What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

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New year’s eve has never been a big deal to us.  One year I did go to a party with my Opa.  My Oma had just passed away that year and he didn’t feel it was appropriate to bring a date and he didn’t want to go alone, so he asked his granddaughter.  I drove up with him from Florida, got dolled up in a silver sequenced shirt (my friends called it my disco ball shirt) and I danced in the new years with people old enough to be…well…my grandparents.  It’s probably my favorite new year’s eve ever, though.  I even sang some standards with the band.  I didn’t intend to tell that story, but the memory popped in my head as I started this post, so I just tucked it in.

Anyway, onto today.  I should start off by telling you I have been bed bound most of Sunday and Monday because of my back.  I wouldn’t say I have a bad back, but a slightly arthritic back…yes, at 35 (hold me)…and it gets strained now and then.  Usually it’s from lifting too much, tweaking it in some funky way or from pushing too hard when I’m working out.  I am trying to get better about knowing my limits, but trying is the key word.  I don’t have it figured out, yet.  I happened to tweak it this time just getting out of the van to go to church.  I was carrying a couple of bags and was thrown off kilter.  Sitting in metal chairs and then the pew didn’t help and I spent Sunday afternoon and evening laying in bed with heat on it.

Yesterday, I had a babysitter for the boys, so I was a good girl and rested in bed to give my back a chance to heal.  I did inform my babysitter that me laying in bed while someone else watches my kids isn’t my usual habit!  Despite laying down most of the day, I did get a lot of work done on the MMSMP look book, some website stuff, blog stuff, e-mail, etc. but I hated feeling like such a loaf.  I feel the best when I can be up and about and active.  I was whining a bit to Jeff about it and he reminded me that this is what God has for me and I should be thankful for it.  You can hardly argue with wisdom like that and I adjusted my attitude.

So, today, my back is still sore, but it’s feeling so much better and I decided I was going to get some things accomplished.  The main thing I wanted to do was to get the stuff accumulated during Christmas put away.  We took the tree down a few days ago, so a lot of the presents were just piled on the floor where the tree was.  We also had Legos, “guys”, toys, cards, candy, etc. sprinkled all over the house.  Trying to make it easier on myself, I made a basket of things that needed to go upstairs…

missmustardseed-235 (534x800)

…and another for things that needed to go downstairs.

missmustardseed-236 (534x800)

I was making nice progress and then stopped to take some pictures of the living room to show how it looked without the china cabinet that I sold this weekend.

missmustardseed-225 (534x800)

missmustardseed-226 (800x534)

That innocent photo session is what set everything in motion.

I cleaned up the Legos for the pictures and left the room to get my camera.  By the time I came back, both boys had reintroduced the Legos in the room and were playing.  Well…let’s just keep it real here and let the boys play.  I can take pictures around them. 

missmustardseed-228 (800x534)

missmustardseed-230 (800x534)

missmustardseed-229 (534x800)

missmustardseed-228 (800x534)

As I was taking pictures and thinking about my “plans”, I decided I would try moving the sofa. 

missmustardseed-231 (534x800)

Everything in my house is on sliders, so I can just scoot it.  That’s taking it easy…  You can all see where this is going, right?  Moving one piece turned into rearranging half the house, me ending up in a rather precarious position when an antique door tipped over, a broken piece of ironstone (sniff), more scooting and moving furniture from one room to the other and…yes…eventually a sore back at the end of all of it.  I can really be so foolish sometimes when I get excited about decorating.

And the Lego playing happened as if nothing unusual was going on.

I guess in this house that’s true.

missmustardseed-234 (534x800)

About halfway through, I realized Jeff was going to chastise me for working too hard and, at the same moment, I realized there was no way I could downplay a totally rearranged house and me with a heating patch on my back, hobbling around once again.

