the Scandinavian yarn shop

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It’s hard to know what to write about at a time like this.  Even since I posted yesterday so many things have changed.  While I’m not feeling panicked, I do feel some anxiety about what the next few weeks and months hold.  Not just for myself and my family and friends, but for people who are hit hard by the virus or closures or quarantines.

But, we can each only do what we can do.  We can keep “doing our verbs.”  I’ll keep writing, reading, painting, creating, and taking pictures.  I’ll continue to share, hoping it will be a welcome diversion.  I’ll prepare meals, clean the house, play games with the boys, and take walks when the weather is nice.

One thing that I can do to support my community of readers is to pray for each of you.  Please let me know how I can do that.  Is there something you need?  Are you struggling with anxiety or fear?  Just leave a comment and I commit to praying for you and I’m sure other people who read your comment will, too.  No matter what you believe, it doesn’t hurt to have people praying for you.

We’re all in this together.

So, on Friday, while MN schools were still open and life was only slightly disrupted, Jeff and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary by going to breakfast and then shopping at a Scandinavian store I’ve been wanting to visit for a few months.  I have bought from them online, but I was excited to shop their yummy wool yarns in person.

We stopped at a little diner for breakfast and then headed to the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis to visit Ingebrestsen’s.  As we were nearing the pin on the GPS, Jeff prayed for the “patience of Jesus” while he waits for me to look at yarn.  He’s a good sport and was just kidding.

The exterior of the store is charming with a large Scandinavian-style mural on the side.  I did a lot of this style of painting early in my business and it’s still my favorite variety of decorative painting.

The store is split into two parts, the food/home/kitchen/decor side, and the yarn/craft/needlework/workshop side.  I went into the food/home side first and started to browse.  The woman behind the counter asked if she could help me find anything and I inquired about the yarn.  She told me that was located in the other side of the store.  I was interested in home and kitchen stuff, too, so I looked around before going next door.  I found all sorts of fun dish & bath brushes, a Swedish cookbook, and a couple of books on decorative painting.

I had even more fun in the craft part of the store!  At first, I decided I should curb my enthusiasm and just get yarn I have projects for, but my optimism took over.  I probably won’t make it to this store very often, so I’m going to buy the things I am drawn to and will likely use.

My color preferences were very obvious as I made a pile of yarn and threads on the counter.

The rows of twisted DMC floss were so pretty!  I have been wanting to do more embroidery and cross-stitch lately.  Nothing too fancy, but just some monogramming or simple borders on linen towels and napkins.  So, I got colors that would match my house.

Now, those who know about this whole embroidery world could tell you (and me) how this floss is different from the DMC floss you can get at larger craft stores.  The texture is different and it’s not as shiny, but I’m not sure what makes it different.  It’s just prettier!

I was wooed into buying some discontinued wool crewel yarn that was on clearance for $.50/each.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, yet, but I’ll figure out something.

I have been thinking a lot more about how I can combine painting, yarn, fabrics, etc.  Just throw a bunch of hobbies into one project and see how it turns out.  I’ve already been doing some promising experimenting, but we’ll see where that leads.

I also bought some yarn for crocheting.  I love the textures and feel of their yarn…

With being housebound, I’m sure I’ll have more time to crochet over the next few weeks!  I told Jeff on the way home that he didn’t worry about me having enough to do.  That’s not ever a problem with me!

And I also bought some green & blue Swedish ribbon rolls.  They just might be too pretty to use!  I’m going to have to use them for very special things.

I’ll share about the brushes I bought in another post.  Ingebretsen’s doesn’t sell everything online, but you can buy yarns, embroidery floss, books, and more from their online shop HERE.

Take care, everyone!


  1. Jenny

    Just love you Marian, have been following you on Instagram for a few years now and you’re the only account whose insta stories I regularly follow 😊 Regarding prayer, I am a healthcare worker. Would appreciate your prayers for the protection of my patients (I work primarily with the elderly), myself, and my family.
    Jenny 🙂

    • Donna

      You, your family and your patients are in my prayers. Praying in PA.

  2. Wendy Martinez

    Your posts are my very sweet distraction from all of this, even for a moment or two. I am also a RN and working at University. My daughter, Brenna, is an ER RN and so prayers appreciated! Thank you so much for offering. Jenny, I am praying for you, and your patients and family, too!


    • Donna

      Please know that you, your daughter and your families are in my prayers. Praying in PA

  3. Kris

    I’m not sure you would ever get me out of that store! 🙂 So many pretty things!

