Arabesque dresser | take two

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I shared the first styling of the Arabesque dresser a few days ago.  I brought in an heirloom wedding ring quilt from home and we played up the sweetness of the dusty pink color with some fun knobs and cheerful flowers.  I think this is a pretty typical way to view pink.

miss mustard seed-372

But, I wanted to show Arabesque as more of a “neutral” and here is the result…

miss mustard seed-389

I swapped out the pink and yellow knobs with simple, vintage-looking glass knobs.  This changed the look of the piece entirely.  The oriental rug has hints of pink in it, but it’s grounded with rich navy and muted beiges.

The wood chair and muted gold frames pull out the dark wood peeking through the chipped paint.

miss mustard seed-390

miss mustard seed-391

miss mustard seed-397

 We used the same flowers as the first shoot, but edited out all but the pale tea roses.  I was styling the dresser and asked Kriste to make a “little bunchy arrangement in an ironstone cup” and she made it happen.  Handy girl to have around, I tell you.

miss mustard seed-394

miss mustard seed-396


The dresser is for sale for $285 at the studio and I will sell it with either knobs the buyer prefers.

So, which styling do you like better?

Get ready to say hello to a few more MMSMP European colors once I’m back in the studio…

Arabesque dresser | take two

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50 Comments on “Arabesque dresser | take two”

  1. I love the dresser styled with the more neutral tones of the Oriental rug along with the brown frames and chair. Both styles are beautiful but I tend to lean toward neutrals for my personal taste. Either way, you have done a fabulous job as always.

  2. No surprise that both versions are gorgeous, but my preference is for the neutral version. Something about the yellow knobs just didn’t do it for me.

  3. Obsessed!! I mean OBSESSED! And I LOVE the quilt too! AHHHHH LOVE!! Going to be ordering Arabesque but I need to find something to paint!

  4. I prefer the second styling. While I love the quilt in the first I didn’t care for the chair’s fabric. I like the simplicity and neutral colors of the second better.

  5. love both! but i do like the neutral a bit more which is great as i love pink but always go a bit toward candy pink so it’s great to see it in a more neutral setting. your styling is giving me ideas for a bedroom redo coming up. thanks!

  6. Marion, you never cease to amaze me! I love both. The staging with the quilt brings out the girlie things that I love and the more natural staging brings out the warmth that natural wood gives when combined with a painted piece. SO IT’S A TIE!

  7. I love it both ways. The yellow with pink is gorgeous and I never would have thought to pair them together. However, the clear knobs are my favorite. Did you apply the white wax over this dresser or clear?

  8. I love the neutral styling, the pink with the wood. Tones it down just enough to not make it too sweet! ……….and totally out of context, I was just wondering why you don’t do many sideboard transformations. Just curious because it is one piece of furniture that I am most asked to paint by my customers.

  9. I much prefer the neutral styling. I’m not a cutesy pink-y type of gal, so if I was going to do pink (and I love Arabesque), I would go in that direction. Beautiful job!!!

  10. I much prefer the second styling with the glass knobs. It is just beautifully styled with the darker rug and darker elements that keep it from looking too cute. Arabesque is such a beautiful color on its own it doesn’t need any competition. For me the yellow knobs were a distraction and did nothing for the dresser.

  11. I am not a pink person, generally, but I “felt” the original styling of the arabesque dresser. It gave me a light heartedness that I enjoyed. And, therein, lies the differences in people…not right or wrong….just different.

  12. I thought it was beautifully styled before with the heirloom quilt, but this rendition is so much more appealing to me. I love it with the dark wood – I think it makes it much easier to envision as part of my decor and shows just how versatile this color is. I’d love to pair it with some grays and dark blues!

  13. I prefer this styling. It makes me wish a color like this would work in my home! I’d love to see Arabesque paired with Boxwood… I think those two would really hit it off.

  14. everything that you do turns out so beautifully… both looks are very pretty… I especially love it styled as a neutral… I appreciate the pink more in that setting and love those gorgeous, glass knobs… xx

  15. I love the 2nd styling – I’m not a big pink girl either, but I like the traditional glass knobs and the oriental rug – for a pink, Arabesque is a a beautiful color

  16. I like the first style the best. Mostly because I love that quilt. 🙂 Pink is not my thing, though, so I would probably love it more if it was pulling out that bright blue in the quilt. As far as pink goes, though, it looks very nice. To me, the pink is less noticeable in the first styling. I notice the quilt. The second one makes the pink stand out more. Instead of thinking, “Oh, wow! What a gorgeous quilt!” I might think, “Oh, wow! That dresser is pink!” 😉

  17. I love the second styling. I can recognize that the first styling is beautiful, but I’m not a frou-frou girl and the second one is perfection in my eyes. The old photographs help too…since I’m a photographer I appreciate those very much!