As I said, we don’t do much for new year’s eve, so we went out with my parents to Target and Panera Bread.  Jeff came home from work and we all got ready to go and he didn’t even notice.  I’VE DONE IT!  I’ve gotten him to the point where furniture rearranging is so common that he’s numb to it.  It’s only taken 15 years, ladies.  Don’t give up hope on your men.

Seriously, though, all of this furniture arranging has to do with my desire to purge and not have anything in the house that isn’t something we need or love.  It really is a totally fresh approach to decorating for me.  I know that may sound silly to some, but it’s a revelation to me.  I’ve always loved stuff.  I love shopping for stuff and buying stuff and finding a new home for it.  If I liked old typewriters, one was good, but four was better.  Dealing in antiques over the last few years has helped that, in that I can sell most of the things I find, but it’s also enabled me.  Anything I bought that I really loved, which was a lot, I would try to fit it in my home.  Often times, like in the case of the china cabinet, I was forcing something to work, because I really wanted it to.  Now, I’m just letting stuff like that go.  I love it, but it’s not perfect for my space.

And the more I’m getting rid of, the more I want to get rid of more.  My mom joked that I won’t have anything left.

Here’s a peek at how the living room is shaping up…

missmustardseed-237 (534x800)

I have added a few more things to the mental list of things I want to sell.  I think the rocking horse is going on it…

missmustardseed-232 (534x800)

missmustardseed-233 (534x800)

As well as the round upholstered ottoman in the living room (that we made as a tutorial for the book) and possibly the curio the horse is on.  That’s a family piece, so I’m making sure no one in my family wants it before I offer it up for sale.  It belonged to a great, great aunt I didn’t really know, so it doesn’t have any sentimental attachments for me.  I think I may be selling a pair of French cane chairs as well, but I need to wait to get my new family room sofa and see how things shake out before I decide on that.

So, what were you doing new year’s eve?

PS – I’ve been singing that song all day as I shuffled furniture around.

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

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71 Comments on “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?”

  1. I would be very interested in the rocking horse should you do decide to sell it. It would look fantastic in my dining room above my MMS painted china hutch. 🙂 Thanks & Happy New Years!!

  2. I have the same kind of back- I can injure it by something as simple as getting dressed, or something as crazy (& usual) as carrying a china cabinet around on my back as I prepare a piece to paint, or I just have to move that loaded 200 lb bookcase & absolutely can’t wait for anyone to help- lol. I’ve never thought about simply resting when it gets bad, but I’m going to give it a try! I’m also an enabled collector of all things beautiful (why only have 3 white bowls when 20 is so much better?), who has found the joy in purging & simplifying. It’s given me room to breathe, & I’m finding I like it. I love following your beautiful page, & seeing your beautiful photos. Your blogs are always so on-target for me, and like a little present I get to open- thank you!

  3. I am still laughing and almost in tears! This is one post that my daughter and I can fully relate to. Antique collecting, buying furniture to reclaim, which turns into buying furniture to keep is so addictive. Like you….we are being forced to sell and declutter or be candidates for a “Hoarder Reality Show”. We can’t wait to see the final(?) results of your purging phase. Please take care of that back!

  4. I’m so ready to get home and start my decluttering!

    We went out for a nice dinner and are now at my parents playing Polka-dot Poker. It’s the best New Years Eve ever.

    Happy New Year, Marion!

  5. The curio is like one my daughter has been looking at. I will let her know yours might be available and we will be watching. Maybe we will have another trip up your way!

    I have the same sort of issues with my back. It’s so frustrating to take it easy when there are so many fun projects to do! Lol!

    And I laughed at your delight in rearranging your room without your husband noticing! High five!

  6. I’m sorry about your back…and not at all surprised that you didn’t allow it to slow you down too much. I live in “a house full of men” who seem not to notice things like furniture being rearranged and/or substituted. They also haven’t noticed the hole that I cut in the bathroom wall tonight after we made fondue for dinner.

    I suppose that they MAY notice the fact that I’m removing the shower tomorrow but maybe not since there’s still another “working bathroom” in the house. Heck, it could be next week before they catch on. Happy New Year!