    I think you are hitting the right note between acknowledging that life is challenging for pretty much everyone right now, and that sometimes we need a break from the seemingly never-ending news blitz–thank you for that.

    I’m an occupational therapist at an inpatient acute care hospital–like the above two commenters, continued prayer for all those who work in health care is greatly appreciated. How we “do business” seems to be changing hourly and it can be a lot to take in. Thank you!

    • Donna

      Praying in PA for you and all the healthcare workers.

  4. Lisa

    My son is finishing his last year of college completing an internship in New York City. I covet your prayers for his safety.

    By the way, that beautiful DMC floss you bought is #5 Perle cotton.

    • Donna

      Praying in PA for your son.

  5. Jami

    I don’t like to knit or crochet but I could look at your colored yarns all day. The colors are beautiful and belong in a landscape painting.

    • Joanne Holt

      Here’s another RN continuing to work in a psychiatric hospital. Our challeges at this time are a little different but we’re all praying for the same thing.
      I used to do all kinds of needlework many years ago & that DMC is so thick! Thanks to comment above for identifying it. It looks like it could be used for crewel work but way too thick for embroidery, too fine for needlepoint. How will you use it?

      • Donna

        My husband works in a mental hospital, so I can relate to the challenges you are facing in your line of work. Please know there is someone praying for you in PA

  6. Susan Alps

    Thank you for offering prayer! My daughter , Amanda, is a nurse in a hospital near the center of the breakout of this virus. I am so grateful for all these “first responders”.
    I am also thinking of the single moms who are without income right now. People are told their implored is closing all over the world. Marian and readers please pray for them.
    A fun shopping trip distraction and prayer…Perfect!

    • Donna

      Praying without ceasing in PA

  7. sharon

    Thank you for acknowledging what is going on right now.

    I found you and milk paint about 8 years ago, I had just lost our house and I accidentally came across your website/vlog/paint. Do not know how it happened. I have read your posts every day since. I have asthma so of course I am worried anxious for sure. I try to say, just get thru each day, before I know it a week will be past, Each day I clean, organize and even have some painting I’m thinking about.

    Prayers for your family & Pets… and please do the same for my family & Pets.

    Thank you for your posts.

    • Donna

      Praying for you and your animals in PA. I too, when not at work, have been cleaning and organizing a little bit each day, which I look at as a blessing.

  8. Denise P

    Wow such gorgeous yarn!
    You stated, “I have been thinking a lot more about how I can combine painting, yarn, fabrics, etc.” Are you at all familiar with Kristin Nicholas? She lives on a sheep farm in Massachusetts and is a prolific creative. She has done some work combining painting, yarn and fabrics. Her style is nothing like yours but you might enjoy seeing what she’s done. I found a link for you.

  9. Denise P

    I tried to leave a link but the system said I was spam!

  10. Jane

    I have been reading your posts for years and always enjoy your sweet stories and hearing about your adventures! I ask for prayers for my precious 21 month old medically fragile granddaughter Kady. She has a rare genetic syndrome that affects her breathing, as well as other issues. Thank you so much.

    • Donna

      My heart goes out to you. I too, am a Nana, and the safety and well being of my precious baby boys is of utmost concern to me. Please know from one Nana, to another, you and your precious granddaughter Kady are in my prayers. Praying without ceasing in PA

  11. Donna

    I have been to Ingebretsens (guessed it!). I must say your choices are amazing. Love the shades of blue and green and the gray. I did not notice their ribbons before & now I want to browse there. Most of us don’t display our craft materials but now I am going to rethink that. I have a couple of quilts & wool blankets that may take a trip out of the closet. I visited a hospital today & I came away with an overwhelming feeling that we need to thank every nurse, doctor, support staff we can. In person it was easy to thank them for being kind, but that seems too simple.
    Prayers for all of them.

    P.S. Before reading your blog, I never gave brushes a second thought. Your photography adds to the experience of natural fibers & wood, etc. Thank you. Great idea for a unique kind of anniversary.

  12. Laura F

    Thank you for thinking of us…..I have been following you for several years now, and keenly look forward to each post….your positivity helps quite a bit
    Sending prayers for your family and your pets… and please do the same for us 🙂

  13. Becky

    You are such an encouragement to so many of us. Like others have said, you are the one blogger I go to every day! I needed to hear what you said today. You always strike the right note and make the sun shine a little brighter when the clouds are pretty thick. Thank you Marion for all you do and thank you for your prayers. God Bless You!

