With the new bed and the new wall color, things in the master bedroom were falling into place nicely.

I’ve been looking for a small dresser/chest of drawers to use as a night stand for Jeff’s side of the bed for a few months, though, and have come up empty.  The ones we used in our last house looked dinky and out of proportion in this new room.

For my side, I used this marble-topped chest, which used to be next to our front door in PA.  The size, scale, and color are perfect, so I was looking for something similar to complete the pair.

Well, when I was out shopping before Christmas, I found a lovely antique pine chest at a local antique store.  I had seen it on their Facebook page, but it was from a picture taken in the spring, so I doubted it would still be there.  I couldn’t believe when I rounded a corner and spotted it!  I bought it not knowing where I would use it, but I knew I loved it and it’s the kind of piece that could go a dozen places.

One of those dozen places was Jeff’s side of the bed…

And, wouldn’t you know it, it fit perfectly.  It even addressed one of the issues I had to work around – the air vent on the floor.  This chest has feet that lift it up high enough to allow for air flow.

And another thing that might surprise you, I am not going to paint this one!  I have grown fond of the warmth of old pine and I like how it looks in the space, so it’s going to stay as is.

I ordered new lamp shades to replace the ones that were crunched in the move (it’s hard to tell in the picture above, but both shades were damaged) and I’m still playing around with the accessories, etc, but the master bedroom is another step closer to being done!


  1. Becca

    I love the masculine/feminine look you’ve created by leaving the pine chest unpainted opposite the painted marble topped dresser. Just lovely!

  2. Shelley

    It is really starting come together! It looks so cozy and inviting. I really love the big chunky lamps. Do you have a source where they can they be purchased?

  3. Victoria

    I think the pine will add some warmth and the size looks great to balance the one on your side.
    I’m curious about the pictures. That layout looks great in relative close up and for vignettes, but from further out (seen in photos on a previous post) having everything that low makes the ceiling feel very low to me. Does that feeling come across in real life? Did you make a conscious decision to make it look better in close up, or maybe does it read more cosy to you when you’re in the room?

    • Patricia

      I think if you’ve been following Marian for a while you know that by the time she gets done with anything it is comfortable and homey- and right for her family.
      I’m not sure what looks low to you? It’s a large room and it will take time to fill in. She layers things- give her time.

      • Victoria

        My comment wasn’t meant as a criticism, I’m simply curious. Things can look very different in photos than real life so to me, the placement of items in that area makes it look as if the room has a low ceiling. I’m just curious as to whether that comes across in real life and whether that was a deliberate decision. Marian’s doing incredibly well at moving into a new home and making it hers in a short space of time.

  4. Marsha Kern

    I love old pine too! Your room is really coming along.

  5. Rojer stark

    Very nice blog post and loaded with classically designed living furniture.

  6. Tanya

    I really like the warmth of the natural pine. It looks great against the cool gray. Pieces like that are such great finds.

  7. downraspberrylane

    I love the old pine look too, or any wood with a soft patina, and use pieces in my home to add a dose of warmth to the soft, light colors and whites in my rooms. I’m glad you mentioned installing an “air-director” on the vent underneath the new nightstand, as all that warm, dry air will destroy the wood and the joints in no time. (Especially in this cold climate where the furnace is going non-stop for months.) The room is just lovely.

  8. amy joanne mogish

    fun post…all coming together nicely! Love following along…

  9. Elsbeth Wyatt

    Thank you for not painting the old pine chest. Many beautiful wood pieces are being destroyed in my opinion, especially American chestnut.

  10. At Rivercrest Cottage

    I was admiring that pine chest for the wonderful odd cuts near the drawers and was actually thinking I wouldn’t want to paint that darling chest, so was happy to read you aren’t going to either. And I’m usually a painter of all wood, so it goes to show how special this piece is.

