Back to School Week!

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Well, the day has finally arrived and I just sent the boys off to school.  When I started my blog, both of my boys were in diapers and now they are started 5th and 6th grade.  It is crazy how time flies, but I am enjoying their current age.  I never was much of a “baby person”, so the younger years were more of a struggle for me.  I’m loving watching their personalities and sense of humor bloom as they grow.

But, I also love that I’m sitting in a quiet house right now!  Since it’s only half a week, I don’t have any grand plans, but I will work on deep cleaning the house, finishing up some small projects (like painting the door trim in the laundry room), and start to get myself focused and organized for fall.  I have design projects lined up, freelance work (for magazines and websites), and lots of ideas and new ventures that were put on the back burner during the summer.  It’s now time to buckle down and make some of them happen.

These few days leading up to the first day of school have been pretty light work-wise, so I thought this post would be a little bit of this and that…things I’ve been meaning to share, but haven’t, yet.

First, I have some magazine features out on newsstands, if you’re interested in checking them out…

I have a feature in the fall issue of American Farmhouse Style magazine…

And articles and photos in the September and October issues of Romantic Homes…

And a room I designed was featured in Country Sampler’s Autumn Decorating…

Remember Megan’s office makeover?  That’s the one…

I am also featured in the latest issue of Country Home, but I haven’t been able to pick up a copy, yet!  I’ll definitely share that, though, because Country Home has been one of my favorite magazines for almost 20 years!

This summer, we also launched a new product in the MMS Milk Paint line – Zinc Wax!

This is a product we’ve been working on launching for over about two years, so it’s exciting that it’s finally here.  It took me a long time to find just the right metallic to bring on board, since I don’t usually use metallic finishes on my furniture pieces.

This wax gives an amazing subtle finish that looks so much like brushed metal.  I love it over Typewriter, especially.  Here is a sample board I did…

I will be using it on a  project soon and making a video tutorial on how best to apply it.

And, lastly, I wanted to let you know that my latest round of paintings are up for auction.  I’ve listed these and a few others…

It was hard for me to let go of several of these, because they are my favorites so far, but I keep telling myself that I need to let them go, so I can create more.  One day, there will be one that I must keep, because it belongs with me.  Until then, I’ll just let them go out into the world.

You can bid on the paintings HERE.  And I do need to say a big thank you here for everyone who has bid on and bought my art as well as supported me through this journey.  I’ve shared a lot of amateur work along the way and this community has been so supportive of my artist endeavors.  It really does mean a lot to me and has been good motivation to keep studying and improving.

This blog and business journey has been a meandering one that’s full of surprises and I love that each year brings new opportunities, interests, and ideas.  Thanks for being a part of it.  (You see?  The first day of school is making me sentimental!)

Anyway, some other things that are coming up, other than my trip to Europe (have I mentioned that?!), are the foyer/staircase makeover, some sewing and slipcover projects, and I’m going to start focusing on some other rooms in the house, like the guest room, sewing room, and boys’ rooms.  There is lots of painting to be done and many more projects.  Plus cooler weather is on the way and the holidays are just around the corner.

I love this time of year…

Back to School Week!

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22 Comments on “Back to School Week!”

  1. Would have never thought to label any of your beautiful artwork as amateur, but wow! – even one as ungifted in the area of drawing/painting as I am can see such improvement in your skills! Those examples above are very fine pieces of art! You always continue to amaze! God has blessed you with so much ability and the energy to pursue it all; thank you for allowing to rest of us to tag along on this fabulous ride!

  2. Congratulations on the publication of your latest freelance magazine work. You do a good job of creating vignettes and photographing them in a way that brings the scenes to Life.

    Your painting continues to improve and evolve by leaps and bounds. All of your study and practice are really paying off. The latest batch of auction artwork is no exception. I especially like the one with what looks like a Lighthouse. It brings to mind the work of Edward Hopper.

