soft landscape dresser | reveal

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The “soft landscape dresser”, as I’ve been calling it, is finished!


I had to struggle my way through it a bit, but I’ve learned that’s often the way it is with new creative endeavors.  My first venture into sewing, my first refinished dresser, my first blog post…they were all a learning process.  And let’s not even talk about the first time I attempted upholstery!

Anyway, I pushed through and I really love how this one turned out.


And I like how the chippiness brings some softness and a sense of age to the paint.







You can find the details on the before, colors used, and how the landscape progressed in these posts…

part one

part two

part three 


I have purchased a few blank canvases and I feel like I might be ready to finally put a brush to them.  Furniture feels a bit safer to me, if that makes sense!  When you put paint on a canvas, it’s “art”.  When it’s on a piece of furniture, well, I’m just painting a piece of furniture and that’s something I do all the time!


My mom has called dibs on this piece, but I’ll let you know if she changes her mind!

Speaking of upholstery, I plan to start working on the deconstructed chair next week…

soft landscape dresser | reveal

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33 Comments on “soft landscape dresser | reveal”

  1. I really, really want you to do one of these for Layla’s (of the Lettered Cottage) little sweet P. It looks like it would be perfect for their home! (And no, I don’t know either of you, but I keep thinking about her when I look at this dresser and if I remember correctly, you are friends.)

  2. Oh this one is definitely my favorite so far. That sky is just amazing. I know you don’t want to call it art, but it truly is! There is no chance your mom will give that beauty up!

  3. Everything old is new again… Or so the song goes. This style of painted furniture was all the rage when I was married in the early 90s. I even had a wall paper border in my family room of the rolling farm hills painted in the primitive style. Still have lots of how to books on my craft book shelf of the style.

  4. Such cute sheep! I love their close up and, basically, you’re whole aesthetic: what you create; how you share the process & give encouragement; your business tips (i’m a gc in the remodeling business) & how pretty & consistently-styled your site is. And, personally, I’m working up to tackling my first furniture (I did some boat benches once – but it wasn’t FURNiture!) upholstery project…watching ‘your’ jump rope go around, getting up the nerve to jump in.

  5. Just beautiful!! The knobs almost looked like “princess pumpkins” in green. What an inspiration to try

  6. Before I saw that your Mom had called dibs on this item, I was thinking it should stay in the family! How nice it would be for each of your boys to have a delightful piece like this for their homes. Think Oma and Opa treasures. You are a beautiful soul and it shows in your home, your work, your play and your attitude. I’m a big fan!

  7. The dresser looks great, wish I could think of a different word than great? at first I thought the green knob by the barn was a gigantic watermelon and I thought, oh that Marian, such a whimsical touch. And that, my friends, is why I wear glasses.

  8. Do you use your chalk paints for the entire scene? No acrylics at all ??? I am going to attempt this on a old dresser in my garage. Wish me luck!

    Another question, Do you remember your little lumbar pillow that was white with blue windowpane. It had plaid ruffled all around the pillow. Do you know the name of the fabrics used? I have looked all over your website. Help!!!!

    1. I used milk paint for the base coat, but acrylics for the landscape details.

      As far as the pillow, I used remnants, so I’m not sure of the fabric names! So sorry! I wish I did. 🙂

  9. I have loved them all, this one especially the MMS milk paint background. The Sheep are absolutely perfect.
    I am glad your Mom is getting this one, I am sure she will treasure it.
    Your talent continues to grow and always amaze me.

  10. You’ve done it again! Just so kind of primitive and cute. And those sheepies–SO sweet! I’m excited that you are considering doing something on canvas. Just paint me the sheep, OK? Nice that your mom will have this one to enjoy.

  11. The detail in this is wonderful! I always enjoy seeing what you are working on next!

  12. So glad you added the far-off larger mountains and the fluffy clouds! Perfect! You got what I was trying to say. Art teacher here, I’m sorry, I cannot help it. It looks so much better. A win! I love the sheeples too. You have a knack for folk art that will only get better. You need to sign your pieces now. Bottom right corner up the side like it was the line to write on. With a brush. About 1/2″ tall. I’m so happy for you!

  13. It came out amazing….The sheep are just such a great touch! I don’t think your mom is giving this up anytime soon…

  14. Absolutely beautiful Marian. I am sure your mother will really enjoy it. Your talent is remarkable. Painting pictures is a natural with you. Congratulations on such wonderful ability.

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