  14. Rebecca

    My husband is undergoing cancer treatment and it scares me to death what just a common cold could do. I will take any and all prayers for him. Thank you so much for being a bright spot in my day! Prior to his being sick, you had me upholstering chairs, painting furniture and collecting iron stone! With this new phase of our life, your learning to crochet prodded me to do the same. Even my husband likes watching the needle work! ❤️

  15. Beatrice M. McGowan

    I love your photos of the beautiful yarn. It would be wonderful to have a shop like that near me. I’m in Central Virginia. I’d appreciate your prayers for all at risk people. I’m one of them. When I can get the Hobby Lobby I want to buy the yarn to crochet the hot pads you have shown. Love your posts!

  16. Juliette

    Thank you for asking. I am over 60, single and have a history of respiratory problems. I am still better off than many, but I am afraid.

    • Claire

      Juliette, a lot of us are afraid. I am too. I will pray for you.

  17. Patricia Kasparian

    I’m sending along with my thanks for your blog posts, my prayers for you and yours in this time of uncertainty, and also for all of my fellow Miss Mustard Seed readers and their loved ones. We are all in this together for sure.

    • Susan

      Can you possibly tell me what the variegated blue and cream yarn is…on the left side of the picture that is the last yarn picture (right before the ribbon pictures)

    • Joanne Holt

      Forgot to mention the illustrations of Swede Carl Larsson. Fell in love with them same time I was doing needlework. He incorporated the beautiful decorative paintings in many of his illustrations. Do you know his work?

  18. beverlee lyons

    Thank you so much for keeping us all a little happier with your pretty things and your precious words. We fall in the elderly/compromised category, but don’t single me out, pray for all of that are in this category.
    Bless us everyone as we put faith forward.

  19. Kathleen

    As I was reading through your post I came to the picture of your DMC floss and my first thought was that’s beautiful my second thought was, I wondered what the difference is from the cross stitch floss I usually buy. I scrolled down and loved your next line questioning about the difference😊. I posted a cross stitched Irish blessing on Instagram today that I stitched as a gift to my parents decades ago and I also mentioned that I’ve been thinking about doing more counted cross stitch. I can’t wait to see your projects using your beautiful colors of floss. Kathleen @mypatinahome

  20. monique odman

    Praying is not my thing, but good wishes always are, and I send them to those close to me, to some who are less close but dear to my heart and also to all in the world.

    What a great shop, the giant mural is wonderful, many Swedish log houses had this very style indoors paintings. I too have painted similar stuff, these country images are naive, and colorful making interiors happy while so little light came through small windows during months of total darkness during very long winters.
    Be well and stay well,


  21. Rachel Di Fonzo

    I offer prayers for all those who have posted here, for you and your family, Marian, and for all our dear neighbours south of our Canadian borders. Please pray for us too up here in Canada. My family lives in Ontario and we have just been declared a state of emergency today.

  22. Pamela

    That sounds like my dream store. I like having yarns, embroidery threads and fabrics just for the sheer pleasure of looking at them. Knowing I have a stash to go to whenever I get the urge to crochet, sew, embroider or cross stitch is comforting.
    Like you I have no trouble being home bound, I have too much I have wanted to get to stay home for, so to complain now that I am forced to would be silly.
    So in the mean time I have been creating more painting lessons for my readers and sharing those. I, too, have always loved the Scandinavian Style painting and the Folk Art primitive style.

  23. noreen kelly

    not sure if anyone answered but the main difference with your embroidery thread is that you dont split it into strands to use it. its twisted
    take care

    • Julie

      Exactly, regular DMC from the craft store has 6 strands that can be separated. This thread appears to be a 2 ply twist.

  24. Heather

    It was indeed a distraction and I loved the colors! I carefully noted all the prayer requests and will join you in praying for them in this sudden gift of extra time for praying, gardening, painting, reading, and maybe some needlework. I have for years been slowly repairing my oriental rugs and Ingebretsons looks like a good source for yarns. Heading to their online store now.

  25. Katherine Fleming

    Do you mind telling me what the beautiful light blue yarn is??? Gorgeous!

  26. Valerie

    Thank you for your heartfelt post. I know it is appreciated by many. Thank you for sharing your creative energy – it is inspiring. Being creative uses a different part of our brain, which is helpful to us all. I don’t know how you do all that you do!! Wish I knew what a typical day looked like for you.