  7. Marion, Thought I might offer some INVALUABLE advise bout your back. 30 yrs ago, when I was your age, I was like most younger people, thinking I could do anything, and that my body was invincible ! lol…Not only did I move heavy furniture alone, I moved our entire household, packing, lifting, loading, etc all by myself. I gardened on my own, digging, lifting rocks etc. My point is this….I did not learn until much much later, that the abdominal muscles wrap under your carriage and then up the back into your spine and back muscles. It is all connected. When the abdominal muscles are weak, they cannot support the back. A strong core, and abdominal carriage is vital so that we can lift and move the things we need to and to do the things that bring joy into our life. Find a favorite workout machine, or research exercises online that strengthen the lower abdominal muscles and do them faithfully. Your back with thank you and your life will be more rewarding for it. Take it from an ole gal who learned the hard way. Happy New Year !

  8. Darn, I wish I lived closer. That china cabinet is just what I’ve been wanting. It looks exactly like the one my mom had growing up, and I need something enclosed to stop my naughty cat from breaking things whoe I’m at work.

  9. Oh my goodness I do the same thing. Yesterday I woke up with the thought of cleaning out the office but some how I ended up taking all my decorations downs,sorting out what I want and don’t want and then rearranging all of my furniture(with the help of my boys) My husband came home from work and didn’t notice a thing until he looked down the steps and saw all of my piles of stuff. I get so excited about decorating I can’t stop.
    I also do the whole buying of things because I like them but then I get them and sometimes they don’t work in my space. Unfortunately I don’t have a business like you do so things don’t get sold till our yard sale in August. I’m slowly running out of room to store my treasures.
    Looking forward to seeing what you will be selling in the future.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Michelle- have you tried listing on Craigslist? it’s almost like instant gratification selling where I live (but it may not work for you). I bet you could get better prices than selling w/ a yard sale

      1. Deann-I love Craigslist but I tend to do more buying then selling. You are right though I would get better prices on Craigslist then a yard sale. I’m looking into opening a store on Etsy. I just need to stop talking myself out of doing it and go for it.

  10. This is off-topic, but your photos made me think of it. I notice your front door opens right up onto your living room. How to do feel about that? Mine does too; I don’t like it and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to make a little entry hall without major construction. I’ve got my eye on a vintage oak shop counter that I think would look pretty cool perpendicular to the front wall to define the entry area and separate it from the rest of the room.

    Regarding furniture moving, my motto has been “It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.”

    1. hahaha…sooo true! Never actually verbalized it that way! But it is true. I have bought stuff brought it home, and it is “ok”. But just ASK and it is a major decision, and questions questions questions!!! Loving this thread!

  11. I luv the horse & wud b very interested in it. I used to hv a prim gift shop & had an old horse similar to this that I sold. I hv regretted selling it since & this horse wud replace it beautifully!

  12. Get 6 lbs of epsom salts at the drugstore. Have a hot bath every night with 1 -2 lbs in it. Have a massage by a really good therapist every other week. Stretching every morning and night will help your back also. I know it sounds boring, but all of these things work. 500mg of Magnesium every day will help as a muscle relaxer. Ann

  13. Marian, those boys are so neat with their little piles of legos! (and adorable too). My favorite pic is where they are laying on the floor oblivious of what is going on (rolled over carpet and all)

  14. Oh how I wish you’d ship. The ottoman is gorgeous and one of the reasons I bought your book when newly published. My front door also has no entry. I bought a three section panel at a yard sale and chalk painted it blueisg-grey, then inserted sheer white linen panels. Voila, an entry. Thank you for sharing your home and ideas. Your truly a blessing.

  15. We spent NYE on the bridge over the Rhein in Mainz Germany, where the Germans are serious about shooting off personal fireworks and partying in the New Year. I was the designated driver and had more fun than ever before. My college students and a friend were here to visit and our neighbors had their kids the same age too, so 17 of us rocked the year away.

