If you are not fond of French chairs, you have unfortunately found yourself at a blog that is not for you at all.  If you are a Francophile and enjoy armchairs…well, you are a kindred spirit and you will want to read on.  If you don’t have a strong opinion about French chairs (How could one not?), you can probably handle it, too. 

I found this chair at a yard sale a few weeks ago.  The details, shape and frame were great, but the avocado burlap was the “fly in the ointment”, so to speak, and it was a little hard to overlook. 

I painted the frame in ASCP’s Old White and upholstered it in a nubby canvas drop cloth with bright white gimp trim. 

A slight distressing of the paint brings out the details on the arms and legs…which are yummy.  I’m definitely into furniture appendages.  Some chicks like shoes, I like chair arms…

…and legs.  No cat calls, please.  This is a respectable chair. 

I’m taking it to my new room on the third floor at The Old Lucketts Store along with a china cabinet/curio, two dressers, a side chair, side table, farm table and some accessories.  I am excited about getting settled in.  There’s still a lot I want to do, but it’s going to take me a few weeks to get caught up and fully “nested” in the room.  I did order some more gorgeous lavender bunches that should be in next week and I am going to start carrying Vintage Skye clay knobs as well. 

See you tomorrow for furniture Friday!


  1. janet

    I love the chair..You have such a great eye for detail and it truly shows in your work..Love your blog..

  2. Sara {Sara's Closet}

    Oh my goodness…I never get bored seeing another one of these beauties! …Especially from you. Gorgeous, you are my idol =)

  3. Miss Kitty

    Another amazing transformation!!! She DOES have beautiful arms and legs (and wonderful details brought out by your distressing).

  4. Rosemary@villabarnes

    Beautiful, as always. I am a kindred spirit, with seven armchairs awaiting transformation.

  5. Meggan of Lila Grace

    You find the best things, and transform them into even more wonderful pieces! Absolutely beautiful.

  6. Andrea

    I never tire of your french chair transformations. Keep em' coming!

  7. Ann from On Sutton Place

    Posts like this make me want to buy a dozen drop cloths and recover all my furniture. :o) As always, well done.

  8. Katie

    Beautiful details and beautiful finish!

  9. Rhonda @ The Yellow Brick Road

    Marian….tomorrow is Thursday, Girlfriend! You did make me stop to think though…..
    Love, I mean L.O.V.E…..your French chair and I am afflicted with the same French obsession….matter-of-fact…I think YOU started it! I will forgive you….my husband may never…LOL

  10. Pamela Gordon

    Ohhh but that is a beautiful chair now! I love the new look. You have a great eye and can transform anything. Great job!

  11. Olde Tyme Marketplace

    How I would love to see your new room at Lucketts! With all the goodies you are taking in there, it will be amazing.The chair is beautiful.

  12. Christina

    Oh how I love that chair. It's absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Farmer's Wyfe

    You reupholster chairs like I change my toddler's dirty clothes!! I wish I had your kind of speed and ability when it comes to getting stuff done… and so beautifully. And lavender, too: I bet your part of the shop smells wonderful!! 🙂

  14. Michella Marie

    All I could think was ohhhh my yesss!! It turned out beautifully!! I'm a chair addict myself and can see the beauty of a finished chair through any ugly and unsightly material or hideous finish, so they call out to me to take them home, lol!! I just can't seem to leave them behind :)) I figure I'm just doing my part to recycle them and save them from the landfills!
    I am having my very FIRST link party called
    Show Me How!! It's all about Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials!! I would LOVE if you could come and join in!! Heck, you could be my guest of honor :)) It starts on Friday but I did an intro post on it today. I love linking up with your "Furniture Feature Friday"!! I think the two parties would compliment each other very well!! If you would be interested in being my Guest of Honor you can email me directly at michellamarie@gmail.com Have a wonderful day!!

  15. Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home}

    What, no green for you? And a mighty strong green, at that!

    Glad you're only dealing with "respectable" chairs!

    Welcome home,
    The Treasured Home

  16. SueAnn

    Love the chair!! Wonderful details! Can't wait to see your new space!!!

  17. sissie

    Very pretty. I'll take french any day!


  18. Anonymous

    She's a beauty! Have you ever thought of dying your gimp trim in a tea bath? Sort of an antique look!

