Again!  I don’t have a before picture for this piece.  I am sure now that I took before pictures of a few pieces and then deleted them in my enthusiasm to keep my camera card uncluttered.  That’s what I get for trying to be organized!

So, you’ll just have to imagine the before.  It was brown and that’s about all I can say about it!  It did come with a mirror set in a large frame and I have plans for those, too.  For some reason, dresser/mirror pairings don’t sell as well as dressers on their own and mirrors on their own.


The dresser was painted in two coats of MMS Milk Paint in Grain Sack.  I lightly sanded it after the paint was dry with a fine sanding sponge and allowed the paint to flake off where it wanted to flake.  I love it when pieces chip in a way that looks so authentic.


Because the piece was chippy, I sealed it in Tough Coat.


The knobs are old ones I got off of the dresser I revived with Hemp Oil.  Since I had only six knobs, it was perfect.


I like how the white plays off of the slightly gray hue of the Grain Sack paint.


And, as a little bonus, this sweet dresser is on casters.

You know how I feel about casters.  And turned legs.


I just realized that I should mention that is a child-sized chair next to the dresser!  It’s a petite piece, so I styled it with other small things, but that is throwing off the perspective.


I picked up this little wooden extract box on the shopping trip with my mom last week…


…as well as the little basket.  I filled it with a sweet little plant called “baby tears.”

mms-6297  mms-6293

The painting is by our own talented Katie!  She is an amazing artist and is letting me use some of her paintings as props in the studio…just on loan to me.  They are not for sale, but I’m trying to talk her into painting a few small ones to sell at Lucketts in my booth.


I am so blessed to work with such gifted people.

The other day, Kriste was finishing up a piece and asked me if it was ready for the finish.  I looked it over and realized that I use to feel like I had to touch every piece to get it just right.  I still want to, but I realized that I don’t have to!  It was just me for so many years, that it’s taken me a long time to settle into letting other people carry out my vision.

It’s just all a part of me growing as an entrepreneur…


  1. Susan

    I wish that painting was for sale. It’s so sweet and lovely!

  2. Sarah

    Kristie’s painting is awesome. It caught my eye immediately and I wondered if it was for sale! I would love it!

  3. Nicola

    Kristie’s painting is lovely. She should work on some to sell! I have enjoyed seeing all the very nice projects, the displays are inspiring!

  4. Karen

    Sweet dresser… Painting LOVE…

  5. Carla

    Kriste is very talented! What is that oh so cute little cart thing on top of the dresser? Things are so lovely for Luckett’s.

    • Carla

      Oops – is my face red. Katie did a beautiful painting. Kriste did the landscaped dresser right?

  6. Krista

    Kriste has some talent! Wish I could paint like that. Love the painting and the dresser.

  7. Sally

    Is the painting on canvas or canvas board? And how was it hung? I was given an awesome painting that my sister bought while thrifting. It is on canvas board and I haven’t yet figured out how to hang it without spending $$$ for framing.

    • marian

      It is on canvas stretched over a frame. I just hung it on a nail! Pretty simple. For the paintings in my house, I just look for frames on clearance, at auction, antique stores, etc. I have found most of mine for just a few dollars each.

  8. Mah

    I think the painting was done by Katie, it is lovely and Kristie and Katie are both talented. I love the chest of drawers too.

  9. DeAnna

    Sweet pairings! I wish the painting were for sale too. I’m really liking the Grainsack color on this piece. Everyday I’m in love with a different MMSMP color:)

  10. PJ

    Letting go and not feeling the need to control every step is a huge part of getting older. Your team is lucky to have you as their leader.

  11. Naomi S.

    Everything in the dresser photo calls to me! I like the plants, especially, and I love the little chair. Like you, I like the white-white knobs on the dresser against the subtle shade of the dresser. I even like the wheels on the stripped-down doll carriage! I’m dying to come to Lucketts and see it all put together. A pipe-dream, but you never know!

  12. Nancy

    wow, Katie. As in, love the painting. . And,speaking of Tough Coat, could I use that on a shelf I bought from Antique Farmhouse that has out of contol chipping flaking paint?

    • marian

      Yes, definitely! It’s perfect for sealing chipping paint!

      • Nancy

        Oh good! Thanks

  13. Melissa from Hey,Girlfriend.Net

    Hi Marian, This dresser is beautiful, I love the way the finish turned out and I love the pop of fresh greenery next to it!

    On another note, I thought you might want to know that your always excellent teaser photos in my email notifications are not coming through. They show up as a box, where the photo should go, with MMS-6277 (today) in the upper left hand corner. I don’t think this is a problem on my end because the teaser photos for my blog are appearing.

  14. Ruth

    As always so impressed. Wow the painting!

  15. Dianne

    Very much like the painting. Dresser very pretty as always

  16. Janice Flynn

    I *think* you may very well have an Eastlake dresser there! I have a similar one myself, inherited from my great-great-parents. They immigrated to the states from Germany in the late 1800s. Some Eastlakes were made in England (as mine was), but from what I understand they manufactured them in the US later on. Eastlake was known to be one of the very first “modern” furniture manufacturers when it came to furniture design, as they were one of the first to make simplified furniture, as opposed to ornate pieces. Sadly, we all know that refinishing an antique diminishes its value tremendously, but I’m in the same boat! My father stripped and refinished my dresser decades ago and he also replaced the hardware *deep sigh*, but knowing its history makes it a special piece in my home and it’s one of the first things I’d save if ever my house caught fire! 🙂

  17. Glenda Alexander

    Where did you get the painting/print on the wall behind/above the dresser? Is it available for purchase anywhere?


  18. Jessica @ Petal + Ply

    the subtle color difference between the paint and the knobs works perfectly. might have to snatch this pairing for somewhere in my house. 🙂

  19. Sheri

    I also just love Katie’s picture! Very nice!!

  20. Wendy Y

    I love the baby tears in the basket. It brought back sweet memories of when my mom used to help us make dish gardens to enter in the fair, and we always used that as miniature ground cover along with other miniature people, houses, animals, etc. So fun ?

  21. Wendy York

    Hey did you see that exact same dresser on page 82 of the new (May) issue of Country Living? ?

    • marian

      Oh, no I didn’t! I’ll have to check it out.


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