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In the middle of larger projects that have to be spaced out over a few days, weeks, or months, I like to sprinkle in ones that take a few minutes.  It helps me make progress and check something off the to-do list when I’m creaking from bigger projects or I’m working on other things.  And, I have to say, it’s amazing how impactful some of those little projects can be.

One of the home upgrades that is relatively inexpensive and pretty much anyone can do is to change out the hardware on cabinets and closet doors.  It’s especially impactful if you’re upgrading from hardware that is “builder grade” or dated.

I’ve watched to change out the hardware on the cabinet in the family room from the time we moved in (can you believe that’s been over a year), but I was going to wait until I painted the room and cabinets…

1970 home renovation | replacing cabinet knobs | miss mustard seed

If you’ll remember, I shared HERE that I was considering a few colors to paint the walls, trim, and cabinets in this room and I decided to go with Card Room Green.  It’s a color that feels right in the house (inside and out) and it goes well with the brick.  It’s a nice backdrop for my blue & white fabrics and quilts and it’ll make a fairly small room feel cozy and intimate.  I think it’ll also give it more of an English vibe.

1970 home renovation | replacing cabinet knobs | miss mustard seed

(Oh, and we’ll soon be replacing the floating mantel, which is more modern, with an antique mantel I found at an antique store.  You can read about that HERE.)  So, back to the knobs.  I’m hoping to get this room painted before I start decorating for the holidays, but it doesn’t hurt to change out the knobs until then.  I was ordering some knobs for a closet door in the foyer, so I ordered some for these cabinets, too.

1970 home renovation | replacing cabinet knobs | miss mustard seed

 And here are the new knobs.  I ordered some handmade solid brass knobs that are more substantial and unique than what was there.  are the ones I ordered.

1970 home renovation | replacing cabinet knobs | miss mustard seed

These are the bifold doors in the foyer that needed some new knobs…

1970 home renovation | replacing cabinet knobs | miss mustard seed

I just left them on as I primed and painted the doors since I knew I was going to replace them.  Let me tell you, priming and painting those doors was such a pain!  They would really be better to spray, but I didn’t want to set up my spray tent and paint sprayer for just four doors.  Anyway, I just used a brush and ow they are done.  Whew!

1970 home renovation | replacing cabinet knobs | miss mustard seed

I changed out the hardware last week and the new knobs look so good!

1970 home renovation | replacing cabinet knobs | miss mustard seed

Behind those bifold doors is a hall closet combined with the former kitchen pantry that was closed off and partially allocated to the new basement stairs.  Eventually, we’d like to turn that space into a half bathroom.  For now, it’s just a great storage closet.

1970 home renovation | replacing cabinet knobs | miss mustard seed

Replacing the knobs is just one more small step towards customizing this house to make it ours.

You can read more about our 1970 home renovation HERE.

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    1. Cheryl

      The hardware you found on Etsy is fantastic. I also love the blue color in the entry and on the bi-fold doors. It adds another layer of charm to your house. It’s the details that make the difference.

    2. Deborah Raney

      Again, I didn’t think there was any way I’d ever like this house as much as your last one, but you have won me over wall by wall, room by room. The entryway and hall are just beautiful!

    3. Annie

      Marian, you are doing a great job with this house. I can relate as my husband and I downsized into a new house 2 years ago. We sold our 2200 sq. ft Williamsburg colonial after spending 22 years completely redoing it. We had 6 closet doors just in our MBR just like your foyer. Since we were DIY part-timers it took awhile. You are going at lightning speed!!! I look forward to your blog to watch your transformation. You are an inspiration!

    4. Theresa

      The card room green is such a great color with the slate entry floors. When your entry door is open it’s yet another confirmation of great choices that ties all the elements together in such a cozy way.

    5. Addie

      Dear Marian,
      I just want to put this out there before someone leaves a negative.

      Does changing door knobs really seem that important with the horrific world news going on right now? Probably not. However, it IS just what we NEED to escape to and to have some sanity. Marian, you are doing a service. I know that I can thank you for the few minutes of pleasure while reading your blog. Please continue to do what you do best….bring a bit of calm and beauty to us all. Thank you!!

      • Rhea

        I so agree with Addie’s comments!
        Marian, you bring joy, beauty and inspiration to all of us as we watch you transform each house into a home that radiates warmth and beauty!
        Thank you so much for sharing!!!

        • Debbie

          I look forward to checking into Marian’s progress on her beautiful home every day! It inspires me with my own projects and it is a great way to relax at the end of a long day. Thank you for sharing your projects and insights and being a wonderful inspiration, Marian.

    6. Nancy Lindblom

      Thank you for being brave enough to share all you do to create a beautiful, thoughtful home that welcomes not only you and your family but all of us. I too look forward to each new post, photo and glimpse. It inspires me and brings joy to my soul. Sometimes we just need a friend to share a bit of something to distract us from our own world. Thank you for being that friend.

    7. Susan

      Love it all. I noticed the nobs say unlacquered. Did you have to do anything to them?

    8. Jen C

      The knobs add such a unique look. We have bifold doors in our mud room that my husband and I painted a few years ago and you are absolutely right…they are very time consuming. We painted them with a brush and small roller. I might have to order the brass knobs to dress them up. Your house is looking cozy and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    9. Nell

      I hate that the sheer ridiculous amount of moving, rolling, popping in ads have made reading your posts , especially on phone, a miserable nerve wracking experience. I long for the days of painted furniture, beautiful decorating and complete sentences uninterrupted by constant bombardment of ads.

    10. Michele M.

      The knobs are great and may I say again how absolutely gorgeous that color is? Love it. It’s so calming and classic
      and timeless.

    11. Camay

      Amazing how much the little details add!

    12. Alison

      How tall are your ceilings?

      • Barbara

        I asked her that question a while back and I believe she said they were 8 foot ceilings. Maybe I will be corrected. ? Have a great day!

        • Alison

          Thanks, Barbara

    13. Jayme

      Your house is really coming along nicely. I wondered if you had considered putting
      any lighting inside the cupboards that flank the fireplace? We have a similar setup
      and had lighting installed when they put in the shelves. An electrician put it just inside the edging around the shelves and though they are painted white, it makes such a difference!

    14. Barbara

      So pretty, Marian! It really is the little things that make the big impact! I’m loving your renovations!

    15. Kathy Howell

      I am sitting at the desk in a spare bedroom reading this and just looked over at the louvered doors with their builder grade knobs that have been there since we built the house 29 years ago. Why have I never upgraded them?! I am chuckling to myself because I love sprucing up my home and have had some sort of home project going all the time, yet never once gave any thought to those knobs! Now I have another project to contemplate!

    16. SueA

      Wowsa! You did a phenomenal job on those doors! I really like louvered doors for the airflow and texture but replaced mine with Hunter Douglas no knob style and never looked back. But I cheated on the other ones and left them primed white with nice knobs. I could not face the painting and do not have a spray setup. Hats off to you.


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