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I’ve shared before that rugs are my nemesis, but I feel like I’m finally getting a handle on what I like and what works with everything else happening in my space.  I had a plain jute rug under the table in the family room (off the kitchen), but we rolled it up and put it in the basement when we set up the Christmas tree.  It was fraying and the color just looked a little bland, so I didn’t put it back.  As we’ve been living without a rug for a while, I came to the conclusion that it would be much better with one.

But which rug?  hmmm…

So, I’ve just been waiting until the right option comes around.  I often troll Joss & Main to see if anything jumps out at me and a few days ago, something did.


It’s a jute rug, so it works with the larger one I have under the seating area, but it has a checked pattern to it in natural and cream.  For me, this makes it interesting to the eye, but doesn’t compete or overwhelm.  And, to make it even sweeter, I was able to purchase it with referral credits I’ve been stocking up.  Jeff doesn’t even give me a funny look anymore when a rug shows up on the door step.  He steps over it and goes about his day until I pull him away to help me move furniture!


I also swapped out the chairs for some from the studio.  These have a more substantial back and work better visually.   These may get swapped out again, but I’m just trying something different.



Yes, the rug is going to get spilled on and will be a crumb-catcher, but I’d rather abuse an inexpensive rug than the floors.  It also camouflages the inevitable mess a bit!


A Lego battle was raging just to the left of this picture.  I had to kick a couple of heads out of the frame.  Just an FYI.


Usually the table is bare, but I dressed it up a little for some the pictures, which is always fun for me.


On Saturday, we had about 8″ of snow, so the table became a part of a Nerf gun firing range for the boys shortly after these pictures were taken.  You do what you have to do when you have boys inside all day!

checkered rug

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20 Comments on “checkered rug”

  1. Do you have a piece of wood where your curtain rods are hanging from? It looks like it is the same color as the wall – did you add that or was it always like that?

  2. The rug is beautiful and just you. I love it. I also love when you share those extra tidbits of your family that keep things real. 🙂

  3. Have you said in the past where your curtains are from? I need to install white panels in my bedroom and would like a look similar to what you have. Thanks!

  4. You always find the perfect piece/item…..wish u could wave a magic wind and find me my missing items …..I know you have enough on your plate. I get the kid thing..have a four legged child who needs more attention than your boys will ever need. I stick with sisal i/o jute.

  5. Lovely again, Marian! Would you mind sharing the paint colour of your blue walls? And is that French Enamel on the bench and dresser?

    This is our year for lightening up our space and we are looking at blues!

    Thank you.

    1. Sure. The paint on the walls is Glass Slipper by Benjamin Moore. The bench is painted in MMSMP Bergere and the dresser is in a custom blue I mixed before I had my own paint line. It’s similar to French Enamel, but a little more muted.

  6. The rug is very nice, Marian. What you’ve shown us of your home and it’s decor looks so calm and serene. Of course I know with the boys it’s not that way all the time! I know especially well now that I have three grandsons! Having raised two daughters, It’s been quite an education for me! Anyway, there’s a peacefulness in the rooms you’ve shown us and I just wish I could achieve that in my own house. (Could you please fly out to Michigan and give me some direction?) My living room just grates on my nerves with too much dark furniture that I can’t bear to part with as the pieces are family pieces and I do love them. I just need a house about three times as big as mine to do them justice. Since that isn’t imminent, what to do? I guess I’ll just keep reading your wonderful blog and try my hand at furniture painting in the Spring and trust that at least some transformation will take place.

  7. Joss & Main is the place to go for rugs! I love this one! All 3 of the rugs I bought when we moved into our new house were from Joss & Main. I love the color palette and mis-matched chairs here! So inviting and relaxing.

  8. Hi Marian, Could you share the rug info with us?. I’ve been looking for a jute rug for my new home’s living room area. The theme is coastal with a touch of French country and I think this would suit. Thank you for all you do. God bless.

  9. I love that rug! It adds such interest but its not overwhelming, it really grounds the space and room. Great choice 🙂 I also LOVE the chairs with the table it seems to match the top of the table perfectly and I really like how you added the bench for seating instead of 4 individual chairs. Such a great little eating area.

  10. Hi Marion,
    I love the jute rug, too. Perused Josh & Main, but could not find it. Any info would be appreciated.

  11. Funny, I kept looking for checks and kept seeing stripes, lol, until the camera shot was looking down on the rug did I see the subtle check pattern. Check or stripe, the pattern is brings more interest to an already beautifully designed room.

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