’m going to try to join in …. we will be driving back to MN on Friday and I think the group will be a welcome diversion on the long ride from Cincinnati!

    12. Shan Rice

      What was the title of the crochet book you mentioned several months ago? You said it was a good resource that included instruction on different stitches and was available from Amazon. Thanks

    13. Joni

      Hi, Marion,
      My mom has made these in various patterns for years. At first I thought they were strange, but once I began using them, I realized how amazing they are!
      She sat with me as I made one. The one I tried on my own didn’t look to good, and so I never tried again. But I plan to join you Friday, and hopefully really get it this time! Thank you!

    14. Sharla

      Love this idea! Looking forward to making some with high hopes I actually finish a project! Can you recommend the 5mm crochet hook on Amazon?

    15. Debbie Perkins

      Hello! I didn’t get that little lean going one way and on the next row going the other. What did I do wrong. I will say I ended up with a really nice square!

      • Marian Parsons

        Hmmm…if you send a picture, I can take a look. It may simply be how you’re making your stitch vs. how I make mine.

    16. Evelyn Manns

      I don’t see the 5mm set available on the crochet needles I see a 4mm or 5.5? What one would you recommend?

    17. Diane

      Love this project! I adore knitting and crocheting but find it difficult to discover simple projects that people (me) will actually use or wear. Thanks so much, and look forward to many more!

    18. Diane

      I just made my first dishcloth and it was super fun! My stitches don’t seem to be as tight as yours and my dishcloth seemed a little on the big side. Are the needles US 5 or 5MM?

    19. Jackie

      I am thankful that my family. I am thankful for the love of our spiritual family, but most of all I am thankful for my beautiful granddaughter Maddy. My sunshine!


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