guide to shopping my space at Lucketts 2014

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If this is your first time shopping my space at the Lucketts Antique Market, this post is for you!  If you’re a regular, this will just give you some updates or maybe get you geared up for the event.  I’ve been asked a lot of questions about what to expect from the fair and my booth in particular, so I thought I would share a shopping guide to answer everyone’s questions at one time.  Here we go…



For those who have attended before, I’m in the same place I’ve been for the past three years, but I now have three spaces instead of two.  If you’re new, I know an overhead view of the event might not help very much, but here it is.  My booth is located in the red circle.  So, I’m located on the gray gravel at the corner of the pea gravel.  If you’re in grass, I’m not there.  If you’re in pea gravel, you’re getting close.  My tents are white with white bunting and we’ll even be flying a Miss Mustard Seed flag that was custom made for me. If you can’t find it, the best thing to do is to ask at the entrance and most of the folks working will know where I am.

The fair is happening rain or shine (and the weather report looks beautiful) and I’ll be there all day, both days.  We are expecting a lot of rain Thursday night into Friday, so just be prepared for muddy fields.  People will be available to help if a car gets stuck.



The event is this weekend, May 17-18 from 10 am – 5 pm.  If you are a die hard shopper and you know there are things you want to buy, come first thing Saturday morning.  A line starts to form pretty early.  I think people were waiting at 8:00 am last year!  My space is bustling until about 3:00 and things are pretty wiped out by then.  If you just want to browse and hang out in a more leisurely way, come Saturday afternoon or Sunday.  They have great food vendors (the pizza is my favorite and my mom is crazy about the popcorn) and they have live music, so the atmosphere is very enjoyable.  The famous Design House will also be open and that is always a treat to walk through when the crowds have thinned.  The girls who put that place together are decorating geniuses.



I brought a lot this year!  It didn’t seem like as much, since I had an additional space, but we filled it all up pretty well.  I’ve showed you most of the large furniture and, in addition, I have loads of ironstone, scales, cameras, antique hemp sheets, grain sacks, two baby quilts, dried lavender, boxwood wreaths & topiaries, chunky baker’s twine, a dress form, the giant “M” out of my office, French chairs, bread boards, tool totes, t-shirts, copies of my book, and many more things.  I also have 4 oz. jars of German Glass Glitter in four colors.

Here are some pictures of the space when we (mostly) set it up today…



MSI_6456 MSI_6433















I usually bring more display pieces that are mine (not for sale), but this year, I am selling almost everything, so don’t feel shy about buying something, even if it has a million t-shirts on it!  There’s one awesome basket holding the lavender that I love too much to sell, but I think everything else has a tag and a price on it!



If you want to buy something in my space, but it’s too big to carry to the checkout counter, just pull the tag and take that to the checkout when you’re ready.  We’ll put a sold tag on it for you and hold it until you’re ready to take it home…gladly if it has a million t-shirts on it!  We’ll also bag and label pieces that are too bulky to carry around with you as you continue shopping.  My dad is the “packer & holder” and he’ll take good care of you.  Regulars shoppers at my booth are very familiar with him and he has a great memory, so he probably remembers you, too!

For payment, I accept cash, checks (as long as you have a valid ID and look like the honest sort) and credit/debit cards via PayPal Here.  Cash is obviously easiest and best, but I know how cash can get away from you at a place like Lucketts.



There are pieces in my booth that start at $1.00 and go up from there.  I can’t think of anything over $500, though.  I want everyone to be able to buy something if they want to, so there are $1.00 egg cups, $8.50 baker’s twine, $15 t-shirts and $12 mini boxwood wreaths and small antique pieces for $8, $10 and $12.  There are some high ticket items as well – of course the furniture and some special pieces.  Sometimes the piece is priced higher because I paid a lot for it myself or because I really like it, too and I’m okay if it doesn’t sell.  Bad antique’s dealer, I know.

You’ll see a good mix, though, and I hope you find some bargains you’re excited about.  Iwant my booth to be a place that shoppers run to, because they know I have great stuff at good prices.  (Oh, and my prices get even better on Sunday.  I don’t want to haul things home, so I always slash prices on Sunday, especially on furniture or bulky items.  I can sell smaller pieces in the online shop, so I don’t discount those as much.)

My prices are negotiable.  I love negotiating when I’m a buyer and it’s always frustrating to me when vendors won’t deal.  I don’t have wiggle room on everything, but I do on most.  I don’t do a lot of negotiating right at the beginning of the sale, though, since things sell so quickly.  If there’s any doubt, just ask!  I won’t be offended at all.



I have my biggest Saturday crew, yet, working with me this year…

Jeff (husband) – He makes sure I’m drinking enough water and wearing sunscreen.  He’ll also gladly carry furniture and bulky items to your car and help you if your hands are full before checkout.  I’m sure photobombing will happen as well!

DSC_9771 (640x425)

Kim (my mom) – She’ll be working checkout and will tell you just about any story you want to hear.  She loves to chat and meet my readers.

Warren (my dad) – As I said earlier, he wraps breakables and will hold bulky purchases for you as you shop.

Sean – He’s a former student from our youth group (who is now getting a masters degree!)  He has been carting around furniture for me for about 7 years now, especially when it involves breakfast at Anita’s in Leesburg.  He’s going to be Jeff’s partner in crime and will help with carrying furniture, holding purchases, etc.

Derek – He’s currently in the youth group and a hard worker, so we’ve asked him to help with carrying furniture and purchases as well.

Courtney & Matt – She knew my husband when they were kids and happened to start reading my blog, not knowing Jeff was my husband.  She came to the market last year and we figured it out, so this year, Courtney and her husband, Matt are coming to help.  Courtney will be helping at the checkout and Matt will lend a helping hand with furniture and bulky items.