    Question – what is that under your rug? I can see it in the picture where it is rolled back. I need something to hold mine in place and stabilize it so I can vacuum it. Those rubber mesh things don’t work very well.

  16. I am in desperate need of an ironstone platter if you have an extra. Mine fell off the wall, hit a dresser, knocked a candle and some lima beans onto the floor, broke the candle into a squishy mess, then fell onto the floor itself and broke into a million pieces. Living in small town Minnesota, I can’t find any. Can you believe that??? So…

  17. Word of advise on your back. I hurt my back like you did when I was about your age (several years ago). When I was feeling better I decided to do some gardening. I ended bed ridden for two months without being able to straighten my back. I learned to stop and rest until I felt completely pain free before attempting anything else. Moral of story it can wait or pay the price and from experience, its not worth not being able to move while everyone around you, including your young children are trying to do it for you. Take care of yourself, things can wait. Happy New Year!

  18. I did the same thing to my back and being in the antiques business just aggravated it. A great sports therapist finally started working on my hamstrings in conjunction with my back and it’s been 7 years since I’ve had any major trouble….even though I am still working in antiques.
    I loved the legos still being played as you moved things around them. My son would truly appreciate that as well, although he is now taller and stronger than I am.
    New Year’s Eve is my favorite evening to stay home. Although we bought lovely food and made a decadent meal here in France, I am quite homesick after reading the Target and Panera trips….mac and cheese there is my favorite!
    Happy New Year and feel better soon!

  19. I have found that back trouble comes in waves. You can do one seemingly little thing that sets off a chain reaction of strained back muscles. You may have trouble on and off for a while, then you’ll be good for a while until you do it again. I always keep a tube of arnica montana gel or cream in my cabinet. It’s from the health food store and helps a lot with muscle pain. Also great for bruises, but not for any type of open cut. In addition to heat and rest, it really makes a difference for me and might for you as well. Happy New Year!

  20. Happy New year! I could totally identify with your post today, only I did it the other way around. For some strange reason the day after Christmas I want all Christmas stuff gone, which leads to cleaning the house, which leads to rearranging furniture, which leads to me totally overdoing it… so where did I spend New Tear’s Eve? In bed with a migraine! Laughing at myself now… Problem is, I still have the huge urge to continue, but my head prevents it right now. Could you do a post on pacing ourselves? 🙂

  21. I was reflecting this morning of all the things I have to be thankful for, and there are many. You are on that list! I have enjoyed reading your blog so much and you have given me inspiration and confidence. I was reading the range hood tutorial this morning, (again!) and I thought of how blessed you are to have your husband engage in these projects with you. Lucky girl, I look forward to this New Year and the new projects ahead. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  22. I loved this post. I too, have been purging but mostly with my clothes. We are getting ready to paint and redo our living room so I am purging some furniture. It is a freeing feeling.

    Love reading your blog so, so, so much. Happy New Year. Prayers for your back ‘_’

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  23. Feel better Marian!! I love the pic of the “guys”…I had 3 of my own and now all grown up – however, they are still “my little men”–

    If you sell anything, interested I am – No Christmas gifts for me yet—it could be what I want!

    Take Care – Hope to finish a desk today!


  24. I love your story about New Year’s with your Opa. My husband and I just took my Oma and Opa out for a fancy buffet dinner last night! And it was so much fun! They were so happy to be treated (and to eat lobster and shrimp and mussels), and we definitely enjoyed ourselves more than we would have by ourselves.

  25. Fun story about your OPA, such a fun memory. I am cleaning and rearranging my house as well. I was able to move some things out of my house and it does feel good. Of course, I reinvested the money is some more fun things. It does keep me on my toes and love you sharing your stories and decorating. I have learned so much!! Happy new year. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  26. Marian.
    You were a good girl to rest your back and take it easy for a few days. Perhaps treating yourself to a good massage therapy in 2014 would really help as well.

