wood lovers, eat your hearts out

Marian ParsonsFamily Room, upstairs bath

Thanks for all of the great comments on the family gallery I am working on and wrote about yesterday.  My mom and I worked on hanging the pictures tonight, so I’ll share photos of that soon. I also will write/film a tutorial on how I cut mats.

Today, I have a treat for wood lovers.  I know some of you out there take issue with certain pieces I paint, but the thing is, I’m a wood lover, too!  I don’t buy a piece of furniture unless it’s solid wood.  I intentionally look for pieces that need some help…whether they have a damaged, hazy finish or chipped veneer.  I don’t always paint, though.

I purchased this pretty side table off of Craig’s List for $35 a couple of years ago and have been meaning to fix it up.  The finish was flaking a bit and there were plenty of water rings.  I finally took it to the studio with me to strip down.  Stripping paint is always a no-fun, pain-in-the-rear job, but this was totally worth it.  The warmth and luster revealed is so pretty.  (You can watch my video tutorial on stripping paint HERE.)


I finished it off by massaging a couple of coats of hemp oil to provide some protection and hydration.

I’m planning to paint the legs, but I’m not sure which color, yet.  I brought it back home, so I could decide.  I already have a lot of blues going on and the table is right next to a green chair.  I’m thinking maybe Linen (a creamy off-white) layered over Lucketts Green or Shutter Gray.  Thoughts?


While I had the paint stripper out, I worked on the mirror I purchased from an antique store for the upstairs bathroom.  The shape and size were perfect and I knew I could fix the flesh-toned paint.


I thought the frame was wood and I quickly realized I was mistaken.  It was actually plaster with a wood-grained paint effect.  Meh.  That was not what I wanted, but I already had the thing covered in goo, so I had to finish the job.


I usually design a room with a rough plan and then I wing it depending on the things I find for the space.  When I hit the mirror snag, I decided I would paint it rich green.  That wasn’t the plan, but it’s going to work nicely with the black, white and gray tones going on in the space.

I had some green fabric in my stash that I pulled out with the idea of using it as a sink skirt, so I tried to match the paint to that.  I made up a custom mix that was a combo of Lucketts Green, Boxwood and Mustard Seed Yellow.


It took a couple of tries, but I got the color right.  I also realized a couple of antique grain buckets I had on my prop shelf would look great on a shelf or hung on the wall.


So that’s the plan I’m going with now and we’ll see how it develops (or changes entirely!)


If you want a refresher on the plan for the upstairs bathroom, you can find that HERE.  Now, the weather needs to cooperate, so we can get the tiling done!

wood lovers, eat your hearts out

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