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Thank you so much for sharing your prayer requests with me and each other yesterday.  My heart aches for those who are already in crisis and have had all of these new developments added to the stress and worry.  I was also moved by my readers who wanted to help, encourage, and pray for those who left comments.  This is a good group of people.  I have been and will continue to pray for all of those who left comments and, of course, for our first responders, healthcare workers, all of the people who are serving us at the grocery stores, business owners who are facing tough decisions, and our leaders.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I want to explore playing with combing yarn/thread and paint.  I know there are so many amazing artists already combining different mediums, including yarn and paint, but I want to find my own way of merging my crafts.  I got an overwhelmingly positive response on the color samples I painted a couple of weeks ago that I decided to continue along that line of creating.

What about making little “color samplers” that combine the swatches of oil color with some simple embroidery work.  At this point, I just did my initials (as a signature) and a running stitch.

I don’t want them to get overly complicated, so it takes me hours to make each one, but I think the embroidery adds a nice touch.  Maybe I’ll get more ambitious as I get better with a needle, though.  I do have a lot of fun threads and yarns to play with!

The linen that I’m currently working with is leftover from an upholstery project.

This one, in fact…

I never know what I’m going to do with fabric remnants, but I have a hard time getting rid of them.  Especially the antique linen.  There is the promise of a little project in each one, so I sold them and keep them in my stash.

(By the way, I absolutely loved the painted finish on these chairs!  You can see the post about their makeover HERE.)

I loved the color and nubbiness of this fabric for this particular project, but I’m looking for a new source because my vintage stash will eventually run out.

I’ve made up a few more samplers of blues, grays, greens, and landscape colors.  They need to dry and then I’ll trim and press them and add any extra stitching to them.  And then I plan on selling them with my next group of index cards.  I really need to get this index card project finished.  What was meant to be a warm-up after my shoulder surgery has been dragging on!  It’s just been a busy season of life.

I love how creative journeys are meandering.  They are curves and loops that keep you shifting, experimenting, and trying new things.  I find so much joy and renewal in that.  Not only am I not a cog in a machine, but I don’t even have a blueprint.  It’s a total fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants process and I’ll see how it turns out right along with everyone else.

I hope to create more samplers and finish more index cards over the next couple of weeks, so I can have a sale soon!

How do you create?  Do you need a plan or do you just wing it?

color samplers

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36 Comments on “color samplers”

  1. Well kinda both……I lay awake at night dreaming up creative fun ideas, which turns into morning sketching and planning,,,,and then as the painting or creative piece is prepped it turns into ‘winging it’ ~ sometimes into something totally different and new! Always fun….

    Prayers to everyone.

  2. I love the blue against the linen! The binding on the arm of the chair gives me an idea! Thank you.

  3. This speaks my name! I probably won’t be fortunate enough to have one of these, but I will enjoy someone else loving them almost as much.
    And, I wing it. Until I have a plan.
    I started out to make some tiny bunnies for a few friends, then it was stationery with roses…and then I have to tell me to stop. Or, I never get it done. So, I straightened my table and that makes this project done.
    I am enjoying this color palette of yours. Thank you.

    1. Please tell me about that pin cushion! I love it!

      Also hope to buy one of the lovely color studies or post card art,

    1. I bought it at a craft/antique fair a few years ago. It’s made out of an antique coverlet, if that helps. Maybe try searching on Etsy…

    2. Lyzz, I was thinking the same thing! I would love to have one of these. I’m going to bet that Marian made it!

  4. I grew up being very creative, painting, sewing, etc…but found I have become more of a consumer of the arts in my adulthood. Your talents inspire me to explore those old talents. Maybe these quiet times are a great opportunity to do just that! I don’t remember, what kind of paint do you use (acrylic, oil, water, etc.)?

  5. I quilt, bead, embroider and have been playing around with crochet. I have a list of things to learn to do. My bucket list is crafts to learn not places to go!

  6. I was hoping when you posted some pictures of you embroidering your initials it would be for the color charts. I love the detail the stitching adds and next to the landscapes 😍

  7. Dear Marian,
    Thank you so much for asking us for our prayer requests. It always helps and works.
    Also know that I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

    My prayer request is for my 96 year old mother-in-law Gladys. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet and she still lives alone. My husband and I are providing for her so that she doesn’t have to leave the house, (because she won’t stay with us). Please pray that she stays healthy and also Robert and I while we are caring for her.

    God Bless,

  8. I’ve always been a structured crafter… have to have a plan, instructions, etc. I started teaching myself to quilt about a year ago… Again with structure and instruction. However, I found out that playing around with scraps (less valuable supplies) was my key to really just messing around to see what I could create. In addition, I discovered crumb quilting and string quilting, which are really about creating something from nothing with no pressure. I love it!

