10 minute decorating | “antique” bread board

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I was asked by one of my blog buddies, Laura from Finding Home, to join a “10 minute” challenge each month along with some other awesome bloggers.  I tend to take on projects that are more involved..refinishing, painting, upholstering, etc., so I like the idea of pinning myself down each month to do something simple and quick.

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The theme for this month is “10 minute craft”.

As soon as I saw crafting was the theme, I went blank.  I’m not a crafter!  I know there’s a fine line between a DIYer and a crafter, but when I think about doing a 10 minute craft, my creativity just tanked.  So, I went back over things I’ve made over the past few weeks and I found something that was quick, great project…


…”antique” bread boards.  I have been collecting bread boards and cutting boards for years, mostly from yard sales, auctions, antique shops, etc.  They have gotten quite pricey as they’ve become more popular, so last year, as I was getting ready for Lucketts, I decided to make my own.

Breadboard - Beauty Shot 1

The key is to start out with an old piece of wood.  I just keep an eye out for old table leaves, barn boards, pieces of broken furniture, etc.  For me, the rougher they are, the better.  The dings, dents, scratches and wormholes all add character.

I start out by drawing the outline for the board design with chalk.  I looked at designs of antique bread boards for inspiration.  Don’t stress if you’re not good at drawing.  The designs can be simple and primitive.  (And with chalk, if you mess up, just wipe it with a wet rag and draw the design again.)

Breadboard - Step 1a

Cut along the chalk lines with a jigsaw.

Breadboard - Step 3

Sand, so the surface is smooth and the edges aren’t splintered.

Breadboard - Step 5

mms-6845 mms-1391

Apply a food safe oil to the board.  Of course, I use Hemp Oil, but there are a variety of oils you can use.


Since we use old wood and some of it is really rough, we label them as decorative only.  If you chose the right piece of wood and sand it down carefully, you can use it for direct food contact.


If you’re making one for the first time, it may take a little longer than 10 minutes, but it’s a quick project.  If I have all of my tools and supplies set out, I could crank one out in 10-ish minutes, so I figured I could slip this project in as a “craft.”  


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10 minute decorating | “antique” bread board

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