what I bought in Lucca

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Yesterday, I shared about our shopping trip to Lucca and today I am showing all of the goodies I bought, carefully wrapped, strategically packed, and brought home in my suitcase.  Well, and I borrowed some space in my mom’s suitcase, too!

If you remember back to my post about shopping at the flea market in Paris, I shared how much I drooled over the antique copper in one particular booth.  Of course, I was attracted to the oldest pieces (from the 1800’s) and therefore the most expensive.  Even though I had saved money to spend, I couldn’t stomach spending €300 (about $350) on one bundt pan or jelly mold.  I held them and took pictures, and continued looking for things that would persuade me to part with my money.

When I was in Lucca, I spotted a small shelf hanging from a tent, filled with similar copper pieces.  I must admit that, at first, I didn’t even walk over to the booth to check on the prices. I was sure I would be disappointed.  But, I walked past them a couple of times and I couldn’t resist.  I finally approached the vendor and asked for a price range, almost with a wince.

He pointed towards the oldest ones, “€90 for these, but lowest is €80.  Others, not so much, €40.”

€80 sounded like a pretty sweet deal compared to the €300 price tag I saw in Paris.  So, I bought the one I loved the most.

It is an 1800’s copper jelly mold stamped Trottier 14 Paris.  I found an identical one listed on Etsy for over $200, so I feel good about my splurge and it ended up being one of my favorite finds of the day.

I wasn’t looking for a second one, but I found and bought this copper bundt pan with a beautiful patina for €30…

With my two new purchases added to an antique German bundt pan I bought years ago at a yard sale for $25, I’ve got a nice little collection going.

I also picked up a couple of wooden dip pens for €5 each…

And, speaking of collections, I’ve got quite a few dip pens, too!  Each one has a unique feel and a different nib style, though.  Of course, my favorite is the 1820’s silver dip pen.  Hard to beat that one!

I found three sets of pillowcases, too.  One set is a simple cream linen with hemstitching and ties for closure.  I’m usually attracted to crochet trim and embroidered monograms, but this set was so beautiful in its simplicity.

I did find a fancier pair, though.  Those cases have a crocheted edge, mother of pearl buttons, and a beautiful monogram.

And the last pair is a heavier cotton twill with a hidden button closure and crocheted border and flange on three sides.  I already put that set on the guest bed…

The thing I like best about buying vintage pillowcases is they are a standard size, so I can actually use them throughout the house.  And I do!

I didn’t feel like it would be right to not buy at least one piece of ironstone!  And I found just the perfect piece.  It’s a small tureen (we called it “to-go size”) that could be reasonably packed in a suitcase.  I ended up fitting it in my laptop bag and it was safe and sound wrapped in bubble wrap and nestled against my camera.

It was €30.  I was tempted to purchase a larger one, but I thought that might be pushing it with all of my other purchases.

As I shared yesterday, the streets of Lucca were lined with wonderful shops, so I popped into a few.  I bought some pure artist pigments in Paris, so I thought it would be fun to buy a jar from Lucca, too.  I purchased a jar of burnt sienna from an art supply store…

And, I also went a little nuts in the leather store our group swarmed, Officina Delle Pelle.  (Just to say up front, these are not affiliate links and I paid full price for all of the items I purchased.)

I am usually drawn to warm brown leathers, but I loved the bright colors on display in this shop – specifically the green and yellow.  I ended up purchasing a pencil pouch

…and a handbound sketchbook …

I wasn’t planning on buying a purse, but this one was so beautiful and I really liked the size, structure, and layout of all of the pockets and compartments.  It’s the Venezia purse in the larger size.  I was drawn to the green, because I like having a purse that’s easily identified if I set it down somewhere (at church or a friend’s house, etc.).  A grass green purse isn’t likely to get overlooked.

Here is a peek inside…

And I bought a Yellow wallet for the same reasons – it’s beautiful, well designed, and eye-catching.

It opens from both sides and has so many pockets, pouches, and places to tuck things.  I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and it’s my favorite wallet I’ve ever owned.

I was glad to learn they sell online, so I can replace these pieces down the road or buy others that I saw in person and loved, but didn’t purchase on the spot.  With the added monogramming, they would make nice gifts, too.  (I didn’t get my pieces monogrammed, because I purchased them too late in the day. Next time, though!)

If I could sum up our shopping day at Lucca in one word, it would be satisfying.  I went to Europe with a wish list of things I wanted to shop for and I had bought everything on the list.  Not just that, but I had rich experiences while purchasing them.

Each thing is tied to a memory of a place or a person, a story, or a new experience, and that makes each one of them more valuable and so much more than just a thing.

what I bought in Lucca

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43 Comments on “what I bought in Lucca”

    1. I bought them from a wholesaler a couple of years ago to sell at Lucketts and kept some for myself. You can find them on Etsy and eBay.

  1. Beautiful things! Just wondering … do you ever bake using the molds? They would make beautiful cakes!

    1. You know, I have always wanted to, but I’ve been scared to use them, for some reason! I just need to give it a try sometime.

  2. OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE the leather! headed to the online store now. love the other items too btw.

  3. I loved Luca when we were in Italy! When I went inside the art supply store just off the main plaza I thought , “Oh! Marian would love this shop!” My husband and I also really liked one of the handmade tile shops that was sort of tucked in next to a candy shop at the end of a street. We also had the sweetest lunch at a darling place on the square just across from the church. We went with two other couples who enjoyed a bike ride on top of the city walls while we did the shops. All around loveliest of days full of memories.

