Christmas decorating | the kitchen

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I got out of bed this morning and was ready to do some more Christmas decorating.  I had toyed with the idea of going to the studio and doing some work there, but the kitchen was calling my name.  It needed a bit of cleaning and I really wanted to give it some festive touches.  In typical “Marian-fashion”, I got so into what I was doing and didn’t want to stop, so breakfast didn’t happen until 11:00 and a shower didn’t happen until 2:15.  I throughly enjoyed the process, though, and the result.

Miss Mustard Seed-3496

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The range hood is my favorite part.  The boxwood wreath is around the cow head (Julia) year round, but I tied some homemade wool poms around her neck for a little something extra.  I nestled some greenery, pine cones, nuts, dried artichokes and more poms along the “mantle” and hung mini stockings filled with cinnamon sticks and fresh evergreen sprigs.

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A sweet reader, Anna of A Good Home,  made these mini burlap stockings with clay monogram tags for each family member a couple of years ago.  They look so perfect there, so thank you for your generosity!  There are some of these mini-stockings as well as larger versions and other cute things in her Etsy Shop.

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The cinnamon smells amazing, too, mingling with the fresh pine.

Miss Mustard Seed-3511

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On the balance scale to the left of the stove, I added a couple of small presents, pine cones, greenery and nuts.

Miss Mustard Seed-3505 Miss Mustard Seed-3476

On the window to the right of the stove, I hung another wool pom-pom garland from Anthro.  I put some greenery on the sill and a dala horse I found in my Oma’s attic.  It was still in the original package with the price…3 Deutsche Marks.

Miss Mustard Seed-3484

Miss Mustard Seed-3483

I found the skinny candles at Hobby Lobby,

Miss Mustard Seed-3513

At the opposite end of the kitchen, I drew a little Christmas chalk art, reminding us the true reason we celebrate December 25.

Miss Mustard Seed-3501

Miss Mustard Seed-3485

I had to laugh, because it looks a little like “Unto us a child is corn”, but I figured most people would know it says “born”.  Now everyone just sees “corn”, I’m sure.

Miss Mustard Seed-3487

I tidied up the home office a bit for the photo shoot.  It serves as our “landing zone”, so it’s usually piled with coats and backpacks.  It’s a little thing, but I love the plaid bag from Pottery Barn.  I bought something there when Jeff and I were on our getaway and the salesman asked if I wanted a bag or not.  “Getting a nice bag is one of the fun parts of shopping in a store like Pottery Barn, which I don’t frequent very often.  Yes.  I want a bag.”

Miss Mustard Seed-3494

I added a couple of small touches to the home office – lining the windows with pine cones…

Miss Mustard Seed-3491

…and turning the vintage perpetual calendar to the anticipated day with a sprig of greenery in front.

Miss Mustard Seed-3492

Back in the kitchen, the “baking center” sports a fresh evergreen swag and some more pine cones.  For a magazine shoot, I would remove the microwave, but there it is.  We have a microwave and that’s where it lives.

Miss Mustard Seed-3502 Miss Mustard Seed-3503 Miss Mustard Seed-3504

While I was making a mess clipping all of the greenery, I decided to add some to Gwendolyn’s frame…

Miss Mustard Seed-3497

…as well as the top of the hutch in the family room.  I am out of store-bought garland, so I used trimmings from the Christmas tree and our yard.  (I think one of the boxwood wreaths is slipping a little lower than it’s twin!  They are just affixed with duck tape, so that sometimes happens when I open it to get a pitcher.)

Miss Mustard Seed-3531

As I was out trimming greenery off one of our trees (in my jammies), a flurry of snow started to fall.  It was confirmation that it was the perfect day to stay home and decorate.

Christmas decorating | the kitchen

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