  11. Carol

    I like the eclectic look. Does the 2all read a tad seafoamish green? Or is it just my screen….I like it😊

    • Marian Parsons

      Every person (and computer monitor) perceives color differently and Stonington Gray doesn’t look Sea Foam to me. Someone else mentioned it can look minty in certain light, but I don’t see much green in it in my house.

  12. Sara

    Wish you would fix your personal photo so the blog would load faster. That photo is a crazy 6.7mb.

  13. Susie

    Gorgeous. Love everything — bed, nightstands, equestrian artwork, lamps. My house has been painted Stonington Gray for years. No seafoam green in any light. Must be their monitors.

  14. Sandra

    I really like the placement of the pictures above the night stands. Never would of off center. Nice.

  15. Jeanne

    I like the mix of the natural pine with the white-wash…matchy/matchy be gone. 🙂

  16. Jennifer

    So nice!!
    I love the color of the pine!

  17. Crystal

    I also love the look of scrubbed pine and have a couple of pieces in our bedroom as well. Question: Is having the lamp on the farthest side of the bed difficult to turn on and off at night? I debated putting our lamps on the farthest side of our chests as well, but we are both readers, so having them on the that side made turning one off a chore and required. getting out of bed. So I switched them, placing them on the near side and hanging my art on the far side. Works better for us even tho I like the look of what you did better. Form over function is difficult for me because I’m more about how things look. I love how your room is evolving.

    • Marian Parsons

      I put them on the side away from the bed at Jeff’s request. He doesn’t want to worry about knocking into the lamp shade (they are pretty big) and he wants room for his iPad, a glass of water, etc. So, we put them on the far side, but they are on a remote, so we turn them on and off with our iphones.

  18. Deedra

    The pine piece couldn’t be any more perfect there! And like some others have mentioned, the warmth of the wood looks great with the cool, beautiful wall color. The bed is absolutely beautiful and perfectly suits the room as well.

  19. Julie

    Adorable. I love those little chest of drawers. I am always drawn to them.

  20. Michele

    I love the lamps too!

  21. Mary

    Soft OLD PINE!! It’s the best! I have 3 pieces like that and will not part with them. The soft used patina is so pleasing. That is a great little chest you found. Hard to come by these days! Lucky you!! Glad you have no plans to paint it. I would NEVER paint mine either. Watching your room come together. So far — so good!!!

  22. MaryLisa Noyes

    Great find! Looks like an old Welsh or Irish piece. The lamp base is awesome too. It looks refurbished from a porch post.

  23. Jackie

    I love the pine dresser!! I can’t wait to see the lampshades – I wouldn’t have the courage to find shades for those lamps without seeing them in person

  24. Christina G.

    I love it! You have such a beautiful eye. Have you thought of giving it beefier knobs? Those seem so dainty.

  25. Charmaine

    I love how your entire home is being transformed with your special touch! Question: where do you buy your lampshades? Thanks for sharing so much with all your fans💞

  26. Linnea Aaland

    The pine chest is sweet. I have something similar yet smaller. FYI, I visited tada! Consignment last week for the first time. It’s located on 2nd Street SW in Rochester, just west of Karma Consignments. tada! was so reasonably priced. I think you’d like some of what I saw there. Have fun!

    • Marian Parsons

      Oh, thanks! I’ll go check it out. I went by there once, but they were closed.

  27. Monique DEnoncin

    The pine chest was waiting for you to adopt it. Great proportions, good size. But will you not icht to paint it in the future? You will let us know. I really like the bed and the whole bedroom looks very nice.
    Happy New Year !

    • Monique DEnoncin

      Itch, sorry, not icht. But I am french speaking first.

  28. Kat

    Is it me – or is that big bed making your chandelier look too small 🙂
    (I’m just being funny)

  29. Kathleen Freund

    Absolutely love your new master bedroom. Lamps night stands each different and you wonderful bed. Can you tell me where you bought the bed in king size ???

  30. Nancy

    Thank you, Marion, for taking us along on your decorating journey. It is fun to watch you make a newer home look just beautiful. I love your style. It helps me find my own.