Kriste – Last, but not least is Kriste.   I met her when I spoke at a women’s conference at my church and more recently, I gave her and her new husband our Ikea Ektorp sofa when we bought the new sofa from Pottery Barn.  She’s a PayPal HERE pro, so she’s going to work the checkout.

And then there’s me.  Of course I’ll be there!  My job is to talk to all of my customers, readers and friends.  I’ll be available to sign books, negotiate prices, talk shop about blogs, paint, sewing, whatever, give hugs (I may cry a little.  Lucketts Market seems to bring that out in me…) and just hang out.  I’ll also be fluffing, shuffling and filling holes as pieces sell.



I’ve given away goodies the past few years and I’m doing it again this year.  If you can make it to my booth, I will be giving away FREE rolls of Frog Tape to help out on your future painting/DIY projects, including some of their new Shape Tape.  You don’t have to buy anything, but you do have to ask someone in an MMS t-shirt for a roll of Frog Tape and we will oblige.  And we have A LOT of it to give away, so please ask!!

I also had an order mis-hap with my t-shirts a few months ago and ended up with a bunch of teeny-tiny MMS t-shirts.  Well, they’re teeny-tiny to me, because an XL was really tight.  My seven year old can almost wear a small!  So, I decided we’ll give them away.  They are a junior fit girl’s t-shirt and would be a good size for an older girl 10/11 to a tween and teenager.  If you’re a really petite lady, one would work for you, too.  Again, they are free, so just ask and we’ll hook you up!



 So, there you go!  That is a ton of information and I hope it’s helpful.  For those who can’t come, you can enjoy the pictures and know that the leftovers will go in the online shop AND I’ll be running a giveaway for the “I’m so sad I can’t make it to Lucketts” crowd in a few days.


guide to shopping my space at Lucketts 2014

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31 Comments on “guide to shopping my space at Lucketts 2014”

  1. Everything looks amazing as always! Love the light & airy look of your booth! Vintage doesn’t have to be dark & dreary. Wish I was closer I would be there in a heartbeat! Best of luck! I’m sure you will inspire so many great people this weekend.

  2. Your space looks absolutely beautiful. And you are taking it down and reassembling in the morning?? I think your info. to everyone going is so helpful. Have a wonderful time. You are a master Marian. 🙂 If I were there I would blow close to 1,000 I am sure!

  3. Hello Marian,
    Again, you have put together another wonderful space at this show. I really was hoping to make it there this year, but wasn’t able to (bummer). I know you will have lots of fun selling all your pretties. Hoping you make it back down my way soon:) Take care!


    P.S. Wonderful dress form!

  4. My husband bought me your book for Christmas. I will be bringing it along for you to autograph. I have been to Lucketts but this will be our first trip to the Spring Market. I am so excited to see your booth and experience this event. By the way, we are not far from your home town. I love reading your blogs and especially when you share your faith. Looking forward to Saturday.

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pieces and pictures. Crossing fingers some of your treasures make it home with me. Looking forward to Saturday morning. Thanks to you, your family and your helpers for all of the hard work. You are the best!

  6. Congratulations, you have arrived! It looks fantastic – ALL of your displays, and I’m lovin’ the little screen domes on the butter pats. I hope you sell it all. Wish I could be there!

  7. Wow, your space looks amazing Marian! I’m drooling over all the ironstone. You weren’t kidding when you said you had a lot of it. Wish I could make it there from Ohio. Have a great weekend!

  8. Oooooooooh! I want to jump in the car and drive there!!! I want to meet everyone! I want to buy everything!!! Not gonna happen, but one can always dream 🙂

  9. Have a great sale Marian! Sure do wish I could make the trip down to meet you and see the entire Luckett’s sale but I’ll have my grandsons (3 and 1) and my mom (82) don’t think they’ll travel well.

    Perhaps another year!

  10. OHHHHH, If I lived closer I would be FIRST in line!!! That looks like such an awesome event! I so look forward to all your Blog Posts. You Rock!
    ~Kris in Wisconsin

  11. Hi Marian! Everything looks so good!!! I know you will do very well & I wish I could be there.
    Would love to meet you~~~. Shopping your booth would make my whole year! Have a superfun weekend.

    XOXO, Linda

  12. I thought you were crazy for setting up so fully the other day with the rain coming, but you have such pretty pics of your booth to post. I hope the rain didn’t affect you and that the hordes show up and clean you out again! So excited for tomorrow!
    The Other Marian

  13. oh, i so wish i can come and shop, but mostly chat and see all the pretty stuff…some day, some day..good luck and have lots of fun!

  14. Oh how I wish I could be there but South Africa is a bit far. I am your biggest fan here. Would love one of those tiny tiny t-shirts as I am quite small. Will have to try and visit sometime.

  15. Oh and I have already told my husband that I am going to start a business here using your paint, just need to try and get some here soon.

  16. Indeed you have more than last year!! And I’m sure you will do well. But how do you pay all those non-family members, spend the night, and make a profit???

  17. I know this won’t happen, but if you have a leftover cuting board, I’ll order it from you to ship to CO! It all looks amazing!

  18. Don’t forget me when you get back home – I am hoping to get myself a milkpaint t shirt in black or charcoal – size medium?? maybe large! Let me know! Thank you!!
    PS Hope you sell it all over there at Lucketts!

  19. Wish I could have been there. Love all the items you are selling. I am still not receiving your posts. I am wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. I so love hearing about all of the projects you are working on.

  20. One day I will be able to visit your booth at Luckett’s, until then congrats on a beautiful booth and display! I hope you had a successful weekend!

  21. where is Luckett and do you have a store or location to shop at. I love what I see on Pintrest I am starting a booth this fall and am painting furniture and looking for items to accessorize with. Your pics are such a help.

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