When I last shared the antique French daybed here on the blog, I had painted the frame in MMS Milk Paint Farmhouse White and finished it with Tough Coat.  You can read about those details HERE.

I had some options in my fabric stash for upholstering it, but I didn’t have enough of any one print, so I decided to hunt for a new fabric, so I could buy enough of it for the upholstery, curtains, and possibly some pillows.

I found this cheery yellow fabric.  It’s P Kaufmann’s Garden Craft in Yolk.

This is for a small sewing room/guest room, so it’s a great space to make a departure from my usual blue & white palette.  I do like other colors, but I love blue and white and know I won’t get tired of that pairing, so it’s an obvious choice for spaces we use the most.

This fabric actually does come in an Indigo color way, but I made myself go in a different direction!

So, I upholstered both sides of the head/footboards in the fabric, adding high loft cotton batting over the old horse hair and over the wood panel.

I also used a low profile mattress foundation to support the mattress, but hold it low enough, so the mattress is at a good height.

Now, I need to add bedding and make some custom double-welting to cover the staples.  I’ll also make matching curtain panels out of the excess fabric.

I’m going to have to put in a lot of time at the sewing machine to pull this room together!  The sewing I’m most looking forward to, though, is putting together all of the pillows.  I’ve collected some fun fabrics and vintage textiles from my stash that compliment the yellow print for when the time comes…

I might end up using some different ones, but it’s fun to lay fabrics out to see how they work and dream about how it all might come together.

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  1. Tammy

    LOVE the cheerful yellow fabric!

  2. Marion

    You are very crafty and talented, which is why I love it when you add additional color to your palette. This move adds dimension to your style. Well done!

  3. Marianne

    I just love what you are doing in this room !

    Iam amazed you have time to do so much!

  4. Kathleen

    It’s so cute and cheerful! I just love it!

  5. Brenda

    I love your collection of fabrics. The yellow screams happy! The sewing will be so much fun!

  6. Sam

    You need to do a new book to share the new finds, new house and new projects.

  7. Cathy

    Love every single choice, as always! ❤️

  8. Mary

    Lovely, and the accessory fabrics would look great too. The bed fabric reminds me of the dress and milk paint color you did, it’s all delightful!

  9. Tanya

    I LOVE the cheery yellow! I think you’ll enjoy it a lot this winter – a bit of sunshine to warm your spirits. I think I have that same happy pink fabric. I had made curtains for my Littles’ bedroom a few years ago, but my oldest Little has requested “not pink”. It would be perfect as a pillow covering for my middle Little who loves pink. Thanks for the idea!

  10. Karen Chaudoin

    The fabric is lovely and perfect for the bed. It reminds me of old Victoria magazines from the 1980’s. I like making curtains. They are so easy. I learned something from a woman who made lovely simple curtains that helped to keep the cost down. She/I use white or cream Walmart inexpensive sheets for the lining. It is surprising how much body it added to the curtains and was so cost effective! I am looking forward to see your completed room.

  11. Patti

    I love the addition of the new color – looks so fresh.

  12. Joan

    This looks amazing!

  13. Kris

    Love it. It’s the perfect shade of yellow. I love a whispery yellow–living in Michigan (which tends to be overcast, especially during the winter), a shot of sunshine color cheers me up. I think it pairs beautifully with your lovely blues.

  14. Linda Rubin

    I love the yellow and the print

  15. Mary Lou Dishop

    Marian,. Just love the daybed. Makes one happy just to step in the room.
    I have another question regarding white ironstone. I have two covered sugar bowls that have a round hole in the lid. Maybe they are not sugar bowls at all. Why a hole in the lid? Mary Lou

    • Marian Parsons

      It sounds like you have sugar jars with lids that originally belonged to tea and coffee pots (with the hole to allow the steam to escape. Sugar jar lids wouldn’t have the hole in them.

  16. Anita

    Love the fabric choice-looks cheery and happy–how will you add the double welting to cover the staples? Will it be glued?

  17. Gavin from across the pond

    I’m not really a fan of yellow but I love it ! Especially with the stash you have, will you add colour to the walls ?

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes, the walls are not painted, yet. I’m not sure what color they will be, but they will be painted.

  18. Kim Price

    Love that blue needlepoint , will make su h a stunning pillow ! Perfect!

