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I love celebrating friends and their achievements.  And one of my blog friends has something to celebrate.  Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room, just released her latest book, also called The Inspired Room!


I had the pleasure of spending time with Melissa as we prepared to teach a workshop on writing a book at the Haven conference this past summer.  I respect her a lot as a designer and an entrepreneur.  She’s also a pastor’s wife, so we have a lot of common ground.

In celebration of the book, I’m sharing one of my “inspired rooms”.

I was really torn with what room to share.  Those who have read my blog for a while have seen all of my rooms many times.  You know I love my dining room.  I’m slightly obsessed with the “bed wall” in our master bedroom.  But one room I’ve loved longer than any other, the room that was the first one to really show my style.  The first one that felt most like “me”.

The guest room.  Here’s how it looks today…


This is the most colorful room in my house.  I felt the freedom to deviate from my beloved blue & white, because it’s pretty separate from the rest of the house.  The blue and white in this room is warmed up with raspberry reds and warm golds.  There’s even a little purple thrown in, courtesy of the antique wedding ring quilt from my husband’s grandmother.


This room is a collection of old, like the $100 1800’s dresser, and new, the Pottery Barn sconces.  Things that were gifts (the raspberry buffalo check), inherited (the Bavarian dishes on the dresser) and won (the oil paintings on eBay & at a local charity auction).

mms-8203 mms-8208

Things handmade (the no-sew bolster pillow), remade (the reupholstered bergere chair) and ready-made (the gold quilt and shams).


DIY projects (the faux planked wall) and ones that were hired out (the grain sack upholstered chair).


Things I collect (the ironstone platters), things that remind me of where I came from (the oil paintings of Germany) and things from places I dream of going (the French caned chair.)


Details that only I may notice, like the monograms on the inside arm of the grain sack upholstered chair.


And things that hit the soft spot in my heart for all things old, like to gorgeous graining and patina on the old dresser I bought off of craigslist.


I think rooms that are “inspired” are made up of things that speak to you.


This rooms speaks to me and I hear it loud and clear.

Do your spaces feel inspired?

The Inspired Room Tour - Celebrating the Launch of the New Coffee Table Book - The Inspired Room - by New York Times Best Selling Author of Love the Home You Have - Melissa Michaels


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to support my friend and introduce an inspiring book to my readers.  This post does contain affiliate links.

an inspired room

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20 Comments on “an inspired room”

  1. I just received my copy of The Inspired Room that I preordered and I can’t wait to dive into reading it. I loved Melissa’s first book, so I am sure this one will be fabulous too. Your guest room is beautiful (as is the rest of your home) and is a perfect example of how taking the time to develop a room results in a truly inspirational place. This room is a place that speaks to you through memories and future dreams, while offering a beautiful welcoming place for your guests to stay. Thank you for all of the inspiration you provide to your readers!

  2. Marian: I love your style and the way your photograph it. I have the book and love it, as well as I have your book and love it. On a side note: so happy to see the pop up ads gone. I was reading your blog in reader view because it kept jamming up all the time for me. I noticed your new photo as well, so pretty. Have an amazing day.

  3. I do believe this is my favorite room in your house. And I especially love that each piece in it has a story. That is how I create my gardens. Plants gotten from friends, family and places I love as mementos so when I walk through my garden it tells a story to me.

  4. What paint did you use on the plank wall in the guest bedroom featured today on your blog, The Inspired Room?

  5. I’m reading Melissa’s book ” Love the Home You Have” right now. It is keeping me grounded while I work through all the construction going on in my cottage. She is a wonderful writer and keeps things very relatable. My kitchen when it is done, will be the one that inspires me. It’s my heart and soul design and dream come true as each phase of this project gets completed. My wood ceiling is installed and the insulation is up between the framing. It’s a labor of love.

  6. You are a greatly to be admired young lady. I like most your honesty and your freshness.

    Thinking of you

  7. Just noticed your new picture on the sidebar. I like the highlights in your hair and how it frames your face. Very pretty. The length is very flattering. No nose piercing? I like that too.

  8. Alwaays have loved that guest room of yours! I have one room that is a similar style which makes me smile! Have a good day! Linda

  9. Your guest room is my favorite also. I love the colors. Red, blue, & yellow (gold) have always been my favorite combo. The furniture is gorgeous also & the planked wall keeps it from being stuffy. Wonderful mix.

  10. I’m not sure how long it’s been up, but I’m loving your new blog photo. You look so comfortable and relaxed. It’s great that you’re not hiding behind a big scarf.

  11. Marian, I absolutely love this room. I’m so glad you shared it. I love how collected and pretty it is, it is really a feast for the eyes! Thank you for being a part of this tour, friend, it means so much to me. xoxo

  12. I just came over from the Inspired Room. What a beautiful room! Where are the pretty curtains from? I’m looking for something like them for my girl’s room.

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