  3. Your painting is definitely improving! (Sincere commendation – I’m not trying to be condescending or anything.) I particularly like the lighthouse and the sailboats. I enjoy painting but I’m not really all that good. Seeing your progress has inspired me to work at improving, too. I do watercolor, though.
    As I have never known anyone who had their house featured in a magazine (that must be so thrilling, or are you used to it by now?) does the magazine pay the homeowner for the feature? If they don’t, it seems like they’re getting free content.

    1. No, I’m always thrilled by magazine features! When I write articles or shoot/style homes, I am paid for that. There are times when I contribute photos I already have for free, because it’s good exposure for my brand and honestly, I enjoy contributing to magazines and keeping good relationships with editors. I’ve had many great paying opportunities come out of the relationships I’ve maintained through the years.

      And, thank you for the compliment on my art. I totally agree and am very realistic about my art. I can see it for what it is and I’m encouragement by the improvement as well, but there is still tons of room for growth!

  4. Just received my Country Home and look who’s there? What a nice surprise! Congrats on the publications, you deserve every bit of it!!!!

  5. Because I’ve never painted anything before, I have a great appreciation for paintings done by others who are either more talented or more gutsy than I am! To me, your paintings are wonderful!! The apple core is my favorite! It makes me smile as it has just a bit of humor to it! I’m having a love affair with lighthouses so, needless to say, I really like yours!

    Good luck to you and keep going is my only request! Your Very, Very good!!!

  6. I get RH and when i saw the article just knew it was yours but had to read and make sure, I know i don’t usually say much but congratulations on your articles. I do love reading your blog.

  7. You certainly are a busy bee ! I love how ur projects turn out and I’m so excited about your zinc wax! I think it will be just the touch I’ve been looking for for my home. Have a great trip

  8. Marion! WOWZER! 4 publications, that’s amazing. I especially love that they are differing design style magazines which validates your style being more than just a current trend, it’s timeless and approachable and appealing to many audiences. SO happy with you…

  9. My husband wasn’t a baby person either so I did most of the care of our 4 boys but now we have a baby grandson and wow my husband is great with him so maybe you will turn into a baby person for your grands.

  10. Great news! Our former historic home in RI was featured in a national magazine probably ten years ago. My former next door neighbor told me about it and I quickly went out an bought the magazine. Actually it was an article about a person not so much the house but I had to study the background carefully and there it was in all its glory.

  11. I especially love the trees in the background of the schoolhouse. And Hopper and Wyeth both come to mind. The auction prices always go too high for me, but someday I will own a Marian Parsons original!

    1. I will be painting more and there will be some that stay closer to where I start them, I think. A couple in the last batch went for $40-50.

  12. The time when children return to school is always very exciting for both the children themselves and for the parents. My child goes to the first class and for half a year I tried to prepare him for the school as if she were going there: D
    Because it seems to me, at this stage the child should already have a certain level of thinking, memory, attention. In addition, he needs to learn how to build relationships and communicate – with the teacher and other children, be polite and recognize the authority of adults, be able to perform assignments, in some issues already be independent, learn organization.

  13. The boys are growing so much! I just actually ordered my very first painting which I’m super excited about! You are so good and I love catching up, I’m definitely going to have to practice my water color painting skills. Another thing to add to my list lol.

    Keep up the amazing work! Have fun on your Europe trip, you deserve it!

  14. You are getting better/and better with your art. It is obvious you work diligently at it and it certainly shows. It is so nice you are able to sell them. Many years ago my home and art were featured in a Better Homes and Gardens publication. It was 11 color pages. It was quite exciting and I know you must be thrilled. Because you are also a photographer you were probably not as amazed as I was with all the camera equipment and photography tricks they used. I especially remember it was a cloudy day and they had a spotlight in the window from outside to look like sun in my kitchen. I have the article framed in my art studio aka atelier.

  15. I want to say thank you for this amazing article! I hope my children will have the opportunity to back to school soon… as now we are homeschooling because of the lockdown.

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