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My dad showed up bright and early (which is around 9:00 in my book) to make sure all my chandeliers were ready to hang.  They all needed a little tweaking and some additional hardware.

Miss Mustard Seed-1202

It took a couple trips to the hardware store, but my dad was able to get two of them hung and they look great.  I needed to order an antique canopy (the thing that covers the ceiling outlet), so we’ll have to wait until that arrives to hang the third.

studio chandelier | miss mustard seed

I had my dad hang them a little higher than traditional chandelier height, so I can walk under them when I’m moving the tables around.

studio chandelier | miss mustard seed

Yes, the tile ceiling and fluorescent lights are still there, but those are not going away and they are becoming less noticeable.

mustard seed studio | miss mustard seed

mustard seed studio | miss mustard seed

My dad also helped me hang Margot, the studio cow.  Her boxwood wreath arrived today and now she looks complete.

metal cow head | miss mustard seed

mustard seed studio | miss mustard seed

The arrangement with Margot is on the right side of a large window at the back of the workshop area and the other “table leg rack” is on the left, so they are balanced out.  I’m on the hunt for a sofa to put under the window.  I think it will be a comfy place for us to sit as well as a piece we can use to style a living room “scene” for photo shoots.

mustard seed studio | miss mustard seed

And, while my dad was helping out, he hung a “welcome” sign above the doors.

mustard seed studio | miss mustard seed

In the pictures of the chandeliers, did you notice the Toledo scale on the counter?

toledo scale | miss mustard seed

It’s a pretty awesome piece that I picked up on my shopping trip with my mom.  I had actually been looking for something like this and there it was…a good price already and 20% off.  The dealer even carried it to the checkout counter for me.

toledo scale | miss mustard seed

Miss Mustard Seed-1209

Miss Mustard Seed-1208

I also picked up a beautiful walnut table to replace the folding table we were using for shipping.  I want to purchase pieces that are functional for one purpose, but can also be multifunctional.  This beautiful table can also be used for photo shoots, sales and then I can sell it if we ever want to.

Miss Mustard Seed-1201

More finds for the Chapel Market, studio progress and details on the Empire buffet styling are coming up…


  1. Teresa

    The old Toledo scale caught my eye right away! It looks so beautiful on the counter. BTW… “Margot” the cow was decor steal’s item of the day.

  2. June

    Your space is coming together so nicely! =)

  3. kathleen

    Who cares about the tile cieling, when there is so much beauty to look at! You’re doing a great job.
    PS your dad is AWESOME!

  4. Mimi

    I LOVE how it’s all shaping up! It already has a beautiful, homey feel to It thanks to the rich wood tones and all of your accessories. I love the shot where you can see the table, the mat underneath, the scale, and the cabinet in the background. Gorgeous!

  5. antiquechase

    I love what you have done with this space! It’s so charming!

  6. Colleen

    Love the transformation of your space. Your Dad is a gem! I had a nice chat with him as he wrapped my purchases at Luckettes this year. FYI: I know you are renting but they make press tin ceiling panels that fit the dropped ceiling grid. You could do the entire space or just replace some over your photography area. You could take them with you if you ever left the space.

  7. Ann

    I just can’t imagine the feeling you must get when you walk in this incredible studio space. It must be amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  8. Alicia

    The studio is looking FABulous, Marian!

  9. Stacey

    Love what you are doing to your space & especially the cute way of displaying your paint colors – quirky & clever

  10. Dale Ballard

    Hey Marian, I love seeing the pic of your dad helping – cherish every minute, mine was one of those helper guys (because he enjoyed it) too and me and my siblings miss him everyday! Your space looks great and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re coming to Toronto! Funky Junk Donna is here this weekend too – didn’t know we had all this talent inbound! Enjoy, maybe I’ll see you!

  11. Loretta

    I’m loving your studio Marion! Wish I could visit in person. An afternoon a a milk paint session would be perfect!

  12. Linda

    Marion did you name your shop Chapel Market? If so , so fitting ! what a Blessing you have your Mom and Dad to be part of your new adventure! Shop looks great!

    • marian

      Actually the studio is unoriginally named “The Mustard Seed Studio.” The Chapel Market is an event in Pike Road, Alabama on October 25, and I’m going to be a vendor there, so I’m preparing for it.

  13. Jelena

    Your studio space is shaping up so beautifully! You are right, with chandeliers and everything else in place, the tile ceiling is not as noticeable.

  14. Kari

    I remember one Trading Spaces episode (remember that show on TLC? it started the whole DIY tv craziness) when Vern, I think, replaced the acoustic tiles in a drop ceiling with very thin pieces of wood he had stained. I remember thinking it looking really cool and might be an idea to rustic up your studio.