  18. I love the neutral setting, especially after all the decorations of the holiday season starting in September! The glass knobs are so much better as well. Love this!

  19. I like them both.
    I saw your lovely dining room yesterday in a Joss & Main article on the most liked pics of 2014.

  20. Ohhhhh… I love the pink as a neutral! I decorate with neutrals and like to add a bit of color here and there. I sure wish I was closer! 🙂

  21. I’m not a girly girl, but I actually like the first option more. Can’t quite put my finger on why…perhaps because of that gorgeous floral arrangement!

  22. I love Oriental rugs so the second wins for me – plus I’m not big into pink (despite it figuring in my blog colors, been meaning to change that, LOL), and all the brown balances the pink very nicely. It’s an unexpected combo, like girly pink and poms with strong masculine brown.

  23. Ilove the second image, since it isn’t so cutesy/little girl. You’re a wonderful stylist!

  24. I love the glass knobs. When I looked at the first styling, I thought to myself that this dresser needs glass knobs. I am glad you decided to try a different style with the dresser.

  25. I love them both. They each suit different purposes. It just shows how versatile this piece can be as I can envision it used in other styles, and that’s really hard to accomplish with pink. You’ve created yet another beautiful color. I’m hoping to get to use this color down the road. So Arizona MMS retailers, if this becomes available here in the US, buy it!!!

  26. Second version, love the glass knobs and the more natural look! Can’t wait to get this color

  27. oh please, please stop with the tease when this color isn’t yet and may not for awhile, be available in the USA!!! I have projects this would be perfect for that cannot wait! Is there a lot of blue in this? It favors lavender to my eyes, but that may be my monitor.


  28. You have made me love the color with your restyling. It blends so nicely with the wood tones. Now to find a piece to paint this color. Looking very forward to the European colors!!!!

  29. Okay. I’m a bit odd I think. I thought photo two just stared 1980’s my daughter’s nursery and little girls’ room color.
    But take away the quilt and put those knobs with that chair with a golden stripe and dark wood? I’m smitten!! That has never been done in my lifetime!!! I loved it. It toned down the pink. I could see a dark frame with a bit of gilding and a huge modern vase–West Elm had some–that play up the non shiny gold and fill with golden tinged in pink roses. Yes. That is my favorite

  30. I love both! LOVE both! I actually bought those knobs when I saw your first styling. Still, you are a genius at styling and both of these are purely devine!! Maybe switch for different seasons? Thank you for such beautiful inspiration! I will be scouting for something to paint in this gorgeous, not-over- the-top pink! But, yes, I am definitely a pink girl! But love your blues too!! Oh, what to do?!!

  31. I love this color, I am a pink girl and am hoping my regular MMS supplier will carry the new colors. I like both options but since I also love old quilts the first option makes my heart skip a beat!

  32. Can’t believe you are pricing it at only $285.00 – what a steal. It seems that your time painting it is worth that much!

  33. Wow! I love Arabesque – take two! I wouldn’t have thought to put a pale pink with neutral décor items. I may be rethinking pink!

  34. Even though I love the mix of colors usually, I really prefer the 2nd more neutral way for this palette on the dresser. The color is such a statement, that adding a colored knob breaks up the softness and presence of the main color. Nice that you offer a choice to the customer 🙂

  35. Thanks, Marion,
    Truly like this color and am not a pink lover. Can see this as an accent piece in a bedroom with crisp white and gray linen bedding. Frankly, if it were my dresser, I might try a knob more in the original wood color of the chest. Just a thought, although the glass are very pretty.
    Did you wax this piece? Think it might be really pretty with your white wax, or is that what you used?
    Love everything you do. Keep it comin’.

  36. Oh wow! Seeing the pink with the neutral colors is amazing. It’s not so “sweet” and I totally love it that way. I think i just learned something cool about pink!


  37. oh, wow!!! this piece is SO beautiful! i love the pink… i love the dresser! is this still for sale? where is ‘the studio’? lol.

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