“week” wall clock

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When I was out shopping last week, I was poking through one of the antique mall booths and spotted a pretty clock on the wall.  I’m not so much into clocks, but I think I’m attracted to them as small pieces of furniture.  Does that make sense?  I like the shape of the case or the design on the face or the patina of the wood.  I don’t care if they work, although it’s a bonus if they do.  I just like them for their aesthetic quality.

So, I leaned in to admire this small, curvy clock and was surprised to see it was only $55.00.  And, beyond that, it was in working order and included a key for winding!  I thought about it for about 2 minutes and then gently lifted the clock of its nail and took it to the counter to claim.

I had several ideas of places to hang it, but it ended up in an empty corner in the dining room…

Such a pretty little clock, isn’t it?

I love the little door with the “week” decal and the tiny latch.

I don’t know if the pendulum is damaged or was made to look “pounded”.  Whether intentional or accidental, I like it!

And there is even a little hook on the side to keep the key from being misplaced.

Not bad for $55!

I’m learning as I work on this house that components of a room makeover can happen quickly, like painting the walls.  But getting all of the little finishing details in place, like this clock, takes time and a little bit of serendipity.


“week” wall clock

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59 Comments on ““week” wall clock”

  1. Love the clock and all of the details you mentioned! But also love that pup looking out the window! First time commenting but so enjoy your style! Thank you!

  2. Sebastian steals the show! He watches intently out the window just like our Simon dog does! Love the clock. And love how you were able to just hang it at the height you wanted to. I would have hung it too high, afraid of covering up the tree painted on the wall!

  3. What a deal! How did you decide how high to hang it? I would have hung it higher so the tree wouldn’t be covered. Maybe it’s because I’m tall, but it seems too low on the wall for a clock.

  4. I caught my breath when i saw the clock, but then again, i collect antique clocks, and they almost all work, and i love the sound of the chimes going off, and no they are not all set at the exact time, and some don’t have their chimes wound. If its working, good, very good price. I like it!

  5. What a bargain! You find the best gems. And how lucky you are to have flat walls to apply your wallpaper and murals. Paint always looks better on smooth walls, and not the horrible orange peel/knock down texture we have in TX.

  6. Beautiful clock!
    Karen from theartofdoingstuff.com just wrote a whole post today about winding up & setting the pendulum of her newly purchased antique clock. A very informative article you may want to check out.

  7. Love your new clock! My husband bought his parents a cookoo clock when his was stationed in Germany with the army in the 70’s. It came from the Black Forest there. When his parents passed away he got it back.At that time it worked but after a time it stopped working , hopefully soon we will get it fixed . Very excited to have it!

    1. Gorgeous clock with beautiful lines! It looks so lovely there. I’ve been wondering about the standing clock that I think your Dad bought you last year. Did you find a special place for it yet? So pleased that you’re on the mend with your shoulder.

  8. Wow, I have a mirror image of that clock except it is a regulator! It works also. Like where you hung it!

  9. I love Sebastian, he’s beautiful. Are you still enjoying having a dog, nice long walks etc.

    1. I found this one at Old River Valley Antique Mall in Stuartville. I also went shopping at Kismet in Rochester and Countryside Antique Mall in Cannon Falls.

  10. That is a beautiful clock. You have a good eye when it comes to wood furniture and yes, I would definitely say this is a small piece of furniture. Boy you’re not related to my mother. That woman loves clocks, of all sorts and she would flip over this one. She’s also an antique fanatic like me. However, as MUCH as I love antique and especially wood furniture, I like the dog more. (I lost my beloved 12 year old golden retriever Lucy this past June (on my birthday no less and also my parent’s wedding anniversary. Needless to say no one did any celebrating) and I’ve been simply holding out for warmer weather to choose a new furry little one. It’s been a MISERABLE winter all alone in the house. So….I notice dogs more than antiques right now.

  11. Wow, I caught my breath when I saw that clock photo. I used to have one just like it, but it did not have “week” on the glass panel. Can’t remember what it said. I had over 20 antique/antiquish clocks that my late husband collected. When I finally decided it was time for a fresh start, sold them all on eBay. At first glance, I had hoped you got mine, but alas it was not so. That design was one of my favorites. Enjoy!

  12. This is a real find! I love the warm wood, the scrolls and the cut work along the sides. As the wife of a collector, nothing makes a home sound cozier than the ticking of an old clock. And I think it is hung just right, like the piece of art that it is.

  13. LOVE the clock…..and the price is unbelievable.!!! The VERY BEST part of the clock is that little hook for the key. I have never seen that before and it is the icing on the cake. It is a real beauty…..and so is Sebastian!!!

  14. I have this same clock only mine is a very dark brown but the shape and the rest is the same. I bought mine 43 years ago at an antique store in Truckee, California. Mine keeps good time and has run like a champ for all these years. The “chime” on mine, though, sounds like two spoons hitting together (not good!) so I don’t wind the left side. Does yours chime? That’s a great price … less than what I paid for mine, lol.

