Megan’s office makeover | the reveal

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It’s finally time to reveal Megan’s office makeover!

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

Kriste and I met Megan, of the blog Mercy in the Middle, through one of our milk paint workshops.  She then volunteered her time to help as we were getting ready for the Lucketts Spring Market earlier this year.  She mentioned wanting some help with her home, so when I decided to start working with design clients, she immediately came to mind as an ideal guinea pig.

Of course, she’s a little cuter than a guinea pig.

It would take me way too long to recap the entire makeover, but you can catch up by clicking through the links below…

part 1 | the before

part 2 | the “franken-chair”

part 3| the plan

part 4 | wall colors & design elements

part 5 | the slipcovered desk chair reveal

part 6 | the Craig’s List wardrobe

part 7 | the Craig’s List wardrobe reveal

part 8 | the slipcovered armchair

part 9 | the chalkboard wall

And here we are at part 10.  The room is done.

I’m calling the style of her office “eclectic farmhouse”, because it’s a mash of farmhouse, traditional and a touch of industrial all mixed together.  

Here’s how it looked when poor Megan first showed us her house and I snooped in the one room she hadn’t cleaned and then I showed pictures of it on my blog.

You’re welcome for that, Megan.

Here’s what it looked like before and my sketched plan for the room…

Megan's office

And here is how it looks now!

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

The piano is staying in the room, since Megan sings and plays, but we removed it for some of the pictures, since it’s not exactly photogenic!  (I was planning to make a slip for the sides, but with the full-length drapes, it would’ve been too much, so we decided to just leave it alone.)

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

Here’s the sketch I rendered for the wall on the right, opposite the windows…


And here is how the actual cabinet, that we found on craigslist and painted in MMS Milk Paint, turned out, along with the reading area and gallery wall…

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

The armchair was one Megan already had.  She bought it off craigslist for $15.  I slipcovered it in the same cotton curtain fabric we used for the desk chair.

We chose to keep the pillow in the original vintage fabric to add some warmth and some scraps of the buffalo check curtain fabric were used as ties.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

Megan already had the stool, but it was a little tired.  She sanded the legs and washed the wood with MMS White Wax.  She also replaced the dingy trim with new cream gimp.

I love the little touch of blue and how everything doesn’t match, but it all works together.

On the other side of the cabinet, we have a little space, a nook.  I liked the idea of having a place where Megan could store her microphone and drop a couple of bags in a hurry, if needed.  The cabinet would hide the clutter from the entrance of the room, so she can be a little messy without the room looking like a mess.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

Here’s a “pretty” version of the corner without the mic.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

The vintage trashcan that Carrie from Copper & Tin gifted to Megan looks absolutely perfect in the space.


Megan purchased the desk from the Pottery Barn Outlet a while ago and it was a pretty and functional piece, so we reused it in the space.  I love the way the structure of the drawers plays against the flirty desk chair skirt.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

The desk chair was actually made from two broken chairs Megan already had and then slipcovered in the old curtains that were hanging in the room!  How’s that for repurposing?

The rug, that adds amazing texture, was purchased on clearance from Pier One.

The chalkboard wall is one of the features of the room.  Megan, who has an artistic background, drew beautiful “thankful trees” on them and, while it was different than what I pictured, it looked absolutely perfect.

The fact that she was inspired and created her own chalk art made me feel like this room was a success.  She was interacting with it, using our ideas as a springboard.

I laughed at the “wool socks” and “Chubby Hubby ice cream” leaves.

I’m a Cherry Garcia girl myself.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

Her family adds a leaf each day during the season leading up to Thanksgiving.

Over the desk, we made an inspiration board out of an antique $3.00 window frame.  Kriste cleaned it up with Hemp Oil and my dad cut pieces of galvanized metal to fit inside the window panes.  I tacked them into place with nails.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

Megan originally requested built-ins, but I was concerned about the budget and I also didn’t feel like it would provide the best storage for her.  I wanted to give her one large piece that would provide closed storage, so she could have it pretty and neat or packed and messy.  Whatever time and life allows.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

I can’t take credit for the styling of the cabinet.  I picked out a few of the items for her and Megan took them and made it her own.  I love the choices she made.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

We reused frames and mats Megan already had for some inspirational prints made by one of her friends.  I mixed in a gold letter from Hobby Lobby and some antique plates Megan inherited and wanted to put on display.  The colors in the prints and hand painted plates tie in perfectly with the pillow on the arm chair below.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

Kriste painted a trio of watercolors for the sliver of wall between the windows, over the piano…

 eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

…and, again, we reused frames and mats Megan already had.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