    Its funny to read that so many others are like I am. While I love to decorate for Christmas, once it comes and goes I want it packed up and put away. I love starting the New Year with a clean palate. I did a great job in 2013 of de-cluttering my home and have been so happy with the results. I sold a great amount of items that no longer worked or that I had tired of. It was fun going to so many great shows and finding new items and I cant wait for 2014!

  27. I just discovered your blog and am addicted! If you are going to downsize your typewriter collection, I’m definitely interested in buying one. I started my career as a newspaper reporter and would love to have one. Happy new year to you and all your readers!

  28. New Year’s Eve…I was bed at 10:15 pm with a moist heating pad. Pulled my back too. Moved my mother-in-laws old huge tv out and replaced with new flat screen, bought a four drawer filing cabinet and hauled it out of the truck and then built a dresser for my kids. I can so relate to you!

  29. You are so funny! I’m interested in your tiny black typewriter if you ever decide to sell it, it would fit perfectly in my ‘Poirot themed’ office…I love the way your room looks. I am a bit of a clutterbug (okay, I have a lot of clutter) so I am (if I ever get a Poirot typewriter) going to get rid of two other objects to make room:)

  30. Marian,
    I SO feel for you and your back. I know exactly what you mean with not feeling productive while you’re bed bound. I must encourage you to get a deep tissue massage. This method has been the best medicine for me over the years with my lower back.
    As for New Years, we stayed home and invited another couple over for a light dinner and fellowship. It was relaxing & nice to catch up after the rush of the holiday preparations (both at the shop & home).
    Happy New Year!

  31. Dear MMS, I’d love to have the rocking horse too! Looks like everyone wants it, lol. Thanks for the lovely story about your Opa. I’m glad you’re excited about making some changes and selling things. I’m sure it will all be lovely. Happy New Year! Hugs, Anne Boykin

  32. Dear MMS,

    I would LOVE to buy your ottoman, but I live to far away! If you ever change your mind about shipping, let me know 🙂 its exactly what I need. I am sorry to hear about your back, and can completely relate to the rearranging of the Furniture 🙂 Hope you are feeling better soon,
    Be Well,

  33. Lovely lady…I enjoy your blog so much. You might want to try alternating cold packs with heat…it is the magic combination for my back :–) I do the cold packs at the first sign of a “twinge” and it keeps it from swelling,…and getting worse. I use the heating pad to relax everything that tightened up from the twinge. Works like a charm every time!

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Can’t wait to see the new things you told us about for 2014!

  34. The curio in your living room just doesn’t look at all your style. I think you will be happier with it gone and replaced with something more you. Maybe a family member will want it. It might just be perfect for someone but looks jarring every time it see it on your blog.

  35. Unlike the others, I am screaming at the computer, “No! not the rocking horse. Keep it. The rocking horse is GREAT.” Haha. I would be of no help to you, clearly.

  36. Wow! You started the New Year with a bang, Marian! That’s a lot of furniture rearranging, especially when your back is hurting. Hope your back is feeling better by now…

    We didn’t do much for New Year’s Eve. We actually never do.
    This time, we wanted to go downtown and watch the fireworks (Rapid City has one of the best and probably the largest fireworks displays in the Midwest), but the weather was bitterly cold – about 12 degrees with a light breeze – so we decided to stay home. We did manage to see part of the fireworks show from our neighborhood. We had to get out into the street to get the best view, and by the time the show was over, we felt like we had turned into icicles.
    The rest of the evening was spent eating home made gluten-free pie and watching one of the British period dramas we have been into lately. Today however, was a completely different story. I had to use time off to rearrange my shops on two new e-commerce venues and use the free one day access to a graphic design site to create graphics for the above mentioned shops. Looks like my 2014 is already shaping up to be a busy one…

  37. When we are young we do silly things, I got my foot caught on my purse strap yesterday and fell out of my car onto the pavement. Really jacked up my wrist. Of coarse I don’t do anything so ridiculous unless I have an audience . So New Year’s Eve was spent with ice

