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Now that my major deadlines are past and I am home from my trip to Montana, I am catching up on some things that have been waiting for my attention.  I’m also looking forward to getting back into more sketching, painting, and product design.

I’ve gotten my creative space set up pretty well, but I realized I was lacking something for cloudy/rainy days – a work light.  Most of the time, we have gorgeous natural light in the studio, but there are days when it’s dark, even sitting right next to the large windows. So, I ordered a simple clamp-on drafting light from Amazon.  I looked for something a little more unique, like a cool antique brass lamp, but they were just more than I wanted to spend.


This white one is definitely more modern, but the white color makes it neutral enough that it works.  It even provides a cool juxtaposition against all of the antiques.


Now that I have a decent, although small, set of pastels, I decided to work with them a little bit more.  I bought a landscape painting book to give me some instruction.


After browsing through the book, I worked on a landscape…


I’ll say upfront that I was in a foul mood when I was working on this one.  I got so frustrated with the greens in my palette!  I was trying to use red to mute them and other tricks, but I just couldn’t get the color of the trees right and the shadows look muddy.  I like the sky, the grass, and the flowers, but I wish I could cut the trees out… the way a heartbroken teenage girl would cut the offending ex-boyfriend out of her pictures.


I resisted the urge to throw it in the trash, though.  It’s a learning tool every bit as valuable as a book, video tutorials, etc.


Creating this reminded me of something I heard Paul Baloche say about song writing.  You can put a lot of pressure on yourself if you schedule a time to sit and write a song.  The words and melody might not flow.  Inspiration may not strike.  So, he suggests taking time to just play and sing.  Don’t worry about trying to write a song.  Just record yourself playing and singing what comes into your heart a song might come out of it.

I need to work on painting and drawing that way.  Just let my heart spill onto the paper and if it’s worthy of sharing, great.  If it’s not, well, it’s just one of the many paintings that will collectively make me the artist I will be one day.


So, speaking of share-worthy…

I received something in the mail today.  It was a set of four art prints from Society 6, addressed to me, that I did not order.  There was no note or any information at all as to who sent them to me.  Well, whoever sent them, I was impressed with the quality and it gave me the push I needed.

I decided to take that big, scary step and make some of my paintings and sketches available for purchase.  So I don’t have to guess what customers may want, I am selling them through Society 6, which is a made-to-order site.


I’ve uploaded a mix of acrylic folk art, watercolors, pastel, and photography.  Here are some of my favorite pieces available in the collection


I told Jeff I was taking this step and he said, “Oh?  Are you ready?”

I laughed a little.

“No.  But I’m going to do it, anyway!”

I’ll upload more to my Society 6 as I finish pieces.  I did just upload the “redhead” and “colored pencils” for those who were interested!

You can shop the collection HERE.


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