customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating

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Earlier this week, I showed how I made this full, fluffy Christmas/winter wreath out of two thinner wreaths.  Not only did it add fullness to the wreath, but it added more texture.  You can read all about it and see a video tutorial on how I did it HERE.  The two wreaths I used were THIS ONE and THIS ONE.

customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

I really loved the wreath without any additional decoration, but I thought it would be fun to customize it further.  I used things I already had on hand – sprigs of faux greenery, dried orange slices, and a blue and white checked ribbon.  You can see how to dry and decorate with orange slices HERE.

customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

I bought the ribbon from Hobby Lobby last year and I wasn’t able to find it online, but here are a few nice alternatives…


customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

The sprigs of greenery were ones I already had that were mixed into garlands and swags last year.  I tend to buy bundles of faux greenery that I like when they are on sale and then I’ll clip them and mix them in where I need that color or texture.  Most of the greenery, in fact, is not even Christmas/winter greenery.  I used magnolia leaves, lavender stems (no flowers), a feathery fern, and some juniper.

customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

Here is a video showing how I added the sprigs, oranges, and ribbons…

A few tips for customizing your own wreath –

  • For a wreath this size (24″), I would suggest using 5-7 of each element.  For example, five bundles of sprigs or seven dried oranges.
  • Tie the decorations in place with florist wire.  It’s not as messy as hot glue and the elements can be removed and changed around as your aesthetic evolves.
  • Use elements that will play off of each other.  Just set them out together in the store or on a table at home and see what works.  Do you want elements that are shiny, matte, natural, colorful, prickly, smooth, etc.  Find a combination that looks good to your design eye.  For me, I enjoyed how all of these worked together.

customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

Of course, I have to pan out to show you the paint samples on my front door.  That’s just how things are going in our house right now!  While I like the current color, it’s ready for something new and definitely for some gloss!  I like a glossy front door.

customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

I loved the wreath on the front door, around my new brass rabbit door knocker, but it was too fluffy for my storm door to close!

customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

So, I ended up hanging it on the mirror in my foyer, and that works just as well.

customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

I hope this gives you some inspiration to customize your own wreaths as well as garlands, swags, and other Christmas decorations.  It really is a great way to elevate the look of less expensive greens and to allow your look to evolve.  I enjoy paying with my greenery each year and coming up with slightly new arrangements with the same old stuff

customizing a winter/Christmas wreath | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed


  1. Martha

    I, too, have a storm door that’s too close to my wood door for a wreath. A few years ago I put up a clear Scotch brand hook high on the outside of the storm door & hang the wreaths (for every season) from a ribbon. Just today I realized that the hook has been on the door now for TEN years! My entry is not very protected &, even with wild Ohio winds, I’ve never lost a wreath!

  2. Helene

    I always hang my wreath with a wreath hook over my storm door. It looks so much nicer not squeezed between the two doors. I also add battery operated lights which are on a timer. Love the look from the street and also when coming up to the house. Shows off the beautiful wreath when hung this way.

  3. Betsy

    Congratulations to those that are able to hang wreaths outside their storm door. I always always have birds sitting in there the few times I tried that. And of course I had to keep clean the glass of bird droppings. You didn’t ask Marion but I love the green paint sample on your door.

  4. Connie

    Your wreath looks equally beautiful on either your door or your gorgeous foyer mirror! And being from Alabama, I have to add that magnolia leaves are in fact a well used & loved foliage for wreaths, mantel garlands, table decorating, etc here in the South! We had a hugh magnolia in the front yard of our last home & friends, neighbors & even strangers were always taking cuttings at Christmas!

  5. JC

    Beautiful! I love the fullness and variety of greens you created. I was inspired to use dried oranges this year too. It looks so pretty against the dark green. Speaking of green, I love that paint color for your front door!

  6. FIL

    Great to see V, our Grandcat, assisting. A real helpcat to the project.

  7. Kristine

    Another vote for the green sample on your front door! During my thrift shopping journeys, there are SO SO many wreaths for sale. I have not bought one, but I am afraid I will one day! I’m excited to try some of your ideas for making a wreath fresh and beautiful!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Sara

    I always put my wreaths on the storm door using a over the door wreath hanger. Looks so much better than having it squeezed between the 2 doors. Especially the Christmas wreath!

  9. monique

    Good job! And the wreath must smell so good, no wonder the cat was all over it, part of the work, I could not stop smiling seeing his whiskers poking from left to right, actually the smile is still on my face.

  10. Teddee Grace

    This really turned out well. I ran low on faux conifer branches while making arrangements for my balcony this year and stuck in some ivy. I liked it so much that I bought ivy at two thrift stores today and am including it in all the rest of my arrangements along with some faux kale. I really like the textures and feel quite sure there are some climates moderate enough in which such a variety might be growing happily together during the winter months.

  11. Cynthia

    Lovely wreath …. and kitty cat 😀 !


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