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Decorating the house for Christmas this year has been so much fun for me.  I stayed home from the studio three days last week to blast some Christmas music and fill the house with fresh greens and Christmas decor.  The decorating is all very understated and simple, which I have really enjoyed.  The rooms look festive, but it’s not a full overhaul that involves bins and bins of decor that need to be stored.

The dining room follows that theme… (I caught this room in the morning light when the sun was streaming through the windows.  It casts the prettiest shadows)

Miss Mustard Seed-3375

Miss Mustard Seed-3387

As I did with chandeliers in the other rooms, I tucked a mix of greenery throughout the arms, allowing it to look loose and simple.  Bunches of fresh greenery hang from each corner cabinet door.

Miss Mustard Seed-3374

Eulalie is topped off with a garland of pine tucked over the frame.

Miss Mustard Seed-3363

She always steals the show, so I didn’t want to ignore her when decorating the space.

Miss Mustard Seed-3432

The ring mold advent wreath sits on the center of the table.

Miss Mustard Seed-3376

Of course, now we’re lighting two candles, since it’s the second Sunday of December.

Miss Mustard Seed-3427

Miss Mustard Seed-3426

I set the table with mixed blue and white antique transferware and white ironstone.

Miss Mustard Seed-3377

Miss Mustard Seed-3430 Miss Mustard Seed-3428 Miss Mustard Seed-3429

I’ll add a few more layers to the table when it’s set for Christmas day, but the room looks dressed for the season and it ties in nicely with the living room, which adjoins it through an archway.

Miss Mustard Seed-3434

Miss Mustard Seed-3436

More Christmas decorating to come, but I also started work on a dresser in one of our new European colors and I got our first workshops in the studio on the calendar.  I will post them on Monday.


I also wanted to share that I received the clay number tags for the advent stocking garland…

Miss Mustard Seed-3409

I love the font and they look so perfect tied on.  I think we’ll use this for many years.

Miss Mustard Seed-3412

(A few have asked where I purchased the clay tags.  Unfortunately, the Etsy shop I ordered them from just closed until Summer 2015.  I asked if she would let me know when she reopens and I’ll link to it, then.)


  1. Jane P

    Simplicity at its best…adore the advent stockings. I would love to have a cute

  2. dolores

    So…what did you tuck into the stockings?:)

    • marian

      Since my youngest has type 1 diabetes, I can’t fill them with candy, so I picked out little toys (Match Box Cars, Lego mini-figures), some T1D-friendly treats like TicTacs and “coupons” for iPad game time, watching a VeggieTales of choice, etc.

  3. Leslie

    Can you share the name of the font? It’s perfect! Merry Christmas!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      I ordered it from Etsy, so I’m not sure, but I love it!

  4. Anne Morgan

    Oh my goodness, everything looks so cheery and bright. Love, Love, Love the Advent stockings and the numbered clay disks. Please tag them!!! Merry Christmas, Marian!!!

  5. di@Cottage-Wishes

    Those clay tags and stockings are perfect, share a tutorial please for this beautiful garland. Di@Cottage-wishes

  6. Vicki K

    I love how fresh everything looks – and understated. Would you tell us about your silver pitcher on the dining table? So pretty!

  7. Robyn

    Hi Marian, could you please share the fabric/source for your tablecloth? I love it!
    Also could you share the font that you used for the number tags? Seems that I love everything that you do, I read your blog every day 🙂 Thanks! Robyn

  8. Beverly M

    WOW !!!! That pitcher on your dining table is absolutely exquisite. I know your flatware is Repousse` by Kirk. Is your pitcher that same pattern?

    • marian

      Yes, it is. I inherited it from my Oma and it is a stunning piece.

  9. PattyM

    I hate to take away business from an Etsy shop owner but the clay tags can be made very easily with a package of DAS molding clay. The clay is available from almost any art supply store and may be available from craft supply stores. Roll out a lump of the clay to an even thickness, just like cookie dough, and then use a circular cookie cutter (or any shape really) to make the tags. Punch a hole for the twine with the end of a dowel (or maybe some kitchen utensil or tool). Lay the tags on wax paper until completely dry. Tie a piece of jute string (or ribbon or striped twine) through the hole and hang. I’ve never tried to print on the clay, but you could probably write on them with a sharpie pen, stamp them or even carve the numbers before letting them dry. The clay has a chalky feel to it when dry, so if you want a non-porous finish, just spray both sides with a clear shellac or other sealer.

    • Carla

      Thanks Patti.

  10. Lindsay Eidahl

    I just love that stocking garland. It is too precious and the clay tags completes it beautifully!

  11. April

    Wow, the font looks custom for your brand. How perfect. Lovely!!!

  12. Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    Totally beautiful and inspiring! Makes me never want to buy fake greenery again! So glad that my sweet father-in-law just brought me piles of fresh cypress with the blue berries from his farm! Merry Christmas! Melissa

  13. Jelena

    Everything looks so beautiful! I love the blue and white color scheme in place of the traditional red. Your house looks so pretty!

  14. Kaelsma

    I HAVE to know the story about that pitcher! GORGEOUS!

  15. Anita

    Gorgeous as always.

  16. Cindy

    Hey Marian – I’m so behind on blogposts, but i just happened to see this one in my email and couldn’t resist taking a look. Your house looks so unbelievably pretty! Every single corner is amazing. I love the greenery with your blues and fresh white walls and open windows. … then I saw that Eulalie was in the mix all decorated too! Wow, everything looks amazing!


  17. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Marian, your room has such a wonderful European feel and the Advent wreath seals the deal. I love it all! Simplicity at it’s best!!

  18. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    My MIL has flatware quite similar to the pitcher. I wonder if it’s the same set as the one you have. I’ll have to check and see what the make of hers is. So stunning and unique!

  19. Helen McQuillian

    Love your decorating.

  20. Jeanine C.

    Love all of this addition of fresh greenery. Our local Lowes gives fresh greenery away for free from cuttings of their Christmas trees. I usually load up a basket full ;).

    Also, the cutting board caught my eye. Is this the one from World Market? I love it too.

    Enjoy your home! Everything looks so lovely.

    • marian

      Yes, it is from World Market. I loved the shape, the color of the wood and the channel for juices.

  21. Carol Herter

    It’s beautiful…love the greenery. Would love to see the blue and white curtains back on the windows for the holidays so the windows are dressed up too!

  22. Lee

    Absolutely gorgeous, I see a MMS Christmas book coming along 🙂


  23. Mary Borgsmiller

    Absolutely love your simple decorations. I have been scouring shops for a cake plate and tube mold to make your advent wreath, to no avail. I want one just like it. Any ideas where I could find “copies” of the ironstone. I have wanted one for our home for years and this one is soooooo beautiful! You have a magic touch! I agree, you need to do a Christmas book! Blessed Holidays to you and your family., Mary

  24. StartCloseIn

    Just so gorgeous. I love the simple look-it still looks like your house, but festive! So nice to take that pressure off to decorate every surface but still be able to take out some of your favorite things and display them. I’ll be returning to this next year, I’m sure!!

  25. Erin

    Everything looks wonderful. Where did you get the little advent stockings? They look similar to the french laundry but I love the blue,and also where did you get the striped blue runner. Love!!

  26. Sherry

    Did you make the stocking advent calendar…? I love the fabric can you share where you got it.?

  27. Jennifer Carlin

    It’s all so beautiful!! Can you PLEASE PLEASE share where you got the stockings for the garland?! I’m so in love with it! Thank you so much!

    • Marian Parsons

      Those were made by On Sutton Place, but she doesn’t make them any longer. You can find similar ones on Etsy.


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