    Stay healthy!

  27. Mimi

    I gratefully ask for prayers for my 95 year old mom who is now in lock down in her retirement facility. She is well but now truly isolated from everyone except for the person who brings meals to her door twice a day. I feel helpless and don’t want to think how this will affect her if it continues for many weeks or months.

    • Cassandra E

      Mimi, if you send me an address, I will send her a note. If you like. If you’re uncomfortable, I understand.

    • Kris

      Mimi, my 89 year old mother is in a similar situation in her assisted living facility. I don’t know if this is a possibility for you, but yesterday my kids and I stood outside her window and talked on the phone to each other. She is legally blind, hard of hearing, and wasn’t a person to understand techie options even before this, so the Skype/Facetime recommendations don’t work for her. All of us got a kick out of our visit with her. I plan on doing it several times as the weather permits (we live in Michigan). And yes, I got permission from the facility before I attempted this.

      • Mimi

        A sweet offer and much appreciated but I’m putting out requests to friends and relatives to do that very thing. I’m hoping she’ll be flooded with mail.

  28. Karen

    Those yarn pictures simply look yummy, and especially those colors. I might just display them in a white hobnail bowl and call it good, at least while I’m deciding what to do with them.😊 I’m sure you’ll find the perfect project for them.

  29. Mary Jane Peterson

    A lovely post today. I lived in the Twin Cities all my life. I remember going to Ingebretson’s many years ago and loving it. There were so many interesting stores on Lake Street and I haven’t been there in years. I am putting Ingebretson’s on my list to visit when this Pandemic is over. I am 72 and in fairly good health except for lung issues so if you can pray for me and my husband, it would be wonderful. I love your Instagram stories and your blog. Thank you for helping us get through this frightening time.

  30. Marlys

    Ingebretson’s meat market is the best! Next time be sure to buy something! Your color palette is the same as mine.

  31. Brenda

    I love the yarns! Apparently, kitty does too! I’ve been working on several projects and have been getting “help” from my bad boy Linus. Earlier this week he tried to help while my sewing machine was running. Yikes! Luckily, no paws were stitched in the incident.

    I request prayer for my mother who is half way across the country with copd and other lung issues. My step father had a stroke last year and is on dialysis. Neither knows our Lord and Savior. I also ask for a dear friend who was diagnosed with colon cancer not quite 2 weeks ago. She needs prayer for finances as well.

    Thank you for praying and thank you to all those health workers who risk their lives to care for others! God bless!

  32. Leslie Collison

    When we start to panic and feel the anxiety wash over us, yes prayer is the answer and really helps me. I have always prayed, but now I find myself hitting the floor down on my knees deeper and longer in prayer, because so many need prayer right now and are going through so much. I will add all these requests in my prayers. too.

    What a fun way to spend your anniversary and a great memory too. Perhaps you can make something out of your threads as a reminder of your day. Love the colors!!

  33. Terry A.

    Oh, I love your perle cotton choices. That motivates me to get out an uncompleted piece of Hardanger I have waiting for me in my stitching tote! I need to get to Ingebretsen’s one of these days.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Nena

    Thank you for the lovely posts you write. I receive several blog posts each day but sometimes I don’t have time to read them all…I always read yours though. Each one is so beautifully written and I love your photos!

    I am extremely anxious right now. I have a 10 year old grandson that was born with cystic fibrosis. It is a terrible lung disease. This new virus is so deadly to those with lung issues. I would so appreciate your prayers for him. His name is Oliver. Thank you.

  35. Regina

    Hi Marian, that clerk had no idea just what was in store when she asked if she could help you with something. Your purchases look ravishing. I am looking forward to your post on what you do with them. Keep the posts coming we need inspiration, encouragement, and distractions.

    Thank you for offering to pray. We all need prayer and I am so thankful to live in a country with the freedom to do so.

  36. Crystal

    Some very important (& anxiety inducing!!) unspoken prayer requests! Thank you so much!!! You are such a blessing today & always 🙂

  37. Kristyn

    Thank you so much for continuing your Blog posting and IG As usual. The beautiful posts always bring cheer and especially now in this time! Thank you for your prayers! My 21 year old nephew In the Pittsburgh area Has been really sick. His doctor tested him for Strep and flu, both tested negative. So he’s on a list to be tested for COVID-19 but his nurse told him he may not get tested at all. He’s quarantined at home with his Mom (my sister) and dad. Prayers for them are appreciated and I’ll be praying for you too! We all need it!