  15. Kathleen

    When are we going to see a new photo of you?. The image where you dwarf the child’s chair needs updating. Please find a suitable craigslist piece to use as a base/work surface to paint projects and please wear your apron. If the item needs to be on wheels to move about what is a good platform to work from. Marian ,you have an unfair advantage in this realm as you are fantastic at what you do, you have a terrific brand name and well should we see more yellow or golds as in Mustard seed?? looking forward to the new photo, Love the apron is it for sale ?? I collect aprons– and tea towel s can you design a tea towel that we can use ???????????? and a hat or bandana while you are at it what about gloves??

  16. Kerry Purcell

    It’s beginning to look like your home away from home! 🙂

  17. Susan B

    I love the shop, Marian! Everything you add is perfect! So enjoying this new move for you & your family!

  18. Alice Crawford

    OK, now my 2 cents worth. I’d put that desk/table perpendicular to the wall. I just hate having my back to the action, I like to see what’s going on. Other than that, everything else meets with my approval. Don’t you just love a smart alleck?? Hey, two days ago I had two chandeliers hung.
    I know how grateful you are for your dad’s help…it cost me $402. Oh, yes, that included a fake TV camera for the front porch. Wish I had a nice man to help me out.

    I read your blogs daily and love them and think you’re an incredible young woman.

  19. Bristol Sunset

    Congratulations, Marian. The studio space looks terrific. It is great to have a designated space for creating, and you have worked hard to earn that. I love the addition of the chandeliers! It’s great seeing familiar pieces from your home entering the studio scene…which can only mean more room for new things in your home! Congratulations again, and happy creating.

  20. Cindy

    Oh, it’s just wonderful! I’m so happy for you! Would you be willing to show some pictures of the whole space from different angles? I’d like to picture where everything is in relation to everything else since I can’t come see it for myself. I’m praying many good things for you and your family.

    • marian

      Yes, I will! We’re working on a few more things and I have some cleaning up to do and then we’ll show the space.

  21. Mouse

    Your studio is looking so awesome! You’ve had so many inspiring posts!! Mouse.

  22. Verne

    Love the space shared with us, Marian! …a wonderful. Dad, with a talented, & creative, daughter.
    Keep up the great work and sharing your ideas and tips. When we finally get a “Sold” in Texas and can move on to GA. (Fingers, toes, etc…all crossed 🙂 ), I will be able to pull out a thing or two from your book and my own past works to make “something all-new-and-pretty-and-homey” again!!
    Verne fj

  23. Lee

    It is all coming together wonderfully and I love the photos.

    Lee 🙂

  24. Gilly

    What I love about your business is how obvious it is that your family support you in everything you do… is so beautiful to see that, I think it is what makes everything you do such a success.

  25. Judy

    I am totally impressed with the way your Dad is holding up that chandelier while he’s working on it. He reminds me of my Dad who was always figuring out a way to work smarter, not harder. I’m loving how you are making your nest in you new studio. Happy for you.

  26. Judy H.

    It looks like everything is coming together BEAUTIFULLY. LOVE the chandelier, it looks gorgeous and is the perfect accent in your studio. What a precious Daddy you have to help with your chandelier and make sure everything with it is A-OK. Dad’s reassurances are about the best thing ever aren’t they? I have been in love with the table leg rack since I spied it in a previous post. It is colorful genius! Everything you do shows the love and care you have for the pieces you’ve touched.

  27. mary eguia

    WOWZER!!! I bought the look book today! I drove one and a half hours to the store to purchase it.I was so excited to read it.Wonderful.I am truly in aw of you Marian.
    Love love love the book.
    You are the new Martha Stewart.

  28. Jessica

    The studio is coming along beautifully. I can definitely see you and your crew creating all sorts of beautiful things.

  29. Diane

    The studio is looking great! Congrats and best of luck with it!

  30. Cindy

    Your space is super I love how big it is and all the different areas for function. The ceiling tiles and florescent lights are like white noise you just see though them after a while. You need the light in a big space. That ceiling thing for outlet and the chandelier is called a ceiling medallion. Looking forward to seeing more of your space.

  31. mara

    love how your studio is coming together, and what a nice dad! i also found a candy scale l love, perfect time of the year for them. thanks for sharing.

  32. Wendy M

    LOVE YOUR STIDIO….. I so wish I could be one of your helpers!!!

  33. Colleen

    Love your new space! It’s really coming together beautifully! Is the new boxwood wreath real? Love it! 🙂

  34. EJ

    Yeah for dad photo! It made me smile thinking of my own Pops. 🙂

  35. Wendy @ Zoey's

    It’s so nice to have parents that can help you out 😉 …. the studio looks awesome and the ceiling is not noticeable…besides it doesn’t look bad anyway!

  36. MaryLisa Noyes

    Your workshop is really taking shape! Everything is functional and appealing, winning combinations!


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