I showed yesterday how I styled the hand painted empire buffet as a piece for a nursery or kid’s room.  In this post, I’m going to show the piece styled as a buffet…

hand painted empire buffet | miss mustard seed

Kriste and I grabbed what we had around the studio…pieces in the studio “prop stash”, things waiting for tags for the Chapel Market and things that are listed in the online shop.  I’m learning how much of a “prop stash” I had at my house and I need to bring some things over to the studio!

hand painted empire buffet | miss mustard seed

bakelite & ironstone | miss mustard seed

blue & white ironstone | miss mustard seed

When the famous “cow head” from my kitchen came available again on Decor Steals, I bought one.  I knew I would want to put one in my studio space, since it’s become such an icon of my style.  (Yes, I ordered a boxwood wreath, too.)  We needed something on the wall in this arrangement and this was perfect.  Kriste and Leslie (the organizing guru who was there for a day) named her Margot.  The one in my kitchen is Julia.  They’re twins.

iron cow head | miss mustard seed

I’m going to comment on the styling and show the process in another post, but we tried to bring in some warm woods to contrast all of the whites and pale blues.

hand painted empire buffet | miss mustard seed

We have a project in the works to make some rolling walls that will give us other backdrop options as well as some hanging backdrops, so you’re not always seeing pieces on a white wall.  There’s even a strip of plywood on the floor at one end of the studio that sort of bummed me out originally.  Then, the maintenance guy told me I could paint it.  Well, I think that’ll be a great place to do a really cool painted floor treatment for photo shoots!  That’s turning lemons into lemonade.

I’ll share more progress on the studio soon, but I am enjoying every minute I spend there.  I even linger a few minutes after I’ve cleaned up and am ready to leave for the day.  I’ll stand at the door with my bags on my shoulder and just look around my studio.  I hope I always take that moment.


Before I sign off, I have to brag on Kriste for a minute.  She has been my online shop manager for a few months now and she’s really blossoming in the new studio space as well.  Check out these product shots…

broom rake school bell twine

Gorgeous, right?  In addition to looking over the studio, I think I need to give that girl a hug at the end of each day!

Most things sold out in the online shop already, but there is still a German enamel clock, a brown & white transferware casserole and more…


  1. Stephanie

    I must admit, I was a little upset about Margot not having a boxwood wreath of her own. Think of the potential sibling rivalry.

    But after reading further, I can now relax and go on with my day.

    Great job!

    • marian

      Yes, we tried eucalyptus, because she really needed an accessories, but she insisted that she must have boxwood like Julia. Cows!

  2. Suzi

    Beautifully done!!!! So happy you have the Studio.

  3. Charmaine

    Beautiful paint job! Your Kriste is certainly a real gem!

  4. Deb M

    Amazing how versatile the piece is! Personally, I like it as a buffet much better than in the nursery setting. To each her own, right?

  5. Ellen

    I cannot WAIT for the how-to video you mentioned yesterday! (No pressure or anything, seeing as how just just moved into a new space and all.) 😉

  6. Lisa

    Somehow my subscription to your blog was disrupted and while I was out of touch, you’ve acquired a studio–congratulations! I enjoy your work–and that of your assistants–very inspiring. Thanks.

  7. Jelena

    Congrats, Kriste! You are quite the photographer!

  8. Michelle

    Is it wrong to be so unoriginal that I MUST have that same cow now? When will she be available again? I have always loved cows. My mom grew up on a farm and told us all these stories about her pet cows! It’s clear now, what’s missing from my home!
    Also, I’m a (much older) Air Force brat. I hated the moving. In my adult life, I’ve moved several times for the hubby and work. For some, like moi, it’s unnatural! But we have been in our current house longer than anyplace I’ve ever been, twelve long years now, and it needs a redo desperately! So glad I found you! It’s helped to clarify my vision. I’m an artist and have a “flair” but I need to make it more personal. Put more of us into it! This blog is really inspiring the creative in me!
    Matt. 17:20 has always been a favorite!

    • Michelle

      And, I eagerly await your book! Also, am watching closely at these furniture redo! I will be painting our bedroom set. Thought I wanted it white or black, but I may just go with a color! Yippee! So, so I need to peruse a look book?

      Sorry to be so needy!

  9. KJ Eicher

    Love how the studio is coming along. And, I love the cow as well. I jumped on the site to check it out and couldn’t see how to move around and shop at all !!!! Now, I’m thinking maybe that is its design….strange…I just hate sites where you have to sign up just to look around. And there you can’t even shop ??? And yes, always take that last, end of the day moment to reflect, enjoy, and be grateful. It’s good for the soul !! Great work !


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