antique “art cabinet”

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I have been pushing towards a few deadlines over the last several weeks and, while it’s all been fun work, I was really ready for a change of pace!  Jeff gave me a chance to get away on Saturday, so I went on a trek to HomeGoods and to a local antique shop.  I am almost always shopping for things to sell and I did some of that on this trip, but I also took some time to shop for myself.

And I found this awesome piece…


It’s an antique cabinet, obviously handmade, probably a piece some guy built for tool storage or something.


It’s been well used and worn over the years, but I find all of the rough edges very endearing.

And, what pushed it over the top for me is that it’s perfectly sized to store art supplies.


The cubbies are long enough for brushes, pads of paper, palettes, and finished works.  Some of the drawers are divided and some aren’t, making it suitable for a variety of storage needs.


I bought it with the intention to paint it, probably leaving the top wood, but I am still debating exactly how I want to paint it and do I want to change the hardware, put it on casters, etc.

I know it’ll hit me.


I’m glad to have a new piece of furniture to work on, though, and I’m very excited to have a cool storage piece for all of my newly acquired art supplies!

I’ll keep you posted on what I decide to do with it.


And, speaking of art supplies, I am looking forward to playing with pastels some more.  I did buy a set of nicer quality Rembrandt pastels.  Nice pastels are very expensive, so I started with a small set before I invest in more.  I have been browsing around to find a used set, so maybe I’ll luck out!  (If anyone knows of some quality used pastels for sale, just let me know!)


I also took a little time today to “move into” a new watercolor palette.  I had been using one that didn’t have enough wells for all of my colors, so some of the wells housed as many as 3 colors and none of them were labeled.  This palette had just the right number of wells, so I added the paints and labeled them with a color card.  This will be such a helpful tool when I’m mixing colors or trying to pick just the right shade.


My book projects are pretty much wrapped up and now it’s onto a few freelance projects and I have some upholstery work and a custom landscape dresser waiting for me!

antique “art cabinet”

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