  9. Love the direction your work is going. Since retiring from work, not life, I’ve been trying to finish one forgotten project after another. My sister keeps reminding me that projects don’t have to end up in the same place as where they started. I’m learning to embrace her artistic philosophy.

  10. I have always questioned your variety of color samples you have hanging around your studio but never asked about it. Now that they are featured in this post, I have to ask about it. I assume the ones in this post that you will sell are decorative. I also assume the others you have made and shown in other posts and the ones hanging in your studio have some other function. What’s the scoop? Thank you.

    1. Yes, the ones in this post are really decorative. They are swatches of color, which is why I’m calling them “color samplers.” The others are color study charts and they are methodical and are for the purpose of reference. They show me the color capabilities of my palette.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Interesting about the color study charts. Not being a painter it is novel to me. Glad to see your continued posts on your normal subjects. I am working on my fourth project since Saturday and blogs like yours are good inspiration even if what I am doing is unrelated. Best to you and your family.

  11. These samplers are so yummy with the stitching! It isn’t unusual for me to start one project and then before I know it, I’m spurred to adding to it or even start another with the inspiration from the first! Whether decorating projects, cleaning, organizing, or art — always happens!

  12. Hi Marian, Your projects are so inspiring to me! I am happiest when I am creating… decorating, sewing, drawing, knitting, painting and refinishing furniture, and cooking. I want to start painting. I took some art classes in college, but I feel like I just don’t know where to begin. I’m going to look back over the posts you wrote about your favorite art books and choose 2 or 3 to get started. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your experience, and the joy you get from being a maker!

  13. I just love these. They make me so happy. Simple and yet so creative.

    I guess I need a plan. I am not super spontaneous and I am finding in these days of staying home and social distancing I can allow creativity to be the last thing I pursue if I am not careful. I am trying to schedule it into my day and not always have to be cleaning and organizing. that has gotten worse over the years nd I finally realized it when I wasn’t really reading any more. Thankful for perspective and the motivation to change. I am looking forward to my creative self reawakening!

  14. Ooh ooh ooh! Try for linen. It is new, not vintage, but they have a great selection of colors and weights of linen. They even have the same blue and beige linen by the yard that you featured in your post about using your linen towel stash!
    I loved your thoughtful comments about our current mutual situation. We need to support our leaders, our friends, and our neighbors. Crisis often reminds us to to refocus our priorities and forget the nonsense. Pray for those who need our love and support, and take care of our more fragile and vulnerable citizens. Offer to pick up supplies for those who are nervous about going to the store. Our doctors, nurses, first responders, and researchers all need our positive prayers and support.

  15. I love to do embroidery. I stitch on old clothes, torn jeans and vintage clothes especially baby dress. It’s nice to just slow stitch. I do want to try paint and stitching together. .

  16. I second the I’ve ordered from them for years and they have a fabulous selection!

  17. Love this blog, I get so inspired, but most of all just happiness looking at all your wonderful things you are doing. Thanks for having such a kind voice, and being realistic. It makes me chuckle and gives me permission to keep puttering away.

  18. I’m thinking it would be pretty amazing to frame one of the index’ cards and a linen sampler done in the same paints with an embroidered sampler (same hues and tones) in a tryptic frame. Also I can see embroidery woven through and around the paint samplers in matching colors or even contrasting colors. You might not be able to do cross stitch as the fabric doesn’t look quite even weave enough but the uneven effect might be a nice balance to the loose painting. You are so talented and generous with your creativity that the inspiration is just dripping off every picture and every word. God bless you! I look forward to your brightening each day with your ideas and thoughtfulness!

    Lois above, mention using a canvas drop cloth and I’ve seen that done quite successfully.

  19. Marian, You are amazing! I literally lap up your posts. Thank you for All the creative stimulation suggestions and reference material! Breath of fresh air!

    Please pray for my sister in law, Carol. She just received a diagnosis of Primary myelofibrosis. Trying to do testing and treatment during this time has added to her stress.

    I love that we have the privilege of praying for each other and our world 🌎

    Humbly, than you. Theresa

  20. I’d love to know where you sell your items! Your posts are so enjoyable to read and “window shop”!
    Praying for everyone but especially for our medical professionals. Hope they can find the vaccine for this horrible virus!

    1. I sell my art on Daily Paint Works. I’ll probably start listing a few things in my own online shop as well, though.

  21. Hi. I love your postings , everywhere. I was going to mention if you are planning to merge art and fabric and different media ; I reccomend you search on Instagram or YouTube: art journaling, junk art journals. You are in for a treat. Theres people out there using lace , watercolor and markers over sketchbooks. #stayhome #staypositive ❤

  22. I truly love that everything you do seems to be with such joy and industry.
    You just get down to it and give it your all. I’ve learned so much from you, your projects and blog post.
    I truly appreciate what you share and how you manage to share God too!

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