2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating

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While I am still working on crafting and gifting, our home is pretty much done being decorated for Christmas.  Due to some freelance projects, I got a very early start this year and I can’t say I mind too much.  It meant that I didn’t feel rushed, but could take my time working through each space.  I enjoy decorating so much more when it doesn’t feel like a race.  That extra time allowed me to rethink certain areas, like the fireplace mantle and I love the results.  So, here is our holiday home tour for 2021…

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

I did the most decorating in the living room because it’s where we spend much of our time and it’s the most visible room in the house.  It’s also just natural to decorate with the pretty mantle, built-ins, and a place for the Christmas tree.  You can read more about the mantle HERE.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

Swapping out my landscape painting for this portrait print was one of my favorite changes.  It adds so much warmth and interest to this area.  She just might stay beyond Christmas.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

Of course, a holiday home tour needs at least one Christmas tree!  This is our main tree for this year.  I called it a “hydrangea and homemade Christmas tree” since I used dried hydrangea blooms as an accent and used a lot of homemade ornaments.  You can read more about the tree HERE.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

I added a little bit of greenery around Miss Morisot and brought in a lamp as well.  I’ve enjoyed turning on this lamp and just basking in the ambient glow it puts off along with the tree lights.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

I added an antique trapper basket to the butler’s pantry and filled it with more dried hydrangea blooms and greens.  This was one of those decorating ideas that I tried, not really knowing how it would work, but I love it!  I think this will make a regular appearance during the holidays.  You can read more about the basket HERE.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

I also brought in the little tree that I put in front of the back stairs.  When we first moved in, I envisioned a little tree on a stool in that very spot and I have been able to bring that vision to life each year.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

The holiday home tour continues in the dining room…

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

This room is small, so a little bit of decorating goes a long way.  I set up a small tree decorated with our mini advent stockings in an antique goat cart.  Greenery on the chandelier and wrapper around the mirror adds a festive touch.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

I still need to fluff up the hutch for the holidays, but here is how it looked last year…

I also brought back my ring mold advent wreath.  You can read about that HERE.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

And in the foyer, I added some greenery to the hooks by the door and a customized vintage ceramic Christmas tree to use as a nightlight.  It’s also nice to see it peeking through the sidelights by the door.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

And I added a garland to the banister draped with ribbons and bells.  You can read more about that HERE.

2021 holiday home tour | Christmas decorating | miss mustard seed

how to create beautiful garlands

And, because it’s hard to appreciate a holiday home tour through photos alone, I made a video walk-through for you.  It’s obviously not of the entire house, but just the areas we decorated for Christmas.

I hope you find a lot of inspiration for decking your own halls this year and in the future…

The song is by Loving Caliber licensed through Epidemic Sound.

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  1. Patricia Kasparian

    The video tour is wonderful and your home is just gorgeous; comfy, but with a lovely warm sophistication. Bravo, Marian. Merry Christmas!

  2. Joan

    Most of the decorated homes I see on the blogs are beautiful, but have that “hands off” feeling. Your home is so welcoming and warm, in addition to being beautiful. It is a place I could easily call home. Just lovely. Merry Christmas!

  3. Marilee

    Lovely, as usual. I also fell in love with the music. Would you tell us who was singing, please?

  4. Babs

    Wonderful tour and the music was perfect! Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas.

  5. Judy

    Absolutely beautiful, Marian. So warm and inviting. Your talent is amazing!

  6. MaryAnn

    Your home is so beautiful and you stepped it a lot with your Christmas decorating! I felt like I was getting a personal tour during that lovely video. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

  7. Sue K.

    Marian, your home and photos are beautiful, as always. The home tour video gives an added quality to the beauty with the 3-D visual of the rooms combined with the flowing movement and the wonderful musical rendition.

    Thank you for the holiday decorating eye candy.

  8. Rhonda

    Your Christmas decorating gives a sense of loveliness and serenity. I’ve enjoyed your Christmas blogs immensely! And Jenny Lind over the mantle–definitely a keeper! One of my favorites! She used to hang in my great aunt’s guest bedroom, and I’d talk to her when I was little girl spending a fun night there!

  9. mary m

    So lovely. Remembering all the projects you have undertaken over the years it is a joy to see them come together. Never noticed the archway between the kitchen and next room. That is the icing on the cake.

  10. Karen

    You have a lovely home, thanks for the tour!

  11. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Absolutely enchanting! There is beauty to be found in every little nook and cranny. I can feel the warmth and love which has been missing in so many of the home tours I have seen recently. Thank you!

  12. Rebecca McCabe

    I could never figure out the layout of your home just from pictures. Watching the video was perfect. Your home is beautiful, warm and it looks like a family lives there.. your style is classic and inviting. Warm wishes and blessings are being wished for you and your family this holiday season and the new year. ❤️🎄❤️

  13. Teddee Grace

    So pretty. Every little detail. Happy holidays!

  14. Judith A Karlson

    How lovely to see your ‘whole’ house and the rooms in relation to each other. Thanks for sharing your decorating ideas so generously!

  15. Maria Ward

    Absolutely stunning!!!!!
    I so enjoyed the video tour of your home. It all looks wonderful, yet very homey and comfortable.
    Your are the queen of decor:)

  16. Mary Anne Russo

    Your house looks beautiful as always! The fireplace is stunning! So much to love! The basket on the hutch is so special! And your tree!!! Love it all!!

  17. Pat Mays

    Thank you for sharing. So pretty at every turn, felt like we were neighbors! Merry Christmas to you!

  18. Jeanette S Duke

    Your home really got me in the spirit. Beautiful as always but extra special during Christmas. I really enjoyed looking at all your creations throughout your home and I can see you really put your heart out for your family! Love and hugs to you and yours.

  19. Miche Ortega

    Absolutely stunning! Merry Christmas!

  20. Pam Gaspard

    I just love how so many of your photos include a cat! They certainly make themselves at home!

  21. SusanIrene B

    Thank you for the beautiful tour. I know you and your family will have a lovely holiday in your lovely cozy home.

  22. Christy K

    Your home is lovely and welcoming! I love that your pets followed you around during video production.

  23. Kim

    Can I tell me the name/where you might purchase the little horns?

    • Marian Parsons

      Sure thing! Here is the set of faux antlers I bought…https://bit.ly/3ITOD7y

  24. Fenne

    Happy Holidays!

  25. June M

    Marian, your home is just so lovely and welcoming. The video really captures the warmth of it in a way that photos never could. Thank you for sharing.
    Merry Christmas

  26. Sandi

    Your Christmas decor and home are so beautiful!!! I just purchased your book and also signed in for bonus book material. However, I did not see a place where I could put my purchase number in. I do have it and soon as I know where to put it, I will. Thanks for your help.

  27. Jennifer

    The video is beautiful! You’re home is beautiful! And the music! The music added just the right touch. Who is that singing?


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