  38. Pamela

    All of these posts & humble prayer requests are particularly poignant today. I will include each one of you in my prayers. I was so touched that Marian asked to take prayer requests. In times like these, there is no replacement.

    God bless all of you!

  39. Charlotte

    Thank you for sharing your trip and reaching out to us to share a prayer. I’m always anxious and have always been. As I’ve gotten older, it’s gotten worse. I always have to do something to stave it off which is why I love your blog. It encourages me to not be afraid to use power tools or paint something. Or sew… prayers would be appreciated for my mom and stepmom who both have breathing issues…. and for everyone that we stay safe and healthy and that this will pass as well. Thank you for the sunshine today. I needed it.

  40. Anonymous

    Thanks for asking, Marian! I have two family members with conditions that will weaken their ability to fight Covid, if necessary. I also have major family events that may necessitate canceling if the group of 10 order stays in effect for very long.

  41. Diane Christy

    Like a previous responder, my husband has been in treatment for cancer since November and that alone has upended us and changed our lives in every way. We consider ourselves lucky, however, since we do not have children/grandchildren at home and are in retirement and (forced) retirement which meets our financial needs. My heart goes out to parents who must work and are left with difficult choices for child care as schools close across the country. I ask that you, and others who read you, pray that this outbreak is minimal and that our country recovers smoothly.

  42. Kathy Jackson

    I enjoyed your article. I collect old embroidered pillow cases. Some with lace, and some with crochet . But my favorites are the ones with what my Mema called tatting. I crossed stitched when I was younger but can’t see well enough to enjoy it now. I wonder how Tatting is different from crocheting? Enjoy your new “goodies “ and keep sharing your beautiful talents.

  43. Anita Roth

    Love all of the things you bought. I am like you I am a sucker for all things yarn and embroidery. So pretty Hard to not buy it.

  44. Cheri Dietzman

    Those ribbons!!! I can’t believe I haven’t ever been there, but that’s going to change soon. Recently I saw some young girls with embroidered jeans and it reminded me of the many pairs of jeans that I embroidered in my early teens!

  45. Maxime

    Thank you, Marian, for your practical, caring offer of prayer. Unlike you I am not religious, but your generosity and genuine concern for community transcends such divisions. I acknowledge your spirit and return thoughts of care and safety to yourself and all in our community. Maxime.

  46. Janet G

    Beautiful yarns and threads! If you’re wanting to explore embroidery more, you might be interested in a style called Hardanger… if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a Norwegian art that uses those perle cottons and satin stitches to make decorative edges. Some patterns get quite intricate, but many of the main elements are very simple. In fact, I’m reminded of you and your style when I see it! <3

  47. Jody K

    Please keep up the pretty pictures and everyday joy! If you could add our healthcare workers and immunocompromised people to your prayer list it would be appreciated. Thank you

  48. Kristi

    Have you heard of an artist named Shimunia? If not, go straight to Pinterest and search for her. You will be BLOWN AWAY with her “thread painting” art.
    Still loving THE CHAIR, by the way. It has now survived its 5th military move. Hope summer of 2021 sees it resting in its final home with retirement from the Army life. Stay safe and sane!

  49. Rita

    You made some beautiful selections. Regular DMC floss is usually made up of 6 strands that you can separate depending on your project. The Perle Cotton is a single, thicker thread. It would be idea for what you mentioned. Just keep in mind since it is thicker, it will not be as delicate a stitch.

    This is certainly a trying time for our country. I always think about the homeless and vulnerable. We just need to pull together.

  50. Michele M.

    WOW. Hardly any businesses are open here at all – just places that have drive-through services.

    I haven’t left the house in 10 days doing what the CDC says to do – stay home and let this thing run its course and keep out of harm’s way.

    I am glad you got out – stay healthy and inside unless it is an emergency! It is all we can do going forward.

  51. Addie

    WOW!!! Would I love to visit that store…..maybe someday!!! All that you bought looks fab!!! So very pretty. The outside of the store looks a lot like the style of some of the dressers you’ve painted.
    Yes, these are some trying times. “Things” are moving along pretty fast…we all must pray. It would be great to know someone in Minnesota, that I have never met and admire greatly is praying for me. Last November, I went in to have a cyst removed and when it came back from the lab…it was cancer. They said they got it all and no further action was taken. I am worried, but do know WHO has us all in His hands, about my resistance/immunity to things. I am staying home!!!! Thanks for any prayer from anyone. I, too will pray for Marian, her family and all her blog readers.

