Christmas Dining Room 2020

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Last year, I didn’t decorate my dining room for Christmas, because it was just too much to try to do as my shoulder was still healing from surgery.  This year, though, I was right back to dressing our dining room for Christmas!   I kept it pretty simple, though, and just added some faux greenery to the chandelier, our small tree in a goat cart for our advent stockings, some garland on the mirror, and gingerbread in the hutch.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

I really wanted to do my usual advent wreath for the center of the table, but the cats picked mine apart last year, so I didn’t do it.  I just used a simple candle ring on a chunky candle in an ironstone bowl as the centerpiece.

The greens are just tucked into the chandelier.  You can see a tutorial on my method HERE.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

Violet let me know she was watching.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

On the mirror, I added a couple of felt star garlands.  I like how they dress down the formal gold mirror, creating an interesting visual contrast.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

I draped a star garland on the hutch and tucked a faux pine garland along the top, surrounding a basket I filled with dried hydrangeas from our garden this year.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

I think the palette of soft blues, springy greens, and white is an interesting combination for Christmas.  It looks fresh and cozy at the same time.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed
christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

In addition to the gingerbread, I added a few fresh pine branches clipped from a tree in our yard and some pinecones collected on a walk.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

Little tea light candles added even more visual warmth (for the pictures only, so I don’t inadvertently set the hutch room on fire!)  I should pick up some flameless tealights for next year.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

Just outside of the dining room, I decorating the banister for Christmas.  I also used faux greens…mixing a pine garland with eucalyptus with some juniper and cypress picks tucked in.  One of the best compliments about this garland was when someone on Instagram warned me about eucalyptus being toxic for cats.  It looked real enough for her to express concern!  I let her know it’s all plastic, so the kitties will be fine.

The pine garland is no longer available, but you can get the eucalyptus garland .  I also added long strands of green and blue velvet ribbon.  I tried yarn, but the cats were all over it within minutes and I realized that I’ve had better ideas in my life.  They’ve left the ribbon alone, though.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

The garland is secured to the banister with “Christmas” pipe cleaners.  They work like normal pipe cleaners, but they are a little more heavy-duty and are covered with short, artificial “pine needles.”  I like using them on my tree, garland, and wreaths, because they blend right in.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

I love being greeted with the stairs dressed for Christmas when I enter the front door.  I think I’ll get a little live tree for the cabinet next year to complete the look.  I just ran out of time to make it worth doing this year.

christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed


christmas dining room | decorating ideas | miss mustard seed

I hope you enjoyed the tour, even if it’s late by blog standards!

Well, friends, this is my last official blog post for this year!  I’ll be taking a break from posting through January 4, 2021, so I can hang out with my family, take some art classes, watching some movies, and recharge after a busy year.

I will be back tomorrow, though, with just one more special post…

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    1. Connie

      Just as beautiful as I’ve come to expect from Miss Mustard Seed! I love greens & blues at Christmas too, as well as year round! Enjoy your holiday off and I’m hoping tomorrow’s special post is you and the family singing & strumming for us!

    2. Betty in Arlington

      Beautifully simple dining room. Praying for your healing quickly, with a smooth result! Christ is born! Let us Glorify Him!

    3. Suzi

      Just beautiful!!!

    4. Pat

      Merry Christmas to you and yours. Enjoy your home, refuel. See you next year!


      Merry Christmas, many blessings….good tidings of joy. It is almost that baby’s birthday.

    6. Billie Moloney

      That wide velvet ribbon on the newel post is amazing. Where did you buy that gorgeous ribbon ?

      • Betsy

        Hi Billie, Marian posted the velvet ribbons are from Ballard Design. I just ordered some so I think it’s still in stock.


      Just beautiful, Marion! We pray that you and your family will have a lovely Christmas! So nice that you can all be together for Christmas. Bless you all!

    8. Jen C

      Simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and creative decorating ideas. Enjoy your beak with your family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    9. Jen C

      Enjoy your break with your family! Typo above!

    10. Betsy

      It’s just lovely. You already have me thinking about next years decor when I hopefully can host my family. I was lucky to find the last set of brass bells at Target the other day. You are right, the weight and quality of them is perfect. Enjoy your down time. Stay safe and be well. Thank you again for all your inspiration.

      • Cherie Bautista

        So romantic and beautiful.
        Let the new year bring you much happiness and good health.

    11. Patricia Kasparian

      The house looks cozy, warm, sophisticated, and very inviting. Merry Christmas, Marian.

    12. Rachelle

      It all looks lovely and inviting!
      I need to look into the Christmas pipe cleaners – and the faux tea lights!

      And I’m taking a blogging break myself.
      It’s been a very busy blogging year, and me and the hubby need a break to enjoy the season and recharge 🙂
      Wishing you and the family a joyful Christmas.
      In HIs Grace,

    13. Kellene

      It all looks so nice!! Love the blue and green ribbon on the banister. Did you make the felt star garland? I think I might have to make it!!❤?

    14. Sally

      Enjoy your time away from the blog and IG.
      I enjoy your blog as well as IG feed.
      I was getting addicted to IG and not getting things accomplished in my own home. So I deleted my account 2 days ago.
      So far so good. As long as I can read you blog, everything will be fine.
      May you have a blessed Christmas!

    15. Terry

      Have a wonderful holiday break. FYI I got rechargeable (restaurant) tea lights so no batteries to deal with. Came in set of 12 with 1 recharger.

    16. Cynthia Johnson

      Your home looks warm and inviting Marian~ Merry Christmas!

      ps I have never heard of Christmas pipe cleaners and will be looking for them~ what a great idea 🙂

    17. Ramona

      I love the freshness and crispness of your color choices for Christmas decorating!
      I hope you and your family find joy and happiness as you celebrate Christmas! ?

    18. Debbie

      Merry Christmas!! A little tree in the foyer would be nice! I’m thinking about things I’ll do differently next year too.

    19. Lisa P

      Your Christmas decor ideas are inspiring! I’m having fun making the crochet stars from your tutorial and stringing them into garlands. Will put some up tomorrow and give some to my sister and mother. Sending you wishes for a Merry Christmas and restful time with your family.

    20. Deborah

      Your home and Christmas decor are beautiful reflections of your own elegance and warmth, Marion. Christmas blessings to you and yours.

    21. Babs

      Merry Christmas! While you are taking some well-deserved time off I will fill my usual Marian blog time with revisiting some of your older posts in case I missed something. They are a treasure trove of information and inspiration. Looking forward to a better 2021 for us all.

    22. Trace

      Beautiful, as always!
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    23. Betty Bashaw

      Everything is beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    24. Pamela Turner

      Lovely! I enjoyed the vignettes you created for each space and how the blue and green tones are used throughout. Especially love the blue and green ribbon with greens on your staircase.

      Happy holidays?!

    25. Addie

      Everything is spot on perfect!!! Every time you show a room, I pick it to be my favorite….I LOVE it all!!!!!…I really can’t pick just one!!! You are blessed with an amazing talent!!!
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Parsons!!! Your extended family too!!!

    26. Carolyn Dietrich

      I love your blog and seeing the beautiful ways you decorate your home and not just at Christmas. I so enjoy all you share.


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