There’s been a lot of white going on in the Mustard Seed Studio these days.  But, I think you do need some color to balance out whites, so I’m adding in some greens and blues in small doses.

I decided to do one dresser in a bold green – MMS Milk Paint Boxwood layered over Lucketts Green.


I thought I took a before picture of this piece and somewhere in all of the furniture shuffling (or perhaps picture deleting), I don’t have one.  You can see it Where’s-Waldo-style, peeking out from behind the pink wardrobe.  He’s a little photo bomber.


The dresser was pretty, but it had water rings and discolorations on the top and the sides had come unglued.  Jeff shored it up and I stripped the top down to the bare wood.  Kriste painted it in Lucketts Green followed by a coat of the 100% Beeswax Finish and two coats of Boxwood.  The top was finished in Hemp Oil.


To tie it in with all of the white we’re using in the booth, I opted for white marble knobs I found at Hobby Lobby.


I actually only had six on hand, but needed eight, so I asked Jeff a big favor – if he could stop on the way home from school, with the boys, and get them for me.  It would mean at least a two hour trip for me, but it was only about 10 minutes out of their way. Jeff and my boys, all three of them, dread going into Hobby Lobby, but they did it for me and scored the two knobs I needed to finish the dresser.

I styled it with old window frame turned into artwork by hanging a sweet little dress inside it.


I’ve been collecting humble white baby dresses and slips to hang around the booth, but this blue & white stripped one was just too pretty to pass up.  It has a crinoline that makes the perfect swishing sound when it’s twirled.


I also am in love with the little wooden house.  It doesn’t open, so it’s not a dollhouse, and the holes look too small to be a birdhouse, so I guess someone just wanted to make a little house.


We painted it in three coats of Farmhouse White.  It took that many coats, because the old plywood really soaked up the paint and I wanted nice, opaque coverage.  I gently distressed it, just to knock the newness off of the paint.


Did you notice the little doll cradle?  Someone put so much care into cutting out the details on the side, the little handles and the runners.  It just tugged at my heartstrings.


As I was working today, on this photo shoot, tagging items I bought last week and putting them with everything else that’s ready to sell at Lucketts, I felt so satisfied with how it’s all coming together.  I love the things I’ve found, fixed up and made and I’m looking forward to sharing everything with those who are able to attend the market.


For those who aren’t able to make it, I’m brewing some ideas to include you in the future…


  1. JoanMarie

    Love the pop of green mixed with all of the other pieces! And that little house…precious! Your prep work for the sale is spectacular. Something for everyone indeed.

  2. Michelle

    Your booth is going to be amazing. My grandfather made me a cradle for all of my dolls when I was little and it looked just like yours. He loved working with his hands and was a very talented woodworker. It’s a shame I didn’t keep it. I’m looking forward to hearing what you may have in store for those of us who can’t make it to Lucketts this year.

  3. Donna

    I love the pops of color, green is always a WIN, WIN, WIN! And I cannot wait till Lucketts, there are more and more things that are popping up on my list after these posts. Love the cradle. My grandmother made me one when I was 18 months old and broke my leg. So I would sit and play with my doll in the little cradle. Someone made it with a lot of love.

  4. Ashlea

    What a sweet display! The stripes on that little dress paired with the green and whites make my heart go pitter pat! Just beautiful.

  5. DeAnna

    Good morning Marian, I think your booth is going to be amazing. I live in California, so I’m excited you’re thinking of ways to include those of us who live too far away to see you at Lucketts. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the big event. Have a great day!

  6. marylisa noyes

    Love what you did with the birdhouse.

  7. Melissa Leach

    I, too, love that birdhouse!

  8. Judy Lincicum

    I’m sooo glad you are thinking of us that can’t attend. I just drool over all these goodies every market that you get ready for, and I can’t have a thing!!! I’m saving up my dollars, and I want to be able to order ironstone out the ears!!! Can’t find it out here in AZ easily and Etsy is too expensive. Love your furniture too, Marian! Of course, who doesn’t???? Duh, as my kids say. But even though I pout and cannot participate I still get excited for you and love watching you get ready for the markets and love looking at your before and afters. Keep up the before and afters, it’s very interesting to me!

  9. Cindy

    I so wish I lived closer, I’m loving that little wood house. The Boxwood combo turned out very nice.

  10. Chris

    Love these things! Any chance you want to sell the cradle and little house NOW and not wait? PLEASE let me know.

  11. Melissa from Hey,Girlfriend.Net

    I wish I lived closer, so I could visit your shop at Lucketts! The cradle is to die for. Precious! It pulls my heart strings, too. I am glad you pointed out the marble knobs, I didn’t realize they were marble until you mentioned it. They look great and I bet are richer and prettier in person.

  12. B Folk

    Good job with the dresser. He was waiting patiently behind the pink wardrobe for his turn. That little house is sweet, nice paint job. Some species of birds (wrens, titmice, chickadees, etc.) use entry holes smaller than 2″, though I’m not sure about the layout of the type of house they would like. I am enjoying seeing the prep for Luckett’s, thanks!

  13. Jamie

    I love all you do, but the way you displayed the cute little dress – simply perfect! I have a little baby slip of my moms that I would love to display. I think I’ll borrow (steal) your idea! Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with us!! Wish I could be at Luckett’s!

  14. Nan, Odessa, DE

    You have done a great job! I remember last time you were questioning IF you had enough things for your booth. You will knock’em dead this time!

    Do keep us at home up to date on your booth each day, that is fun for us.

    If I could get to Lucketts or your workspace, I would buy the little tall boy (my favorite to date), a wooden hanger, an old picture frame, and this little white house.

    We MUST find a way to ship from you to Delaware that wouldn’t break anyone’s bank.

    Good luck! Looking forward to the next post.

    (PS I am unable to type on your comment section. Letters are very, very slow printing.)

  15. Debra Naifeh

    You always inspire me!

  16. Dana Wall

    Brew brew brew! I can’t come to Lucketts but look forward to what’s next!

  17. Cassie

    I read for the antiques (obviously), but also for the little nuggets of business and retail inspiration, so I had to comment on the new tags. Love the simplicity 🙂

  18. Collette Evanko

    Smiled when I read you sent Jeff and boys on a Hobby Lobby mission. My husband, too, works right next to a HL. He has gotten many pictures of knobs sent to his cell phone with the request “need two of these, please!” He knows what to do!


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