I was initially planning on hanging a light over the desk from the ceiling, but I wasn’t finding anything I liked that fit in our budget.  I tripped across this unique fixture on Etsy and it looks perfect.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

I share in part 9 how we wired it and attached it to the wall.  It’s plugged into an outlet that is operated by a switch, so it’s easy to turn on and off when task lighting is needed.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

The budget for this room was $1000 and I’m happy to report that we came in under that target!  Here’s the breakdown…

Total – $929.05

  • Light Fixture (Etsy) – $82.85
  • Wardrobe (craigslist) – $225.00
  • curtain fabric (eBay) – $234.90
  • Misc hardware for light fixture, inspiration board and wood for shelves (Lowe’s) – $65.64
  • Plate Hangers, d-rings – $18.51
  • Rug & green pillow (Pier One) – $148.95
  • Knobs & gold “M” (Hobby Lobby) – $23.00
  • Feed sack for piano bench (Etsy) – $18.10

Antiques –

  • enamel refrigerator box – $10
  • fan – $22.50
  • wall clock – $18
  • woven basket for piano music – $6
  • galvanized tote – $31.50
  • wood silverware box – $3
  • box camera – $8
  • cake tin – $11
  • window frame – $3
  • antique metal trashcan was a gift from Copper & Tin – free

Megan already had the Grey Owl paint by Benjamin Moore that is on the walls and used a gift card for purchasing the chalk board paint.


Here’s a video of Megan and I chatting about her new space…


This room was so fun to work on and to photograph.


Thank you, Megan, for letting us into your home.  And thanks to Kriste, my sidekick, for being with me every step of the way.  No one wears chalk dust or fluffs a slipcover skirt like you.

Megan, I hope you love and enjoy your office for many years.

eclectic farmhouse office makeover | miss mustard seed

I’m taking a bit of a break for The Market on Chapel Hill, but then we’ll be tackling another room makeover – my mom’s master bedroom.


  1. Deb

    Love the reveal!!! The whole series of posts and your next makeover room for your Mom! I will volunteer any time for you!! Have fun at Chapel Hill!

  2. deb k

    this is one of my favourite make-overs! LOVE the chalkboard wall and especially love the little reading chair and lamp next to that fabulous cupboard. that pillow helped pull in so many perfect glints of colour all through the room. well done! i thoroughly enjoyed each step of this.

  3. Saskia

    The room is absolutely beautiful! Although green is not my colour, I love it in this room. You are all very talented. I look forward to your next project.

  4. Rita C at Panoply

    Great work, Marian and Kriste (and Megan)! You did a beautiful job!

  5. Cathy

    Well done! Such a beautiful room with great attention to detail! I’d like to know Megan’s thoughts.

  6. Betsy

    LOVE ♥

  7. Quandie

    Amazing makeover! My favorite piece is that awesome industrial looking light fixture, and that cupboard is pretty fabulous too.

  8. Ashlea

    Wonderful!! It just looks lovely. So happy for her to have a lovely and functional office space- I know that is much needed with little ones, and sometimes too daunting to tackle on your own- to really put the time and energy to get things just right. What a blessing, for a lovely soul. Such a great series- looking forward to your mom’s room makeover.

  9. Cindy R.

    What a beautiful room makeover! Everything looks just right and I love how you did it all for under $1000. My favorites are the slipcovered chairs and the window treatments. I also love all the antiques. Well done!

  10. Donna Doble-Brown

    Marian & Kriste,

    You guys seriously ROCK!!!!! This is some of your best work! I just LOVE everything about this room . . . from the plates on the wall, to the chalk board, to the curtains! But that Craigslist find to “house” everything – GENIUS!
    Beautifully done girls, seriously!
    Thanks for letting me tag along for the ride . . . when can I persuade you two to visit ME in RI????

  11. the uncommon pearl

    What a great space…so warm, cozy, and inspirational! I love the magnetic window inspiration board. Hmmmmm, you just gave me another idea….again!

    Love it!

  12. Lisa

    Sweet, sweet, sweet! Love it!


  13. Laurie

    Awe-inspiring!! Great job!

    I would love to know Where each and every Thing in the room Came From. I know you made several mentions already. I’m thinking of the small things in the wardrobe. Maybe you’d pick up more sponsors that way too?

  14. Shirley

    There is a lot of love in this room

  15. Toni

    I love what you did in that room. The chalk board with trees and the drapes give the room an enchanted garden feeling which is so nice! Congrats!

  16. Heidi

    First, let me say you all did a brilliant job! Question: could you have painted the office chairs legs w milk paint using the bonding agent?