  52. Angela T.

    Thank you so much for sharing things like this, Marian. I love discovering new places to explore. This might have to be added as a stop on our next cross-country move! Your color choices and those Swedish ribbons are so beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you will do with them.

  53. Mary

    My youngest daughter who is 23 is an ER nurse and feeling overwhelmed . She is in Michigan as well as my parents who are in their 90’s . My other kids are in New York, DC &
    San Francisco. I’m in Southern CA ….. and all I can do is pray and check in 🙏🏽😕
    (We are also trying to decide what to do about my oldest daughter’s June wedding )

  54. MaryLisa

    The yarns are lovely. In joy my time at home so life hasn’t changed much for me. The sun is shining so it makes being home more enjoyable. It’s these times that I count my blessings being healthy.

  55. Katherine

    as several others have noted – you bought perle cotton – not floss. Those strands are not meant to be separated. Not meant for finer fabrics and finer embroidery, but should work beautifully on those lovely, heavy weight linen sheets you love!

  56. Liz

    Please pray that everyone remains calm and works peaceably together. Please bless everyone who is still working in our grocery supply chains, utilities and all the helpers. Please send strength and wisdom to those who are in positions of power that they are able to make choices that protect us. Please pray that the human race evolves through these trials. Thank you.

  57. Anita

    My momma is in assisted living in Duluth, MN. They are on lockdown with no visitors. This is so hard. She is used to having my dad and sister visit every day. We worry about her care etc…

  58. Pat Casanova

    I am 100% Scandinavin and I have been dying to go to this store.
    I have been to the American Swedish Institute in Mpls. and I think you would be enthralled with that as well.
    Thank you for all you share of yourself.

  59. Claire

    Marian do you know about Ravelry?

  60. Jenn Anderson

    Lovely post. I love the pictures of your finds and the combinations of colors. They are peaceful and lovely, just like your paintings. I am so interested in learning to crochet. I like crafting, embroidery, and sewing and have made a few quilts. I enjoy the combinations of colors in fabrics, threads, and also craft papers. I love looking at all the pretty colors of DMC floss in the store. =). I live in the cities area and I’m sure I would enjoy visiting that store sometime. Thank you for sharing all your lovely birthday purchases!

  61. Suzette

    I love the yarn!
    Glad you had a wonderful day out with hubby!

    Thanks for taking prayer request.
    I have SJS (can’t take any meds oral) so I would probably have a hard time seeing a Dr. or getting in a ER. It frightens me for sure.
    We also have a Used Car business. We’ve been very successful with two sons involved. We have three families living out of this business.
    My prayer is not only for our business, but for all small businesses.
    I will be praying for each request.

  62. AnnW

    The fatter embroidery floss is Perle Cotton as mentioned above. I use it almost exclusively now for embroidery because it is nice and fat. I don’t have to strip out 2 – 4 strands of regular floss, and it stays together and makes a nice even statement. Regular DMC often gets very thin and worn out sometimes on each thread length. The colors are beautiful. You can also use it for needlepoint. So I love it. I often do free form embroidery. I don’t plan out anything, or draw it on the cloth. I just go at it. That wouldn’t work well for borders though. Glad you had a wonderful day.

  63. Mary

    Thanks so much for lifting my spirits during the last five devastating years that took me from being safe in my home, with my dogs and cats and husband and plentiful work plus spilling out of every corner my creative supplies…. down to living in my car in the freezing cold after social security ran out so no awful motels,
    I’m asking for prayers for a small safe place, luck in finding my cats I had to surrender to keep them alive and improved perspective. This can happen to anyone at anytime in the blink of an eye… so don’t judge people in unfortunate circumstances. It could be you struggling

    • Addie

      You will be at the top of my prayer list…daily. Please stay warm and healthy as best you can.

  64. Anna Edwards

    Lovely post, lovely comments–thank you. Prayers for all. I like to crochet with the wool yarn and then felt it in the washer/dryer making it a solid piece. I’ve made some cute bags this way–having small amounts of various colors is good for making stripes. Small project ideas would be–coasters, candle wraps, small baskets or bowls, napkin rings. Ideas galore!