  38. Please try to take care of your back! Over many years I pretty much did what I felt needed to be done, moving not only furniture (ask anyone who knows me, I LOVE to rearrange), but carrying lots of pea gravel from the quarry, to my car, and then to my back and side yards, along with a lot of other yard work. In 2008 I had major back surgery with rods and screws put into my back. Now there is none of that kind of work being done by me because the rods don’t “give” if I try to bend over, even to put dishes in the dishwasher the pain gets severe. And the rods “stay”, never to be removed! I just would not wish that on anyone if it could be avoided. Love your blog!

  39. Word to the wise. Slow down and be very, very careful of your back. I am now 55 but was once (it seems such a short time ago) a young whipper snapper like you. Moving furniture (all by my little self), painting on tall ladders and gardening until it was so dark I could no longer see what I was doing. Now I am paying the piper is a big way!!! in the last year I have had 3 cortisone epidurals and much physical therapy. Oh to have my young, healthy back again.
    I’m not even sure that you read all of these comments, but if you do, please, please take this bit of advice from me. Stay healthy!!!!

  40. I had failed to mention above that this was my second back surgery. This time I had thrown a vertebrae out of place, and since the surgeons could not get it back into place they had to put rods and screws in to hold it so it wouldn’t move anymore. It is still not back in where it was supposed to be but will not move out of place any further. It just limits my movements but had to be fixed! Two of my sisters have also had back surgery with one of them also having rods and screws following reconstruction of the back. And as you can guess, we have been “movers and shakers” in our years past! As someone else mentioned, I am an “oldie” at 70 but still loving to rearrange furniture!

  41. Oh, I would LOVE the rocking horse!! Since so many have expressed interest, maybe a silent auction of sorts with whatever you get above and beyond what you want to a favorite charity?

  42. Today it was a sunny but cool day here in VA – I love gardening and because yesterday I started “rearranging” the whole house I had to go outside , maybe rearranging something in the garden…. The ground was frozen so what : ??? I painted some old flowerpots because “spring is just around the corner “. I kneeled on a huge cardboard for 2 hr. until I felt a little “undercooled” from the wind & the result is great .But what`s the reason for us “creative girls” to move, move, move – everything ???
    Happy New Year , have lot`s of ideas and a strong back ! When is “Luckett`s ” ?. Hope to see you !

  43. I love your horse, so much so I found one on Ebay a year ago and my sweet husband bought it for me for Christmas. I have enjoyed it for this past year up on my china hutch. I love your curio cabinet and sure wish I lived closer and could put a bid on it. Thanks for all your inspiration. I just made a slipcover for an ugly ottoman, was going to just cover it but then decided it would be better to have it removable for washing. My next project will be ruffled chair skirts for my dining room chairs. The fabric on them is 15 years old and very dated, Also that way I won’t stress when my grandchildren come for a visit, can just remove and wash. Such a great concept. For now I am enjoying working with drop cloth fabric. Maybe later on when I feel a bit more secure I will move onto more expensive fabrics like you have.

  44. I always love all your changes so I can’t wait to see what’s in store next. Also excited to see the new book, blog, etc. I do have a question….what is your white paint in the living room? Is it the same color throughout the house?

  45. We spent our new years eve enjoying a really yummy dinner and downloading all our CDs to the computer. I cooked the dinner and my hubby patiently loaded the music. Collecting all those CDs together made me realize that we had way too many for the space we had for them. So, after adding about a third of our collection to the Goodwill pile I moved on to the DVD cabinet. I think my book shelves are next! It feels good to start the new year off a little lighter.

