Christmas decorating | the living room

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I’ve been sharing the Christmas decorations in my house room by room over the past few days.  In case you missed it, here is the master bedroom and family room decked out for the holidays.   And now, in the tour, we come to the living room.   As with the other rooms I’ve already shared, I used mostly fresh greenery with a few wintry/festive touches.

Miss Mustard Seed-3417

(And I finally made a scrunchy linen cord cover for my plug-in chandelier.)

I have a live blue spruce in an antique bucket on the coffee table and some mixed greenery tucked in the chandelier.

Miss Mustard Seed-3419

The pom-pom garland is from Anthropologie and I just let it swag over an antique screen door.  I love how it looks like a garland of snowballs, so it will transition beyond Christmas to be winter decor.

Miss Mustard Seed-3364

I made a loose wreath for my my milk-painted rocking horse.

Miss Mustard Seed-3366

The primitive hutch is topped with a mix of live and artificial greenery and a wreath from Anthro is hung from the doors.

Miss Mustard Seed-3421

I really loved the quality and look of the garland, so I started eyeing the wreath online.   Maria sharing the same wreath on her Instagram feed only encouraged me further!

dreamy whites wreath

(via Maria of Dreamy Whites)

It was quite a splurge, so I looked at some alternatives.  There were some nice ones on Etsy, but there was something about the Anthro one that I was really drawn to.  It was fuller and fluffier and just looked beautiful.  I received their black Friday e-mail with a 20% off code and, figuring I would enjoy it for many Christmases, I went for it.

Miss Mustard Seed-3367

Mine actually looks a little different from Maria’s version, but I still really love it.

Miss Mustard Seed-3418

I leaned up a pair of antique wooden skis against the hutch.  I found these about 10 years ago at…get this…a thrift store!  And they were only $18.  I can’t believe it, but I hemmed and hawed over the purchase at the time, thinking that might be too expensive for something that Jeff would shake his head at as I pulled them out of the car.  But I had that nagging gut feeling that these were a special find and a bargain and I took them home, despite the head-shaking I was likely to encounter.  With all of the things I’ve sold over the years, I’ve held onto these and I finally wiped the dust off and brought them out.  (I had to banish them to the basement when the boys were little, so they didn’t pull them over on themselves.)

Miss Mustard Seed-3368

Miss Mustard Seed-3370

Next to the front door, I added a marble pedestal with a glass cloche filled with a glass glittered deer, some small antique books and a sprig of greenery.  I also added some pine cones to an ironstone bowl…

Miss Mustard Seed-3420 Miss Mustard Seed-3385 Miss Mustard Seed-3384

…and tied a couple of homemade poms around the alabaster lamp.

Miss Mustard Seed-3373

I love how the wintry and Christmas touches came together in this room.  I’m also sort of digging the curtain-free space, so I may just leave it alone.  We’ll see.

Next up is the dining room!

Christmas decorating | the living room

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25 Comments on “Christmas decorating | the living room”

  1. I always LOVE all that you do…you are such an inspiration…but I have to be honest-I miss your beautiful curtains SO much!!! Please make new or put your beautiful blue ones back up!


  2. I’ve been reading your blog for years and have always loved what you do, even though my style is pretty different. But I have to say that this is hands down my favorite version of your living room. It is GORGEOUS!

  3. Oh, it just looks beautiful! I love all the fluffy pom-poms and those skis are definitely an awesome purchase, wish I could find some!


  4. Love your holiday decor! We recently found some old skis too, they are just so cool !

    I went curtain free about 10 years ago and have never gone back…

  5. Very crisp and clean! Love it. I am a bit of a clutter bug and go overboard with my Christmas décor. It’s everywhere, at least on the first floor of my tiny house of 1550 square feet! I have been saying I am going to tone it down a bit and declutter but it’s hard. I love my ‘stuff”. I think I am a décor addict, especially at Christmas time. Love your simple, understated design scheme. Very relaxing and serene.
    Happy Holidays!

  6. So clean, clear and beautiful without the curtains. Space and light is the first and the last of a great room.

  7. Everything is beautiful!!!! I am thinking (just me w/o any real decorating talent) on the 4th pic from the bottom……it would look GREAT to see your blue curtains separate all the whites….kinda give a little definition of the space. Also, would pick up the blue stripes on the pillows. I loved those curtails. Of course in person…..maybe too much?
    LOVE-LOVE the little glittered dear w/books and the skis!!!

  8. Beautiful!
    I like the “mono-mono” as I refer to it….monochromatic makes your space serene.
    I see “Christmas-holiday-winter” all in one. Very nice, indeed!

  9. I like the clean crisp look of your home. I wish I could get that look, but I live in a very rustic ranch home

  10. I have the same chest as you. The one next to your front door. I’ve often wondered the age of mine. It has the original finish on it. Your living room is lovely.

  11. Marian, such wonderful, cozy wintry decor accents! My fav is the cloche with reindeer and books…I need to think more of things to put under cloches…the only cloche I have in the house is covering a set of images in clay that a dear friend made of myself and hubby for our wedding present…done as unusual and worthy of being under a cloche!! The skiis are a great touch of texture and wood into the mix.
    The ironstone is perfect too for this time of year, like a bit of snow on the shelves…very nice!

  12. I am just loving everything….your white walls and lighter floors give the house a whole new beautiful look!

  13. When I think of Christmas and winter, one word comes to mind…Peaceful. Your home reflects that with its clean, crisp and simple lines. Its not too fussy, cluttered or over-done which is right up my alley. BTW…love those vintage skis!!

  14. Your home looks beautiful! Do you have any infomation on the chest by the door. I have an identical one. Thx.

  15. Your living room is gorgeous! You are always inspirational. When I pulled out my Christmas decorations this year, I realized I was kind of tired of them and wanted a fresh start. So this year, we are sticking with fresh greens, candles, and pops of deep red. Really love the new look.

    The way you use little surprises like the sparkly reindeer are so much fun and always get my creative juices flowing. Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent.

  16. This was such a great post. very interesting and at the same time your ideas are terrific . decorations are very good-looking and I’m glad that you share this one. thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  17. Hi Marian!

    Thank you for everything you share! Im sure you’ve mentioned this before, but may I ask what color and brand your walls are painted? I love the color!

    Thank you so much!

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