    Thank you for the offer of prayer! I will pray for you and your family as well. My daughter is a nurse and she and her family are living with my husband and me, her husband who can work from home and two girls ages 6 and 2 1/2. So I’m homeschooling and cooking and you know! Please pray for wisdom for the officials who are making the decisions. This is not going to end or slow until people take it very seriously. #flattenthecurve

  66. Jo Nelson

    Since I’m in Minneapolis often (or was before Covid!) when you need something tell me and I’ll get it and send it to you! It’s no problem since I’m up there once a week at least. That would also give me a reason to shop there more often.

  67. Betsy

    I’m trying to keep my mind occupied and you always help me do it. My family really needs your prayers. Yesterday my 5 year old grandson was diagnosed with a mass at the base of his brain. They have to remove part of his skull and the surgery is very dangerous. I’m trying to stay focussed.

  68. Kate

    Beings I am 100% Swedish, I have looked at their website many times. I would have been in awe of everything! There used to be a Scandinavian shop in one of the malls where I live, central Iowa, but it closed many years ago. The closest shop with any Scandinavian items is around 25 miles away. For some reason, I never seem to get up that way! I love IKEA, but would have to go to the Twin Cities or the Kansas City area to shop at one. I really enjoyed your story. I know I would’ve been drooling over the yarn.

  69. Teresa

    We so need prayer at this time and I will gladly join you in praying for all those affected directly or indirectly. Just reading some of your readers posts I realized how so many of them need prayer. I prayed this morning that God who is always in control would protect those working on the front lines, heal those who are affected with the virus and help researchers/scientists to fast track a cure and to stop this deadly virus from spreading.

  70. Lisa

    My husband and I are physicians. For their own safety, we cannot physically see our parents until this is over, which could be months. It will be prolonged by people not taking it seriously and doing their part. Please pray that our leaders will use facts and science to make decisions for the greater good, and that our healthcare workers will be protected. Thank you. #flattenthecurve

  71. Antonella

    Here in Northern Italy I’m on week 4 of self-quarantine. I’m lucky enough to work from home but I don’t know when I’ll be able to go visit my parents again (they are 76 and 85, a category at risk). I cannot leave home unless to buy groceries. It’s hard.
    If you are so inclined pray for me and for everyone in Italy.
    Thank you for your offer.

    • Teresa

      Prayers for you, your parents and the citizens of Italy which has been so hard hit.

  72. Lynn Marie Hill

    Marian, as always, yours is a place I come to when looking for inspiration of all sorts. This is a beautiful post. I have not crossed stitched in years, but seeing all this beautiful floss has me imagining what new projects I could attempt and I’ll be heading over to see what is available to shop for at some time in the future! For that, I thank you for the distraction of my anxiety and fear I have been experiencing.

    While anxiety is not new to me, my usual coping mechanisms do not seem to be helping. I have a chronically ill child who has multiple complex issues, but most prevalent have been her recurrent fevers, bacterial pulmonary infections. She has asthma and was recently diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency and approved for IVIG treatments just last week. Those will have to wait to begin as we have been keeping home for weeks now and avoiding all outings or visitors. I also have an 83 year old mom who is undergoing radiation treatments daily, the Dr told her she should not stop and so she goes daily. I am heartbroken that she is away from us during this time and lives alone so is on her own for the most part. A friend has been looking in on her and helping her obtain food and medications and rides. We speak daily, however not the same as being together.

    Reading the requests and responses here brought me to tears as I am so touched by the kindness of the community of people, here and across your platforms.
    I would appreciate all prayers for my family, and I will be praying for you all. Thank you. Lynn

  73. Betty McIntyre

    We would appreciate prayers….my 82 year old minister husband has dystolic heart failure and I, 78 years old, am recovering from broken ankle surgery… we know prayer is a powerful resource. Thank you! God bless! 🙏✝️🙏

  74. Sue

    Your posts are a welcome distraction in the morning. Thank you for continuing!

  75. Cheryl

    Marian, what beautiful colors of supplies you have! I love all of them!

  76. Rachelle

    I haven’t embroidered in years and would love to take it up again. Thanks for sharing about the different thread. Was it possibly the same kind that was available decades ago???
    Looking forward to future embroidery projects from your blog.

    Take care

  77. Nathalie

    I’d love to see you not only use some of your ribbon braid on the thin edge of some linen box edge cushions, it would be really great on the side seam of an old favorite pair of jeans or overalls.
    All the very best to you!


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