  46. When my children were your children’s age, I put some things away that I could pass on to my grandchildren. Well now that I have grandchildren those things that I hung onto and complained about taking up storage space are a joy to see my little ones play with. They love the fact that I can tell them it was their Mom’s when she was little. My point….save the rocking horse for a grandchild. It is a signature Miss Mustard Seed piece that I am sure they would love and they even have pictures of it in Oma’s house. (I hope I spelled Oma right. XXOO

  47. I love your comment about Jeff being numb to the furniture being re-arranged. I can totally relate! So now after 7 years of marriage and moving things in and out of “his path of travel”, whenever the hubs comes home from work and finds the entire house re-arranged he just smiles and says, “it’s always an adventure.”
    On a more serious note, take good care of your back. Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

  48. I also had the fever to move some furniture around and rearranged the living room yesterday. I recently loaned some furniture to our interim pastor to use and the room that it came out of has taken on a whole new look that I really like, so when that stuff comes back, I’m going to sell it! Perhaps I can live without so much stuff!!! I hope you are once again richly blessed during this new year.

  49. We used to have a big piano in our living room…all my now adult children took lessons…moved thing around it for 15 years….eventually went with and electric piano….ever think about moving piano to dining room, that would give you soo much more space..we have a very large living/dining room. For a couple years we moved dining table out, we only used it 3-5 times a years…and why have a room that looks nice but is unused…I believe it is about living in a house more than the house looking like we live in it….Happy New Year.

  50. Hi Marian…leave it to you rearranging furniture when you should be resting! I do that a lot – I guess I take after my mother who was always rearranging the furniture in our living room. I have two sofas that are on an angle, which I love and it really works in our living room and great room. But – my husband would rather I place them in a more normal way. Oh well – he didn’t marry a normal girl!

    Did you ever think of placing your sofa with a console behind it – parallel to your curio – making an entry (or a space that’s like an entry)? I do that a lot when I stage homes that don’t have a foyer. But whatever you do…it will look great because your room is filled will beautiful stuff that you put your touch on.

    Have a happy and healthy New Year…and congrats on your husband’s blog. Great idea – I will have my husband reading it!


    PS – love the fact you took the pictures with the legos and your kids. Nice!

  51. I am so sorry about your back. I can so relate! I had been working out to P90X and doing fine…feeling strong. Then we went on vacation…flying, sitting, sleeping in different beds. We came home, then had sickness while trying to renovated bathrooms. I had to take time off of exercise, and then the first day better, while sitting at the computer, I got up, turn, and tweak my back like never before! I wish I could say I did it skiing or something, but getting up from a chair….really!

    Anyway, I can sympathize with you Marain! Hope you feel all the way better soon!

    PS: Still working on the bathrooms 🙂

    Our New Year’s Eve was spent at home with family, food, and lively games of Catch Phrase 🙂

  52. Hi Marion,
    Have you ever considered going to a Chiropractor? My husband is one and he has helped so many people, including me. You are too young to be out of commission. Feel free to email me if you would like more info on ways chiropractic can help.
    Your house is just beautiful ! No matter how you arrange it – it looks wonderful.

  53. OMGosh I’m hyperventilating here you’re thinking of getting rid of ‘my’ China cabinet. sniff sniff so wish I could have it shipped to me if your family doesnt want it. My husband would probably kill me & bury my body in the backyard if I schlep 1 more piece of furniture into this house lol

  54. I have been searching for a curio cabinet similar to your for more years than I care to say. In NY where I am the light oak is what is mostly available, every dealer I have asked told me I needed to go to the South to get the dark wood. I have “made do” with various pieces but never quite got what I wanted. SOOOOO, if no one in the family want it, please contact me. I have family in PA so driving to you is not at all out of the way and all I have to deal with when I get it home is a sigh and “just tell me where you want it all to go” from my wonderful husband who never questions any of it.

  55. Question, you have so many plates on your walls, which plate hangers do you use? I have some of my platters on the discs that glue on the back from Hobby Lobby. One fell over the holidays so I am thinking I need to use the wire ones instead. Broken ironstone does not make us happy, does it? I have bought some Bard’s hangers but they are brass & show up more than I want. Would love to hear what you use.

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