  15. Beautiful clock with such a great patina! I am a clock addict & have several that chime the 1/4, 1/2 & full hour. But the part that I love the most is the ticking. A loud ticking clock is a must! My clocks range from 105 years old to 50 years old. And it must have a key wind. Good eye on the one you have shown today!

  16. I too love clocks….when my chiming clock died the clockmaker could no find the parts to fix…so it hangs on my living room wall where it’s always 720.. love your clock,especially the key hanger!

  17. Marian,
    I love your little clock! My dad’s hobby was rebuilding old clocks and there were several in our house when I was growing up. My friends would come over and say “How can you stand all the ticking and chiming?” Truth be told, those were just the sounds of home. My dad passed away in 1996, but my mother still has all those clocks and they still tick and chime!!!

  18. Love your clock!

    I love clocks in general though so working order for me is important. I have been looking for something similar & affordable for my office for about a year now, but here in Australia finding a working clock like yours for $55 is a dream!

    You have so much choice in the US, so wish I could afford to visit & fill a shipping container full of wonderful things to ship home. 🙂

  19. The clock has the look of folk art while bringing a delightful charm to your corner…great fine.

  20. Hi Marian! Oh my gosh, I love that clock! What a find! You have the best luck at finding the cutest things! I must not be looking in the right places, lol. It looks so good in your dining room. I just love the hook for the little key, and that door, oh my! Too cute! Have a great week! 😊

  21. Beautiful clock – my dad had a very old clock that required a key to wind it so it kept running. It had belonged to his dad. My brother inherited it and it’s still ticking away, over 100 years old by now.

  22. Loved the clock post. My dad is part of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors – he has clocks all over his house and has had a love of clocks for 50+ years. I sent him this post to see if he knew anything more about the clock. He said that collectors often call these “rolling pin” clocks because of the rolling pin look down at the bottom. He also said you got a good buy on it! Cheers to the clock and your way with style!

    1. Very cool! My father-in-law is into clocks, so he researched this one, too, and said it was a great buy. I love knowing now that it’s a “rolling pin” clock. 🙂

  23. Hi Marian, That is a wonderful clock!!!!..I think in New England where I live(Cape Cod) this would easily be twice the cost!!I would have bought it myself too for this price!!..Thanks to Amy and her Dads expertise I will be keeping an eye out for a “rolling pin” clock myself!! P.S. The dog looks so cute looking out waiting for the boys to come home from school I imagine!!

  24. Marian…Is the word “Week” the brand name of the clock…or what is the significance of the word, do you know?

    1. My father-in-law did some research on it and it’s not the brand. I’m not sure why it’s on there!

      1. I just restored one like this and am curious to know what you’ve learned. Mine does not have the trademark on the clock face. It does not have the key hook and the pendulum in slightly different. Could be a replacement as mine was in rather bad shape and pieces were broken.

        I am still trying to set the proper beat for the pendulum as the clock loses about 10-15 minutes per day.

        Would love to know what you’ve discovered.

    2. The “WEEK” on the glass door means that this clock will run for about a week before it needs to be wound again.

      I believe these clocks are made by Seikosha, a Japanese company that was established in 1892. It later became Seiko. That’s about all I know of the history right now. If that clock face has an “S” logo on it, then its definitely Seikosha.

  25. I have a larger clock it is a shelf clock with a beautiful painting on the glass of a farmhouse and place. It was my granpa’s and I have decided I do not want it any more. It is twice the size of yours Marion. I have pictures on my computer. It is in a clock shop currently listed at 500. but I haven’t even called the man to see how it is. It is a tiny town I live in and the only Pharmacy closed here. Terribly sad. The clock repair shop is alone next to the empty old pharmacy. Any interested parties let me know. It has a key and is a week clock with a pretty face. it has a closed cabinet and little spires on the top. Some dings on clock bottom. It is very old. It is a darker wood.
    Marion, thank you for the great tutorial.

  26. My sister gave me the exact same clock as a wedding gift 40 years ago!!! Mine doesn’t have the name on the glass and it got over wound some years back so I had to have a clock repairman remove the guts and install a battery movement. But it still hangs in my home and I still love it and it still keeps time and still chimes!!!!!!

  27. What a beautiful clock! Looks so sweet in the corner of your dining room. My husband’s grandfather had a clock shop in his garage. When we bought their home 5 years ago we inherited the remains of his repair shop. There were still tons of clock parts, cases, etc. but nothing like this. I’ve never seen a clock like it!

  28. Fabulous clock! I would have bought it for the color alone…and on that note, in your opinion, what color stain would achieve that color on pine? We’re building a house soon and plan on having pine floors throughout and I think the color of that clock would be perfect. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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