  31. mary m

    I too have the same type of gig in our bedroom. An antique blanket chest on my husbands side and
    a family Victorian dresser on my side. Perfect. An old mirror above but don’t dare touch it because the
    filigree will fall off. lol That Stonington Gray has been singing in my ears all day and I see it in the
    future in my life. Everything you touch turns to gold, Marion. lol

  32. Karen K from Buffalo

    What a gorgeous piece of furniture & I am so glad you will not be painting it!!

  33. Sue O

    Really love what you’ve done with your master bedroom so far. Can’t wait to see the new lamp shades. Love both of your chests.

  34. Norma Rolader

    I love the way the room has come together and love the chest of drawers

  35. Maria

    Love that you have two different colors for your side drawers! The scale unifies the look but the color difference really sets the look apart in the best sort of way!! Love it! 💕

  36. Suzette

    Everything is coming alone great!
    You know what you like. It’s your home to decorate as you please and your kind enough to share with us!!!!!
    Thank you so much!!!
    Opinions…you handle it well, Marion!!!
    Keep us wondering what’s next!!!
    The majority of us ❤️ it!!!

  37. Yvonne

    Just beautiful!

  38. Diana Varnon

    I was flooded out in Houston during Harvey! So am slowly rebuilding a whole new house. Will need to furnish all over again. I LOVE your style. But too old to re-do old furniture! 🙁 The blues and whites are my fav and always have been. Indigo, especially. I will take notes from you beautiful decor.

  39. KathyK

    Marion, I love the added gold frames around the art – bringing warmth into your gorgeous color palette! It winks at the lovely pine chest. I love your transformation!

  40. penny gharst

    What did you with the great little chest that was there. I loved it. Where did you put it in your home?P

  41. penny gharst

    Where did you put the little chest that was by your bed before? I loved it. Curious where it is in your home.

  42. Tara Hoke

    Where are you ordered new lamp shades? I’m in need of a couple myself. Love how the house is coming along!

  43. Angela

    I love what you have done. Oh…to have BIGGER rooms to play with…but I DO love what I have, and you are continuing to inspire me to find ways to work my old pieces into my smaller spaces…just can’t part with them. Now I have to go look up the remote light switches to operate with phones….!!!

  44. Diane

    Hi Marian,
    Where did you order those fabulous bedroom lamps from?

  45. Martha

    Beautiful room! Pray tell, what became of the stunning blue chests you had in your former house? They were my all-time favorite Miss Mustard Seed pieces💙

  46. Rebecca Neustel

    @Diane Vamon I’m so sorry for the loss of your belongings and the stress of having to start anew. I hope and pray you will be able to create a home that will be a sanctuary for you and your family.

  47. Rebecca Neustel

    This bedroom just keeps getting better and better! I love the mix of the painted chest and the aged pine.

  48. Kim

    Love!!! I love old pine!! And I love your lamps and current shades! Where did you get them from! I need shades just like that for my guest room! ❤️

  49. Jessica | Petal + Ply

    So glad you have no plans to paint it (at least for now). I love old pine furniture too! This piece is a beauty!

  50. Joy Tederick

    Oh Marian, it is so beautiful and restful looking! Love the wall color with the new bed and that marble top chest! I have a king size bed too and was wondering if you could share the measurements of your chest. Thanks!

  51. Angie Boughton

    Hi Marian! Hope your loving your new home! I’m enjoying reading and seeing how you are making it your “own”! I’’m wondering if you can share where you purchased your bedside lamps in the master bedroom. I’m on the hunt for new ones and those are just what I’m looking for! Thank you! 🙂

  52. Kathy

    Hi Marian! I just picked up some similar pine pieces and am considering painting them with your MMS Milk Paint. I came here looking for paint inspiration and found that maybe I like them just as they are. 🙂 With that said, have you painted a similar wood with your Milk Paint before? I’m hoping for a chippy look, but wondering if this particular wood will just absorb it all. Any suggestions?!


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