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I went to bed Saturday night feeling pretty run down and I woke up Sunday morning feeling terrible.  I laid around all day, in bed mostly, and watched movies.  And I have to be really sick to do that.  Fortunately, our family doctor goes to our church, so my husband was able to get an antibiotic for me to take right away.  I woke up this morning feeling better and after a second round of antibiotics and some cold & flu medicine, I am a new woman.

I started working on the Christmas decor in my living room.  Would you believe it took me almost all day to decorate the tree and about 3/4 of my living room?  That’s some serious holiday decorating!  I was multitasking a bit, though.  I sorted the holiday bins and cleaned my office, plus I was making most things from scratch, so it wasn’t as easy as just putting up the decor from last year.  I kept running outside to clip some more sprigs from the ceder at the side of our house.  It was slow going, but really fun to take some time to work on my house.  It was one of those days, though, that I worked and worked and never snapped a picture.  I can’t wait to snap some tomorrow and share how the living room is looking.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy.  My parents are coming up in a couple of days to celebrate Christmas with us and help with all of the projects we have going on…of course.  We have a big photo shoot coming up in January and I have to get some things ready to photograph for the book, so the project list is pretty long and overwhelming.  I need to get the place cleaned and decked out for Christmas, plus we need to finish the built-ins, finish the bathroom and on it goes.  Mini and I are actually going to paint my bedroom walls and ceiling tomorrow.  Yes, again.  I think this is the sixth time this room has been painted in five years.  I just can’t finish this room!  I’ve decided to paint the walls white and the ceiling light blue. I told my mom I thought that would be pretty safe for the long term and she just laughed.  Oh, she knows me so well.  Anyway, that’s the plan and I’m sticking with it.

So, there’s my day in a nutshell.  All talk.  No pictures today.


  1. Becky D

    I am glad you are feeling better! I can’t imagine you lying in bed for too long 🙂 I have a cedar tree – maybe I should try scalping it lol Can’t wait to see your pics – will you please include some of the cedar – what you did with it? Thanks for sharing all your fabulous creative energy!

  2. Karen

    I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well but I’ happy you’re on the mend. You sure got a lot done in spite of it, looking forward to the pictures. Try to squeeze in some rest and take care of yourself.

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yep, I’m bumming in front of the TV right now.

      • Maggie MacLagan

        That’s what I did yesterday- except mine was the laptop! Cozied down and overdosed on blogs! Thought I would mention to you: while surfing I checked your retail button.You haven’t updated your move back to the 1st floor at Luckette’s. Hoe you’re feeling better soon. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Kristen

    Glad you are feeling better and took some time to rest! You’re the busiest woman I know! I can’t wait to see more of your holiday decor…


  4. Rosemary

    Your body will tell you when it’s had enough. Glad you’re feeling better. Take care, and have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Janet Lawson

    Glad ya are feeling better..Soon the calvary will be there and your world will be better…Ha..Until ya come up with some more ideas and plans and crafts and furniture re-dos…and..on..and..on..Take it easy and enjoy the holidays..Your energy is crazy..I have been told I have the energy of three people or was it ten..LOL…Have a Blessed Christmas with your family..and take a moment to breathe..You are an inspiration to me..I have loved your blog since I’ve found it..

  6. Alicia S

    The say a picture is worth a thousand words but somedays we only have enough energy for the words! Glad you are feeling better!

  7. susie harris

    So glad you are feeling better! I’m with you on painting lol. My lastest post was on painting my white walls and blue ceiling. They now sport a fresh coat of grey with a white ceiling. Too funny that we are flip flopped…hehe. Take it easy an get some rest. Merry Christmas!

  8. Sierra @ Blue Robin Cottage

    I am so excited to see your (what I just know will be fabulous) Christmas decor! 🙂 I am glad you are feeling better! Its no fun being sick! My poor husband just got over a triple whammy sinus/ear/bronchitis infection and it was torture! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

  9. A Speckled Trout

    I think most women at some point during the holidays get knocked flat. Hmmmmm……..I wonder why????

    I never tell my mom when I’m repainting a room. It makes her crazy and she feels the need to share that fact with me. Many times.

  10. gina in ri

    so glad you’re on the mend!

  11. Beth Marohn

    Must be the week to get the sick bug. I was hit over the week last week. It sure can put a damper on any productive plans! Glad to hear that you’re feeling much better and back into the swing of things. Can’t wait to see how your decor looks!


    Please take time for you and your family.Be blog free for a while.
    Merry Christmas Marion! Thank you for a year full of wonderful pics and uplifting words.

  13. Mrs. Limestone

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Take care of yourself!

  14. Cindy

    That’s sooooo many things to be juggling! Phew! Glad you had some time to work on your own house today… I read about all the stuff you’re doing, and i’m just amazed. It’s all exciting, but it’s ALOT!


  15. Londen

    I think the rest was needed, you are one busy momma! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  16. martha


    I’m sorry you are sick, take time for the holidays, the projects can wait. This is the time to keep things
    simple and enjoy the children and family.


  17. Rhonda

    Hey Marian! So you are normal like the rest of us! Yippee ….but glad you are feeling better!
    I have to know…..what color white are you using? I am always white inhibited! Just painted my guest bathroom. BM White Dove…..needs another coat so the jury is out. 🙂

  18. Terri

    SOOOOOOO GLAD YOU ARE UP AND AT EM’.. AGAIN!! 🙂 ….. Now I NEED TO REST …. after reading allllllllllllllll that you have going on!!!! LOL…. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!Terri

  19. Cindi @ Rustique Art

    happy to hear you on the mend…now don’t wear yourself down again…nag,nag,nag. i’m such a momma hen 🙂 can’t wait to see the photos though!

  20. joanne nixon

    may your christmas be merry and bright and your new year restful.

    enjoy the season with your family and friends and remember that christmas isn’t about what we get done or what we don’t…it is what is in our heart that counts.

    take care, dear girl….xxxx and hugs….

  21. Debbie~refreshrestyle

    Glad you’re feeling better! Take care of yourself! and Have a very Merry Christmas!

  22. Suzanne

    So glad you are feeling better. You amaze me with the amount of energy you have and the fresh ideas you come up with. Thanks for being an inspiration and blessing to me. Just this month, I have made drapes for my dining room and slicovers for the chairs using your tutorials! God is using you to change the world… One wife/mother/entreprenuer at a time! Merry Christmas, Suzanne
    Ps. Love the ORU ads …I am an alumni and think it is a wonderful place. Just took my daughter there for a college visit last month and it is still growing dynamic young people who will make a mark for God wherever they end up.

  23. Wendy

    I’m a nagging motherly type…..STOP, take a breath and above all take care of you! That comes first, then all of the other important things will fall into place right behind.


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