  19. Tonia

    I always look past the fabric. You did a fabulous job as always.

  20. Anonymous

    I think one of my faves! Love the detail. Always look forward to your new work.Do you have any tips on making faux mercury glass?
    Have a blessed day you and your family.


  21. Ilke

    I was indifferent to them but I have started to like them after your posts. I don't think it would go well with the Ikea and hand me down theme in my house but they are sure pretty to look at when you are done with them.
    Good luck with settling in 🙂

  22. Lauren

    As always, I am impressed. Your attention to detail inspires me to do a better job at my own refinishing. I have a chair that is awaiting a nice makeover; seeing yours has encouraged me to start on it soon! Thanks 🙂

  23. maggie

    Love the chair…such pretty detail there! Not so crazy about the gimp trim, but that's just me.
    Have fun with the new space at Luckett's!

  24. michele

    love how the humbleness of the canvas contrasts with frenchy's elegance. brilliant!


  25. marie

    LOVE the chair! this may be the motivation i need to drive back up to lucketts very, very soon! (not that i needed a reason)

  26. DownTheLaneWithDaisy

    I was waiting to see how those chairs turned out. You inspire me….to come and buy some more of your furniture. Your space at Lucketts sounds so creative and fun.

  27. The Other Me Is Sane

    you had me at "Yet Another French Chair"! I too would pass up the shoe store for the one next door with old chairs and tables.

  28. Amy @MaisonDecor

    That is a beauty too. I won't tire of french chairs either.

  29. Cath


    The third floor is very cozy…in fact, the entire store would make an incredible home to live in.

  30. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    Glad you looked past that green fabric, Marion! It could almost make you not notice the beautiful lines of this chair. She looks just fabulous in her new color and with the drop cloth fabric you used!

  31. The Old Block House

    Isn't it wonderful to be able to see beyond the icky fabric and into the details of the piece?

    I'm still learning, but it's becoming easier to see the beauty in the details.

  32. Diane

    I love that stark white gimp next to all the tea stained legs and fabric. Nice job girlfriend!

  33. Anonymous

    Lovely! How do you attach the gimp?

  34. Mak

    Looks beautiful!

  35. Anna See

    Good thing I love French chairs– I'm sitting on one right now. Yours is lovely!

    I am hoping to go to Lucketts on Monday to buy my first ASCP. I really hope I like it and will be able to do pretty things w/ it!

  36. Beth

    I am so NOT a shoe person! LOL! I bet this chair is happier with it's make over – it HAS to be!! Everyone knows blondes have way more fun! 😉

  37. lynne

    I can NEVER get enough of your French chairs – and this one is a beauty!! Merci beaucoup, mes ami!!

  38. Darleen

    Absolutely beautiful! I have a wonderful cowhide upholstered chair waiting to be refinished. The ASCP color you selected for the french chair makes the exact statement I'm looking to achieve. I've tried to explain to my husband my idea and success came in the form of your example. A picture really is worth a thousand words!

  39. sarah - dodeline design

    Perfect! I love the way you decided to do it. You could go so many ways with a french chair…. 🙂

  40. Fairfield House


    I love that chair — after the Miss Mustard Seed beauty make-over!

    Your Friend,

  41. Nancy

    Oh My, What a Great Transformation!!


  42. Donna, The Decorated House

    There can never be too many French chairs. Especially when they are waiting for the perfect makeover.

  43. Anonymous

    Love the chair but not the white gimp just looks too synthetic, kinda outa place to me.

    Would you do a chair makeover using a different trim not white just so we could see the difference?

  44. Eileen @ CottageBeachHouse

    Oh My! Just last friday I found a chair so similar it is uncanny. The back is a rounded and tufted back though but that same aweful color velvet!!
    I haven't gotten to fixing her yet ( busy with a room reno) but my plan in my head the minute I saw her was, white paint, distressed, with a dropcloth slipcover and some pretty trim. I guess great minds really do think alike!!

  45. Priscilla

    Love love love french chairs! I have found two on craigslist and would love to cover them myself. I can't remember – did you post tips or a tutorial?

  46. Consider it "Joy"

    I've beem searching and searching for lavender bundles…can you share where you order yours from? I'd love to add some bundles to my booth!. Such a cute touch!
    I'm in Texas…and it's really HOT! Thank you!
    Jamie K.



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