    • marian

      I can’t recall if I’ve painted plastic before, but I would probably prime it before using milk paint, so it would adhere or just use a different paint. Milk paint is my favorite, but it’s not right for every project. 🙂

  17. Lin

    My first thought was the office looks like it is in a little nook in a forest and that is a good thing!!! I love it all and can’t get over how great it looks and how little you spent. Marian you are a true artist!!

  18. Debra

    Fabulous…love all the little details!

  19. Kat

    Love the office. This was fun to follow. My favorite kind of makeover! Great job.

  20. Bonnie Bryant

    Love this room! I hope I will be able to meet you at Chapel Hill. A friend and I will be coming from middle GA. We can hardly wait! We are big on repurposing, too!

  21. Melissa Bolinger

    Beautiful! Love is all over that room. It’s reflected in the creativity, great design, teamwork, meaningful artwork and selfless labor. Some of my favorite elements are the Frankenchair (brilliant!), theThankfulness tree, and the wardrobe God helped you imagine before you knew it existed! Very inspiring.

  22. B Folk

    Love how you casually mention that Kriste painted a few watercolors for the reading nook…not everybody can paint, especially something that looks real and not like someone threw a paint bucket at the canvas. Which, by the way, is the technique I use:-) You two, and Megan, made this a beautiful work/dreaming/creating space.
    A few ideas for the piano: 1) paint the grey sides with a color or mural that would enhance it, or “blend” it better with the other features in the room; 2) use some wallpaper remnants to cover the grey sides; 3) apply distressed wood in a compatible shade to those sides; 4) make an enclosure for the bottom from scrap wood (either cover with a coordinating metal for the industrial feel, or distress/paint); 5) gain storage by setting the piano on top of and across two small bookcases/storage cubes that have cubbies for baskets of fabric, wire, wicker, wood, metal, etc., with space in between those supporting units for your legs when sitting.

  23. holly

    Thanks again for sharing!! You are so generous and kind to share your ideas and techniques.
    I reupholstered a chair after watching your video!
    Love from Michigan,

  24. Janine R

    Fabulous makeover.

  25. Sandi Magle

    Wonderful sense of whimsy with a big dash of practicality. Great redo, from head to toe. Love the green cabinet…awesome, Thanks for inspirations here, Sandi

  26. Lorna

    Once again your creative spirit and get-er-done attitude has brought another room to a beautiful completion. I love everything that you did, and the openness to bring Megan’s creative genius into the mix. Love the tree idea! Every corner is a true testament to your talent. And it seems that more people nowadays are wanting to decorate using things they already own, and just upcycling a few pieces with some paint or upholstery. Better for them, and better for the Planet!

  27. SueSchneid22

    Wow. Wow. Wow. More than a reveal. A revelation! Such great synergy between you, Kirste and Maureen. Result: Success!

  28. SueSchneid22

    Sorry, Megan! You are not Maureen!

  29. patricia

    Marion you are so talented and this is wonderful, what a pity I live in Australia, you could do wonders with my place. I can sew anything and do woodwirk big time but your talent with colour and placement, continues to amaze me. You rock girl

  30. Annmarie | Three Tines

    Marion – this room is absolutely lovely and feels like an inspiring place to work for a creative woman! And, being that is part of our mission, have to say “kudos!” to you for up cycling the curtains — love it!

  31. Deb Landy

    You made a space that is functional and personal. It’s a winner!

  32. Debbie

    Such a FUN project and it looks great ! I think B Folk may be on to something with her suggestions for the piano supports. If you do something with them to tie it in, it would be a much better fit with the rest of the room. Would really really love to see it if you do something with them. Just a marvelous project , Marian !! WOOT !!! Can’t wait to see the next one.

  33. Lauren Baxter

    Wow! What a complete transformation and so close to your inspiration picture!!! Great job guys it looks amazing!! I love that chair and that chalkboard wall and that cabinet and well everything. Wow on the watercolor paintings Kriste, you did a wonderful job 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your next project! Love these series posts 🙂

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  34. Tiffani

    Looks wonderful! Got a couple of ideas, thanks!

  35. Vickie H.

    Good job! And the camouflage of the base of the light fixtgure on the chalkboard wall is genius! Working it into the artwork like that is brilliant!

  36. MaryLisa Noyes

    Awesome space with the coolest accessories! Anyone would be inspired to work in this home office….

  37. Christie

    I would love to see a post on how you make your initial budget. Did you prioritize curtains and storage ? How do you know what things to go cheap on ?
    ~ C

  38. Anna-Ruth (ART) Murphy

    It looks amazing! Barnwood or pallet wood would look great on the sides of that piano…and fit right in with her decor 🙂


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