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I’ve been asked a lot about my woven jute living room rug on Instagram, so I thought I would write a post about it share the source as well as why I chose it along with a review.

When we had hardwoods installed this summer, I knew I would need to find an area rug for the space.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that rugs are a challenge for me!  I have learned that I tend to like quieter rugs and most of the rugs in our house are woven or braided jute.  They are relatively inexpensive, forgiving, and hardwearing.  They are also not too precious that I freak out over spills and pet accidents (which always happen on rugs or carpets!)

So, when I was looking for a living room rug, I wanted to stay in that world.  Some day, I might want to get a beautiful antique wool rug, but for now, an inexpensive, neutral rug was the way to go.  I also didn’t want the room to feel too busy with the buffalo checked sofa.

christmas tree | cream woven jute area rug review | miss mustard seed

So, the rug I purchased was an off-white woven jute area rug from Rugs USA.  You can find it HERE.

What I like about it…

This woven jute area rug, like the rest in our home, is soft underfoot.  It’s not scratchy like some sisal or jute rugs.  I like the color and texture.  It’s neutral, but the nubby woven texture keeps it from being boring.  So far, it’s cleaned up well and is easy to vaccum.  I do use a rug beater on our jute rugs (although I used to just use a floor attachment.)  The rug beater pulls at the rugs a little bit, but it gets them so much cleaner and it pulls a lot of the “dust” out of the rug that is common in jutes.  I have a strong Dyson vacuum and it sucks so much dirt and hair out of those rugs!  And, at $393 for an 8 x 10 rug, it’s wasn’t a huge investment.

blue and white living room | cream woven jute area rug review | miss mustard seed

The only downside to this and just about any woven jute rug, is some of the loops on the rug can come loose.  I’ve only seen that happening in one place where the rug is pulled a bit under the leg of the sofa.  It hasn’t been from normal wear, though.  It even stands up to Sebastian running around when he’s playing with a squeaky bone.  And, surprisingly, the cats have left it alone.  They don’t scratch on any of my jute rugs.

Oh, and nautral fiber rugs, like this woven jute rug, will shed on clothing.  I have found that to be true with wool rugs, too.  You’ll get up from sitting or laying on the floor and you’ll be covered in fuzz and fibers.  We’ve had jute and wool rugs in our home for years, though, so we’re used to it!

crochet blanket | cream woven jute area rug review | miss mustard

So, if you’re looking for a neutral rug with beautiful texture, this rug might be a winner for you.

woven jute living room rug

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27 Comments on “woven jute living room rug”

  1. Love the color & texture of your new rug Marian! I’m in the market for a natural fiber woven rug right now for our new home. I had sisal rugs years ago; am now leaning toward seagrass after reading reviews that compare different materials. Have you ever used seagrass & if so, could you give your thoughts on them?

    1. I haven’t had a seagrass rug, so I’m not sure. I have had a sisal rug and that was rough on the feet! All of the jute rugs I’ve had have been soft underfoot.

  2. Beautiful rug! I am in the market for a new area rug for our family room. I am wondering if you used a rug pad under this rug and if so, can you share details? As always, thank you for your lovely posts!


    1. Yes! I use a felt rug pad. They really do make a big difference with the comfort of the rug and prevents it from sliding.

  3. Wanting to receive email from you as my friend told me she receives them often. Can you add me to the list please. Thanks

    1. Sure thing! I sent that along to my assistant and she’ll add you to the mailing list. You should receive a confirmation e-mail to confirm that you would like to subscribe.

  4. I went with this same rug (8×10) last October and just love it. It is so soft under my feet and to lay on. Color is great with my gray furniture and my floors which are a little darker tone than yours. I, also vacuum mine and I am very happy with this rug. I agree with you I don’t like to many competing patterns in the room. This rug works perfect.

  5. Do you put rug pads under all your rugs?
    I’m new to hardwood floors after having carpeting for so many years. Thank you!

  6. Do you have any animals? I have a black lab and she sheds all the time, do you have any advice on how I can get a white rug with a black dog. LOL. I just love the way it looks, but I am afraid to get anything white in my house especially for the floors.

  7. How does the jute rug hold up to cats? My cats tend to ruin rugs with their claws. Also, I love the ceiling in your living room. Are you planning on posting on how you decided the dimensions and how you installed the ceiling? I would love to know how to do this in my bedroom.

    1. Well, my cats don’t scratch on the rugs, so they hold up fine! They don’t mess a lot with my furniture, either, though. They are good about using their cat scratching toys.

  8. Marian,
    I always remember you saying that rugs were your nemesis…mine too!! I have used RugsUSA for several of my rug purchases over the years and found them to have the best prices compared to other companies. In fact, the rug I currently have in my living room is a 100 percent wool rug. Apparently, to my favor, I think it got mispriced on their site for a while and I got a 8’3 x 11’6 rug wool rug for under $150.00! Ballards sells the same rug (although listed under a different name) for over $600.

    I have eyed a sisal diamond rug sold by Ballards for a while. However, some reviewers said it was rough and scratchy and I don’t want that. I happened to see the same rug in a designers personal home and asked her opinion. She said she only uses it in her foyer because of that reason. So I would advise anyone looking at natural rugs to be careful before you purchase one if you want a soft underfoot. You can buy wool sisal rugs although much more expensive that are soft. Glad you are happy with yours and its performing well.

  9. Your living room is so pretty. Can you tell me if this rug sheds leaves a gritty residue? It’s just lovely!

    1. It doesn’t leave a gritty residue like some jute rugs, but it does shed on clothing if you sit or lay on it. Vacuuming it over time will help with that.

  10. I have neutral braided jute rugs in every room of our main living area. I love how forgiving they are and how they don’t fight with the rest of the room. Mine all came from Overstock.

  11. Hi Marian! The timing of this could not have been better! I’m currently absorbed in searching for a dining room rug. I have looked at this rug many times but question weather it would be difficult for the chairs to slide because of the thickness of the weave. I also worry that the weave may show wear due to the chairs… your thoughts. The texture is what draws me but also concerns me… double edge sword for sure! Thank you!

    1. I would suggest looking at a braided jut rug with a flatter weave for a dining room. It is similar to this one, but not as nubby and won’t get caught on chair legs as they are pulled in and out.

  12. Where did you get the gold frame for the picture above the mantel? Hobby Lobby’s frame selection has been really slim, and I haven’t been able to find something like that.

    1. I actually bought it on deep clearance at Hobby Lobby years ago and then I applied gold leaf to it!

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