  19. Mary Lou Dishop

    In both cases, the lids match the jar handles and the lids fit perfectly. That is what I initially thought that it may be a lid from a tea pot until I got the last jar. This jar has a fish with scales for jar handles and then the same fish for the lid top. Thanks for helping me. mL

    • Marian Parsons

      It sounds like it was the lid from the tea/coffee pot in the same set, so that is why the pattern is the same.

  20. Laura Nielsen

    The fabric choice with the daybed is BEAUTIFUL! The photo which shows the “finished-so-far” bed was a pleasure to look at!
    Fun post – Thank You! 🙂

  21. Marlene Stephenson

    The yellow is a change that i like and will go well with the other fabrics. Now what color for the room and pillows?

  22. Norma Rolader

    A great choice for the fabric and you have done a fantastic job Thank you for sharing

  23. Susan Byers

    Love that shade of yellow–it’s the color of my kitchen and family room, and no matter how gray the day, those rooms are sunny. And the rest of the palette just sings with it.

  24. Marijean Jenson

    It’s beautiful! Your so good at putting patterns and co.ors together !

  25. lynne richmond

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the yellow print fabric….. that hue has become one of my favorites!! i am starting to use more goldens in our decor…. i was never drawn to it before; but it is wonderful in my “older” years…… i’m NOT insinuating that YOU are old!!!!!!! (but, maybe, you have some “old soul” in you…..which is a wonderful thing!)

  26. Alona

    Love the yellow. It will be great with the blue buffalo check. Do you remember the color and brand of the blue fabric? Do you think it would go with the Dash and Albert rug you used to have in your guest room?

  27. Alona

    I love the yellow fabric.. It will be great with the blue buffalo check. Do you remember the color and brand of the blue fabric? Do you think it would go with the Dash and Albert rug you used to have in your last house in your extra bedroom?

  28. Cheryl

    Can’t wait to see the pillows on it!

  29. pamela

    LOVE. especially that raspberry surprise thrown in there. can’t wait to see.

  30. Addie

    I am just curious…..do you ever worry about bringing in ticks, bedbugs or mites from that horsehair or old upholstered items? Or is there a spraying procedure that everything goes through first?
    I get freaked out when I see things at garage sales with fabric/upholstery.
    Love the way it is coming out so far.

  31. Jan Fusco

    I love the golden yellow fabric! The pillows will really top it off.

  32. mary young

    We have a mattress factory, family owned in the next town. I have brought over some interesting beds for them to make mattresses. They have a name for platforms for old beds and I cannot remember what they called them now. They told me that at one time there were no standards for beds (mattresses) sizes and that is why we have so many odd ball beds. I would love to know when they started to standardize beds and mattresses. Can’t have a bad day with that
    bright lovely yellow. They love it when I bring over something different as it breaks up the same old same old.

  33. Mildred

    So when you find a fabric you like, how much yardage do you buy?
    I know it depends on what you think you will do with the fabric, but if you’re buying because you like it and have
    no project in mind, do you have a ballpark figure?
    I especially like that piece of needlepoint!

  34. Linda O

    I really like the daybed and the yellow fabric; they go so well together. I’m looking forward to seeing what you use for the bedding. This room is well on its way to being very inviting.

  35. Diane Ruebel

    The yellow is cheery, cherry!! Looking forward to your pillows to complete the charming day bed.

  36. Lorna Erickson

    That color scheme you pulled together with the needlepoint is just to die for! What an amazingly charming day bed and how fun that you dressed it in sunny yellow! Can’t wait to see the end result of the room.

  37. Rebecca Neustel

    This daybed has turned out beautifully so far, and I’m excitedly waiting on the reveal! That yellow seems appropriate with a French bed. I’ve seen that color frequently in pottery from Provence and in French fabrics, antique and contemporary. Personally, I love it.

  38. Helen

    Good Morning, I am wondering if you have finished the guest room and made the curtains out of the yellow fabric (garden craft in yolk by P Kaufman). I found that exact fabric a couple of days ago for $9.00/yd and love it. It is so cheery and I have decided to redo my guest room and use that fabric for the curtains. I put bamboo shades from Lowes up yesterday. So I am curious how your room turned out??? If it is ok I want to try and replicate your style in this guest room. I also was wondering what wall paint color you decided?? Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

  39. Kristin Becks

    Beautiful! Where did you score such a great bed??? Also, what did you use under the mattress for support? Can you just use wooden slats or a full board?


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