soft landscape dresser | reveal

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The “soft landscape dresser”, as I’ve been calling it, is finished!


I had to struggle my way through it a bit, but I’ve learned that’s often the way it is with new creative endeavors.  My first venture into sewing, my first refinished dresser, my first blog post…they were all a learning process.  And let’s not even talk about the first time I attempted upholstery!

Anyway, I pushed through and I really love how this one turned out.


And I like how the chippiness brings some softness and a sense of age to the paint.







You can find the details on the before, colors used, and how the landscape progressed in these posts…

part one

part two

part three 


I have purchased a few blank canvases and I feel like I might be ready to finally put a brush to them.  Furniture feels a bit safer to me, if that makes sense!  When you put paint on a canvas, it’s “art”.  When it’s on a piece of furniture, well, I’m just painting a piece of furniture and that’s something I do all the time!


My mom has called dibs on this piece, but I’ll let you know if she changes her mind!

Speaking of upholstery, I plan to start working on the deconstructed chair next week…

soft landscape dresser | reveal

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