  4. Ohh, you bought wonderful items! Just lovely. I, too, love buying something with a memory involved. Those pillow cases are dreamy. In the 70s I had several old copper molds, but I got rid of them when I moved in the 80s. I’m such a fool sometimes. Your leather goods have encouraged me to go look at the website, you are such an enabler. In a good way, of course.😉
    PS. I learned that in Italy, shops can close unexpectedly and shop hours are sometimes just an advisory, not always accurate.

    1. Yes, we learned that, too! You never know if they are really going to be opened or not!

      Ha, and I knew those links would tempt some. They are quality pieces, though, so I wanted to share. 🙂

  5. What you refer to as crochet on the pillowcases my Mother referred to as ‘tatting’. Her aunts would make lots of it and keep it rolled for whenever they found a use, like edging a handkerchief, nightgown or pillowcase. I’m wondering though if anyone can explain to me the difference between tatting and crochet??

      1. Oh, good to know! I’ve heard of tatting, but clearly I don’t know it when I see it. Well, either way, I love what I bought. 🙂

  6. Sure looks like crocheting or knitting to me…………. My grandmother died in 1940.
    She would listen to the radio and knit or crochet edging for whatever purpose that she wanted. She rolled them into neat flat disks and I have them lined up in her Schraft’s gold candy box. I really should do something with them and pass them out to the cousins……….

  7. Also tatting is knotted and a much harder skill to master! Breaks my heart to find tatted pieces or edging in antique stores for very little money – I always rescue the tatting I stumble across! My grandmother did tatting (& every other hand sewing known) so I always marvel over it! Crocheting, while lovely, is much easier to learn!

    1. Thank you Connie. I think I remember my Mom mentioning that tatting was more difficult and she wished she had learned. She can do almost every other kind of handwork. She also picks up any tatting and crochet pieces she finds at our church bazaar for pennies just because she can’t bear to see them there.

  8. The pricing on the leather goods is exceptionally good. I have collected full leather verified Coach purses via yard sales for pennies on the dollar, and now I think I know where I might purchase my next purse and wallet.

  9. Ha, ha. I was in the same leather shop in May. My husband bought a briefcase and I picked up leather passport holders for each of us, our son and his girlfriend. So cool to see that shop so soon after being there.

  10. My Granddaughter started “sketching” several years ago and continues to love it to this day. I noticed in one of the pics a “little figure” which is poseable and wondered where I could purchase one for Gracie. Lovely, lovely linens, leather goods and copper pieces!! So glad you had a super time with your Mom.

    1. You can get one at Blick Art supplies online or even at an art store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

  11. Oh my gosh . . . I’m in love with the linens and THAT purse! I am so into GREEN! it’s just
    Beautiful Marian . . . 💗

  12. Marian if you can could you put up the website for the leather goods store. I would love to check it out! Thanks.

  13. Marian if you can could you put up the website for the leather goods store. I would love to check it out! Thanks.!

  14. I am laughing. I checked out the leather goods website from your first post and picked out that exact bag as what I would purchase. Online you cannot see the inside, so I was thrilled that you posted photos of the interior! I think I want the dark brown. So luscious!!!

    1. Yes, all of the pieces had a very rich look to them (and I’m picky about leather.) The interior of that bag is perfect, too. Just enough room for what I need, but not so big that things get lost.

  15. I love your description of your purchases as “rich experiences.” It touched a cord with me on how much more our physical possessions would mean to us if everything was associated with a rich experience. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  16. Lucca is a lovely town. Some in our group rented bikes and rode atop the wall that surrounds the village. I loved Italy so much. We had a villa in nearby Cortona for a week.

  17. You bought great treasures! The display of cooper from your previous post got me because I couldn’t believe you could pass up a purchase and now I see you hadn’t. Perfect

  18. All of your finds are very lovely Marian. I know you will think of your trip every time you use one of your pens or pick up your purse.
    I particularly love the linens because I have recently begun teaching myself sew and am working on some projects with vintage notions. The monogram on that pillowcase is particularly lovely because it was hand stitched. I can’t imagine having that level of skill, or for it to be well used and still in such good condition.
    The ironstone is a lovely find also, as well as the leather. I recently splurged on a travel journal with a leather cover that has birds and my favorite Gandhi quote stamped on the front. It’s beautiful, but not nearly as well made as your leather goods. I will have to be careful with it.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely treasures with us.

  19. Marian, I’ve loved all your travel posts. Would you do an itinerary summary with names of places you stayed and top shopping spots so we can print and save? Many thanks for your creative and value-conscious eye!

  20. I love seeing your purchases and get the feeling that you will have fond memories of your trip each time you look at them. I seldom by the touristy items, although my kids loved them, but rather something that took me back to that time so that I could just feel where I was ~ it’s such a nummy feeling.

    1. Yes, I only went into the souvenir shops for my kids. They wanted mini Eiffel towers, t-shirts, and flags. 🙂

  21. I saw the beautiful leather items you purchased in Lucca. I visited the online shop, I ordered 2 blue wallets. They will be tucked away as Christmas gift for some special people in my life. Thank you for sharing your amazing trip with us.

  22. All of the edging on the pillows pictured is crocheted. It is lovely but tatting is knotted and generally much finer in texture. I like all of your choices of mementos to bring back. You will have good memories of your wonderful trip.

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